1. I mean yeah, if there’s someone who is being a little hypocritical when criticizing the gays it’s an admitted rapist.

    • Anyone who writes about whoring with poor and desperate girls is not to be trusted on any issue………..despicable scum!

  2. Matt is long rumored to be a closeted homosexual. He is a fanboy of Anglin and weev. A groupie of sorts trying to ride the coattails of the intel gathering Daily Stormer. A complete mess.

    This apology of his won’t gain him any traction with the Left. But I doubt he’s really known to anyone in the Left, so this doesn’t make any sense.

  3. I’m glad he apologized to the queers, because now they will go after him even more aggressively.

  4. Not only does he dox people, he even doxes their kids and puts pictures of people’s children online.

    He got his start writing an “E-Book” called “Bang Philippines” where he explained how to engage in third world sex tourism and sexually exploit poor young brown women and girls for money.

    He wrote a blog called “Ferdinand Bardimu” where he posed as some great Casanova who knew the “secrets of seducing women” and “how to pick up chicks with game.”

    I have laughed a handful of times reading a tiny bit of his voluminous output of horseshit, and he is not a terrible writer. But I don’t see how anyone could possibly take any of his “ideas” seriously, nor want to be in some sort of political or social “movement” with him.

    He’s like a fatter, uglier version of Baked Alaska, but thankfully sticks to typing words online because obviously no one wants to see his face.

    When people talk about “Bad Optics” they mean people like him, and his ugly face and fat body are just part of it. If he were good, or smart, or cool, or funny no one would care he’s a fat slob – lots of people are fat slobs. That guy who runs VDare is pretty funny looking and always forgets to comb his hair. But he is smart, and good, and a serious person, so it’s fine, we still like him, no one cares he looks like the Nutty Professor.

    But this guy? If he is your “movement” count me out.

    • I’m not sure why you are associating this website with Fat Horney who we have mocked for years now

    • I don’t really think there is a “movement” I see the situation more as eccentrics doing one big favor for posterity: keeping around forbidden books so knowledge can survive a dark age. When the ruling elite of this monstrosity eventually are gone, the knowledge of the West pre mid 20th century reset will be available to rebuild something that works in a darwinian sense instead of this anti culture that is not a viable vehicle for long term survival. I’m sure the monks who kept the ancient books around during the dark ages were oddballs not fit to lead, but the did their part by keeping the books from oblivion.

      • “keeping around forbidden books so knowledge can survive”

        I’d certainly like to think we can do more than that.

  5. All I can think to say is, who’s John Forney and who cares about every obscure person on the internet let alone someone so needy he apologizes to fags? It would be like reading every comment on gateway pundit or FOXjews.

  6. I like/d Forney and have always tried to paint him in the best possible light when he received criticism from the far-right. (I smoked my first Cuban cigar with Forney – the skies literally opened and an angelic beam of light shown down as we lit them). This, however, is where I get off the bus.

    I’ve never met a rootless cosmopolitan who had a strong moral core. It’s Forney’s biggest fault. He used to give lip-service to some sort of Roman Catholicism, but it just doesn’t seem to be a powerful animating force in his life.

    He’s an intelligent guy, no doubt. Well-read, and well-traveled. He’s an interesting conversationalist. But at some point, we need our friends to *be* men. To stand on heart, guts, and conviction. To tell the “cool kids” of the world to sit down. To thumb their noses at the pretentious culture-makers. To be men instead of herd animals…

    • I never met him.

      He turned nasty around 2016. I’m not sure why he had a falling out with so many people. I guess it is just due to his personality

      • You’ve done a series of posts about Forney and I don’t remember which is was, but you said something like: “I’m the complete opposite of Forney.” He’s a rootless cosmopolitan where as a southerner, by nature, is most at home in a “place” surrounded by generations of iron-clad identity markers. Well-said, HW!

        It’s an old agrarian idea of freedom that a man without property (they meant: a man without sufficient capital goods to provide for his own cost-of-living) will be subject to bending his opinions to match those of his employer. I think we’re living in a time where we can clearly see a spiritual analogue. A man without sufficient roots is always going to run after the “cool kids”, desperately hoping not to be “canceled”. Being canceled, to a man without roots, is like complete self-annihilation.

        Rousseau despised the “chains” of place…I thank God for them.

        • Forney has been on the warpath against “wignats” (everyone who isn’t an AmNat) for years. And yes, he is the definition of a miserable, rootless cosmopolitan,hedonist, urbanite Yankee

        • Rousseau was a total kook.

          Writes a book on the ideal way to raise a child,
          then abandons all 6 of his newborn infants to the foundling box (certain death).

          Evil bastard !

  7. OT


    link“The primary cause [of the impoverishment of the American worker] was, American corporations relocating their manufacturing off shore to harvest the benefits of cheap labour”

    To ‘the impoverishment of the American worker’ you could not unreasonably add the opioid epidemic.

    >who we have mocked for years now

    Whom we have mocked (link) — I’m also unfamiliar with Matt Forney.

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