Non-Spoiler Review: The Northman

Instead of watching the French presidential election, I went to the movies and watched The Northman with my wife yesterday afternoon. I will just say it is … sort of different.

We both enjoyed the movie. I thought it leaned too heavily into the myth of the Dark Ages even though the gist of the film was historically accurate. The idea that the Vikings were White Nationalists is absurd. They sold tons of slaves from what is now Ukraine to the Arabs in exchange for silver coins.


  1. Western Europe was pretty dark. I think there was a genetic event in Gotland. The subsequent seeding of Europe created superior humans to what had been there before. The mixing of thinnish Franks and Romans with Nordics had hybrid vigor.

  2. They were proto-libertarian capitalists. Elon Musk in a longboat.

    The idea that the Vikings were White Nationalists is absurd

    The notion of white nationalism is fairly unique to Kwa-Bananaland. There’s some of it in the general Anglosphere but the argument that the Judeo-Nazis in Country 404 are white nationalists is nonsense. The biggest promoters of this idiotic argument are folks like Grindr Greg, Dickey Spencer, etc. Whites come from a large number of differing nations and even civilizations. The Chechens you see in the war videos look white to the average American and would easily pass as such just on physical attributes. They are from a Central Asian Islamic warrior-culture though. Those they are fighting look white as well, but they are from an East European Slavic culture. Nothing Anglo about either of them. Neither would assimilate easily into Tocqueville’s early 19th century America.

      • Nothing at all. The Mayflower crowd in particular have a lot of serious issues especially now that nearly all have abandoned Christianity altogether. Just pointing out that the Mayflower misfits and other Anglo populations are the founding stock of the place still called the United States – along with some smaller groups of Scots, Scots-Irish, Germans and Dutch. The Irish and Germans who came later in the 19th century were from different cultures. The Germans assimilated pretty well but the Irish less so. Italians and East Euros who followed in the late 19th century less so. The notion of white nationalism only works (sort of) in the United States.

  3. I will download it.

    Some good history was posted on this website a couple of years ago.

    Overlapping topics.

    Middle Ages High Low, Carolingian Renaissance
    Roman Empire, East West

    DO NOT get stuck on details or points of history, setting/events etc,
    the history is vast a lot happens, I posted this a few times just on
    Byzantium/Roman Empire, over 1000 years of history till 1453.

    All Europeans come from a dark past, we moved on and civilized ourselves,
    different peoples at different periods.

    Western History is brutal, we move forward and back.

    Despite this history, WE ARE THE BUILDERS, and most of the world
    outside of European Man will never match us, despite being able to read
    and study where we came from, to learn and build, they cannot do it,
    they are not doing it. The main unifying force was Christianity, many of you
    do not want to admit that, just look at the Carolingian Renaissance alone
    and you will know that, its setting especially, Moslem pincer moves on
    Europe, it is incredible that we survived this alone.

    And now we have this bullshit war in Ukraine brought to you by ” neoconservatives ” ,
    con artist scammers.

    Flood the net, NEO CON ARTIST 101 , PNAC , Builders of the Police State

  4. I saw it Friday. I was one of three people in the movie.The main star is the same guy that played Eric Northman on True Blood.

  5. Well I was going to watch The Batman but most theaters are no longer running it, so maybe I’ll see that Northman movie instead. How many Sonnenrads would you give it, HW?

  6. For me, The Northman went down like a strong beverage. One could say it steals from Hamlet, but it was Shakespeare that stole Amleth from Saxo Grammaticus. It’s naturalistic like There Will Be Blood, but also somehow part fantasy and part horror. This is stuff I’ve always wanted Hollywood to make.

    It is also Indo-European to the bone. The amount of historical detail is just insane. There is no tiresome optimistic Judeo-rationalist nonsense about good guys fighting bad guys, nor any Christian nonsense about salvation and redemption and life triumphing over death. The Northman is about fulfilling fate through the cosmic forces of the universe. This isn’t the classical paganism of the Renaissance, but the modernist kind Wagner invented that collapses mythological and naturalistic registers into each other. I’m just awed by how Eggers pulls this off.

