NBC Narratives: Democrats Struggles In Rural America Get Worse

Chuck Todd is increasingly hated on the Left because it is his job to point out these trends.

The Senate has a rural and working class bias. The Democrats are bleeding out in these constituencies as Republican margins widen due to the two dozen or so new fronts in the culture war that have been opened up by woke progressives. The reality of the situation is that the Senate filibuster is becoming an insurmountable obstacle to the progressive agenda. The Democrats are struggling to even win a Senate majority. The Republicans have a shot at winning a filibuster proof Senate majority by 2025. Losing the ability to contest the Senate also means losing control of the federal courts.

NBC Narratives:

“One, the GOP’s party identification advantage (R vs. D) among respondents from rural areas and small towns has increased by more than 20 points over the past decade, per the poll’s merged year-by-year data.

2010: R+5

2011: R+6

2012: R+9

2013: R+7

2014: R+10

2015: R+12

2016: R+14

2017: R+16

2018: R+16

2019: R+18

2020: R+23

2021: R+26

And three, Republicans now enjoy a 30-point-plus lead in congressional preference in Rural America, per merged numbers from our January and March polls of this year.

Urban core: D+24
Urban ring: D+12
Outer suburbs: R+10
Rural: R+34 …”

In a nutshell, this is the story of the rise of national populism.

Back when Glenn Youngkin won in Virginia last November, there was a brief moment of handwringing about this problem. The Democrats ultimately settled on going all in on Ukraine and driving gas prices and inflation through the roof to address this critical erosion of support.

Note: BTW, I haven’t been that active here over the past few days because I have been busy hauling this duck coup from Georgia to Alabama. I’m still not finished reassembling it. This is Shawnee’s new house. My wife recently bought four baby ducks and they are growing up fast.


  1. Other than the joy in watching the left slit it’s wrists on the day after election day, it won’t make much difference as the republicans won’t do anything unless it helps Israel and their corporate donors.

    • Skeptic- that’s only if we keep the “R” as it is. Why not voluntarily turn it populist. MTG is doing a decent job, even as she’s still clueless as to the Jewiness of it all. But, better a clueless populist/nationalist Senate and Congress, than what we have had for the last 60 years.

  2. People are tired of getting lied to by ethnic Democrats/Roman Catholics i.e. Irish, and Italian in particular. This may not be the situation in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. But, most other places in the southern states and mid-west it is. I think we are looking at a vote ’em all out situation—where incumbents can’t explain their actions on serious subjects like LGBTQ, war and spending on the Ukraine, run away inflation, and shrinkflation. etc. etc.

    Brad, make sure your ducks are behind the fence at night or when you go out, or dogs or fox will eat them.

    • My R Senator was initially pushing for the no fly zone over Ukraine. For being foolish enough to risk expanding the war into who knows what, she will never receive a vote from me again.

  3. Ha, my sister’s hatching chicks in her classroom again, but she just recently mentioned that she’d rather do ducks: they walk in a line and would be a better example for the kids.

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