VICE: “Christ Is King” : The Far Right Is Already Celebrating The End of Abortion

It is a dark day at VICE HQ.


“Many of the far-right accounts that have weighed in on Roe v. Wade since Monday night have also not held back from using explicitly misogynistic, violent language that promotes tired tropes about women and sexual purity. 

“Hahahaha fuck you whores,” wrote Tulsa’s Proud Boy chapter on Telegram, with a link to the original Politico article. 

“BEGIN PREEMPTIVELY ROASTING HOES NOW,” Nick Ochs, who founded Hawaii’s Proud Boy chapter, wrote on his Telegram. …

Alongside a slew of posts about the Supreme Court leak, Gab founder Andrew Torba shared a meme Monday night that originated on 4chan and showed a blonde, white child leading a cow and a chicken through a meadow, with the words, “If only you knew how much better things could be.” That imagery is popular on white nationalist accounts; it’s meant to evoke “traditional” values of white families and purity. 

A Nevada Proud Boys chapter exclaimed via Telegram, “BRO LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOO,” when the news broke about the Supreme Court leak on Monday. They also made a poll asking whether any protests that break out over the collapse of abortion rights should be called “Hoe rights,” “Slut riots,” or “Baby Save Bash 2022.” 

This is the triumph of White Christian patriarchy and “authoritarianism.”


  1. Definitely not the “end of abortion.” Abortion would still be available in almost every state. Even if certain states ban it, shitlibs there would only need to take a short road trip to a legal state in order to murder their children.

  2. Hunter is over-optimistic, projecting from the number of righteous conservative women he sees in his neck of the woods

    But the real likely result of the next 6 months of abortion controversy is:

    Women massively voting Democrat in November
    Democrats expanding control of Congress
    Filibuster finally ends
    US Supreme Court is stacked to a total of 15 Justices, with 6 new Ruth Ginsburgs added

    And the establishment knows this

    The upside being that the myth and cult of ‘judges’ gets put to rest, as everyone finally sees that the judiciary easily degenerates into a political tool, as has long been the case in the USA

    The weak failure point in modern ‘democracy’ is always the women

    • Funny. the amerilards are truly hopeless stupid.
      It’s abortion that has kept BLACK numbers relatively down in JUSA because BLACKS use it as birth control, aborting five times as often as whites do.
      Without abortion BLACK numbers could be around 100 million.

      The morality of the pathetic american is wrapped up in the need to push or martyr themselves for causes with which they neither benefit nor whites as a whole.
      BLACKS, JEWS,, and everybody else, have figured the cringe white retards as suckers a long time ago

      • In reality, we have a permissive, degenerate culture and one feature of that is irresponsible blacks having abortions while the far more damaging problem is deracination, open borders and nihilism

      • Don’t disagree with this logic but e michael jones had a good point. Though abortion has a eugenic potential it also helped lead to zero white births and marriage. White women aborting and sluting are kryptonite to families

    • @ balticus

      The weak point in everything is that you can’t control your women. can’t control the BLACKS, let alone control your much (((BETTERS))).

      Now blabber some more.

    • “The weak failure point in modern ‘democracy’ is always the women”

      Then, you remove them from the equation. Women who advocate for abortion, MUST BE STONED for their sins. That’s biblical law.

      Women MUST submit to their betters.

      There is no neutrality, even if Brad thinks there is… Even John Montgomery lost that battle, forty years ago…

      “Women are to keep silent…”. – St. Paul
      “In the home, as in the Church;
      On earth, as it is in Heaven.”

      “Christianity should be twisted in with national constitutions…the kingdoms of the world should become Christ’s kingdoms, and their kings the church’s nursing fathers…do your utmost to make the nations Christian nations…Christ the Mediator is setting up a kingdom in the world, bring the nations to be His subjects.” – Matthew Henry.

      • The worst failure of many or most socialists is their simultaneous embrace of the unnatural ideology of feminism.

  3. Is it being persnickety to say that we might not be confronted with a fait accompli? This is not necessarily the Court’s final opinion. If the motive comes from the left and not the right, I think the purpose might be this: This leak is the ghost of Christmas future come to show the nightmare that Scrooge’s continued course of action will make of his life. Waking up, Justice Scrooge has a chance to change his legacy. And you only need one justice to be willing to become the hero “savior of Roe.”

    I think it’s what John Roberts did with Obamacare, although I though some of his questions during oral argument showed he was predisposed to find the law constitutional. I was surprised to see Kennedy in the dissent.

    This opinion would have been released long before the election to be a talking point on both sides anyway, so I don’t think that’s the reason. It’s such an honestly brutal betrayal, whoever did it is desperate and a true believer who would do anything to win. Sounds like the behavior of someone who anticipates losing a “can’t lose” battle.

    Scalia says it best: “As long as this Court thought (and the people thought) that we Justices were doing essentially lawyers’ work up here-reading text and discerning our society’s traditional understanding of that text-the public pretty much left us alone. Texts and traditions are facts to study, not convictions to demonstrate about.” Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833, 1000. (Scalia, J., dissenting).

    • In the part of the country I live, there would have to be a thousand women present at an event in order to assemble a group built like that. It has been that way for 20 years.

  4. Vice used to be cool. The Cannibal Warlords show took balls of steel. Now a a bunch of faggoty Jews do the programming.

  5. The life is in the blood, if it has blood, it has a soul, this ruling is a very good thing, It is always better too do the right thing, even when it is the hard thing too do….

  6. I’m sick to death of naysayers in this movement for whom complaining about anything and everything is their only reason to live.

  7. This is great since it will increase polarization in the country even more until the lid go “Boooom” along with the cooker and the entire shitshow

    Deo Vindice and death to the union

  8. What’s OBVIOUSLY happening is the Powers that be, including the anti White Lib, Left J media is extremely concerned Lib Dems will face landslide losses in Congress because of Jimmy Carter era returned inflation, bad economy, border anarchy and Black murder and mayhem.

    So the word was put out by the lies of the NY Times “The Paper of Record” to make loss of Abortion rights the #1 issue and spread the meme that ignorant, anti Science, anti J, anti Gay, anti Black even anti Catholic Religious Right fundamentalists are about to make the United States in to a Bible fundamentalist theocracy.

    This is something out of the Lib political, academic, J media playbook and it probably will work.

    The dumb as* old and out of it “Creationist” Bible Religious Right that hates Catholics and Latter Day Saints, they want TV airtime want to get on TV and confirm the worst stenotypes of Norman Lear J media folks:

    “The Religious Right Evangelical Fundamentalists want to make a religious Theocracy the same as the Taliban – force women back to back alley abortions even in instances of rape and incest”.

    Yep, that’s what’s going here.

    Word came down from the Jew York Times/Jew York Times and the Grey Lady WaPost – the landslide defeat of open borders pro BLM, extremist Left must be prevented, the campaign can’t be about inflation, the terrible economy, border anarchy or exploding Black murder and mayhem. It has to be about

    STOPPING THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT, protecting a woman’s right to choose….


    Amurikun White Conservatives will never miss an opportunity to miss and opportunity.

    It’s not called the Stupid Party for nothing.

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