Politico: Roe’s Demise Is a Milestone In Sundering America

This implications of the Dobbs case are even more exciting to contemplate.

If there isn’t a constitutional right to abortion in the Constitution, then there isn’t a right to gay marriage or sodomy or interracial marriage either. We can fight these issues out at the state level.


“I was talking to an old classmate and fellow resident of a blue-state metropolitan neighborhood, and the talk turned, naturally, to kids and colleges. “Would you send your kid to Emory?” my friend asked. But he wasn’t talking about education; he was talking about national politics. Texas had just passed a restrictive abortion law. Other states looked likely to follow, following a familiar map dividing one America from another. And chances were that the Supreme Court would OK them.

On the face of it, it seemed absurd. An elite college in Atlanta represents a milieu essentially indistinguishable from our own: Cosmopolitan, tolerant, unblemished by passers-by in MAGA caps, undoubtedly more Democratic than many of the small towns that are home to America’s crunchiest liberal-arts colleges. But in his description, it felt like a different country. “Who knows what kind of crazy laws they’ll pass. Could they stop someone from flying home for an abortion?

And just like that, we’d passed another small milepost in the sundering of the United States: Another state — one full of neighborhoods populated by people just like us — effectively otherized, made to seem exotic and unpredictable and dangerous by someone who doesn’t usually trade in wild theories. …”

That’s right.

Georgia is a Jim Eagle state.

Florida is literally a transphobic theocracy.

It is all the more reason to pack your bags and move back East or back to the West Coast. This whole section of the country is backward and it is immoral to live here.

Note: BTW, we’re taking Twitter with us too. After all, it is a private company.


  1. Transgender is the terminus of degeneration, because while for gays there can be the excuse of feelings (even if it is not natural), for gender there is only the denial of biology, it is the human being who totally denies nature (not divine but biological). We are born in nature and in nature there are male and female in animals, humans (who are also animals), plants and life on earth (with some exceptions) continues because male and female mate and stay together (not by divine law but by biological law). Gender denies biology in the name of a whim and I have to laugh when I think that these are the same people who say that ethnicities don’t exist in biology. They want to give us lessons in biology? they who say that male and female are cultural paradigms and not biological realities? but let them go and get a cure.

  2. It’s kind of funny, coming from the same crowd that used to mock anti-communists for believing in a “domino theory”.

    • The domino theory is projection. Once the central bank is nationalized and the usurers neutralized THAT has a domino effect. That’s why keeping Iran and Venezuela isolated is so important for ShlomoCons.

  3. For decades the liberals have tried to abolish the sovereignty of the individual states by imposing one-size-fits-all Federal legislation, court rulings and bureaucratic mandates. But it appears as if they are failing. GOOD. There is no such thing as a “right” to an abortion, homosexual marriage or anything else not expressly mentioned in the Constitution/Bill of Rights. It’s up to the various states and their citizens to decide such matters.

  4. “We can fight these issues out at the state level.”

    The ((( controllers )) will fight that with every media fiber and Schumerite they have.

  5. The Left doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s right to abortion or anything else, they just want to rule with an iron fist. Being pro-abortion, pro-birth control, pro integration, pro immigration, pro miscegenation etc. helped destroy traditional society, especially healthy, Christian family life. That is why The Usual Suspects supported and opposed the things they did in the 1960’s. It’s all so predictable.

    The Left rightly fears that the contradiction of some states allowing and others prohibiting abortion will eventually be resolved against them. They are correct in this regard. The irrational decision to allow abortion in some states but not others contradicts the premises of both sides.

    The fear in the pro-abortion crowd is that the status of abortion will eventually be the same all across the U.S.: illegal. This is somewhat analogous to the period before the Civil War when the argument was made that the entire country had to be all slave or all free. This meant that free states after Dred Scott in 1857 had to respect property rights of slave owners in free (i.e. anti-slavery) states. Dred Scott was constitutionally correct but the political effect of this Supreme Court ruling was enormous, acting as a a catalyst for the war that followed.

    The Left says a fetus is not alive therefore abortion is no more taking an innocent life than an appendectomy is therefore abortion should remain legal everywhere; the status quo. The anti-abortion side contradicts the Left and says that a fetus is an innocent life therefore abortion constitutes murder, and they won’t have it.

    This is not the type of issue that admits a millionth of an inch of compromise between the sides, a politician’s nightmare. Ultimately the Left is going to lose this issue and hopefully start the avalanche of unwinding the disastrous policies from the last century. Science is on the side of anti-abortion:


  6. Something like 95% of American citizens say they support interracial marriage today. A majority supports gay marriage now in most places. Maybe a few states would have some support to end it.

    • I don’t oppose cross species marriage. The real question is should they be allowed to live here? In Europe Karen’s go to cheap, warm locations, meet Habib and bring Habib home to Europe. After maybe a year of domestic abuse Karen divorces but Habib is now a citizen and brings other 3 wives, parents and 30 children to Europe to live on welfare. Conclusion: Karens need to renounce passports and go live with Habib. Same if we ever get our own country.

  7. The jewish belief that a fetus is part of the woman’s body until it’s born is not an unsound argument. At any rate there is no way this issue will ever be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. That being the case the best we can do is to regard abortion as a private matter and let the states decide how they will deal with it.

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