Politico: Supreme Court Has Voted To Overturn Roe v. Wade

I thought it was a slow news day.

Today was a momentous day for White Christian Nationalism.

Note: This decision has transformed Donald Trump’s legacy.


  1. Even if they did, which I doubt because of all the pro abortion lobbies, it would stand anyway. The supreme ct ruled in favor of free speech and you can still be charged with “hate” crimes. Rulings don’t mean squat if the govt ignores the rulings and does what it wants anyway.

    • Lol

      What the F** does a hate crime have to so with speech????

      You have to be guilty of a crime to be charged with a “hate crime”. As stupid as the concept of hate crimes is, it isn’t free speech to scream “I’m gonna K** you N***r” while you stab them. I mean it may be technically free speech, but it’s secondary to the fact you just stabbed someone.

      If the Supreme Court has ruled that Roe V Wade is unconstitutional, we have new law. Period.
      What’s the government going to do? Force people to get abortions?

      Besides, it’s the shrieking and screaming and rending of garments that’s gonna be delicious.

      • No ,you don’t have to be guilty of a “hate” (Oxymoron )crime in order to be arrested. Go call a black man a nigger or a jew a kike without committing a crime and watch how fast you get arrested for a “hate’ crime.

        The supreme ct as you said just ruled it unconstitutional so now all the girls and women will just stop getting abortions because the supreme ct said so. You can’t be that stupid, Than again…

        • Nobody said that women will stop getting abortions. The point is, now it isn’t state sanctioned. Now it isn’t LEGAL. I don’t care about people doing stupid things, as long as the society that I live in doesn’t morally justify those stupid things, I’m fine with it.

          And no, you can’t get arrested for a hate crime just for calling someone a name. You have to be committing a crime that coincides with it.

          Besides, the spirit of the 1st amendment was never to give you the right to call people names. It was to give joh the legal right to hold and speak opinions that are unpopular. So saying “blacks people are more prone to violence than white people” is protected speech. Period.

          • At one time there was no such thing as a “hate” crime, it was just called a crime, now they add charges to the crime if you happen to say something that isn’t PC. That’s where hate speech comes in. 34 states have laws on the books where you can lose your job and denied admission to college if you critize Israel. You many not get arrested but you are being unfairly punished for exercising your 1st amendment right. So in a sense you are being arrested, not physically but verbally if you say the wrong thing to certain races and religions. Beware of the slippery slope that is getting slicker.

    • The better example is the case with the Boy Scouts involving freedom of association. The Supreme Court ruled against the Sodomite lobby in a strong decision affirming the Boy Scouts’ right to keep the pedos out. Didn’t matter at the end of the day. Some MIC Repuke type got on the board and brought in his friends and voila! – The scouts are now a groomers’ paradise.

      Abortion is a multi-billion dollar business and according to über-Jew Larry King the most import issue for Jews in Murika (likely because they’re raking in the shekels from the abortion mills and body-part sales). One possible positive outcome will be that states who have passed laws restricting the practice will now at least have some backing at the USSC level, for whatever it’s worth.

      • Stalin would agree heartily with the decision. The Stalinist triple ban on abortion, sodomy and easy divorce, that lasted for twenty years until Khruschev’s revisionism, created large, stable families, and caused a rapid increase of white Russian population, even though twenty million were lost in the war. If any nation wants to become strong it must follow the same example.

  2. That Roe v. Wade decision was based on the “progressive” politics of the early 1970s, not on sound Constitutional principles. Abortion, like the death penalty, is something that should be left up to the states. Naturally the jews and shitlibs will be engaging in lots of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  3. Ginsberg dropping dead during Trump’s term doesn’t really say much of anything about his legacy.

  4. “Abortion, like the death penalty, is something that should be left up to the states. ”

    Amen , Amen !

    We are suppose to be a constitutional republic of republics. The states are those republics.

    (Besides, if women want an abortion, there are plenty of cheap airfares to nations that preform them. Just what they did before roe v. Wade.)

  5. Have any of you ever looked up who gets most abortions? And, at any rate, do you think a half inch embryo with no brain or nervous system is a “baby”? Do you think natural miscarriages should be given a “decent Christian burial”?

    • What’s “partial birth” abortion? Now the usual suspects are talking about killing babies up to 28 days after they’re born.

