Elon Musk Calls Out Woke Progressives

So true.

We point this out all the time here.

New York Post:

“Billionaire Elon Musk insists he is a liberal — but is viewed as a far-right “bigot” because “woke progressives” are pushing the left to extremes.

The world’s richest man used his new $44 billion purchase, Twitter, to share a simple stick-figure illustration Thursday highlighting his position in the dramatically shifting political landscape over the last 14 years.

A smiling figure named “me” starts standing left of center close to a “fellow liberal” in 2008, when Barack Obama was first elected president …”

For a long time, we used to criticize liberalism on this website, but around 2020 we began to reconsider our critique of the establishment. It became increasingly apparent in the summer of 2020 that woke progressivism was replacing liberalism as the governing ideology of the Democratic Party.

Consider the following:

  • White men were explicitly demonized on racial grounds
  • The police were demonized
  • Immigration enforcement was demonized and later dismantled
  • Equality fell out of fashion in favor of “equity”
  • Colorblindness became systematic racism
  • The “trans” dogma was imposed on social media
  • Extreme censorship was normalized
  • Mobs were celebrated for destroying property
  • Struggle sessions and ritual shaming and groveling apologies became a thing
  • Comedians began to toe the party line
  • Corporations are called on to “do something” about various social ills
  • Social justice replaced equal justice

I could continue, but this isn’t “live and let live” liberalism. Moral clarity and self-righteousness prevails on Twitter. Twitter knows exactly what is good and evil. Russia, for example, is evil and anyone who says it is more complicated than this simple binary is spreading misinformation.

There are key differences between Liberalism 1.0, Liberalism 2.0 and Liberalism 3.0. The original version was skeptical of government power. The reformed version was skeptical of corporate power. The latest version celebrates the use of unbridled corporate and state power to crush dissidents. Whereas the original liberals tried to shackle and separate and decentralize power with their constitutional schemes to thwart tyranny, liberals like Thomas Main complain bitterly about these obstacles to their agenda. They constantly gripe because they don’t have enough power due to the Senate, Electoral College, gerrymandering, Voter ID laws, etc. Their political opponents are also enemies of democracy.

I’m more comfortable with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than woke progressives. I’m more comfortable with political disagreement. I’m more comfortable with free speech and property rights. I don’t go around toppling statues of Thomas Jefferson or celebrating the CIA.

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  1. There clearly was criminal fraud at Twitter. If we had a real country the board and key managers would be prosecuted.

  2. Why pretend that there IS a moral justice system? We all know (especially on this and other fora) that it is completely Jewed. It will only change when power is in the hands of the people, once more.

  3. >Moral clarity and self-righteousness

    I would say moral absolutism: ‘woke progressives’ are secular moral absolutists, where what’s moral is determined by the media — within this framework, politicians and others (e.g. Supreme Court nominees who refused to say what a ‘woman’ is) seek to prove their moral fitness to lead by affirming the secular moral canon consecrated by the media.

    It all has the feel of religion, which is why it’s highly appropriate that a lesbian with a degree in religious studies is now running for governor of Oregon on a platform of preventing climate change (link).

  4. Name the Christ murdering blood thirsty, child raping nation wrecking children of satan, or you say nothing

  5. Nothing wrong with treating everybody fairly. But yes, the predator is not entitled to, nor deserving of fairness among civilized man. And who is the predator? Those who prey upon the weak and the innocent those who live off human frailty and the sins, weakness, and short comings of others. Pornography, gambling, liquor, prostitution and drugs. Who is getting fat off of selling and promoting vice? Do you see how Elon is nothing but a misdirection play?

  6. I guess it all depends on who he hires to be moderators and if he truly believe in free speech or a watered down version.

  7. Twitter/Elon MuskBut I’m no fan of the far right either. … Let’s have less hate and more love.


    Hopefully he’ll do something about the suppression of political speech, as well as the other ‘woke’ censorship resulting from Twitter’s absurd ToS — but he’s a member of the oligarchy/plutocracy, so I’d keep my expectations low.

  8. Liberalism 1.0; political; skeptical of the state.
    Liberalism 2.0 AKA Socialism; economic; skeptical of the corporation.
    Liberalism 3.0 AKA Progressivism; social; skeptical of the church and straight white men.
    Liberalism 3.0 doesn’t check and balance state and corporate power much, if at all, in fact they’re statists and corporatists.
    There was also a synthesis of Liberalism 1.0 with Liberalism 2.0 known as social democracy or social liberalism.
    It remains to be seen if Liberalism 1.0 can be synthesized with Liberalism 3.0.
    If so, such a synthesis could be called progressive democracy or progressive liberalism.
    Liberalism 1.0 appears to be allying itself with Conservatism against Liberalism 3.0.

