NY Post: Conservatives See Huge Spikes In Twitter Followers After Elon Musk Takeover

Currently happening at Twitter:

  • There are a lot of our people who are jumping the gun and who are returning too soon and getting banned again by vengeful moderators
  • There are a lot of our people who are getting their accounts restored
  • Rightwing Twitter has noticed a huge jump in followers
  • Leftists are deactivating their accounts in protest presumably to move to somewhere like Mastodon

This deal between Elon Musk and Twitter is going to take months to finalize. Musk probably won’t be in charge until the fall. We’re currently in the transition phase.

New York Post:

“Prominent conservative figures have seen massive leaps in Twitter followers since Elon Musk’s takeover — with many questioning whether it reflected a sudden lifting of long-suspected shadowbans.

Donald Trump Jr. led the way in questioning the giant spike, which saw him gain 87,296 new followers by Tuesday — and another 119,022 by early Wednesday, after weeks of averaging only a few thousand each day.

“While I’m awesome and totally deserving of 87,000 new followers a day it seems that someone took the shackles off my account,” former President Donald Trump’s son wrote Tuesday.

“Wonder if they’re burning the evidence before new mgmt comes in?” he asked of a conspiracy spread online that Twitter’s progressive staffers were removing shadow bans on accounts. …”

Right now, the top priority at Twitter is undoubtedly to hide all of the evidence of the censorship and shadow banning and manipulation of the algorithm that has gone on there for years, particularly in light of the fact that Twitter has repeatedly been called before Congress to answer for it. The evidence is being destroyed before Elon Musk takes full control of Twitter. We know from experience that Twitter has been working with Google and other social media companies to suppress new accounts. This is all going to be wiped and covered up as much as possible before he gets the keys to the joint.


  1. Everything becomes a lie when you allow Satan worshipping pedophiles to take over your currencies. They even lie about updoots and subscribers. They clearly want you to feel alone.

  2. The question is, will lists be kept of all the silicon valley appartchiks who have helped turn America into a anarcho-tyranist hell hole??

    • Yep

      Communists think that they are on the right side of history and they always record their crimes for future rewards after the victory of communism.

      Even those Maidan killers back in the 2014 recorded their murders. Do you see, I fought for communism long before you came out from closet. so give me proper reward.

  3. Not only twitter, even Wikipedia, the self described “free encyclopedia” is a big Lie, where the self described “impartial admins” use their sources (for examples Southern Poverty Law Center) to manipulate the encyclopedia. Leftists with Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Amazon, Shops online and videogames are controlling the debate, the freedom of speech and they establish what is the truth.

  4. Brother Elon can make it a full spectrum IT company: an alternative to You Tube, Reddit, etc.

    They should have let him fly his rockets. The FAA stalling production at Boac Chica is one of the most stupid, vile, anti human things The Enemy has ever done.

  5. We don’t have much “Free Speech” on social media that’s for sure. Any developments that would be more “Free Speech” in theory is a good thing. Deo Vindice !

    • Sandy Hook truthers are gone. I was arguing with some boomers about how everything is a lie and I tried to go back to some Sandy Hook sites. Really shocking. Defamation suits now trump 1st Amendment rights clearly and in a very broad way.

  6. Talcolm X also known as Shawn King left for 24 hours and came back the next day. I bet the other leftist will do something similar. They can’t live without social media like Twitter, TikTok, etc. .

  7. I am eager to see what happens. I am already loving the new take over of twitter. I would much rather take back the Churches in the Southern Baptist Convention, our governments, schools, and other institutions.

  8. Meanwhile, Nudelmanland (Khazarkraine) is preparing to invade Transnistria from the east while NATO (the US) invades it from the west.

    Transnistria is the best country in Europe and it is also the most hated country. Paraphrasing Tolkien: What can Transnistrian men do in the face of such reckless hate?

  9. Elon Musk is another hoax like Donald Trump.
    Just like the beaner Gonzalo Lira’s kidnapping by the “Nudelmanists and Khazarkranians” was another hoax.
    Shortly before his disappearing the degenerate even announced to his crowd of simpletons that he probably would be “kidnapped” in the following days.

    Since the fools are so easily duped by that obvious clowns they are certainly no match for the Jews.