    • Disproportionately ghetto blacks getting these abortions, but the presence of abortion as this cultural sacrament is part of the demoralizing “feminist” agenda. They’ve been telling all kids about this stuff for decades while the “transgendered” confusion just began over the last decade. Basically you don’t want your bourgeoisie living in a world of abortion. On the other had Sanger was right about sterilization of shiftless blacks who were a public charge and this could have been pulled off in the first decades of the 20th century and we might not have so many of them around up to no good these days. All this seedy stuff like abortion and contraception has been around for centuries, however it existed within the world of courtesans and brothels. The local authorities would not tolerate it spreading into the average, married, church going townsfolk. The dysfunction is culture of the niche of the whole, that the small number of women with psychological problems who fall into this realm are now having the authorities encourage normal, healthy women to live like this, have “male” type careers, etc. Crimes against nature. All part of the larger Feminist octopus that has so wreaked society over the last hundred years.

      Still, I wonder if this news is somehow some sort of disinformation? And considering the huge crime committed by letting women vote in 1920 that if true the unintended backlash may be the females go out and pull the levers to keep the democratic monstrosity in office next November? Remember, you’ll NEVER EVER get a good government if females are allowed to vote, that’s a given.

  6. @Brad The Jews believe that life begins at birth, and that is their justification of abortion.

    • Not really,
      Jews believe that a baby doesn’t have a soul until 2 months old.
      It’s just a blob of flesh, a tumor, until 2 months.

      • That’s a new one on me pal. Although, there seems to be a very tiny number western European Jews who believe life begins at conception. With Jews who knows?

  7. The Usual Suspects are having nervous breakdowns on TV in real time, it’s great to watch. This decision goes to the heart of the “Liberal” state else they wouldn’t be raging maniacs over this.

    The last thing state legislatures, especially in “Liberal” states want is to have this hot potato of abortion dropped in their laps. They thought this question was settled. Bills to allow or ban abortion will be introduced across the country which will put scumbag politicians on the spot. There isn’t an inch of compromise on this issue.

    Now the scumbag politicians and the religious “leaders” who are nominally against abortion but have never lifted a finger since Jan. 1973 to stop abortion will have to choose sides. The inchoate rage of the geniuses on TV speaks volumes. They haven’t been this angry and irrational since Nov. 2016 when Trump won.

  8. Trotskyite Bolshevism introduced legal abortion and easy divorce that was a plague on Russia until Stalin banned abortion and sodomy, and severely limited divorce in 1935. The official title of the law was “Decree on the Prohibition of Abortions, the Improvement of Material Aid to Women in Childbirth, the Establishment of State Assistance to Parents of Large Families, and the Extension of the Network of Lying-in Homes, Nursery schools and Kindergartens, the Tightening-up of Criminal Punishment for the Non-payment of Alimony, and Modifications in Divorce Legislation”. This law allowed abortion only in the case of a threat to a woman’s health. It established “the Soviet family” of one man and one woman married for life, made divorces very difficult to obtain, and resulted in larger families and rapid population growth.

    After Stalin died (or was murdered) Khruschev revived legal abortion on demand and easy divorce that has continued to reduce the white Russian population to this day.

    • China under Mao banned legal and illegal abortion that had been rampant in Kuomintang capitalism. But under the U.S.-allied revisionist Deng Xiaoping, who began to re-introduce capitalism to China, abortion on demand also returned, along with a strict new birth control policy (called “One Child”) to please the U.S. that demanded an immediate reduction of Chinese population as part of the trade deal.

      When Xi Jinping became president, he began to restore Chinese socialism, and all abortion was banned again except in life-threatening medical cases, and the One Child policy was ended (transitioning briefly into “Two Child,” then “Three Child,” and now essentially “as many as you want”) and sex-selective (in favor of males) birth control was also banned, and a law was passed to stop use of medical procedures such as ultrasonic imaging that make sex selection possible. With the removal of restriction on large families, the rural agrarian population is increasing, while urban Chinese women who were spoiled by capitalism during the Deng years are still having few or no children. Chinese population will increase now and thanks to genuine ethno-socialist leadership, China will not be importing millions of foreigner workers to make up for the deficit of young people caused by following the U.S.’s population reduction plan during the Deng Xiaoping years.

  9. The real reason this took place, is that now all the wahmens are going to vote Democratic

    The largely male audience here does not understand how this issue burns in the soul of the female voooter

    Nothing else will matter, not crime, not immigration, not gas nor food prices


    And … child support often starts at 1/4 male income … Pay up, Mr white cishet male!

