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Greg Johnson is extremely ass blasted that so much of the Dissident Right is unwilling to join him in his own long standing personal obsession with Ukraine.


“The people in the broad Dissident Right who have been supporting Russia in the Ukraine War were deeply concerned. As with the Ukraine War itself, once again they were all repeating the same talking points. They were all “praying” for Gonzalo Lira.

I think Andrew Anglin was praying for him. I think Mike Enoch was praying for him. He’s not the praying kind of guy, but he was praying for Gonzalo Lira. Who else? Brittany Sellner was praying for Gonzalo Lira. Hunter Wallace was praying for Gonzalo Lira. Personally, if I were the praying kind of guy, I’d be saving my prayers for the people of Ukraine. …

Yet we have idiots on the Right who say that we’d be better off under Russian rule. No, we’re actually better off under liberal democracy than we would be under an authoritarian, civic-nationalist, race-mixing regime, because under liberal democracy, we still have more freedom to speak out and organize.

The idea that we’d be better off under an authoritarian, Christian-branded, conservative-branded, multiracial civic nationalism is the dumbest take on the planet. But thousands of people on the broader Dissident Right are willing to buy this message because they put Christianity, conservatism, and indulging their own authoritarian personalities above the survival of the white race. …”

I’ve used that image from Cathy Young’s latest article on Coach Red Pill over at The Bulwark. Johnson and Young are united in their belief that Russia is the greatest threat to the West. Johnson has publicly said that Russia is the greatest threat to White survival on earth.

The Bulwark:

“Last week, on April 21, Scott Ritter—whom older readers might remember as a former U.N. weapons inspector turned ferocious foe of American and Western foreign policy—posted an angry screed on (the web version of what’s left of the propaganda outlet Russia Today) ringing the alarm about the disappearance of Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean-American pro-Russia “social media influencer” and video blogger based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Lira had not been heard from since April 15 and had even missed a scheduled appearance on a show hosted by George Galloway, the far-left former British member of Parliament and fellow RT personality who has never met an anti-Western tyrant he didn’t like. Ritter dramatically revealed that “Gonzo” Lira had expressed concern that the authorities in Kyiv were “looking for him” and noted that Volodymyr Zelensky had recently promised “consequences for collaborators.” “And now,” Ritter continued ominously, “Gonzo Lira had gone missing”—presumably a victim of kidnapping, torture, and likely murder by the Ukrainian Nazis. …”

The divide goes beyond the Dissident Right.

Most of the Populist Right up to influencers like Tucker Carlson and members of Congress like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are deeply skeptical of American involvement in the war in Ukraine. Sentiment in this corner of the internet ranges from a minority that is explicitly pro-Russia (Fuentes and Anglin) to a majority that is generally anti-imperialist and non-interventionist (Tucker Carlson).

There is also a loud minority of NatSoc types that are deeply anti-Russia for understandable reasons. Putin himself has justified the war in Ukraine as a campaign against Nazism. Nazis really are persecuted in Russia. From what I understand, calling someone a “Nazi” is the greatest of all insults over there. The ideology is unpopular in Russia due to the 27 million people who died in World War II and it is also associated with the Ukrainian nationalists in western Ukraine who collaborated with the Nazis. The situation in Mariupol is getting desperate where the Azov Battalion is making a last stand.

Putin tends to be unpopular with actual Nazis who were deeply offended by his rally.

I think this is the crux of the issue.

Western nationalists are divided over Nazism. Some are sympathetic while most are indifferent or hostile. Ukraine is the rare issue that unites Western Neo-Nazis who are pulling for Azov and Jewish liberals who are pulling for Zelensky. Nowhere else on earth are they on the same side.

In the United States, there are people who are pro-White, but who come from different backgrounds. There are some people who are pro-White because of the tradition of Neo-Nazism in the United States that goes back to George Lincoln Rockwell and further back to groups like the German American Bund and the Silver Shirts. There are far more people, particularly in the South, who are pro-White because that is part of their own ethnic identity, which stretches back through the time of Jefferson and deep into the colonial era. From a states’ rights perspective, I am more sympathetic to Ukrainian federalism, but my overall take is that I am so far removed from this region that I want nothing to do with the war.

Greg Johnson claims to be a White Nationalist and an ethnonationalist. He uses the terms interchangeably. He has a tendency to flatten the differences between European ethnic groups. Ukrainians are “White people” albeit with a Jewish president and a Jewish-dominated government fighting the Russian hordes. The Ukrainian ethnic group, which is based in western Ukraine where the language is spoken, should also dominate all of Ukraine including the southern and eastern parts where Russian is spoken. The Ukraine is also a real country even though it has existed as an independent nation only since around the breakup of Yugoslavia. The cities in southern and eastern Ukraine were founded and settled by Russians not unlike how Americans expanded west across North America in the 19th century.

