Identity Dixie: Why Generation X Probably Hates You

Padraig Martin gets it.

Identity Dixie:

“If you are like me, born between 1965 – 1980, you belong to Generation X.  There are some defining characteristics of my generational cohort, largely due to how and when we were raised.  Those characteristics make us distinct from the narcissistic Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964) and their pathetic weakling offspring, Millennials (1981-1996).  Let’s start from the beginning …

For American Boomers, the messaging was slightly different in a country that had only recently introduced large scale social welfare benefits: if you want a better world for everyone, then freedom from hunger, freedom from war, and freedom from privation must transcend freedoms of religion and the right to own guns.  For both groups, however, cultural Marxism gained traction in film, music, academia, and nearly everywhere else: discard antiquated notions of morality and serve your personal desires. The latter notion is where things got unhinged.

Coming out of their wild younger years, Boomers suddenly had their first round of children – Generation X.  Recognizing that they had to pay the bills, the Boomers began discarding their bell bottoms for business suits.  But now Boomers – many of whom were raised to venerate themselves – faced a cultural disintegration that previous generations never faced.  Women in the workforce chose between motherhood and professional achievement.  Divorce, abortion, and abandonment became hallmarks of the early years within which Gen-X was raised by a selfish Boomer generation.  Even more conservative societies, like those found in the South, were not immune to the seismic shift in cultural norms. …

Consequently, grandparents comprised of the “Greatest” and Silent Generations sought to undo that which they had done with the previous generation.  Reinforcing traditional cultural norms and values became important to these older guardians who were experiencing their second chance at parenthood while their selfish children raced out to “find themselves.”

Tucker Carlson was one of these kids.

He was abandoned by his mother who was a San Francisco hippie.


    • Yes, of course I like those groups. But I also dig Rob Zombie, Megadeth and Marilyn Manson.

      • There was a sharp break from those radio bands to MTV I think. It defines x-ers from late boomers. Stevie Nicks did a few videos but she’s is very much 70’s pop I think unlike Blondie who made the jump.

      • Spahn, I have great appreciation for people who listen to music from multiple decades, and are able to take in new music. A lot, maybe even most, just listen to the same stuff for forty years from when they were a certain age.

  1. I’m near 30 years old and i think that the generation of Jared Taylor, Mike Tubbs, Michael Hill, basically those born before the 70’s are the best: Consistent, they know what they want and are loyal to the cause, they are not turncoats who at one point say “I apologize, I was a white nationalist and I was wrong, now I’m a very left-wing liberal who is disgusted by the right-wingers.” I agree, millenials are the worse (even if i’m one of them). The majority of them is lack of values but i think that the problem of people who flip over from the right -wing to the left-wing (which is not a little issue) is not only correlated with generation but also is specifically and specially american. As i said many times here in Europe is rare that a person change totally his/her ideas. For me the important is not the generation but the values and the consistency with which you carry out those values. I’m tired of people who flip over on the other side (bipolar who don’t believe what they stand for) like McLaren who is now writing a lot of bullshits on his twitter profile.

  2. Drew Barrymore, the child star of ET who has a fun & silly 5pm TV show, has nothing good to say about her parents who she feels abandoned her. She also regrets she had no siblings to play & share with. It’s all pretty sad.

    • Kids really do need siblings, ideally. Girls need sisters and boys need brothers.

  3. These generational broadbrushed generalizations are pretty dubious.

    They don’t even take into consideration geographic and socioeconomic differences.

    I’m a millennial and have zero in common with the vast majority of the younger millennial and slightly older gen x’ers I went to college and grew up with for instance.

    The reason? They all grew up in reasonably well off homes with a married mother and father, plenty of food, shoes that fit and lots of things to do after school with friends. Swpls in otherwords. Families from the middle class suburbs. Families with good churches that didn’t ask their families to leave because their parents were divorced.

    My family all came from Eastern Kentucky, and even now a generation removed from that, people still know and have regularly commented that I’m just different and they don’t understand me.

    Our family struggled economically. Mom and dad didn’t stay together past my age 9ish. We were homeless vagabonds for years as a result. Never finished high-school. My feet and knees are ruined from wearing shoes that were too small or totally worn out from sharing with my older brother, wearing handdowns second hand clothes etc. (Poor people, you get what I mean). Food was a luxury. I ate oatmeal every day most of the first 20 years of my life. Still do.

