Moral Imbeciles

Greg Johnson was a Ukraine guy before it became fashionable.

He is sincerely devoted to Ukrainian nationalism. He is a true believer. I saw Greg say something on his website to the effect that Russia is the greatest threat to the White race on earth. While we have a lot of problems in this country, Russia shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the list.

I think it is sad that there is a war going on in Ukraine. If Ukraine didn’t have the most Jewish-controlled government on earth outside of Israel and wasn’t trying to drag my country into World War III with Russia over the status of Donbas, I would have a lot more sympathy for Ukraine. In light of the fact that Ukraine wants to join the European Union, I think the European Union should fight Russia over Ukraine. After all, this is ultimately a contest over which imperial power will dominate Ukraine in the future.

You know, there are a lot of tragedies going on in the world. I was reminded of that last week when one of my best friends committed suicide. I just saw his ex-wife at the gas station. After they got divorced, she remarried and her second husband also committed suicide less than a year ago. She is now a single mother twice widowed raising three kids from two broken marriages with two different men both of whom found life here in this country so intolerable that they checked out. This is happening on a national scale.

So, you will have to forgive me when I say that I don’t care as much about the Ukraine as what is happening here in my own community. When I drive around Auburn, I see upper middle class White libtards from out of state who work for the university with Ukrainian flags in their yards. There is even a new Ukraine yard sign. I have been meaning to stop and take a photo of it. These people are passionate about a war that is happening over 5,000 miles away, which they are fueling and making even worse by intervening in the war, and oblivious to what is happening less than 50 miles away.

As nationalists and Christians, we should love our neighbors and put our own people first and ahead of foreigners. The real moral obscenity is caring so much more about what goes on in the Ukraine than what is happening here in America. I think Hungary has the best approach to Ukraine. Hungary has taken in Ukrainian refugees, but it doesn’t want to get embroiled in the war between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine isn’t even our neighbor and we should be less involved in the conflict over there.


  1. Johnson’s screed is an infantile appeal to emotion.

    If he’s concerned about girls and young women in the Ukraine (and Eastern Europe), he should look to the Jews and Israel — thousands of young women have been lured to Israel with the promise of a job, only to be enslaved and forced into prostitution.


    10,000 Eastern European and Russian girls are lured to Israel each year and enslaved as prostitutes.

    Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds

    “By the 1990’s Israel was established as a destination country for trafficking, and international sex trafficking victims had replaced the local market,” Hughes wrote. “Israel’s flesh trade was booming and making between half a billion to three quarters of a billion dollars a year. It was a particularly desirable market for traffickers because the purchase of sexual services was, and still is, legal in Israel.”

    This has been going on for decades.

  2. Whites need to stop worrying about Russia and Ukraine because we have our own problem here at home. Fixing the worlds problems is why this country is such shambles right now.

  3. If Johnson really cared about Ukrainians, he’d be helping to rescue Ukrainian men who are being conscripted into Zelensky’s penal corps to fight for zionism from certain death, by helping them escape Ukraine. Of course, he won’t, because they’d probably kill him for being a queer.

    • Unfortunately we have been forced by our overlords to be involved. They will do anything – including reinstating the draft to send whites from our own heartland to fight Russia. This on top of all of the spending on weaponry to fight Russia for the expansion of the Globopedo empire in Country 404. According to polls some seventy percent of the idiocracy in Murika view Russia as our enemy. The number of NPCs who get their information from gaslight media continues to be far too high – even though the polls referenced are likely as fake as reports from the CDC.

  4. Coach Red Pill is on the side of the Ukraine. Greg knows that. Both Greg and cockroach Red pill are subversives and manipulators. Where does that Christ hating faggot get the nerve to lecture others on morality? Where does it come from? What is the basis for Greg Johnson morality, anal sodomy? Is that it?

    Greg does hate Christ. He went to Catholic University. Taught at Pacific Theological Seminary, a school that has trained many many faggots to become priests and clergy. Then when Greg is “queried” on his religion—–“I was baptized a Lutheran but it did not take”. Well why the fascination with Christianity, then Greg? To subvert and undermine, just like a diseased Christ hating Jew? And Greg is not done subverting, organized religious whites are as much a threat to gays as Muslims, maybe more. So Greg is with you to steer you away from Christ for his own self interests. You think Greg cares one iota for innocent white American blood shed for the sake of Ukraine, get real.

    • I keep seeing these bumper stickers on people’s cars these days supporting Ukraine.

      These people with these stickers probably couldn’t point Ukraine on a map, yet we are supposed to believe “they care”.

      This country is so empty and superficial, it isn’t even funny.

    • Beautiful song. I remember when it came out.

      Here is the weather horror story that points out the shifting of the wind direction that maximized the size of the waves on the lake and is believed to have contributed to the sinking of the EF.

      Maybe Satan is now maximizing the “waves” that are about to hit the White race…

      The Storm That Sank the Edmund Fitzgerald

    • @Black Label – That really is a marvelous song you have linked to above. Unfortunately, every single time I go to youtube — for anything — the first thing I get is an ad of a morbidly obese african gorilla sitting on a bench with a bulldog, apparently in an attempt to persuade me NEVER to do business with the insurance company he is representing. One simply cannot hit the mute button quickly enough.

      Lovely song, though. Sadly, yes, I have reached the same conclusion: The majority of Whites want their self destruction.

      • Install the uBlock Origin adblocker (link) — it is very effective at blocking YouTube ads — if you really like a channel and its content, you can easily temporarily disable uBO to be sure ads are shown.