Speaking as a Southern nationalist, the first thing that occurs to me is that I have no Ukrainian ancestry whatsoever. I don’t speak the Ukrainian or Russian languages. I haven’t read Ukrainian literature. I have never been to either of these countries. I live over 5,600 miles away from Ukraine in the Western hemisphere. I’m pretty well versed in European history and even I know little about the Ukraine. I have never taken an interest in that part of Europe because I don’t have ancestors from there. I don’t live in a country that has ever had close ties to Ukraine. I can’t remember a time in my life when Americans have expressed much interest in what goes on in Ukraine prior to 2022. Even a year ago, Ukraine wasn’t on the mind of Americans. Unlike Greg Johnson, I don’t think I am in a position to be a Ukrainian nationalist. I have no blood or soil ties to Ukraine. I can’t identify with Ukraine in the abstract way that he does.

There has always been wars between Russia and its neighbors in that part of Europe. These wars have never involved Americans because we have no vital interest at stake in the region. We don’t have close ethnic, cultural, religious, historical, economic or strategic ties to Ukraine. The idea that Ukraine is a “fledgling liberal democracy,” which is the excuse being used by the liberal press to justify our involvement, is farcical. Ukraine was a part of the Russian Empire from the Founding of the United States until the 1990s. We weren’t willing to fight Russia over Poland and Hungary at the height of the Cold War.

Greg Johnson is an “ethnonationalist,” but that doesn’t include Christianity, which Greg has decided is not part of our ethnic identity. It doesn’t include republicanism or civic nationalism either. It doesn’t include conservative cultural values. Indeed, it doesn’t include much interest at all in our own ethnicity, which informs our perspective on the Ukraine and from which Greg is alienated. Ukrainians are “White people” and there is no difference between White people in North America and White people on the Pontic steppe because the distinction between racial nationalism and ethnonationalism has been erased here.

Finns, Poles, Balts and Hungarians are going to have a different view of Russia and Ukraine for obviously valid historical and strategic reasons. We can’t simply erase these distinctions for the sake of idealistic notions of racial solidarity that don’t map on to the history and culture of the region. Americans don’t have the same interests at stake in the Ukraine as Russia and its other neighbors. It is morally obscene to suggest that we have same duties to the Ukraine that we have to our own people.

Americans would be best served by returning to our own Jeffersonian-Jacksonian foreign policy tradition. This is another European war like the Crimean War between clashing empires in which Ukraine is the spoils. Ukraine’s ambition is to join the European Union. Therefore, the European Union should fight Russia over Ukraine, which by itself is more than capable of balancing against Russia. Americans shouldn’t be in the business of creating fake countries in Europe like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and most recently Kosovo. We shouldn’t be creating military bases in the Baltic states or putting nuclear weapons in Poland. Liberal internationalism benefits the Baltic states, Poland and now Ukraine far more than Americans. Now that communism is dead, it only entangles us in all of these ancient regional blood feuds.

Greg Johnson has close personal ties to various nationalist groups in Ukraine. He is far more deeply engaged in this war than everyone else due to these ideological connections. Ethnonationalism for the Populist Right, however, means putting America First which means staying out of this conflict. It is a bad development for us for a host of reasons. We see little upside to being so deeply involved and great potential for this war to escalate in unpredictable and undesirable ways. International Neo-Nazism isn’t our cause which is driving most of the anti-Russia animus.

To be crystal clear, Ukrainians have every right to defend their country and no one can be faulted for defending their homeland. We also have every right to stay out of their war and focus on our own affairs because their interests in this war are not aligned with our own.

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  1. Johnson lost me with his girly fit over TRS. He was probably correct that it was a honey pot operation but the drama was a red flag to me. I cancelled both of them in the end. FTN on Sunday was still really good s

    • Sometimes but Enoch is hard to listen to these days. I used to be a big fan. Sven and Jazzhands should ditch their handlers (if possible) and do something new.

      • Is he the Jewish guy with the ADL wife that miraculously let out of the Charlottesville case when no one else was? The little I have heard he is actually very good considering and the rest are awful with constant talking over him with even worse jokes. I would never give my name and ID over to these people for an E Celeb meet up but I cant complain about Enochs content. He is an entertaining talker who seems to have broad interests.

    • >He was probably correct that it was a honey pot operation
      /pol/ was set up to support the Ukraine, but the glowjoggers lost control, and /pol/ turned pro-Russian in stead. (A good part because the Zimmerman trial, and Michael Brown. )

  2. There have been many wars in Europe and Russia so meaning of the words are different because of wars are different. If anyone watching Chechen Ukraine videos, they constantly talk about Shaitan.

    Shaitan is devil in many Eastern languages. It means that this fight will be uncompromising. With normal enemies you can always make peace, negotiate or worst case surrender hoping for humane treatment and satisfactory outcome. But when devout Muslim fights with devil, then there will be no compromise whatsoever. Even devil will be dead or Muslim. No other outcome.

    Nazism is similar word for Russians. This does not mean much German fighters in WW II and their leader who died today 30th of April. But word Nazism means some sort of ultimate evil and fight for survival. For Russians, every war is not survival war. They can fight with Chechens, then make peace and be allies in the future like now. But not with Nazis. Putin sent message for all Russians and 82% support for Putin demonstrates that Russians got the message.

