J.D. Vance Wins Ohio Senate Primary

It looks like standing with Ukraine wasn’t a dealbreaker.


  1. Potentially good news. As I’ve said before, I think Vance is motivated by personal ambition far more than anything else, but he’s at least saying a lot of the right things. If he sticks to his course – if he’s not just another empty fartbag like Dump – he’ll be worth supporting.

  2. A psychotic nutjob like Pete Thiel is a problem and he is the guy behind Vance. The authoritarian stuff are you picking up the use of that word and are you confused about why it is being said? Greg Johnson uses it and the kyke Bill Kristol just used it. Queer fascism is coming down the pipe folks. What are you and your kind up to Greg?

  3. Like I said at the start of the year, the real acid tests this year to whether the American right of center red team electorate and body politic has really changed were going to be J. D. Vance and Neil Kumar. We’ll find out soon enough wrt Kumar, as his day is the 24th of this month.

  4. Vance is an extremely bad candidate. Ohioans should not vote for any candidate because they have no good choices, like most of the Yellow Vests in France who either did not go to the polls at all or deliberately spoiled their ballots.

    Vance is a venture capitalist, capitalist to the hilt without a trace of socialism, and a career politician with excellent political instincts (such as knowing how to lie) and a lawyer (J.D. from Yale) with close connections to the CIA, the Mormons, the Catholics (Vance converted to Catholicism because he “found it was true” he said) and to Peter Thiel, an openly homosexual Bilderberger Ayn Randian venture capitalist who supports his campaign. Vance is also a military man unrepentant with innocent Iraqi blood on his hands, and talks about “the de-Baathification” of the U.S. – removing any trace of socialism. He is a typical Western right-populist. Populism whether “left” or right is not revolutionary; it is mere reformism that works to conserve or preserve the same rotten capitalist system!

    • Don’t forget that Vance is very anti-China, as well as anti-Russia. He makes populist statements about spending taxes on a wall for the Mexican border instead of the war (against Russia in Khazarkraine) but he doesn’t disavow imperialist war as such, which would be to disavow the system itself. I repeat he is a very bad candidate with extremely bad connections.

      • Vance converted to papism because he is a Thiel guy and is trying to take advantage of the astroturfed “trad catholic” push created by the Thiel/Hazony right.

        It’s very possible that people like Vance will be pushed in the near future, to help with the war against Russia and China. Maybe that is why the Roe v Wade thing is happening now too. Reaganism allowed a sort of miniature cultural counter-revolution against the cultural left’s excesses from the 70s, as a way of unifying Americans for the cold war. Maybe American strategists are beginning to realize that they cannot win the war against Russia and China with such a divided populace, so they will temporarily allow a form of harmless “nationalism” in the Hazony vein, in an attempt to create a cultural unity in the USA, similar to how Reaganism in the 80s was used.

        • One would think that Vance’s mentor Thiel, being openly homosexual (married to Matthew Danziesen) and Ayn Randian, is incompatible with trad catholicism, but think again.

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