  5. Greg Johnson is not devoted to Ukrainian nationalism. Russia has been offering Ukrainian nationalism, i.e. Ukraine ceding Russian regions and maintaining neutrality, from the beginning. However, the pseudo-nationalists that Johnson sympathizes with have rejected Ukrainian nationalism and chosen instead to die for American imperialism.

    So, regardless of what he claims, Johnson is in fact a supporter of American liberal imperialism (the antithesis of nationalism).

  6. If a people are being badly advised and badly lead, what can you do anyway? The British, French, Germans, Swedes, Norwegians and US have sent plenty of military aid. Much of it will show up back in western cities in crimes and terror attacks. Meanwhile it’ll have done precisely nothing to reverse Russian annexation of Novorussia. And it will have created price inflation all over Europe grinding the vulnerable indigenous Europeans further into penury. You can’t have a war on this scale and it not create hyperinflation for those giving free aid to one side. Western European’s really do have their own problems without bankrolling rolling this Zelenskyy-Austin-Blinken minted folly of a bloodbath.

  7. There are lots of Slavic girls working in the sex industry. I wonder how many of them were forced into it by jewish pimps and gangsters?

    Apropos of Coach Redpill there has been some speculation that his abduction was a hoax/publicity stunt. I don’t know nearly enough about the guy to pass judgement but apparently he has a somewhat unsavory reputation.

    If Twitter is really going to welcome free speech again will HW attempt to set up his 30th account on it?

      • I was planning on trying make a new account, but I would really love to have my original account from 2007 back. I hope that becomes a thing soon.

    • His “somewhat unsavory reputation” derives from the facts he goes against liberal causes, first feminism and more recently Holy Ukraine and even the JQ. I have been following him for years and I have found the opposite to be true: he’s a brave truthteller.

  8. This whole war is sickening. Both Russia and Ukraine have negative birthrates. The United States is determined to fight Russia down to the last drop of Ukrainian blood.What America is doing is the height of immorality! The heartland used to be isolationist in nature Now conservative red state America cant wait to get into WWIII even if there is a change it may devolve into a nuclear war. Guys do you not realize Norad and American nuclear missiles are in red state America like Montana! The same damn people that were convinced Trump was cheated out of the election now swallow the system’s narrative on Ukraine hook, line , and sinker. Long term I am convinced Alexander Dugin’s multi-polarity is more conducive to an Ethno-State than I am America uni-polarity!

  9. The Ukraine is what its name implies, an outlying borderland region, not a true country in its own right. It’s an overlap of Russian, Polish and Hungarian influences. Therefore I do not believe Ukrainian nationalism is legitimate. Funny how the Biden regime condemns “nationalism” here in the US but promotes it in the Ukraine, even enlisting the help of Ukrainian “Nazis”.

  10. The prolem of USA is that they’re not a national state, they’re an international and globalist system. USA will be always involved in foreign affairs, more correct to say in global affairs.

    • I agree. You said that perfectly. Imperialist war is an absolute necessity, therefore cannot be stopped, because it is integral to the system. It is the very nature of the private profit system, and for the first time in history, an empire (the U.S.-UK-Anglo-Talmudic) has become so wealthy and technologically advanced that it is able to dominate and devastate the entire planet, and even destroy the human race.

  11. Charles Dickens popularised the term telescopic philanthropy targeting the veneer class of the time, and it’s still fitting on the laptop class of the current year.

    • Feel good stuff, aka virtue signaling, which costs you little or nothing. I believe the late Rush Limbaugh called it symbolism over substance.

  12. Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the court testimony in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard? Priorities, people.

  13. The Anglosphere should accept as many Ukrainian refugees as possible. They’re white, and would fit in and contribute. They’re separate from the geopolitics of it all, and just want safety. As you said, they’re controlled by an outfit of noses with no real place running their country. The people and guvmint are separate. I pray for the people every day.

  14. Perfect opinion statement by Brad. Hard to add to that other than I also have had to deal with suicides from family and friends that just gave up. Whites need family and community to be healthy.

  15. The idea that it’s America’s duty to make the world a better place has been responsible for all kinds of suffering and bloodshed for over 100 years.

  16. As for Butt Boy: where were his crocodile tears for all the women & children of the Donbass who were blown to bits by jewkranian artillery shells for 8 years before Putin finally put his foot down?

  17. I honestly think that Greg Johnsons homosexual preferences are coming to the surface over Ukraine. I think he sees russia as a threat to his other identity group he belongs to.

    • “preferences coming to the surface over Ukraine”:

      Like Stepan Bandera the “great nationalist hero” who preached homosexuality and practiced rape.

  18. “Russia is the greatest threat to the White race on earth.”

    Um, no Greg. That would be the United States of America, which is the center of power for the GloboHomoSchlomo Rainbow Imperium.

  19. “These people are passionate about a war that is happening over 5,000 miles away, which they are fueling and making even worse by intervening in the war”:

    That sounds like Tucker Carlsonite disinformation.

    The truth is “these people” (you Americans) are not “intervening” in the war. They (you Americans) CREATED the war, and you are the ones RUNNING the war. The war is nothing but your own imperialist war against the people of Russia, that you are fighting in order to enslave them, or keep them enslaved, and to continue to steal their resources. It was always your war from the very beginning, more than fifty years ago, and the Khazarkrainians (aka Nudelmanistas) are merely the proxies being used. The U.S. is also working up its satellite regimes in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Finland, Poland, Japan and Central Asia to make those peoples become the next active proxies, just like the Khazarkrainians, in the same war to fully subjugate the Russians.

  20. Gerg Blorshon is a filthy sodomite and that is ALL you need to know

    Stones,fire and sharpened birch stakes will fix his depraved kind

  21. “You Americans” you would be wrong, too paint Southern Nationalism, with that broad brush of yours…….

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