1. What’s the context, situation, leading to this little outburst of truth ? How much alcohol did it take ?

  2. “I care about white people”
    …passes up opportunity to attack the enemies of the entire human race, especially whites.

  3. Let’s see if he is sincere or goes on an apology tour. If he stays true to his words, I would be impressed.

    • I suppose coming out and saying this…has more than severe repercussions. I hope he doesn’t apologize too. When someone “apologizes”, it makes anything they say in the future, just nonsense.

  4. “YouTube unexpectedly closed the connection.”

    Whatever he said must have been pretty bad. Or should I say pretty good!

  5. Imagine My Shock! (for real this time!) LOL

    The infuriating thing is that though many of these “truthers” feel the way they do, and know the things they know, they N.E.V.E.R. say so publicly and in fact say the exact opposite. Muh careerism is NO excuse.

  6. I suspect intoxication may have had something to do with these clearly secretly recorded comments. I like PJW, but it is careless comments like these that can cause one to become radioactive like Richard Spencer.

  7. Paul Joseph Watson was always nice to me, helped promote my work on the Infowars website.

  8. How DARE white people care about anything but sucking penises and financially supporting all other races ?

      • When any of you go to church and put money in the collection plate, you’re helping subsidize them.
        But people want to pretend it’s just not so.

        • Who? (((them)))???? Not MY church. Nor many of the REAL Churches out there. Now, if you’re talking “babtists” – yeah, cults are another thing altogether.

  9. There was probably a time when PJW did not talk like that. But prolonged exposure to the jews, queers and coloreds tends to have that kind of an effect.

  10. The Moshiach loving super Jew Klaus Schwab has admitted on camera his group employs social media influencers.

    Yes yes Paul rants on and on about globalism, the Great Reset, the WEF and Klaus Schwab but Paul never ever connects it to the goals and ambitions of the Jew people. Why do you suppose that is?What are the goals and ambitions of the Jew people by the way?

    I got my suspicions about Paul and I got my suspicions about all those white nationalist “influencers” and leaders with philosophy degrees. Why so many with philosophy degrees? Could it be a philosophy degree is a job requirement for a white nationalist influencer and if it is, then who is doing the hiring?

    Greg Johnson
    Keith Wood/O’Brien
    Joel Davis
    Kevin Mc Donald

    What about math? Aren’t there any white nationalist influencers/leaders who like math? Or Christ?

    • Vlad could make many more friends here in the Empire of Lies if he sent a nice Kalibr or three to dispatch Satan Klaus (who has denounced him and kicked him out of WEF) to his eternal reward. Ditto for Soros, Gates and any number of oligarch-cockroaches. It would be much more mercy than any of them deserve and would make the world a somewhat better place.

  11. Makes me think of the “Holocaust”, an historical event so well known and so well documented that a 93 year old grandmother has to be thrown in prison for disagreeing with it.

      • With the “Holocaust” or anything else which Political Correctness has defined means that the actual truth is no defense.

  12. Can’t watch it. J-Tube deleted my account for saying the election was stolen and this video is restricted.

  13. I don’t think we humans really care of somebody don’t like some group, and that is why we have the anti-racists hysteria, so everybody virtue signal and hide what they really think.

    It’s cucking to risk ingroup conflict to be nice to some outgroup, so it’s simply not the natural state of man.

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