    Best film I’ve seen in a very long time. Great effort from the cast. This will be a cult classic among /ourguys/ for a long time.

    • Eggers specifically said that he did not want the movie to be appropiated by “white supremacists”. I guess that is why Hollywood does not generally allow honest/more truthful productions to be made.

    • Some Dude,

      I have a disagreement with your interpretation of the film: When Amleth makes the choice at the end that determines and fulfills his fate – the choice between “loving his kin” and “hating his enemies – it comes across less as a fatalistic choice and more like Amleth forcing the issue.

      I thought Amleth was soverign in that situation, not the plaything of fate. He already killed his uncle’s first born son, which itself is a form of revenge and “hating your enemies.” It almost seemed like Amleth was sperging out when he made that choice. “My fate says I must choose, and this is my choice.” He’s quite literal about it. Maybe that was the point of the film, but then there are a ton of plot holes that make that decision unnecessary and redundant. And of course, that leave his beloved Olga as a single mother.

      I agree with you this film was Indo-European to the core, and I’d challenge you to ask yourself why Christian values and Christian interpretations of fate won out over Indo-European values…among actual Indo-Europeans. We traded in our pagan heritage for a Christian heritage, and it was an upgrade, in my view. Marvel bastardizations of it be damned.

    • Finns are white and not even Aryan. I hate the term Anglo but for Southerners it is probably more accurate. I’m not English or Irish or Scottish or Welsh or Pict.

      • As white people, who share some of biological and cultural, we have to stay unite and not divide ourself or being picky on some differences like we are aryan and others not an other stuffs. I’m from Italy, northern Italy, and my country was composed by latins (romans), vikings (normans), celts (Gauls), arabs (in southern) and germans (Langobards, Ostrogoths and Visigoths). Specifically, northern Italy was celt and also Langobards and goths.

      • Too bad we southern angelo’s weren’t at the top of the anglosphere heap, maybe we straighten the rest of them out…………….a fella can dream can’t he?

    • Absolutely true. Therein lies the problem with ‘white nationalism’. Whites make up a number of different nations and cultures.

    • “Your fate is set, and you cannot escape it.” — Heimir the Fool (The Northman, 2022)

      Hollywood gets most of its stories from the Old Testament — Cain and Abel (Lex Luthor and Superman), David and Goliath (Captain America punching Hitler), etc. Jacob wrestled with God only because Abrahamic men are distinct from the universe.

      Paganism is more like Schopenhauer’s Will, where there is no distinction between subject and object. That’s what I was getting at above about paganism’s pessimistic cosmic orientation. During the Reformation in the northern lands, paganism resurfaces with Calvinist predestination and Luther labeling Reason “a whore,” and is fully rehabilitated in Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

      Das Rheingold -Vorspiel

  7. As an Australian of British heritage, I’ve researched the origins of every tribe that landed on its soil in all of history. Depending on the source, I get different conclusions from every one of them. I’ve concluded that our origins lie in no one place in particular, but many different ones, depending on what part of the British Isles your family originates in, and what percentage is from another area altogether.
    Areas that consistently showed up were what is now France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway with some Spanish in the Welsh component.
    Translated:- we’re from everywhere in Europe. And nobody from present day England, Scotland or Wales is only of that ancestry, and likely never were, as their soft internal borders mean people have always moved around freely, and probably married.
    I’ve decided that I’m just……….. European by heritage and Australian by nationality.
    Feel free to disagree, but as I said, every different source led me to a different finding. If you can do better, let us know how it went.

  8. White nationalism is a modern social construction, as are all nation-states, albeit one rooted in biology. Even Japan was once populated by somewhat ethnically distinct tribes, fused together by a process of conquest and assimilation/homogenization.

    The question is, what do you have to do to survive and prosper among what is recognizably “your people”. France was able to weld together French, Bretons, Occitans into a great power and empire; India went the route of multiculturalism, with Aryan invaders living atop a strata of subcontinental natives, and we can see the results today in the caste system and general dysfunctional poverty.

  9. @Goose

    I’ve also done a lot of delving into my ancestry over the last few years: Britain & Germany are where most of my forebears came from, but the further back in time I investigate, the more the picture comes pan-European. This is natural.