    • And that 82% is why Shlomo is ready to use nukes to get rid if Putin. Things are going to get interesting. Our lives mean nothing to the baby blood drinkers but pushing that launch button doesn’t mean MAD I think. There is no way our arsenal has been maintained. Israel has untested nukes also. I’m not a military expert but I have been learning institutional decay just from experience. We are like the peasants drafted into the (((Soviet))) army and used as cannon fodder to see where the machine gun nests were. Maybe there are no nests and we survive another day.

  3. “No, we’re actually better off under liberal democracy than we would be under an authoritarian, civic-nationalist, race-mixing regime, because under liberal democracy, we still have more freedom to speak out and organize.”

    It’s funny to me how people always double down and refuse to see reality, and will unwittingly enunciate that reality out of their own mouths.

    Is the United States of America today not authoritarian? Has Wokeness not become the new Civic Nationalism? This morning when grocery shopping at Walmart I saw three youngish white women with half black kids. After Charlottesville, the Twitter and broader social media deplatforming, the 2018/2019 law enforcement crackdowns, and 1/6, who exactly has “more freedom to speak out and organize?”

    I used to feel generally opposed to the Ukraine conflict based on my experience growing up under the Bush wars and the fraud of those wars, but I have to admit that I now hope Putin completely rolls all of Eastern Europe and really the whole continent. I am beyond sick of these Ukraine charlatans on “our” side and the disgusting campaign in the media.

    • The system did not make any mistakes supporting the jewkraine against the Russian federation. One is much more pozzed than the other and supporters of the “ukraine” always ignores that. Their “nationalist” rethoric is just a pretense to hide that this conflict against Russia is all for globohomo.

    • Any time I go to an urban area, I come to the conclusion that whites are going to be dissolved in this country, eventually. The amount of race-mixing you see is revolting. I do wish Putin could behead the ruling elite in Western Europe, but he obviously can’t, and the price in white lives would be too high, anyway.

      • This is how they do it. They know there’s always enough whites who will mix and follow the MSM pop culture trends and advertising. The majority of whites will do the majority of whites in.

  4. Greg Johnson’s entire premise in that counter-currents article (i.e. “The idea that we’d be better off under an authoritarian, Christian-branded, conservative-branded, multiracial civic nationalism is the dumbest take on the planet) is at best farcical & at worst entirely disingenuous. Putin isn’t going to conquer & rule western Europe. End of story. If he did invade & destroy the armies of NATO, a massive insurgency would form & Russia would never ever have a favorable political landscape.

    So it’s not a question of preferring Putinism over liberal democracies because that’s not the choice on offer. What we get is a front row ticket to a worsening economy, rationing, rising fuel prices, more severe social restrictions, more thought police & an overall nastier situation for our people.

    Putin? He’s just someone who’s p*ssed off at the globalists for his own reasons, i.e. just another enemy they’ve created in their tapestry of #totalfail.

    • “Putin? He’s just someone who’s p*ssed off at the globalists for his own reasons, i.e. just another enemy they’ve created in their tapestry of #total”

      Exactly Putin and this war is a “Black Swan” event we can use to weaken the enemy!, it came out of nowhere but when it ends our enemy will have become much weaker and humiliated than before, Russia is a wind from nowhere that will help carry us to shore, it´s not malevolent or benevolent it´s just there and now we need to ride it

      It is however apparent that we have them same problems with the same people whos faggotry just can´t leave well enough alone

      Russia call them “Fascist” and we call them “yankee” bu it´s all one and the same

  5. Cathy Young is Irish. The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Why couldn’t Greg Johnson or the Bulwark find a Buford or a Beauregard to shill for Ukraine? Why why why Delilah?

    • Cathy Young is a Russian Jew who migrated to Chiquitastan when Russia was still part of the USSR. I recall her birth name was Katrina Yung.

      • @Exalted Cyclops—–The anti-white anti-Christ coalition IS the Jews the Irish and the queers. Cathy Young would not have a job working for a Jew at the Bulwark if she was a Russian or a Polish are a white southerner. A Jew would not hire such a person. Get it? There are no white Southerners in media in Hollywood in any occupation in which the Jew is the employer and the white southerner is the employee, because, because because…..

        Mocking is what the Jews do Christ killer, reasoning is what the enemies of the Jews do.

        You take one look at that ugly inbred stringy hair bitch and you tell me she is not Irish. Go ahead.

        • From the bio on the page you linked:

          “Young, who was born in Moscow and came to the United States with her family in 1980.”

          Ekaterina Jung is a Jew born in Russia who has been spouting neo-klown warmongering evil ever since she started writing in her new residence (as a “libertarian”). Irish aren’t typically born in Moscow. The Irish diaspora didn’t move to Russia in any significant way. Most went to the US, Canada, Australia and Britain. Some even went to Latin America. One of Chile’s ‘founding fathers’ in named Bernardo O’Higgins. Jung is a faithful servant of Moshiach nevertheless….

          • @Exalted Cyclops—-So she is a Jew who has assumed an Irish identity. Do you have any idea how often Jews do this, (Jack Murphy)? It is quite often.

            Thank you

        • Robert Browning,she is clearly a filthy Jew.I’m not sure what you’re about claiming she’s Irish(although I can agree most Irish are not on our side).

