AP: EU Law Targets Big Tech Over Hate Speech, Disinformation

This is a war between democracy and autocracy.


“BRUSSELS (AP) — Big tech companies like Google and Facebook parent Meta will have to police their platforms more strictly to better protect European users from hate speech, disinformation and other harmful online content under landmark EU legislation approved early Saturday.

European Union officials clinched the agreement in principle on the Digital Services Act after lengthy final negotiations that began Friday. The law will also force tech companies to make it easier for users to flag problems, ban online ads aimed at kids and empower regulators to punish noncompliance with billions in fines.

The Digital Services Act, one half of an overhaul for the 27-nation bloc’s digital rulebook, helps cement Europe’s reputation as the global leader in efforts to rein in the power of social media companies and other digital platforms. …”

The European Union, of course, is also an autocracy and its citizens are no more able to speak freely on the internet than their counterparts in Russia or China.

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  1. “…helps cement Europe’s reputation as the global leader in efforts to rein in the power of social media companies and other digital platforms. …”

  2. I don’t know what happened. I accidentally hit submit. I will repost:

    “…helps cement Europe’s reputation as the global leader in efforts to rein in the power of social media companies and other digital platforms. …”

    Yes, because it is the social media companies themselves who will be reigned in by silencing average ordinary users.

  3. They fear anything that will expose them or their Marxist ways. They fear us because they can’t win the debates so they censor us as a way to silence the truth they fear.

    • The EU is very powerful still. Foe example, they banned brazil nuts because of a natural fungus that creates a carcinogen called aflatoxin. The testing method crushed up the shell with the nut. Poof! No more brazil nuts. After a few years shelled brazil nuts began to appear. They can do this with anything.

      • The EU is powerful within Europe, sure. I’m talking about globally. The EU doesn’t matter because Europe in general doesn’t matter. It has no future and will only continue to slide down the toilet.

  4. From my point of view, the solution to this is simple: ‘Big Tech’ calls the EU’s bluff by geoblocking access to its URLs — what would be the impact on their economies and societies if companies and individuals in the EU no longer had access to URLs controlled by American companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, etc etc? — would the EU ‘cry uncle’ and rescind the law?

    I think Andrew Torba/Gab will now have to more seriously consider geoblocking access to its servers.

    • 1)Do you really think Big Tech would threaten the EUSSR like that?

      2)Torbo is not a Big Tech titan, he is nothing more than comic relief.

      3)Come on, man!

      • 1) No
        2) As a small, private, self-sufficient operation, Gab struggles; but there is zero censorship on Gab
        3) Whatever

  5. It’s absurd, if you buy clothes on Spreadshirt( a site on which you can create your own clothes or gadgets), you can’t write on the clothes or gadgets the words “white lives matter” or “white power” instead you can write “black liver matter” and “black power”. The hysteria doesn’t end here, my cousin play at the game Age of Empire IV (which is a new computer game) and in the chat of the game you cannot write the words “white lives matter” “white pride” “white power” instead you can write “black power, “black pride” and “black lives matter”. How far has gone the woke hysteria, even computer games and clothes shop online.

    • Try putting in “Jewish Lives Matter” or “Muslim Lives Matter” and see if their ADL guidebook allows it. Post any denial of one or the other – especially Muslims – on twatter if you are on it. The idea being to stir up more interest in the JQ amongst the umma. See if they ban “All Lives Matter” or “Unborn Lives Matter” too. At the end of the day, whites who don’t hate their own need to stop doing business with companies like the ones mentioned (and numerous others).

      • I quote a great man Dr Michael Hill (League of the South) who once said ” the reason they view those manifestations of our culture: our flags, our monuments, our songs, our stories, our history as threatening, divisive, offensive, racist, you name it. Is because the ideas and people that these symbols represent are threatening, divisive and offensive to their way of life, and may God keep that so!!”

      • We need to pay more attention to Israeli atrocities and broadcast more to the goat aficionados. Good test platform for Twitler. The shit Israelis do and get away with even pisses me off.