    Had my own apartment under false pretences at 16 that was paid for with my full time job and cash I got wherever I could hustle for it. Was on my own til I met my wife, who saved me in more ways than I usually remember to thank her for.

    We built everything we have together without much help of any kind.

    I still have nothing in common with those people even though I have more money and less debt than them now and they still don’t understand me, have no respect for me, and still no interest in knowing me because I don’t share their yankee worldviews.

    I reject these reductionist generalizations about me. I’m not the only 35 year old who has had to bootstrap it all their lives, or who has never been able to fit into modern society either.

    I don’t know anybody my age who could live in the woods for a couple months without missing much given a jar of peanut butter and a jug of bleach, a pocket knife and a good tarp.

    I don’t know anybody else who never finished high school but had a 3.7 GPA in business school majoring in something like accounting. Who can say with surety that because of their work, a company that gives good jobs to dozens of working class White guys, is well and efficiently run, and will keep those jobs for them come hell or highwater.

    I’ve come a long way largely alone, getting kicked in the balls by people that should have cared about me, and still don’t have as cynical and fatalistic a worldview as these people that proudly crow about being gen x and so much more understanding than me, well read, knowledgeable but whom haven’t built anything for themselves or the people around them. Gen X has had all this great clarity and wisdom, perspective and natural moderacy of constitution and done precisely fuck all with it.

    Where is my god damn jetpack? I was told there would be jetpacks by now.

    Fucking keyboard warriors. They all belong in lockers with the nerds and people that still play magic the gathering.

    None of the above is satire. Fuck you if you don’t believe muh backstory.

      • Eastern unique, it’s in my blood, it is what it is, I would never turn my back on my people, nor willingly dishonor them, has it and it’s people whether in kentucky, or part of that appalachian diaspora, have issues, yes, too say the least, but we also, have.this.thing, called ” SOUTHERN PRIDE” my dad and my grandfather had it, I would like too think I do too and I will take that dump called eastern kentucky, anytime Ron……..

    • Thanks for sharing.

      I was born in November 1980. I don’t really have a generation. I think I straddle both. I don’t feel like a Gen Xer or Millennial. I think there is a grain of truth to the stereotypes, but the don’t really describe my family.

      My dad is a Boomer. He was named after his father who was named after his father. My son is named after my father. I come from a very settled rural family with roots in my area that go back to the 1830s. Grew up in a small town in the Black Belt which has always been a hotbed of populism.

      I don’t have any experience with suburban life. I grew up in a home that has been in family for generations on land which four generations of my family has accumulated. Not rich, but settled. My Boomer father has always seen himself as trying to expand the homestead. He loves the Rolling Stones and ACDC though

      • That’s a great environment to grow up in. I lived in a town of 3000 people, where biological and neighborhood family kept us slackers and malcontents on the path of righteousness and probity. Small town America is the best, don’t let anyone else say otherwise.

    • “wearing shoes that were too small or totally worn out from sharing with my older brother, wearing handdowns second hand clothes etc.”

      “WHITE people don’t know what it’s like to be poor”……..Bernie Sanders

    • Yes, exactly, one should not generalize. Generation can make differences in the sense that living in different years you experience time and history differently and are affected differently. But to claim that everything changes from one year to the next is wrong. For example, what is the difference between someone born in 1980 (gen X) and someone born in 1981 (gen Y)? or between someone born in 1996 (gen Y) and someone born in 1997 (gen Z)? none. My sister was born in 1980 and my brother in 1982 and I don’t see much difference, they grew up with the same influences and the same things.

  4. I think the members of the “Manson Family” were more or less typical of the boomer generation. Boomers loved joining cults and communes in an effort to “find themselves”. And if things went off the deep end it wasn’t their fault. Generation X ? Kurt Cobain, Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan…..I think they have mixed feelings towards the boomers. But the Millennials (like HW and Lord Spencer) seem to have outright contempt for ’em.

    • Spencer is a Gen Xer.

