New York Times: J.D. Vance Is More Proof That Trump Is King of the Republican Party

I’m happy that J.D. Vance won.

I almost can’t believe that I am saying that in light of his past, but it is true. Vance’s victory in Ohio has upset a lot of the right people like the publisher of The Bulwark. The thing that persuaded me to support Vance was his willingness to openly say he really didn’t care about Ukraine. I also had a close friend who recently died of a drug overdose and who was caught in the sort of self-destructive spiral that Vance talked about in his book. I think that made me a lot more sympathetic to Vance’s POV.

New York Times:

“J.D. Vance’s come-from-behind victory in the Ohio Republican primary was the first test of Donald Trump’s influence in 2022 election cycle as well as the future of the Republican Party. Spoiler alert: He’s influential.

Mr. Vance was endorsed by Mr. Trump, who has also thrown his considerable influence behind candidates for office all the way from U.S. Senate seats down to state-level insurance and safety-fire commissioner.

Mr. Vance’s win will likely come as a disappointment to some Republicans who have been quietly hoping that Mr. Trump’s grip on the party is slipping. They see the midterms as an existential moment for the party. They are acutely aware that if the candidates he endorsed do well, the feeling of inevitability that he will be the party’s nominee in 2024 increases, annihilating any hope of reconstituting a political coalition around anything other than fealty to Mr. Trump. …”

Looking back on the Trump era, I have concluded that one of the criticisms that I heard the most from commentators – that we had gotten too blackpilled, that change tends to happen slower than we would like and that we were spending too much time whining – was largely correct.

Instead of whining, we are going to support candidates who at least rhetorically nudge the ball in our direction toward basic nationalism, which I define as supporting immigration restriction, foreign policy restraint and a more protectionist trade policy. It is also a big plus to explicitly stick up for Whites. I believe this style of politics is called “exclusionary nationalism” by its leftist critics. It matters less that candidates are opportunists like J.D. Vance than that “exclusionary nationalism” gradually becomes the new mainstream. The vast majority of politicians will always be opportunists.

At this stage, the best we can hope for in American politics is converts. We need flawed transition figures. Just as Reaganism became the mainstream in the Republican Party, we need to stock Congress with as many converts to Trumpism (however illusory that may be) as possible. Then we can gradually replace them with better people who hew to the new orthodoxy and who move it further along. Assuming Donald Trump himself runs and wins in 2024 which seems likely, especially after delivering the holy grail of overturning Roe for White evangelicals and Catholics (how does Trump lose the GOP primary after delivering on that promise?), he will be around for at most another four years.

The U.S. Senate will be better with J.D. Vance, Blake Masters and Mo Brooks and fewer people like Lindsey Graham. The House of Representatives is a lot better because of people like Marjorie Taylor Greene who has played a major role in normalizing secession. Donald Trump never went there, but Trump cracked open the door for figures like Greene to emerge. There also needs to be a benefit or an edge for politicians who embrace exclusionary nationalism to encourage the growth of our political faction.

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  1. Exactly correct analysis. Glad to see OD has joined the real world in accepting incremental progress towards goals rather than the usual OD commenter pissing and moaning that events or persons are not 100% behind our wishes.

    Life does not work that way. Everyone else is working towards their own version of the good life, and some of those people have goals that do not correspond to the nationalist/populist point of view. So the only way to win ultimately is to keep fighting. Eventually, victory comes to those who are persistent.

    It is also necessary to understand that nothing is forever, either in winning or losing particular battles or in the end goal sought. There is no social/political/economic equilibrium, as new contestants to the Game of Life are added as people grow in knowledge and experience, while others in the battle are lost to Father Time.

    So rejoice that sensible social conservatism and a potential increase in practical free speech have appeared in the midst of the Great Reset. And continue to act within our communities to push forward against the forces of The Powers That Be. We can still win.

    • Keep voting for Trump. Your vote doesn’t matter, and Trump doesn’t care about you. It’s delusional to do “positive thinking” and well wishing. The reason people are “pissing and moaning” is because things are incredibly bad.

  2. Don’t disagree with anything you posted HW, but we’re still rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, metaphorically speaking.

    I think we’re in the good ol days as America peaked in the 80s, or arguably the 50s depends on your age.

    Enjoy your Spring

  3. I have to disagree with this. Civic nationalism is the worst thing for us right now. We need further cultural fragmentation, not a new Reaganism attempting to hold together the dying USA by rallying people around a fake American “culture” and war against China.