    • The college educated liberal professional White woman is a far greater scourge than non-Whites many of whom don’t even vote

  10. >a direct assault on the dignity, rights, & lives of women

    Leave it to HRC to have and blurt out, NPC-like, the most prosaic, grug-brained take on the issue.

    > … which includes gay marriage …

    We can only hope so, because ‘gay marriage’ is an abomination, and led directly, in the name of ‘tolerance’, to the media and political establishments embracing and paying obeisance to all sorts of even more extreme perversions, e.g. transgenderism.

    >Codified right to abortion

    It would be interesting to know how many of those states have fetal homicide laws (the vast majority of states have them): if you kill a pregnant woman, usually no matter the stage of her pregnancy, you can, and generally will, be charged with an additional count of homicide, even if you had no idea the woman was pregnant — fetal homicide laws typically also have a passage explicitly exempting an otherwise legal abortion, meaning a woman can make a conscious, premeditated decision to end the life of her unborn child, and a practitioner can perform the abortion, and neither will face any consequences — investigating which states have both ‘codified the right to abortion’ and enacted fetal homicide laws is left as an exercise.

  11. Lots of good comments: abortion will be harder to get in some states, and unrestricted in others. The real story is that America is dead.

    New Nation Now

  12. Welcome to the civilized country club, where abortion is decided by elected officials and not by activist judges.
    I don’t think this will be the end of abortion either, since the elected officials will just create a law that makes it legal.

  13. And just like that the Left engineers an electoral stimulant to bring out their activist base for the Fall.

    Just in time to blunt a major loss across every chamber.

  14. Too many people are under the impression that the Supreme Court is a heretofore politically neutral institution, insulated from the rancor of culture war politics.

    The media has generally cultivated the impression, since as an edifice its wholly co-opted, and has been for more than a generation (at least), into the same function every part of Washington serves, preservation of Washington as the center of power in the country.

    The more quickly people lose this impression the better, and hopefully we get some rioting, threats against the justices and betrayal of expectations that disillusions both sides.

    White people investing time and energy defending an institution that has completely screwed them over, is a poor use of resources and puts Whitey squarely back into the Kosher Sandwich that is this false dichotomy of left and right.

    Our position shouldn’t be to support or oppose the ruling one way or the other. Our position should be “Who asked them anyway?”.

    • Sounds like things are proceeding as expected above.


      We should want everyone to be disillusioned with the SCOTUS. For chaos to result from this decision. For everybody to lose faith in the body and for any norms within that institution to be subject to the same erosion as has occurred in all the other branches of govt. in D.C.

      The Supreme Court isn’t about democracy at all. It’s a concentration of power in an unelected body whose membership is totally beyond our control.

  15. The people involved with this leak and using dirty tactics to try and sway a courts decision need to be executed by firing squad. It would be what any same country would do.

  16. Blacks make up 13% of the population and have 35% of the abortions. Do we want to limit their ability to limit their own population?

  17. If “abortion rights” actually benefitted Whites they wouldn’t be allowed. You’d be called a “racist” and a “Nazi” for supporting them.

  18. I’ll restate a point I made here, at Occidental Dissent, some years ago, Mr. W. If I’m correctly remembering the statistics I Iooked up at that time and linked here, 90% of abortions that are carried out in the U.S. are of a kind that was not an indictable offense at common law. That is to say, they are “performed before ‘quickening’—the first recognizable movement of the fetus in utero, appearing usually from the 16th to the 18th week of pregnancy.” (Those quoted words are from Roe v. Wade.)

    Abortion, that is, would seem to be a great Anglo-Saxon tradition, like bragging to one’s buddies that one has seduced one’s girlfriend.

  19. The kikes & their shitlib race traitor whores are delightfully losing what passes for their minds over this because they hate federalism: they have always wanted consolidated government because it means only one batch of vermin to buy off & otherwise control, rather than many.

    As for abortion, I’ve never been a fanatic either way. Early in pregnancies, when the fetuses look like they could be anything, I don’t really care; OTOH, once they take on clearly human features and instinctively try to avoid the abortionists’ weapons, I believe killing them should be banned except to save the life (not the “mental health”) of the mother.

    This refers only to White pregnancies: nigs & other muds would have unlimited access if I were dictator.

    • This is my exact position as well. On one hand, abortion has kept crime rates down due, on the other hand, FUCK these feminists, shitlibs, and jews who make a ritual out of it. Also, they’re killing babies *after* birth now, which just goes to show that infanticide was the whole point.

      I hope Roe vs. Wade is overturned, come what may at the election booth.

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