Chuck Todd: How Democrats Lost Rural America

The brand is radioactive.

This is extremely important because the size and depth of the hole in rural America increases the pressure on Democrats to make up for those widening margins elsewhere. In the case of the Senate, a filibuster proof majority isn’t there, which essentially means the progressive agenda is dead.


  1. The Republicans are not much better. It’s the same thing over and over, dems for two years and the reps for the next two years but nothing actually changes.

    • The Democrats and Republicans are opposite sides of the same Anti-White coin. Heads they win, tails we lose.

      • Yes, and it’s not even political, it’s economic. The more they tax and punish whites, the worse it gets, so it doesn’t matter what the whites are or were.Neither party cares or represents those who work and pay taxes.

    • The progressive agenda may be dead, but exorcising the voters that still want it, yet remains. As Dr. Gary North said, “it’s time to cleanse Canaan of the Canaanites. “

  2. The DemonKKKraps lost flyover country because they have been taken over by militant urban left wing radicals who hate and fear rednecks. Simple as.

    • Yep, the “climate change” nonsense alone is a deal breaker, people in rural areas are very dependent on cars and liberals want to take your car away. I heard a lecturer talking about all the hate various Europeans have against their neighbors and how Americans are better than that and don’t have any hate against Canadians in such a manor. Well, it isn’t Canadians, the hate is against Southerners or “rednecks” more generally.

  3. Doesn’t matter one bit. The elections are rigged.

    The 2020 election proved they can just steal these things right out in the open now, and how quickly everyone forgets.

  4. I live in a country town in northern Italy and I can say that rural life, even if I don’t live in open country, is healthy and gets you away from the bullshit of cities. Don’t misunderstand me, cities are also important and also the contact with the other realities, i’m graduated at university with Ba and Ma. But living close to nature is important and brings you closer to what really matters in life: family, friends, traditions, culture. Instead in cities you can only look at the spread of gender theories, transgender bullshit and also critical race theory. The cities are the temples of the woke religion. Anyway leftists have not an agenda, or rather they have one but it’s a thing of mental illness

    • Not like that in the US. The brown people can go wherever they want, and they do. No matter where you go, you see them living there, because the government busses and flies them all over. There’s Africans in Idaho, for example. The Idahoans are “welcoming” them, to look diverse. The clean and safe mountains and hillsides will never be safe and healthy now.

  5. They are all on the same team, except a very few outliers like MTG and Tom Massie. The Dems lost rural America but the ZOG beast still has them. Secede.

    • I don’t think she’s on our side at all. What has she done for us? Anything? Just rant?

  6. WHAT “rural America”? So-called “rural” in the imperial “homeland” is really mostly suburban. Rural, agrarian ethnically-homogeneous patches may still exist, but the rootless, globally-connected, money-based, urban/cosmopolitan lifestyle predominates across all of so-called “rural America.” The empire doesn’t have much real peasantry left to draw on (not like China that still has a huge rural, agrarian, peasant base) so it imports millions of peasants from the rest of the world to be exploited in the same “American melting pot.” As the Black conservative celebrity Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution said, “Capitalism knows only one color: that color is green; all else is necessarily subservient to it, hence, race, gender and ethnicity cannot be considered within it.” There really is no “rural-urban divide,” essentially no rural at all, only one vast, uniform, urban system.

    Proletarian cultural revolution brings spoiled, money-worshiping urbanites back to the soil, as it says in the Scripture, to till the earth, and eat bread by the sweat of thy brow. It recreates community and restores morality. The French revolutionary motto: “No republic without the peasants.”

    • Most of so-called rural America is now tied in to the global community almost as much as urban areas are. They have brown people from South Asia, the Middle East and Latin America working at the local 7-11 and Motel 6. Their kids attend local schools. There are mosques and Sikh temples. They have hipsters and shitlibs who moved from the city to get away from the crime and high cost of living. Everyone in flyover country conducts their business, shopping and banking online, just like them city slickers. And the Interstate is always nearby. The era when there were places like Mayberry and Hooterville is pretty much over.

      • A midwest city I used to live in, had an idyllic rural farmland outside of it, and they built a huge mosque right there….it was a visual imposition. Cornfields, barns, cows, rural roads…mosque.

  7. I watched the entire video. They failed in many parts of their analysis. They make it sound like rural Americans have left behind. That’s not a relevant factor in them switching to vote Republican, because the same argument against supporting GWB, Romney, and Trump would be equally valid. They also cry about Facebook and Fox News talking to people. But having access to information isn’t really an argument either. One person said that there were agitators from out of the area, in context of “banning books” from places. That might have some validity, but if it’s happening nationwide then it all has to start somewhere. They tried doing it with BLM and it failed.

    The biggest reason has to do with the national Overton window shifting drastically to the left faster than rural America has. Both the national Republican and Democrat parties have gone left in recent years and the GOP is now closer to what rural America wants.

    In the 90s, Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act. Rural Americans weren’t happy to see Democrats embracing the LGBT agenda in recent years. We all know that the GOP has gone along with gay marriage as well, and it appears most of rural America has shrugged their shoulders.

    Other issues include the right to bear arms. The huge debate from 10 years ago was banning “assault weapons” and passing background checks for criminals. The Democrats of that era never dreamed of passing “red flag” laws for gun control. Since then, every Democrat run state other than New Mexico has passed them. They’ve temporarily suspended gun control on the national level. But just wait. If they’re able to break the filibuster and get a majority, they’ll push for this red flag law everyone.

    The GOP has not talked about cutting welfare either. We all know blacks use them at higher rates, but plenty of poor Whites use them too. They may have in the past been like “Well I like my guns and god but I like my gibs too I’m just not going to vote this time.” Now that the GOP will let them keep their gibs, they have no reason to do that.

    Finally, the typical rural American has changed. As the political rhetoric, division, and all of that heated up, you’ve seen a huge migration for political purposes. We always talk about how our people leave the Cities and flee to rural America, but it goes both way. The weirdos who grew up in rural areas have been leaving them to go be weirdos in urban environments while some of the normal, largely apolitical people (the types who would never read this or watch the news) are like “Yeah this town is kind of boring but maybe I’ll just stay here so I won’t deal with those college fanatics.

  8. Democrats received many warnings from people like David Shor. Biden was their opportunity to push the wokes off a cliff, go strong on popular economic policies, and steal the populist momentum away from Republicans. Instead they pushed the woke pedal to the floor on day one and gunned it right into crazy town.

    They had all of the data on this. They should have trusted the science.

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