  9. Elon is quoted as saying he’s concerned about low birthrates around the world. He never said he was concerned about low WHITE birthrates, just low birthrates anywhere it’s occurring. As birthrates in the third world are high, he’s likely secretly concerned about
    low birthrates of whites, but you know……….he can’t really say that publicly in today’s world. He has Autism so he’s very smart, and knows he can’t get to Mars and prosper on Mars………..with a populace consisting of nogs and Australian Aborigines.
    There’s a lot of people out there who likely think like we do, including some Jewtubers, but due to censorship and all that nonsense, can only say part of what they really believe. Try going on YouTube and being critical of Jews and Israel these days. You’d think nobody was anti Israel. Just because somebody CAN’T say something, it doesn’t mean they don’t believe it.

  10. Sexism and racism against straight white men is a big part of liberalism 3.0.
    Another big part is carbon rationing.
    Carbon rationing, like jabbing, masking, lockdowns and social distancing, is a form of scientism, not strictly science, if science at all, it is the politicization of (pseudo)science.
    In liberalism 1.0 the state was the enemy, in liberalism 2.0 the corporation.
    In liberalism 3.0 humankind is the enemy, particularly the ‘useless eaters’, the bottom 90%, who’re to be sterilized and culled for the sake of the planet and future generations.
    White plebs are to relinquish their conservatism, liberalism 1.0, populism, higher living standards and accept austerity, like the 3rd world has, while white patricians continue to live in opulence.

    Really liberalism 3.0 is illiberalism.
    It’s neofeudalism, liberalism coming full circle and eating itself.
    Instead of raising the standard of living of the 3rd world to achieve parity, the idea is to lower the standard of living of the 1st world to achieve parity.
    Instead of freeing the 3rd world, they want to enslave the 1st.
    It’s illiberal and antihuman, and transhuman, not humanist.
    It’s the last several centuries of western civilization turned on its head.
    The suicide of the west.

  11. Isn’t this the liberal/jewish/communist playbook? Question the status quo (moral relativism) and corrupt the youth. Use anti discrimination laws to discriminate against the people who maintain the status quo, in order to gain power for themselves. Then once they get in power DROP THE HAMMER on everyone who is not them. These stages of liberalism are all connected. We are just now experiencing the full hammer drop.

  12. I make a distinction between liberalism 2.0 (socialism) and liberalism 3.0 (covert Malthusianism with an anti-white working and middleclass bent, for the white working and middleclass hitherto have enjoyed the most rights, freedoms and highest living standards, which western oligarchs, who used liberalism 1.0 and 2.0 to climb to the top, now find intolerable).
    Liberalism 2.0 had some merit, particularly when combined with liberalism 1.0 (classical liberalism) to make social democracy or social liberalism.
    Liberalism 1.0 benefitted the middleclass, liberalism 2.0 when not taken to extremes benefitted the working class, but liberalism 3.0 is strictly a form of elitism, and not one that makes sure the working class is alright like fascism, but one which largely seeks its annihilation.

    Classical Malthusian Progressivism was largely about culling and sterilizing the underclass, but New Malthusian Progressivism targets the working and what’s left of the middleclass.
    They want to reduce the population of the masses and their rights, freedoms and living standards.
    They want to replace some of us with Ai while cybernetically and genetically modifying others to track, trace and make them more slavish.
    Chemicals in the air, food and water, (over)vaccinating, MRNA vaccinating, feminism 3.0 and LGBT are all tools to achieve this reduction.
    Globalism, diversity and reverse racism are used to keep the masses divided so they never organize.
    A homogenous working class can organize, a diverse one, especially if it’s fighting over race, can’t.

  13. He is a great engineer and inventive mind. Why, why, why in the world did he make children with the Grimes character? She looks like Miley Cyrus with painted hair and Goth clothes. Maybe he was indulging some kind of fantasy, but now she’s famous because of him. She fancies herself as an AI or transhuman creature. Her fans insist she is an alien. Just born into a rich family, just another person who thinks they are relevant. Did we need another Madonna, Lady Gaga, or Katy Perry?

  14. Musk came out of nowhere and was heavily promoted by globalist media as a Tony Stark/Big Brother. He takes credit for other people’s inventions. His family owned emerald mines. He would not the richest man in the world unless globalists wanted him to be. They are so twisted in their lack of comprehension of people and morality. Someone who vivisects animals with the purpose of wanting to create Borg creatures is not sincere about free speech crusades. That is so obvious. The money he uses on business ventures equals 1% of his financial assets so he does this investing as a hobby. He’s a fraud.

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