  6. Never consider Greg Johnson ever!.. he is a homosexual and a degenerate

    And by that he is not a Christian and not one of us

    Russia is going off on the Banderists as Nazis because they have priors from WW2, it´s exactly like a Gunservative calling everyone who disagree with him a “communist” it is however retarded and should stop

    Azov use NS regalia much like a prison gang use it, you should look up more on Bandera and his gang who actually became hunted by the Germans and inprisoned in if i recal rightl Nordhausen camp by order of the Fuhrer himself

    • Exactly.

      While real National Socialists debunk the jewish lies of a ‘holocaust’, Azov and their ilk celebrate and embrace the jewish Holocaust myth, while fighting for a jew against their own people’s interest.

      Pink swastika types like Greggy boy then fetishize the Azov types, especially when they are fighting barechested in a ring, preferably oiled up.

      • Wow, I think you nailed it. Greggy’s big interest in this ties right in to his lust for man flesh.

        tbh that probably explains Anglin’s pro-Nazi fetish as well. Hard to miss the fact that he doesn’t want any women around him, except for Asians resembling little boys.

    • >>Russia is going off on the Banderists as Nazis because they have priors from WW2, it´s exactly like a Gunservative calling everyone who disagree with him a “communist” it is however retarded and should stop.

      “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”
      -lolidk Ronald Reagan maybe?

      Yeah, this is something I’ve often said when I discuss this topic with other people who are confused on the issue.

      When an American claims to oppose socialism or communism, he generally doesn’t mean social safety nets, elimination of social classes and common ownership of property (though he may or may not oppose these things as well). He means “people who hate my culture and want to destroy it.”

      When a Russian claims to oppose fascism or nazism, he generally doesn’t mean traditional cultural values, opposition to racial mixing and a state run for the interests of the founding race (though he may or may not oppose these things as well). He means “people who hate my culture and want to destroy it.”

      Cringe? Yeah, a little cringe, but I don’t get too hung out on it when people use the phrases in that manner. I’ve been known to fall into the trap myself depending on which language I’m speaking. Languages are vague things, people don’t like complexity and they generally need their short-hands.

  7. Re: “The idea that we’d be better off under an authoritarian, Christian-branded, conservative-branded, multiracial civic nationalism is the dumbest take on the planet”:

    I have said many times that Russia suffers from the same disease (capitalism) as the U.S., and that Putin is a true believer in capitalism, not a socialist.

    Re: “we’re actually better off under liberal democracy”:

    Neoliberalism is capitalism, NOT democracy. It is imperialism and cosmopolitan and anti-ethnic.

    Re: “Sentiment in this corner of the internet ranges from a minority that is explicitly pro-Russia (Fuentes and Anglin) to a majority that is generally anti-imperialist and non-interventionist (Tucker Carlson)”:

    I do not think Carlson is anti-imperialist. He believes in the system, works for it, lives it every day. It is ridiculous to suggest that “we should stay out of ‘their’ war” when it has always been OUR war, from start to finish, since the 1950s, using Galician Uniate anti-Orthodox crusaders as proxies in our (the U.S.) effort to subjugate Russia and establish global hegemony.

    As for the “explicitly pro-Russian” minority of White nationalists including Fuentes and Anglin, I differ with them for the same reason: that they overlook the system that enslaves the Russian people, the same that enslaves the mixed population of the U.S. homeland. Russians will not really win a war until they shake off their chains and establish a new, real, people’s republic, which could become part of a new federation of brotherly socialist republics stretching across eastern Europe and Asia, and the world.

  8. Chechen soldier explains why he supports Russians instead of “Nudelmans” (aka Khazarkrainians):

    • Those guys fight like clowns. Real good at shooting without aiming. Probably responsible for many of the atrocities the media likes to highlight, too.

  9. To briefly deepen historical perspective, as Hunter & many here appreciate … especially re how this mess has roots in when
    – Poland INVADED Ukraine in 1918, yes they did
    – Poland and USSR partitioned Ukraine in 1923, and both fought Ukraine nationalists till 1960

    Poles oppressed Ukies, so did Stalin … while Nazis partly helped Ukies, as they helped Baltics, Slovaks, others

    Since 2014 Ukies oppressed Russians inside Ukraine, Poles supported because they mostly hate Russians more than Ukrainians … tho you meet Poles with family killed by Ukies, and tensions are increasing now that Poland is suddenly 10%+ Ukrainian

    It’s never-ending blood-feud … Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Czechs, others, all have sought to wrongly dominate over others when they get the chance

    Russia has a case now about how Ukraine has killed more than 13,000 Russians in Donbass since 2014 … but Russia arguably over-reacted with the scale of Ukraine invasion

    more detail:

    Post-WW1 arrangements were a disaster, not just the German humiliation, but also the set up of several artificial medium-size powers, which trampled upon and ignored smaller ethnicities

    Winners with new ‘mini-empires’ over other ethnics – Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Turks, Romanians
    Losers with no independence – Slovaks, Ukrainians, non-Serb Yugoslavs, Kurds; Hungary reduced, losing much territory