    Whites are going to be a minority in the USA soon. Whites who aren’t genetic liberal garbage already are a minority. So what would be the purpose of civic nationalism from Thiel stooges like Vance? As a homogenizing and integrating force, nationalism has always been harmful for minorities (which is Whites today), and any form of “American nationalism” (impossible because America is not a nation) is at odds with secessionism.

    This kind of nationalism only makes sense if one is a very firm majority. Whites in the USA aren’t and never will be again, so supporting American nationalism at this point goes against our interests. We need to adopt a minority strategy, i.e. cultural fragmentation rather than homogenization, tribalism rather than nationalism, what is best for the in-group rather than what is best for society at large, taking advantage of corruption rather than crying about rule of law, etc.

    • These people want to keep the football game of the Reps versus the Dems going. They have no idea how many nonwhites are constantly being brought in to live off their taxed wages.

    • Dart, the separatist thinking you champion above is exactly what all the other tribes or groups in society are doing right now. As Hunter points out again and again, that splitting up of the culture into its component parts is what has brought us to the abyss we all now face. Joining the nihilists in further fragmenting the society we physically live in is not a solution to the problem. Do you really want to live on the Lord of the Flies island, where pure force and selfishness rules? I doubt that is true.

      As former commenter Ivan frequently pointed out, it is not possible to exclude from social discourse and action those we oppose, for whatever reason. So hoping for some ethnostate enclave is wasted time. Like it or not, the genie of freedom cannot be returned to its bottle.

      In reality, it is a small number of people at the top, and their acolytes at the overproduced elite level (the PMCers), who are pushing the nonsense we all hate. Most citizens, whatever they think or look like, want basic security, nothing more.

      So work with them to neuter the crazies, by following two simple rules: do onto others as you would have them do onto you (i.e., only enforce rules against other people you would follow yourself) and don’t do onto other as you would not want them to do onto you (i.e., exercise your freedom of action only in a manner you would accept exercised as to you).

      Additionally, no physical harm to others, and no lying for material gain (failing to provide information a reasonable person would desire to make informed decisions about their life).

      Live and let live, constrained by the rules stated above. Enforce these rules against the crazies. The rest of us could then live life to the fullest, constrained by our genetic heritage, but not our selfishly materialistic fellow citizens.

      • “the separatist thinking you champion above is exactly what all the other tribes or groups in society are doing right now.”

        Yes, because that’s the optimal minority strategy. They have ripped apart and dominated our society because they used this optimized minority strategy.

        “Do you really want to live on the Lord of the Flies island, where pure force and selfishness rules?”

        I wouldn’t want it in an ideal scenario, but we don’t have an ideal scenario. We only have what the worst generation and the boomers left us with, so we can either adapt to that reality or die out.

        Your post is naive and retarded, and ultimately a death sentence for Whites as a minority. Non-Whites would never play by the rules you want them to, and they would continue to walk all over Whites as a result. It’s the exact same stupid and nonsensical boomer garbage that got us in this situation to begin with.

        • Okay Dart, I’ll bite: what exactly do you propose “we” do? I am assuming the “we” you refer to are 100% pure caucasian European stock males currently living in various enclaves, with various ethnic and racial combinations as cohorts. Give me specifics that you believe will provide a better life for those citizens you support while at the same time not provoking a violent counter reaction from your domestic enemies.

          Do you really think us clearly superior in intelligence and courage white men can alone overcome the other groups in society by our sheer savoire faire or elan? Beat those heathens at their own selfish game? If so, have at it, then report pack to the rest of us.

          No, if you want to win the Game of Life, you have to compete effectively. That will call for forceful action as well as strategic cooperation with like minded people of different shades, attitudes, and goals. Not all white men agree on what is worth pursuing, so being strictly ethnocentric is a losing proposition.

          Those are the facts of life. You may not like it, but that is the genetic lottery we have been dealt. Go ahead, hate everyone else, and act accordingly. Your choice. I choose differently, and I am not alone, even if most OD commenters agree with you.

          • I want Whites to work with other groups towards mutually beneficial separation, not towards integrationist civic nationalism that benefits nobody except for the American ruling class.

            Internationally, I want Whites to work with other anti-American powers, like the Chinese or Russians, to crush the American ruling class. I have said as much here many times.

            Civic nationalism is diametrically opposed to any of the goals that we want to accomplish.

          • Dart has went dark. Good choice. There are no plausible scenarios where treating everyone not 100% the same as you in appearance or attitude as ipso facto enemies will work as a survival strategy, much less as an evolutionary/revolutionary/reactionary gambit.

            As for Pilot, we have had prior engagements, some positive (on COVID, for example-recall the Christmas Eve 2021 thread) and some negative. I ask you, sir, the same question as proffered to Dart: if things are so bad, what exactly do YOU propose to do about it, beyond expressing learned helplessness?

