Abortion and Neglect

November writes:

“The CDC reported that in 2019 approximately 630,000 legally induced abortions took place in the USA, so if we make a conservative estimation that 60% of those were by non-whites that means that “Whites” accounted for 252,000 of that total, while non-whites had 378,000 of them.

Overturning Roe v Wade is a pyrrhic victory for White Christians at the best. It does not do anything to address more pertinent issues that plague us such as interracial violent and property crimes, the leaking sieve on our Southern border, discrimination against Whites in hiring, promotions, and admissions into selective universities, it did not advance the issues involving a “judicial system” that favors non-whites, nor does this distraction from Washington’s bumbling into World War III enhance our rights to privacy, free association, or remove us from Ashkenazi jew Merrick Garfinkle’s DoJ HVT list, nor Sephardic jew and DHS head honcho Alejandro Mayorkas’ lie of “White Nationalism” as the number one domestic threat to Americans.

It should also be noted that allegedly Justice Alito’s majority opinion, at least rests partially on the 1964 Civil Rights Act of the outcome of Roe v Wade being disproportionally harmful to negros.

The timing of the “leak” rallies the unhinged woke leftist when polls wear showing the democrats were in line for a historic losses in November’s midterm elections. What a cohencidence.”

I don’t see it that way.

In my view, these things are all different facets of the same thing. It is no coincidence that we got civil rights, interracial marriage, legalized abortion, multiculturalism, gay rights and feminism all within ten years. The reasoning that sustained Roe also also sustained a right to sodomy.

Think about it. Those who support legal abortion are willing to support White mothers killing their own children because black mothers are more willing to have abortions. They are willing to endorse severing the strongest of all human bonds. The mother-child organic bond dwarfs the bond of racial solidarity and even closer ethnic kinship in its intensity. Abortion is a profoundly nihilistic act. Killing your own offspring is sick. It rests on a worldview which sees future generations as dispensable.

What kind of society will you have which treats legal abortion as a sacred constitutional right and matter of personal choice? A selfish, materialistic and hedonistic one? A permissive, deracinated and degenerate one? Perhaps one in which the border is allowed to collapse or drug addiction is allowed to spiral or criminals are treated as oppressed victims? You will have a slovenly, niggardly society because the future itself has been severely devalued. People who don’t care about their own biological offspring can’t be expected to care about their race or something as abstract and distant as the future of their entire civilization.

In pretty much every conceivable way, our culture has declined since abortion was legalized. The cities have visibly declined. Look at the way people dress today compared to how people dressed in the 1940s and 1950s. Look at the way White women look, behave and speak compared to their grandmothers. Whatever small demographic tailwind there is in legal abortion rates is more than offset by the attitude of neglect and nihilism that is allowed to fester and consume and rot and degrade our culture.

The country has sunk like a rock ever since this culture shift in the 1960s. Abortion was merely one step down. It wasn’t even the first step. It certainly wasn’t the last. It was a very important step though for what it symbolized which is that cultivating a lifestyle is more important than your obligation to your own children and descendants. Abortion set a new standard for a lower type of culture and paved the way to all that followed in its wake.

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  1. HW, just a little weapon of response to folks messing with you on the comment section regarding this smoke and screen issue.

    It comes down to thinking like a psychopath if they think it’s good for this to continue for non Whites!

    The real issue is survival of the living for The European Race,

    The psychopaths are going to destroy themselves, they all ready have sadly.

    Don’t think like a psychopath, war and abortion are horrible and where facing both.

    Win my Friends,


  2. Culture is downstream from genetics. Liberalism is a genetic disease, and the culture of permissiveness could only arise after genetic liberalism attained a critical mass in the population (due to centuries of flawed Western breeding practices after the papist council of Trent destroyed traditional marriage).

    Women who choose to murder their children aren’t doing it because of culture. They are doing it because they are intrinsically defective, due to their bad genetics. There are plenty of people who exist within the degenerate culture without succumbing to it because they aren’t defective. It stands to reason that the unborn children of genetic liberals also carry the traits that cause this genetic disease.

    The wider problem is viewing these diseased people as part of the same group as ourselves. Leaving abortion to the states will increase the biological-geographic divide, so genetic libtards can concentrate into their own regions and go extinct.

    • >Culture is downstream from genetics.

      Literally everything is downstream from genetics, which is why (I see) race/demographics is (as) the preeminent issue facing America, and the primary reason for its decline — Whites and white (Western) culture do have a problem (see e.g. Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future), but this would be much less of a problem, and easier to address, if the US wasn’t multiracial, although this is a chicken/egg issue, since it’s individualism and lack of group racial cohesion on the part of Whites that has allowed the US to become multiracial — this is why Trumpism and anti-racist MAGAtards should be seen together as the equivalent of a fifth column.

      link“Non-whites understand interests come before principles. If you want a society where principles come before interests, your society has to be a white one.” The entire Enlightenment project of individual rights and freedoms is a White thing & won’t survive White dispossession.

