Karen: How The Far Right Weaponize The Idea of Motherhood

I saw this the other day.

It is Karen’s latest article. She has been on a roll lately.

In case you haven’t heard, the “far right” is championing motherhood, criticizing feminism and supporting physical fitness. In fact, “rightwing extremism” has gone mainstream.


“A new report on the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack published this month by researchers at George Washington University detailed the role that women have played in American far-right extremism over the past century, including how many are leaning heavily into their identities as mothers to justify their engagement and to recruit and mobilize others. …

But it is important to recognize the ways that motherhood is used to recruit and defend women’s engagement in violent or antidemocratic movements, including to try to mitigate culpability in criminal or violent activities. The GWU report analyzed how motherhood is used in women’s Jan. 6 legal defenses to make women appear more sympathetic, by emphasizing their caretaking roles and status as “good” mothers and grandmothers who are devoted to their husbands and families. Such defense strategies paint a picture of these women as nurturers who love their families and are committed to raising productive citizens in an attempt to outweigh the serious charges they face.

It’s easy to understand why calling on women to protect their children from unimaginable harm is effective. But that’s also what makes it so dangerous. Because motherhood itself is being used to manipulate women and to recruit, mobilize and justify violent and antidemocratic actions.”

In my view, health, piety, family and so on are objective goods. They are good for everyone, not just White people. OnlyFans is the real scourge. This is a “far right” view now though.

Note: All of these things are “gateways” to “extremism” now.

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  1. Wow far-right weaponize something…………….. and woke left or far-left ??!! They weaponized over the years the concept of far-right, fascism, white supremacy, they accused (and still accuse) all people who disagree with them to be white suprematists, fascists, nazis, far-right.

  2. Anytime something doesn’t go the lefts way it’s always Whites or the right fault. They never seem to take responsibility for anything except evil and mayhem.

  3. Reasonable-appearing statistics, until they break it down by sex.

    I don’t believe the stats for white conservatives are as different between the sexes as shown. Whoever did this survey hates conservative women lol.

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