Tucker Carlson Celebrates New York Times Hit Piece


Tucker needs to frame this and mount it on his wall and light a cigar. This is a like a trophy for a job well done. He is pissing off all the right people (i.e., the coastal PMC libtards on Twitter who are dragging us into this war with Russia). The slideshow was by far the best part.

Note: Have Richard Spencer and Evan McLaren started screeching about this yet?


  1. Spencer is too busy launching his fake Apollonian University that will educate the future elite of the cosmic NATO empire.

  2. Time Magazine (I didn’t know it still existed) reporter Charlotte Alter (likely Jewish, see here — not that you should notice that or see it as in any way significant) says free speech seems to be an ‘obsession’ of white men:

    Time Columnist Denounces Free Speech as a White Man’s “Obsesson”

    Actually with me it’s not an ‘obsession’, and I really didn’t even think about it much, or feel any concern about it, until it started to be taken away.

    • Free speech developed out of English common law and tradition. Outside of the English-speaking world free speech is little known and less appreciated. Not surprising that the usual suspects with a grandiose Anti-White agenda hate and fear it.

      • Free speech, even before any other free action, is usually the first sign of free thought.

        Those who want to stifle free speech are on the side of despotic, kings, tyrants, inquisitors and medieval popes.

        (Why am I not surprised that Mrs. Clinton and Obama are on the same side as tyrants and medieval popes?)

        • “Mrs. Clinton and Obama are on the same side as tyrants and medieval popes?”

          You are very narrow-minded, this is why “medieval Popes” and Hillary Clinton appear to be close to each other in your field of vision. You are very far from having anything more than a bigoted “Orthodox” enthusiasm based on some cursory reading of Dostoyevski.

    • ” free speech seems to be an ‘obsession’ of white men:”

      The Framers knew that Free Speech was essential to truth discovery and crucial in forming a better society.

      Yes, Free Speech is a WHITE man’s concept, as is the concept of advancement, both uniquely Western ideas.

  3. Keeping the Boomer Goyim connected to the Talmudvision.

    Tucker says he applied to the CIA just out of college. But they turned him down.

    The first part of that I believe. The second part I do not believe.

    Tucker is the William F Buckley Jr. of this generation. Remember that guy? Always said he did a little work for the CIA in the early 50’s but that was all.

    Only after he died it came out, he was the Assistant Director under Casey in the 80’s His position was literally right in the Director’s office as the top advisor.

    And he was never even rich. The Agency gave him that magazine and funded it until after his death.

    Tucker is wired in deep, real deep. A lifer, working for the Agency.

    Sure, he will say a lot of nice things, but will never say a thing about the JG. And he will bare fangs at the mere mention of China. When it comes to the big one, China, Tucker remains the neocon warmonger he always was.

    And, of course, when the Agency helps steal a presidential election, Tucker will side with the thieves, and attack those who wanted to Stop The Steal. That is exactly what he did. At the vital moments, he will always back his real employer, the CIA.

      • That’s fair. Fake opposition really can turn into a real movement. That’s the danger for Shlomo.

      • “Tucker is like a reverse William F. Buckley.”

        The two are virtually polar opposites, Buckley was an insufferable effete snob.

        • Both Katherine Hepburn and William F. Buckley had that haughty, New England,upper crust WASP way of speaking that was like nail on a chalkboard to those outside of their golden gate estates.

          Richard Spencer’s affectation of an accent was somewhat reminiscent of that snooty type of enunciation.

          • I believe Buckley’s father was an oil tycoon. I thought the family was from Texas.

        • @Arrian,

          Do you remember Carlson’s bow tie wearing period? He was on a trajectory to become the heir apparent to George Will.

          • Yes, i remember, i couldn’t stand him, then.

            I am happy to see that he has altered course and become more normal and realistic.

            I couldn’t stand Geo Will, he always took a valid issue and wimpified it to impotentcy. My criticism may be unfair, as i am exhausted by people ignoring the flaming issues of race , turd immigration and the severe social decay.

          • Arrian,
            Your criticism is not unfair–most especially as it pertains to George Will. He is an insufferable, supercilious prig.

          • George Will is a certified pillow-biter, which TC obviously is not. I am glad he told Naomi Wolf that he was wrong to support the invasion of Iraq. It’s a repudiation of his neocohn bow-tie
            wearing days on CNN.

            TC comes from old money like Kate Hepburn and Bill Buckley. His mother was an heiress of the Swanson TV Dinner dynasty. That qualifies as old money, doesn’t it? And he attended a very prestigious boarding school in Rhode Island, not far from where I used to live. The mansion used for the outdoor shots of “Collinwood” in the old TV series Dark Shadows is also located around there.

  4. The NYT article notes the most racist show on cable is also in many ways the most successful. And then goes on to label those views as “fringe.”

    Being soulless may be the best explanation for the lack of self awareness leftists consistently exhibit.

    • How many paying subscribers does the NYT have? What are its news stand and news rack sales? Online edition sales and ad revenues? What is its annual revenue in dead tree display ad sales? What percent of its display ads are to the government/quasi government? What do its financial statements look like?

      • NYT has been sued by several advertisers for false circulation numbers, overcharging. NYT puts free newspapers throughout NYC, hotels, restaurants etc. to boost circulation numbers. They have been caught, on video, counting papers as subscribed circulation when taking forklift piles from the presses and putting them directly into pulping dumpsters, multiple dumpsters.

    • “then goes on to label those views as “fringe.”

      The kosher narrative is always illogical and contra-factual.

    • >The NYT article notes the most racist show on cable is also in many ways the most successful.

      They probably ensured it will become even more successful: just like people at the WaPo (Libs of TikTok), it appears the people at the NYT have never heard of the ‘Streisand Effect’.