    • Don’t let those corny old movies, musicals and TV shows fool you, there was lots of smut, venereal disease and social dysfunction in the good old days. You just didn’t see it or hear about it in popular culture because it was considered distasteful to address such matters. But it was all there just the same.

      • It was always there but strong social mores kept it in check. Perhaps more significantly the “pill” had not yet been invented.

      • The US has been shit for over 100 years now. My grandmother would talk about her married bosses screwing other secretaries in the early 60’s. Mad Men was not too far off the mark.

  3. Economic issues will dominate the election before November, not abortion except for the fanatics who are small in number. The MSM will still be screaming about abortion but raging inflation and other problems will be the overwhelming concern of most voters to the detriment of the Democrat Party. With Dementia Joe as Mr. President or perhaps Cackling Kamala by election time the country will be a shambles and the voters will take their anger out on the Democrats. They would have been better off if Trump became President then he would get the blame for all the trouble.

  4. Well said. I agree on all points. I only wonder if after so much degenerate rot since the 1960s, will repealing Roe do anything for white America? The whole purpose of Roe and the 60s was to kill the white majority in this country. Now that majority is dead, right after the new 2020 Census actually, they are repealing Roe. That can’t be a coincidence.

    Roe vs Wade should never have happened, along with the entirety of the 1960s. It was all an unmitigated disaster. What I do know is this; if Roe were not repealed, and assuming the rumor about black abortion rates is true, whites also would still continue our own degenerate collapse into extinction, faster than everyone else. So, whites certainly lose if Roe stays, not withstanding the horrifying and frankly Evil moral and philosophical foundation of abortion. That’s my contribution to optimism.

  5. HW,

    You seem to believe that pending a SCOTUS reversal on Roe v Wade that like dominos other forms of decadence and depravity will fall in succession with the abortion ruling being the catalyst. That scenario seems quite unlikely, if you consider that Neil Gorsch and Chief voted Justice John Roberts both with the radical leftists on the court that took a provision in the 1964 Civil Rights Act to extend workplace protections to spiteful mutants that identify as LGBTQ.

    After food, water, and shelter, sex is the most powerful drive human beings possess, in particular those in the age group(s) of highest fertility. Unwanted pregnancies are a fact of life from the most sanctimonious and pius bible thumpers to high schoolers that failed to use contraception correctly, or not at all.

    Where are all those unwanted babies going to wind up? According to Adoption.com, orphanages no longer exist in the USA. Only some church and federally funded foster home agencies and adoption services remain, and those that receive any federal money cannot discriminate against same sex couples because SCOTUS ruled in 2015 that homosexual marriages are legal in all 50 states thanks to former Justice Anthony Kennedy voting with the leftist bloc. That allows for these babies to end up with all sorts of environments that are the antithesis of traditional Christianity.


    The connection between increased crime from juveniles born to women or couples that did not want them is solid based on the statistics notwithstanding district attorneys being tough or soft on crime. So another consequence of making abortion illegal will be a surge in all types of criminality in less than 20 years that will continue or worsen due to more inner city non-white women ‘raising’ more children in a fatherless home that unquestionably will lead to all kinds of social pathologies. The correlation between fatherless homes and criminality of children is not even up for debate.


    The next problems that these births are going to have is on the healthcare system and classroom size. We will need more pediatricians, teachers, day care workers, et cetera. In a country that is already 31 trillion dollars in debt, American students lacking well behind other nation in STEM subjects, and a failing infrastructure; Is this the best laid course going forward?

    Finally, the question of religion plays of does not factor into on your point of view on abortion. Ed Dutton and I are in agreement here.


    Enjoy the shit show that this can of worms will create.

  6. It’s not as if there weren’t any abortions being performed prior to the 1970s. Many women who could afford it went to Europe, Cuba or Mexico to end unwanted pregnancies in the morally upright 1940s and 50s. There were old women who worked secretly as freelance abortionists. There were “homes for unwed mothers” run by religious organizations. In short there was a powerful stigma around out of wedlock pregnancies, it was considered shameful and immoral to get “knocked up” if a girl wasn’t married. And the children of such pregnancies were often abused and neglected. If our society had done a better job of dealing with this issue then Judeo-Feminism would never have been able to come along proffering a solution.

    No matter what is proposed a lot of people will remain outraged. The best course of action is to let the states decide. But ultimately it’s a private issue. Unfortunately those who claim to care about the rights of the unborn lose all interest in the baby once it’s out of the birth canal. They want the government to guarantee protection for unborn babies but if that protection continues after the birth it becomes communism or something.

    • Yep. Lots of “Hat Pin Harriets” were available through the grapevine before Roe v Wade.