  10. Musk has many signs of being ‘establishment’

    Possibility –
    They have decided to let the right wing vent steam, and have a few victories in the culture wars
    Whilst the destruction of heritage America continues, especially via more deluges of immigration

    This could be a replay of the 1990s strategy of letting common folks have the ‘bone’ of gun rights and carry laws, duping them into submission to the system … whilst a huge amount of economic and political and war-mongering horrors took place, the legal system ever more perverted beyond repair, etc

    This was even noted by lefties such as boomer Bill Maher … the working class was pacified because of ‘muh gun rights’ … Maher joked that ‘yeah you have your gun rights … but in fact those are the only rights you have left’

    The establishment cleverly realised … hey we don’t have to take the guns away first … we can take them LAST, after white Americans get so terrified of 100-year prison sentences that they are too afraid to use those guns

    So now maybe the plan is, yeah, go ahead and shitepost on Twitter … there will be little else you can do

    • I used to think like this too. As recently as 2020. Events of the last two years have led me to a different train of thought: What if we are witnessing a legit, actual struggle – a proto Civil War – within and between different groups of elites? What if we’re being gaslit, and are gaslighting ourselves, into believing that politics is as fake as pro wrestling? What if its real, after all?

      I don’t think Elon Musk, or Vladimir Putin, or, quite possibly, Donald Trump, were “all in on the act.” I think what we’ve witnessed in the political and cultural scene since 2016 is a real, actual power struggle for control over society, and the minds of the people in it. Here’s a narrative that makes more sense, for all three of the men listed:

      -Trump wanted to do most of the things he promised, particularly as it applied to immigration, but he found out within his first 100 days that he was one man fighting a deeply entrenched consensus. By April 2017, when Syria was bombed, he had decided to govern like a traditional Republican and win over his base with rhetoric and red meat, which failed him in his reelection bid. Even then, he still won more votes in 2020 then he did in 2016.

      -Putin is a rational actor acting logically in Russia’s interests. As a Boomer born in the year 1952, who came of age in the 60s and 70s, and who spent time as a KGB agent, he’s a true believing anti-racist, but this does not make him a “puppet.” He’s no one’s puppet save perhaps the Russian Mafia, which is a tolerable foe compared to the blood sucking, baby groping, child indoctrinating Jews that allegedly run his government.

      -Elon Musk, despite being a member of the WEF, is nonetheless personally and intellectually independent of the WEF. Its a club he’s part of, not a cult he’s bound to. His wealth was generated by Tesla, SpaceX, and investing, not given to him by Klaus Scwabb.

      Frankly, I don’t agree with the Dissident Right theory that billionaires are only billionaires because they performed the correct ritual or sucked baby foreskins. The oil industry wouldn’t exist if that was the case. Some parts of the economy might be “fake and ghey,” but there’s plenty thats real, and is bound to supply and demand. To markets.

      I believe Elon’s wealth is legit, that he’s his own man, and that him and, apparently, others in finance capital (check out who is funding his takeover of twitter) are as sick of woke capital as we are. Its hurting their bottom line. We might be witnessing the financial elites putting wokeness back under a lid. I wouldn’t be surprised if, under the surface, many elites oppose these sanctions against Russia, which are hurting America and Europe much more then Russia, where the Rouble has returned to its pre-war exchange rate.

      Its possible for things to get better, and slowly but surely, men like Vladimir Putin and Elon Musk are making the world a better place. I wouldn’t be surprised if other billionaires and global leaders follow suit. Wokeness and Jewishness will *not* reign supreme over the Earth.

  11. Be prepared for Elon to be a bust as far as Twitter becoming a free speech platform. No doubt he will move the guardrails out a bit but he is first and last a businessman and he doesn’t want the U.S. Government coming down on him. The U.S. Government is already starting up its own Ministry of Truth through DHS anyway and has hired a wacko to be in charge. They don’t like competition either:


    Just in time to tangle up Twitter in lawsuits before the mid-terms, too. Every now and then the Deep State throws a bone to their enemies, who are eternally optimistic, to keep them in the game.

    I remember when Ronald Reagan was the Second Coming of Christ who was going to save us all. He turned the economy over to Wall Street, allowed big business to sell off the industrial base and granted amnesty to about 6 million Mexicans. What was that great “conservative” Reagan conserving, I must have missed the memo?

    Then came Herr Trump, the next Second Coming of Christ who was going to save us all. No pullout from Afghanistan, no wall on the 2,500 mile border with Mexico but everything for business. His agenda was Israel first, the Platinum Plan for blacks (who gave him the finger anyway) and furthering GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire around the world.


    A few scraps for his gullible base but he left his die-hard, Jan. 6th guys hanging in the wind, still locked up today. When has Trump spoken out for his Jan. 6th suckers for violations of their constitutional rights? Has he donated money to a legal defense fund to help them?

    The eternal optimism that This guy is The One got old a long time ago. Prepare to be disappointed by Elon’s purchase of Twitter, there is less here than meets the eye, it’s always that way. Things will only really change drastically when hyperinflation eats up the money which will the Government depends upon for its power. That day is coming.

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