  5. Tucker isn’t perfect, no one is but he is more truthful than anyone else at FOX, including Zio-shill, Hannity and the rest of the “conservatives over there.

  6. For some reason, I keep mistaking Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer as the same dude. I just never pay that much attention to them.
    As for Tucker Carlson, this is a great achievement for him. A badge of honour in my view.

    • @Goose,

      I agree with your sentiment, but don’t get above your toes on Carlson. I suspect that when ZOG’s jewsmedia moguls, political whores, and kosheratives begin to turn up the heat on him, he will disavow the race realist Americans of European ancestry.

      Pat Buchanan was called a “Nazi” by Zion Don, and never forgiven for pointing out that the only people in America that wanted to go to war with Iraq was “the Israel amen corner in Congress.” Buchanan for all the ‘naughty’ columns and speeches he has made over the years still remains a civic nationalist.

      Both Carlson and Buchanan pushed the ball up the field, but they are still like the bowling bumpers installed in a lane to keep the bowling ball from going into the gutter. They self-regulate themselves to boundaries of the Judeo-American establishment.

      • @November,
        Yeah well said. I think Tucker does say as much as he can get away with, but not as much as he actually wants to. I think many across the media spectrum are in that predicament. I use myself on YouTube as an example:- I can’t say what I really think about the Jew$ and get it past the moderator. Tucker goes further than most are daring to. Anything he doesn’t say but we feel he should have, may have pushed him over their sensitive line, resulting in some action against him.
        When I’m out in public, I just say what I say and won’t be silenced, but on social media, my words can simply be moderated out, never to be seen.
        I hope Musk’s takeover of Twatter will get some changes going. Too early to predict.

        • @Goose

          You are missing November’s point entirely. November is correctly pointing out that the likes of Tucker Carlson will stab you in the back when the chips are down because he is a shill in the end. You think he is genuinely trying to help us to the best of his ability in jew owned media. Most of us know better.

      • The acid test will be if there is another war in the Near East and Our Greatest Ally demands U.S. support in the form of ground troops, such as in a war against Iran. Will Tucker say “No!” at that point? Will Tulsi? Will Glenn Greenwald?

        Look for the U.S. Government to call for conscription after the election later this year. What will that war monger Sean Hannity’s reaction be? The Government will come down like a ton of bricks on public figures opposing conscription which will be directed at normal, White, Christian males, the ones who can make the military function properly. The diversity just screws things up.

        • @12AX7
          I fully support diversity in the military. Why have only WCM’s in the military fighting and getting slaughtered!
          I support their equal rights to be killed or maimed.

  7. “Tucker isn’t perfect, no one is but he is more truthful than anyone else at FOX”

    Tucker says as much as he can, within the current constraints of media intimidation.

  8. Tucker is a constant thorn in the side reminder to our Anti-White overlords that they’ve lost control of the narrative. A Ministry of Truth is their next logical move.

  9. Tucker isn’t at American Renaissance level yet, and they are part gatekeeper and part gate opener.

    Carlson is still a right wing civic nationalist. Admittedly, he is gettin’ some of our talking points out into the normiecon grazing fields.

    That the NYT, CNN, and MSNBC consider him some “far right” boogyman doesn’t make it so.

    • @Novemeber I dont need a Wiki or article to confidently say you are mostly correct. The Greeks most notably the Armenians believed in the dialectic. To see two intellectual opposing speakers on a platform was as common as seeing flies. The modern understanding of free speech as it applies universally is a largely English common law concept though

      Why even scrutinize the small details. It belongs to Western man and is strange elsewhere

      • Re: “The Greeks”:

        Socrates, and others, did find a limit of free speech in ancient Greece.

      • We used to have great public intellectuals like Gore Vidal and Bill Buckley. Christopher Hitchens was supposed to be Vidal’s anointed successor but it turned out Hitch was a mischling who supported the invasion of Iraq. Thankfully we still have Chris Hedges and Victor Davis Hanson.

  10. Yea I remember when he was on MSNBC back in the day. I really don’t watch the national news because of the extremeeee slant between the right wing and the left wing. I just don’t like that in general. It seems the news has lost it’s fair and balanced approach which funny enough was “Fox News” back in the day. Not anymore at all…it’s nothing but the mouthpiece for the Republican Party. The D and the R are both the enemy of the South and European Americans in general. So I avoid getting news from those sources. I much prefer online news but even online news can have it’s biased slant. All is fair in news and War I guess these days. Deo Vindice !

  11. Tucker Carlson is OK – the last honest, bright White guy on Cable TV – people thought Big O’Reilly was that way back in the day.

    So many people though Rush Limblomb was that way and he had devoted “Ditto Heads” to his dying days.

    I recommend just appreciating that there is still one reasonably bright, honest White guy on Cable TV – though I cut my cable.

    Just don’t go along with what is sure to follow “Tucker C for President” , “He’s our only hope”.


    We don’t get Presidential saviors not even Nixon’s 49 out 50 state landslide in 1972 or the Reagan landslides in ’80 and ’84.

    We need to go state and local – separatist movements. We need race realist populist Governors, we haven’t had even one since George Wallace in ~ 1972.

    • He ended up accomplishing the complete opposite of all his stated goals and destroyed the German people, so I can see why some might think so.

  12. What was Nicolas Confessore’s previous job, working as a barista at the Starbucks in Yonkers? Back in the days when the Times was still a real newspaper that featured writers like RW Apple and Bill Safire this twerp would have been lucky to get a job in the mailroom. But he never would have been allowed anywhere near a typewriter.

      • True, the “real” NY Times existed from 1851 to 1900, when those “Austrians” purchased it.

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