    Nov 1918, right as WW1 ends, newly-restored Poland INVADES Ukraine, Poland trying to restore its pre-1772 empire, takes Western Ukraine where city Lviv had majority Poles, but nearby rural areas were Ukrainian
    – 1923 Poland & USSR partition Ukraine, Stalin getting most
    – Poles were oppressive, accused of ‘genocidal’ measures against Ukrainian culture & language

    Ukraine hero Stepan Bandera (1909-59) fought Poles and Russians, he found Poles worse, because Stalin for all his faults allowed local language & culture
    – Ring of Poland’s neighbours – Germany, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania – all had beefs re Polish territory aggression, all funded Ukie nationalists
    – Poland catches Bandera and jails him in 1930s

    Sep 1939 Bandera freed as Germany invades Poland, allies a while with Reich … huge anti-Polish battles by Ukies ‘Volhynia massacre’ killing many in what Poles call ‘genocide’
    – Bandera and some family then JAILED by Nazis after Bandera declares Ukraine independence, finally released as Nazis start losing, Bandera deepens anti-Stalin fight, why Russians hate Bandera so much
    – Stalin takes Ukraine part held by Poland, gives Poland part of Germany after WW2 as substitute

    Post-1945 Poland continues ethnic repressions of Ukrainians, ‘Operation Vistula’ ethnically cleanses them out of ancient areas, moves them into former Germany, now West Poland, Ukies crushed
    – Poland collaborates with USSR against Bandera and Ukies
    – Bandera killed by KGB in Munich Oct 1959, final Ukie rebel battle against USSR-Poland April 1960

    And now Poles are speaking again about taking back Western Ukraine for Poland, the area they won in 1918-23 … Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania all have claims in slicing up Ukraine with Russia

    • Yes, the upshot of this is that the region is a mess and a tinderbox of ancient blood feuds and grievances and that we have no business meddling in the region and picking good guys (Serbs in WW1 and WW2) and bad guys (Serbs in 1990s). Nothing good cokes out of it

  10. “Liberal democracy” – which Grindr Greg now admits he supports, even though it does not allow us to speak out and organize as he falsely claims, promotes not only the sodomy (and worse) of which Johnson is so fond, but is moreover explicitly genocidal in its treatment of the white population in every single place where it exists. Liberal democracy is merely a code-word for Globopedo Empire. Johnson of course supports it because in other places he would likely be ostracized or terminated. Catamites are cheap and abundant, especially nice blonde boys from places like Ukraine.

    As HW correctly observes, Johnson flattens the numerous etho-national groups within the general white race and even fails show any real interest in his own ethnic identity. Instead he’s got this homo-erotic hard-on for some Judeo-Nazis in a fake country (Ukraine) who gladly kill a white mother and her son in cold blood for not wanting to be used as human shields by them. The Chechen soldier in the video above and his comrades were so outraged by this gross violation of the natural law (the one written by our creator into the hearts of those created in his image) they had to take action at the vile Satanism of the Judeo-Nazis Grindr Greg fantasizes about. They immediately went after the Azov bastards who did this even at cost of their own lives. The Chechen is obviously a decent human being. I seriously doubt the same can be said of Grindr Greg.

    The terms we throw around “liberal democracy”, “communism” and “capitalism” are all rather meaningless at this stage, as are the terms derived from the Estates generale of pre-Revolutionary France (left and right). China, an openly one-party state, has more of a free market than can be found in Chiquitastan (the great bastion of capitalism), where the entire market is rigged by the oligarch elite. Chiquitastan is a de-facto one-party plutocracy which pretends to be a democracy. Note the bi-partisan support for upping the involvement in a war in a far away place in which the people here have no interest. Our own border is wide open to an ongoing invasion but the bastards will draft your kids to go and defend the border of a fake country they use as a vast playground for money-laundering, bio-weapons and child-trafficking.

    • “Liberal democracy is merely a code-word for Globopedo Empire. Johnson of course supports it because in other places he would likely be ostracized or terminated. Catamites are cheap and abundant, especially nice blonde boys from places like Ukraine”:

      Stepan Bandera the “national” hero of Khazarkraine himself preached homosexuality. Sodomy is said to be even more prevalent among Khazarkrainian “Nazi” militiamen than it is among Western artists, professional athletes and Roman Catholic priests. Not to mention the psychopathy….

      • Afghanis are probably the only ones who beat the RC priests in that category. Then you also have god’s chosen baby-dick suckers.

  11. Liberal democracy is the system least conducive to White survival. That’s not an opinion but an empirical fact made manifest by our experience in the US and other liberal-democratic polities. Real White patriots hate the Ukrainian state because it’s a worse Judeocracy than the US. Greg Johnson has shown himself to be both an idiot and a traitor. I’m done with him.

  12. What is the evidence Greg Johnson is a homosexual? His predilection for the Ukrainian Judeocracy and his apologia of democracy eliminate him from consideration as a serious voice for White patriots, but faggotry is an accusation no one should make lightly.

  13. Greg just comes out and admits it here. He prefers liberal democracy because he’s a faggot. He values “the west” because it encourages his deranged lifestyle choices.