  6. EU is also on the same wavelength as 4 of the 5 Anglo ‘Five Eyes’ countries – Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, all with the same kind of ‘hate speech’ framework (with slight variations), police coming to your home to arrest you for some shitepost on the internet

    We are heading for a ‘splinternet’, at least 5 spheres

    (1) Chinese internet
    (2) Russo-sphere internet
    (3) Pozzed-up ‘hate speech’ net for EU and most Anglo lands

    (4) US superficially free but also with threats because
    – theoretically ‘free speech’ internet, home of ‘racist’ shiteposting & funny memes
    – super-corrupt legal system with possible vanning / jailing / lawsuit bankruptcy on some kind of manipulated trumped-up accusation
    – huge amount of de-platforming / doxing menace from others

    — ironically some of that latter would actually be illegal in euro-land, due to stronger laws on ‘privacy protection’ etc, plus basic citizen rights to a bank account and similar; the EU worry is from gov, not so much from antifa lefty doxxers

    (5) Rest of world often rather free internet – a number of dissidents with independent means are hanging out in developing countries in Latin Ameria or Southeast Asia etc … exile havens now, because in those often poorer countries people care much less what’s on the internet … general rule tho to avoid stirring shite against local powers where you live

  7. Eventually when the tyrants working within our govt officially start banning free speech in the name of ‘safety’ and ‘democracy’, what then becomes the remedy? Once it becomes state sanctioned, will there be enough backbone in people to rise up? I’m not sure anymore with the rampant drug/alcohol abuse and fragmentation. But maybe I’m wrong. Who knows. Guess we won’t really know until we get there. But once the censorship becomes state sanctioned (which it has been anyways, but musk’s purchase of twatter will make them now come out into the public about it, just like trumps elections made the media and deep state come out into the open about their desire to control our country), then IMO the only option left will be open rebellion and the acceptance that to exercise your God given rights (not govt given, but GOD given) might result in death or imprisonment, but that you accept that possible result and are at peace with it.

  8. As I just commented elsewhere, this is not really anything entirely new.


    Musk already said Twitter will comply fully with local (i.e. national or regional) laws about expression — Twitter has been doing this, e.g. enforcing the German law known as NetzDG; but there is also an equivalent French law, and typically content geoblocked so German users cannot see it is also blocked for French users — Twitch and Bitchute, among other ‘alternative’ platforms, also do this — only Andrew Torba/Gab has consistently resisted pressure coming from Europe to censor (typically ‘Holocaust’ denial and content European countries deem anti-Semitic or see as ‘inciting racial hatred’).

    In this sense, this new EU law is not a significant change — I don’t know the details, but perhaps it cannot unfairly be described as NetzDG for the EU — the infrastructure and processes to comply are already in place at these companies.


    At the link above is an example of what you will see if you try to access Amy Mek’s (link) Twitter account from a German IP address (I know her account is also now blocked in France) — she’s a Jewish woman whom the German government accuses of ‘inciting racial hatred’ because she highlights the anti-Jewish activity of muslims — you can find video of her addressing the European Parliament (link), yet Europeans block access to her Twitter account.

    As another example of what goes on in Europe, Alison Chabloz, who was jailed last year in the UK for ‘causing offense’, was recently jailed again for the same reason — link

  9. Here’s the reality:

    The mainstream social media platforms and the EU member states actually have zero real differences over what they think should be censored (and the former are doing it) or the frequency of the censorship.

    Here’s what the fuss is really all about:

    The EU member states and their agents really don’t like private actors having the kind of plenary power that they think should be exclusively the province of governments. It’s the Westphalian paradigm at work, which of course grew out of the peace and settlement of the Thirty Years War.

  10. The world our overlords are preparing for us is so horrible that it will make the Worker’s Paradise look preferable. Our overlords succumbed to the Third Temptation of Christ.

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  12. They really love that word “Democracy” but we know it’s just a fake word that means more control and the elimination of the White Race. Don’t sound much like “Democracy” does it? Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian,
      Every time I drive into town, I’m reminded of how the white race is fucked. All these white ‘men’ walking around with their slutty Phillipino wives, then you have my daughters workplace:- five lesbians work in the hardware store she’s employed at. We accept and celebrate everything degenerate.
      Society is in the sewer. Soon, we’ll need to be in there as well to fight it.
      Democracy in the West means we have these norms and customs regardless of who’s elected. Democracy will never reverse where we’re heading, therefore is a useless and deceitful model.
      We’re expected to fight wars in Shitbagistan when we should be fighting our OWN leaders. They’re the bigger threat.

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