            As I have stated in the past, voting strategically for the best candidate, if any objectively exist in a given political contest, even as the “lesser of two evils,” is one action that can be undertaken. Not voting merely concedes the choice to your opponents-someone will be elected to office, so participating in that decision is appropriate.

            It is also necessary to engage in monitoring the candidates once elected, alone and with other like-minded citizens, and communicating with the pols, in any manner you deem potentially effective. Similarly, acting against commercial, non-profit, and other organizations that interject themselves into the social-political-economic complex in a selfish and negative manner is required constantly, not sporadically. Join others to cancel the cancelers.

            The point is, to change things, people must ACT, not contemplate, and certainly not retreat into anomie and despair. Absent action, victory is not possible. Nothing is guaranteed, because those you oppose will react, seeking out their own nirvana. But to withdraw, that is not a choice, because then the Devil in all of us will win.

            So stop pissing and moaning and give us your wisdom on a winning change plan. We await, breathlessly.

          • J.R., you strawman my position. I never said anything about treating all other groups like enemies. I said to follow minority strategy. Minority strategy always makes use of alliances (for example the 20th century alliance between Jews, Blacks, and papists). However, minority strategy is necessarily anti-integrationist, opposed to any sort of mass society or mass culture, thus is opposed to civic nationalism.

            American civic nationalism is very bad for Whites in many different ways. First, it is always rooted in implicit White identity, and integrating other groups to White American Christian norms (or conversely to White American shitlib norms). That is what guys like Vance want. Obviously, this reinforces the narrative of Whites versus everyone else (lumped together as oppressed PoCs), causing resentment against Whites in non-White groups. That’s bad enough when Whites are the majority, but is disastrous when we are the minority. Secondly, this also reinforces the White supremacist and White saviorist mindsets that have been disastrous for Whites. Third, American civic nationalism convinces White Americans to identify with “America” and its institutions (which are integrally anti-White) and the long gone notion that this is “our country.” This leads to the sort of false consciousness we see in White boomers who are absolutely devoted to structures, ideas, and so on that all but guarantee the extinction of their descendents, based on a misplaced sense of civic patriotic duty. Fourth, on a game theoretic level, it’s just stupid. Whites continuing to act in a civic nationalist mode while all other minority groups continue practicing minority strategy (as they have always done) is just a recipe for our defeat. It had that effect throughout the 20th century when it was tried with very negative results for Whites, and the effect would be even more pronounced as Whites move to minority status ourselves.

            And just on a practical level, technology is making such mass culture civic nationalism difficult to implement, almost to the point of impossibility. The government is currently spending unprecedented amounts of money and manpower desperately trying (and failing) to shore up the previous mass culture (the “mainstream”). The trends are all pointing to further fracturing of mass society and mass culture. Trying to do Reaganism 2.0 except with more papism and gay stuff and war against China like Thiel stooges want isn’t the way forward. The future is working with the historical trends towards fragmentation to break up America and ensure an exclusive space for normal Whites in a post-American pluralistic world.

  4. You can imagine that he is a regular hillbilly with the Appalachian anti-war or isolationist tendency, but he is not. I stand by my comments under your previous post, “J.D. Vance Wins Ohio Senate Primary.” However if a populist (a mere reformer and preserver of the system) is what you want, he is exactly that.

  5. Instapundit reports that all 55 candidates Trump endorsed won their primaries. Trump may not run again, but he is the Republican Party.

  6. Sorry Dart, Hunter did not post your reply to my query about how to fight the power before my jibe about “going dark” posted. I apologize. Balkanization has many institutional and practical limitations, but if successful, that is a viable option for “living together.” If you are right that it can be achieved, it would be an improvement.

    As far as working against the Empire of Evil with other countries trampled under foot by the Empire, I am on record as supporting Vlad sending multiple nuclear missiles crashing down on Washington D. C., to kill off the scum operating in the federal Leviathan. Seems we are somewhat on the same page in that regard. Anyway, good luck to you, personally and professionally going forward.

    • Dart, our dueling replies crossed above. As noted in my initial reply to your second response, on reconsideration based on your combined comments, I can’t say your perspective is lacking merit, at least in theory. So again, good luck to you and yours. Hopefully, one or both of us prove right, and the scum of the earth in charge of America die a horrible death, or at least are deposed one way or the other.

  7. Nice to see a typical bad Neo Con Je* Howie Mandel get slapped down.

    Good to see Donald Trump isn’t listening to the poison advice of his Shiksa daughter and horrible J son in law Jared Kushner.

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