    None of this really has anything to do with “neo-nazism.” Eric Striker, for example, is easily classified as a “neo-nazi,” yet he is clearly sympathetic to Russia in this fight.

  14. Sorry to have upset you, Hunter.

    There are a couple inaccuracies in what you have written.

    First, I have never said that Russia is the number one threat to white people.

    Second, I absolutely do not discount or gloss over the differences between white ethnic groups. I am quite explicitly opposed to idea that White Nationalism is a one-size-fits-all political solution for generic white people. I am an ethnonationalist because I think that the best form of government is to create sovereign homelands for all distinct peoples who desire them. This is why I am opposed to empires like Russia and side with nations trying to hold onto their homelands as opposed to empires trying to take them away. I am even opposed to defenders of empires in our milieu, like Francis Parker Yockey or Guillaume Faye.

    However, even though I oppose the idea of “one big white state,” I am still a White Nationalist insofar as I feel a strong solidarity with white people around the globe and would like to see all of them flourish in their own homelands, including Russians. Whites worldwide share a common race, a common history, common enemies, and common problems.

    Thus I oppose American isolationism as much as I oppose American imperialism. Whether you think that America should remain isolated or act as a light unto the nations, both spring from the idea that America is an exceptional place rather than an offshoot of European civilization and the white race. America has no business lording it over other peoples around the world. But I think it is natural, normal, and right for Americans to be concerned about protecting other white nations, especially nations in Europe, which is the heartland of our race and civilization.

    It is easy to dismiss the Ukraine enthusiasm of the Twitterati. But I am seeing a great deal of spontaneous white solidarity with Ukraine, much as I saw during the migrant crisis, when people who had never uttered an unconventional thought in their lives were suddenly worried about the future of Europe due to demographic swamping. I think that is a healthy impulse. Isolationism, by contrast, is petty-minded. I think it is silly to want to make the world safe for “democracy.” But I think it is healthy to want to make the world safe for white people.

    PS: You really need to clean up your comment section. I am sure you think that platforming this collection of paranoids, cranks, and Russia shills makes you look good by comparison, but it repulses better commenters. You are judged by the company you keep.

    • @Greg Johnson—-No Greg you are judge by your adherence to Christ and his teachings, got it assbandit?

    • I think HW attracts the finest assortment of paranoids, cranks and Russia shills anywhere. GJ simply wants to censor anyone who disagrees with him and his anti-Russian, pro LGBTQ++ globalist philosophy.

    • “You really need to clean up your comment section. I am sure you think that platforming this collection of paranoids, cranks, and Russia shills makes you look good by comparison, but it repulses better commenters. You are judged by the company you keep.”

      So Greg Johnson turns out to be as afraid of having his views challenged as the shitlibs at Twitter. It seems he realizes the Ukrainian Judeocracy he so adores is as indefensible as “climate change”, “transgenders”, or the “covid” doom cult.

    • So says the man who keeps the company of other homos.

      You’ll get the same lack of welcome on any pro-White forum or comment section not occupied by other perverts. Remember what happened when Anglin tried to welcome you on the Gamer boards? Those were quality commenters too.

      You’re very much like Anglin btw. A brilliant writer but your obvious lack of morality makes you open to leverage and no one in their right mind would trust you for that very reason alone.

      Plus, what homos do to each other is frankly disgusting. As for the pederasty, whew lad.

    • > Isolationism, by contrast, is petty-minded.

      “Isolationism” as in how the word is used by neo-cons – anything that isn’t active direct or proxy warfare is “isolationist.”

      And not getting involved in foreign wars as part of American Exceptionalism? Brilliant. Greg Johnson would make a better neo-con propagandist than any of the ones they have now.

      It is easy for someone to burn their credibility hopping on either the NATO sponsored Ukrainian or Russian sponsored side in this war.

      But for a movement that has zero credibility anyway – what does it matter? Type away!

      • Yes, the isolationist strand in American thought is part and parcel with the idea that America represents a fundamental break with Europe. How is it that you are discussing politics without knowing something so basic?

        • > Yes, the isolationist strand in American thought is part and parcel with the idea that America represents a fundamental break with Europe.

          The interventionist strand in American thought, the idea that America must be “Policeman to the World” or is the “indispensable country” is part and parcel of “American Exceptionalism.”

          Which you, of course, do in fact know. You’re perfectly aware of that.

          You’re not ignorant, you’re disingenuous.

          Weren’t you shilling for war against ISIS too?

        • -isms and -ists, -isms and -ists—–how about dropping the Jew word play and tell us why you are not over there in Ukraine this very second fighting the Russkies. I have seen some of the captured Ukraine conscripts and they are way older than you Greg.

          Not man enough to but your money where your mouth is, right Greg?

    • So you shift from arguing for the absolute sanctity of sovereign borders on maps last week to arguing the naturalness of the non-white USA dominating Europe because the non-white USA used to be European.

      This is why our ancestors used to execute you people. Brain damaged freaks who feel no shame engaging in sodomy will obviously feel no shame engaging in other shameful acts, like your disingenuous argumentation.

      • “So you shift…to arguing the naturalness of the non-white USA dominating Europe because the non-white USA used to be European”:

        Excellent point. The US is non-white henceforth, and I think not even a nation.