  10. @NBF
    Your journey and ancestry sounds pretty in line with what I’ve found with mine. It would be good to have a certain and concrete finding, but in our case, it just didn’t happen that way. British/European history is complex. People were adventurous and wanted to move around.
    I could do an ancestry DNA test as well, but then……. can they be trusted?

  11. @Goose

    Yes, one of those DNA test rackets admitted to adding false Africoon positives to Whites’ results to “combat racism”. Kikes & shitlibs are lying ideologue scum who can never be trusted. So I’m satisfied with my investigations without a DNA test.

    ! always had nagging questions about my ancestry, especially so, being born in a new world country, America, where people of European origin naturally mix freely. Before the internet, finding out anything was extremely hard, time-consuming & expensive, so I never bothered.

    I highly recommend Family Search, a free service of the Mormons. Not every result is 100% accurate (occasionally you’ll see that, for example, an “ancestor” died years before their “child” was born), but if you’re careful, it’s a goldmine.

    • @NBF
      Yes I heard the Mormons were famous for that stuff. Worth a look maybe.
      It would be great if I could pinpoint my ancestral line to just one or two parts of Europe, but I don’t think that’s possible for anyone of British heritage, particularly those of British heritage AND whose family has lived outside of Britain for generations.

  12. Finally got around to seeing this today, which was an interesting contrast to watching the “Doctor Strange” sequel yesterday, as both rely heavily on witchcraft and magic, but of course in different ways.

    Spoilers follow.

    I didn’t enjoy the first third of the film. It was too much like the show “Vikings,” which I gave up on after the first season because I couldn’t identify with the protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok, who I thought was a scum bag for betraying his beautiful, faithful wife when she had a miscarriage.

    The protagonist in “Northman” doesn’t do anything like that, but when the first act was basically nothing but raiding, pillaging, and strange pagan rituals, it left me waiting for the moment where I could identify with Prince Amleth, son of the slayed king.

    That moment finally came when he had that premonition from the eyeless witch, and he went under disguise as a slave, which took him back to his homeland, where he could avenge his father.

    I liked his connection with Olga, the forest girl from the Rus. It felt authentic without being too sentimental, and the choice he makes at the end feels meaningful. Which, lets talk about that, as it is the core of the film:

    Amleth has to make the choice between “loving his kin” and “hating his enemies.” That choice determines his fate. I honestly thought he was going to succeed at choosing both, until the final scene happened.

    That left a bitter taste in my mouth. Not even because it separated him from Olga, but because the duality between hate and love is fundamentally false. Hate cannot exist without love, and love can’t exist without hate. The two feed off each other.

    I think one of the deepest messages that the (((Enemy))) pushes is that we as Whites are not supposed to hate our enemies, and if we do, then we’ll lose that which we love. Basically, there will be a price for our hate, if we pursue it to its logical endpoint.

    This movie was an exceptionally rare all-White film, and in the 2020s, they don’t make all-White films like that without some sort of subversive messaging. In the case of the “Northman,” it wasn’t the raiding or the pillaging or the crazy pagan rituals that were the messaging – like you said, all that stuff was more or less historically accurate and real. To me, the subversive messaging was the false choice between love and hate.

    I think this film should have ended with Amleth taking off to Norway or Sweden and establishing a dynasty with Olga, like he saw in the premonition of her with their son and daughter. Besides, he already *got* revenge on his uncle when he kills his first born son. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. He even brags to his uncles face about taking away his sons heart, thus preventing him from traveling to Valhalla, as Norse mythology goes.

    By the time he makes the fatal choice on the boat, he should have left all that behind him. Its a tragedy that he returned to fight an Obi Wan vs. Anakin “Battle of Mustafar,” which ends the film. (With plenty of other revenge killings leading up to that).

    Overall, an enjoyable film. Again, I appreciated a period piece in 2022 that doesn’t “Blackwash” the cast, but, it came with a cost, and that cost was a false message about the nature of hate, love, and their consequences. We can kill our enemies, and we live to tell the tale and be with our kin. (((They))) don’t want us to believe that’s possible, but it is. It will be.

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