  7. All the J-Left creeps are finally saying what we have known all along, but the RIGHT was too cowardly to say so. Roe v. Wade was a DIRECT outcome of Loving v. Virginia, and ALL sodom-friendly laws, flowed from that initial TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW OF GOD.

    If one is a True Conservative, the ENTIRE LEGACY of BROWN V BOARD on down, MUST BE OVERTURNED, and MADE A FELONY OFFENSE. Abortion was the lynchpin to pandering to women’s selfish lusts, and nothing more.

  8. That the West has all these issues to begin with illustrates how useless both sides of politics is, and how worthless democracy is………..that model that’s meant to somehow work for us.
    And these sluts could always just not have sex, then the abortion issue won’t affect them. After all, don’t most of em hate men anyway? Degenerate fruitcakes!

  9. The “pill”, making its entry in 1960, signaled a game change. The primary purpose of sex became recreation rather than procreation. Encouraging sex outside of wedlock, abortion, homosexual “rights”, “feminism”, gay “marriage” etc., logically followed, especially with the “liberal” thinking of our time.

    Wanting to have your cake and eat it too is human nature. But it can lead to horrible, unforeseen consequences.

  10. Aborted whites are extremely unlikely to grow up to be white nationalists or social conservatives. Presumably, the ruling leaves abortion as a state matter and federal funding will be shifted to the blue states that will continue to allow it.

  11. Your reasoning on how slurping abortion “rights” has led us down the path of moral decline is absolutely spot on my friend. Well said!

  12. Born and raised in California. Parents divorced, dad worked in showbiz. Probably going to regret her abortions when she hits the wall.

    “I had an abortion in October of last year while I was on tour. I went to planned parenthood where they gave me the abortion pill. It was easy. Everyone deserves that kind of access.”

    “Happy Holidays to everyone whose family has been literally or figuratively torn apart by Donald Trump.”

    • Perfect example. It’s good that this person murdered her libtard child. One fewer of her in the world. Hopefully, she continues to never reproduce and her worthless line dies out forever with her.

  13. More nonwhites use abortion. Repealing abortion won’t ratchet up our numbers. If they don’t a kid, having it will just be abusive or neglect. Until whites value being whites, it won’t matter.

  14. “Think about it. Those who support legal abortion are willing to support White mothers killing their own children because black mothers are more willing to have abortions. They are willing to endorse severing the strongest of all human bonds. The mother-child organic bond dwarfs the bond of racial solidarity and even closer ethnic kinship in its intensity. Abortion is a profoundly nihilistic act. Killing your own offspring is sick. It rests on a worldview which sees future generations as dispensable.”

    This is just “we have to force Shonda the stripper to have a kid out of wedlock because otherwise we support her degenerate behavior.” I don’t. I would strongly urge her to behave differently. I also know that she probably won’t listen. The idea behind the pro-life cause seems to be that forcing her to have a kid she doesn’t want will magically transform her into a tradwife. It’s ridiculous. You’re just going to produce more of the very thing you say you oppose.

    “The country has sunk like a rock ever since this culture shift in the 1960s. Abortion was merely one step down. It wasn’t even the first step. It certainly wasn’t the last. It was a very important step though for what it symbolized which is that cultivating a lifestyle is more important than your obligation to your own children and descendants.”

    Looks to me like you aren’t expecting any of the bad things to go away when Roe is repealed. I agree.

  15. It’s the idea that abortion is some sort of right, it’s what’s made it so objectionable. I don’t think most people would object to abortion under certain circumstances, like sexual assault. It’s these people saying women can get an abortion at any point during pregnancy, that’s making it so awful.

    The pro abortion crowd has formed a death cult. They go hand in hand with ‘gay’ marriage activists and the sex change operation perverts. The goal seems to be to destroy human civilization. They don’t call it that, but that’s what it’s amounting to.

  16. Abortion , faggot marriage , trans lunacy …all fruits of the filthy kikes

    I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

  17. I don’t see how a state banning homosexual sex would be constitutional unless that sex is not done in private. What two adults do in privacy, that does not directly harm a third party is not the same as abortion, in which a third party is directly harmed. Or do we not have a privacy right via the 4th Amendment. You may not like homosexuality, but how can it be prohibited if done in private? I would think the same applies to birth control that does not lead to the death of the fetus.

  18. I think what many are missing here is that Roe v. Wade amounted to a legal endorsement of abortion on demand, up to (and after) birth by enshrining it as a “constitutional right”. It is not and it never was. There is a subtle but spiritually important difference between a legal endorsement – meaning states and localities cannot forbid it or limit it in any way and leaving the matter to the states so that some states might permit and others outlaw the practice. The abortion rate will not go down even if the leaked opinion becomes the actual one handed down. Nevertheless it represents a potentially important retreat from the endless legislation from the bench by unelected Kritarchs – self-important Philosopher-Kangz who see themselves as Gods, when they are in reality just black-robed swine.

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