    • Sadly, breaking up Russia is designed to end up ensuring that Turkics and Mongols are going to murder enclaves of whites in Siberia and the Vladivostok area. I guess it’s no better that Russia is using units raised in Asia to kill Ukrainians but if the USUKr coalition does comprehensively defeat Russia, it’ll break up and recognisably European colonists in Asia will be annihilated with the sponsorship of the US. I have some issue with the USSR flooding Africa with Ak47s and RPG7s to kill whitey in Rhodesia, but it turns out that this largely had the blessing of the US and the people like Zelenskyy who inherited Ukraine from the USSR breaking up. I do not see Ukraine as a recognisably European country. It is ankle deep in Jewish influences and operated against the west during the Cold War as an armourer for Blacks anyway. Everything about them feels off kilter.

    • >>I am even opposed to defenders of empires in our milieu, like Francis Parker Yockey or Guillaume Faye.

      Funny you should mention that. One good thing Operation Z did was make me to take a serious look at all the neonazi potentates from the Yockey-Rockwell era all the way up to the present day. For the last bastion of white resistance to ZOG, your Typical Tinpot Fuhrer sure does seem to have a lot of the same backgrounds as your typical Deep State functionary.

      It’s definitely tempting to think of neonazism on the whole as something that is and always has been a US Imperial psyop. Maybe, and I wouldn’t dismiss that theory out of hand, but I think it’s more likely that a lot of washouts from the US/Euro ruling elite just end up there out of either spite or desperation. Like how a lot of the early Bolsheviks were former seminarians, lower nobility, and czarist army officers with stalled careers.

      Anyway, the “spontaneous white solidarity with Ukraine” that you’re seeing (by which I assume you mean the aesthetically-neonazi Ukranian Azov battalion, and not the overwhelmingly-Jewish Ukranian leadership?) is roughly analogues to the “spontaneous” Islamic solidarity with ISIS. In both of these cases, what you’re seeing really is a US Imperial psyop, with just a touch of MK-ULTRA.

      They take sick and broken people from a demographic they dislike, they use drugs, Satanism and misanthropy to break them down even further, then they use them as cannon fodder against enemies who might actually pose a danger to ZOG imperialism. Damned clever of them you have to admit, convincing some Swedish skinhead with bipolar disorder that he’s acting out the 14 Words by gunning down little old babushkas in Donbass rather than by turning his gun on his own government. Might also cause Russians to care a lot less about happens to white Western Europeans in what used to be their countries, which is a third bonus.

      For me it’s all a rather personal matter, as I was once in love with someone involved in that Azov/Atomwaffen milieu. I strongly suspect that the nihilistic worldview they gave her played a role in her death.

      >>PS: You really need to clean up your comment section. I am sure you think that platforming this collection of paranoids, cranks, and Russia shills makes you look good by comparison, but it repulses better commenters. You are judged by the company you keep.

      Pindo slabak idi nahui.

      • The strange books about Ford and IBM running the IG Farben Factory HR at Auschwitz suddenly start to look plausible. Sure the Jews writing these books were trying to scam money out of corporations but, yeah how much of the Natsoc was just like Azov is now?

        • A common argument among Stasserites was that Hitler betrayed what was originally a working-class revolution on behalf of Finance Capital. Also worth noting that the Stassers weren’t particularly antipathetic to Slavs.

    • “Europeans became concerned about demographic swamping”. That was genocidal hatred of Arab/Muslims. Same as the NATO coalition against Iraq/ Afghanistan which the US commandeered after the US got a taste of its own medicine. Some blow back for its atrocious policies in the ME! Which helped US win the cold war as we got below market for SA and propped up brutal dictators who sided with US; at the peoples expense. And one day a hand full of em gave us blowback.

  15. Greg have once and for all in this article stated that he support “Liberal Democracy” ie painted himself as a supporter of the worst enemy we ever faced and through that made himself a part of that enemy and a subversive for the enemy cause

    as a filthy homosexual thus he now as always are talking in his own depraved interests

    homosexuallity is a satanic practise and as for Greg no further discussion is needed

    As for “Azov” they are truly the worst caricature of the Hollywood “Nazi” i have ever seen! their combat record read like a jewish movie script, and the best i can do for them as for real “Nazis” is to compare them to the “Dirlewanger Brigade” of WW2, a punishment unit of convicts and petty criminals raised mostly to fight partisans in the Balkans and Russia, many members of the unit was hung for war crimes by the Germans themselves Unit was led by Oscar Dirlewanger allegedly a convicted peadophile
    That Greg Johnson should be a fan of such “Nazis” should come as no surprise to anyone here

    It feels more and more like Azovs “Nazism”is only a role they play to anger and create tension with the Russian population, it´s also perfect to use to through their actions soil the name of National Socialism even more
    Now the Ukrainians can once again blame the “Nazis”


    Here Greg look at this. Isn’t she beautiful?

    Here are a few quotes from this woman your kind persecuted and tormented to this very day for telling the truth. Tell me she was wrong Greg, I dare you to Christ killer.

    “What these people really want, hidden behind obscure legal phrases, is the legal right to propose to our children that theirs is an acceptable alternate way of life. … I will lead such a crusade to stop it as this country has not seen before.”

    “”The recruitment of our children is absolutely necessary for the survival and growth of homosexuality… for since homosexuals cannot reproduce, they must recruit, must freshen their ranks.”

    • R.B., you are correct. Khazarkraine-Nudelmanland represents the “right” to sodomize, not a real biological and historical nationality. Khazarkraine-Nudelmanland is also the site of a long-proposed alternate Jewish homeland. It is Talmudistic and the vaunted anti-Semitism of its so-called Nazis does not appear. The ranks of the Nazi militias include many Jewish soldiers who say they have never experienced any anti-Semitism. The Crimea Project is ongoing.

      Khazarkraine-Nudelmanland is also explicitly, militantly, anti-communist (anti-socialist). Talmudistic Greg Johnson says he would rather have the “freedom” of Neoliberalism than Russian Orthodox (he calls it “Christian-branded”) nationhood, and the federation of other peoples (brotherly people’s republics and autonomous regions) that it leads, with its historical tendency toward soviet socialism. (Note that “soviet” is an ancient Russian word denoting a people’s council or assembly, derived from Proto-Slavic words “v?st” and v?t-iti “to inform, decide or advise”.)

      An ethny, or ethnonationalism, which Johnson claims to support, cannot flourish or ultimately survive in the system of class and usury.

      While Johnson effectively shills for the plans of the global elites, he calls on Hunter to ban “Russia shills” from commenting on OD, warning him that they “repulse better commenters” and that he will be judged by the company he keeps.

      • The world does not need another goddamn Jewish homeland. The attempt to make Ukraine into new Israel is sufficient reason to side against Ukraine.

        With a single homeland the Jews have succesfully spread misery, suffering, crime and degeneracy. With a second Jewish homeland it would be open season on morality and decency everywhere on earth.

  17. What’s a Ukrainian Nazi today? No one asks Putin that. I know what a neo- Nazi in the USA is, but have no clue what Putin means calling Ukrainians, Nazis. And the media just reports his claim but never asks him what he means by that?

  18. It seems like the whole Russia-Ukraine conflict is so hyped to distract Americans from what is going on right here. More and more Mexicans and Central Americans are pouring into the US, to live off of the taxpayers. The globalists want to destroy the US. Putin probably thinks the US is crazy to focus on him, when we are being invaded. I think a lot of Americans just accept it that we “have to” let these people come into our nation and live off of us. They get on SS and Medicaid or Medicare, and never paid into it, and never pay a premium. Americans are just fine with this. THIS is the real insanity. Not some gay writer or Noodleland.

    • Globalists don’t want to destroy the USA. The USA is the only vehicle for globalism. Without America, the entire globalist project falls apart.

      • They are using all of Europe and Australia, too. Why would anyone bring in parasitic, low IQ, squatty, lazy people? They aren’t here to work, and that whole “hard working” has been debunked. They live off of us and have big families for the American taxpayer to support.
        When they become the majority, the US will look just like Mexico, and there are areas that do now. The government will continue to print money to support them.
        But if the goal is to “replace whites”, why? Anyone with a brain can see what Mexico and Central America are like. The tribe isn’t so smart.

  19. The Jews controlling the puppet state of Ukraine are behind this Ukraine war, and if you don’t understand that they are the enemy, you are a waste of space. We need to have zero tolerance for the rainbow flag crew.

  20. Great article Hunter.As for Greg Johnson I would say he is a deviant and an enemy of the Cross.He is lost and wants to bring others down with him.He is in league with the Satanic Jews in his ultimate goals.We love our White race because our Lord has created us in His image.God created this as our natural state so we are in sync with God by loving the natural order He created.Greg Johnson is unnatural and an abomination to the Lord and he is Hell-bound.Let Johnson fantasize about all the Ukie boys he can adopt into his Slav fantasy.I am of the Saxon race and Slavs are not my people.I could care less about the Uks,aren’t they all moved here anyway to colonize America.Russia,Ukraine,the West are all controlled by Jews who put on theater in which people die.Satan loves death and to hurt God by killing His children.Greg Johnson should stick the gay-colored flag up his ass.To me the rainbow always means God’s promise to never flood the Earth again,and I curse the Jews and perverts like Johnson for defaming that blessed meaning of the rainbow.They and he will have earned their eternity in Hell.Christ is King.The Father,Son and the Holy Ghost.If one is troubled ask the Holy Ghost to send an Angel to protect you,this is in the Bible but most don’t know it.May God bless all Christian Whites here.

  21. When the “Alt-Right” is nearly identical to The Bulwark, it is no longer Alt-Anything. Perhaps Alt-Asshat?

  22. After reading this I couldn’t determine why Gonzalo Lira is a shill.

    As for Mr. Johnson’s take on Christianity I have come to understand that whenever someone has some animus towards Christianity there is some hidden sin, usually sexual in nature, behind it.

    I wouldn’t go so far as the author to suggest that this is not our fight. Our government is primarily responsible for causing this conflict and for prolonging it. And it will have effects on the global order that will come home to bite us.

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