      I don’t really have a generation. I was born in late 1980 on the border. I am either one of the very last Gen Xers or very first Millennials

      • The generation ‘calendars’ are odd. Boomers supposedly lasted over 19-20 years, then Gen X, Millennials and Z 15-16 years, now they say the little Alphas may be only 13-14 years

        The inconsistent numbering is perhaps just another sign of cultural narcissism, people eager to pretend it’s all different somehow

        • I’m an early X-er. There is a big difference between me and late boomers. PC’s, video games and MTV plus a more European focused attitude. Hippie shit seemed stupid. Ultravox, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and later The Cure etc. Gorbachev not Breshnev and Vietnam was long over.

      • Re: Hunter. I would place you as X. The next big difference was in 1995 when the internet went public. My cousin was born in 1990 and pretty much had non-stop video games and internet from 5 on. Later, the online porno and widespread drugging of kids really, really messed Millennials up. Autism skyrocketed in Millennials too. I assume it was new (((vaccines))) but it could be plastics too. Other than milk I don’t remember that many things in plastic. 2 liter bottles started being used. Waxed cardboard was much more common.

  5. Jews divided us into generations, gave them all silly names, and proceeded to turn them all against each other.

    Even using these kike names is playing their game. Divide and conquer. But for some reason, the goy loves the humiliation.

    The very best statement I have read, “I don’t have a generation.” Dang right you don’t. The whole gen name racket is fake, a Jew attack upon our unity.

    • That was what I was going to say. Baby Boomer, Generation X labeling was a form of demoralizing propaganda. The slacker generation they call it. Useless, unmotivated…It is them who can be easily defined: “always avid of the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous, crawling in misfortune, and insolent in prosperity.”

  6. I have said before you are not really an X-er unless your parents were Vietnam vintage boomers. I grew up with Silent Gen kids who always seemed to come from stable, wealthy families. Even though we were the same age it seems like a very different experience.

  7. Each generation has made their mistakes. The greatest generation believed the lies they were being fed about WW2. Granted they didn’t have the internet to search for the truth like this generations does.

    • They raised their children like unwanted pets. That’s why the boomers are so self centered I think. No sense of family or community.

  8. I’m an old GenXer that has always disliked Boomers and their heavy influence over us. Vox Day and I share this in common. That said, I feel more like my Zoomer grandkids mindset than my Gen Y kids. They get me and I get them.

    • Now that you’ve signaled your disdain for Boomers, I hope you get the approval of your fellow slackers you so desperately crave. Vox Day is a perfect exemplar of your cohort. A grown man obsessed by comic books and resentment of his parents. What’s the matter? Didn’t Mom and Dad leave you an inheritance?

    • This absolutely nails me and mine. I was born in 1965. A baby trough year. So few babies were born that year that I joke that that’s because the Antichrist was also born that year. (I no longer kid about that. I’m beginning to suspect that it might actually be true.) We were completely screwed over by the Boomers. I cannot imagine a more thorough betrayal of your own kind than what they did to us.

  9. You paint with a pretty wide brush when you tar the Boomers. The majority of us fought in Viet Nam and were called baby killers by middle and (((upper class))) draft dodgers if we made it home, then had our jobs sold overseas by those same((( people))), our families were destroyed by no fault divorce. We were victimized by drug abuse and widespread immorality again sponsored by the middle and (((upper classes))). Be specific in your criticism. Most Boomers were powerless against the forces wielded by the rich.

  10. Our people, meaning white people, are the only people , who will publicly insult, denigrate, slander and smear their elders, only young white people will.speak with a venomous hatred of their elders, Arab’s never, asians never, latin’s never, Jew ‘s never, blacks a little bit, that’s from being around us, but they stick together when it counts, can be always rely on young white American’s to talk shit about their elders…………

    • I’ll have you know that European Latinos are white… I don’t know what you hell mean for white

    • Marcel, calm yourself, I will explain, by latin’s, I mean the people from mexico southward, the spanish speaking nations south of the “Rio Grande”, better? …………..

      • @Terry Smith Ok, sorry, look I was not angry, it’s just that writing from a keyboard does not make the idea of the tone of my voice, however, thanks for the clarification. Sometimes I hear people say that French, Italian and Spanish are not exactly white because they are not Anglo-Saxon but Latin, but this is nonsense because the white race includes Anglo-Saxons, Latin and Slavs. Also, white people have to stay unite because if we divide ourselves we are doomed.

        • Agreed, I have nothing negative too say about Latin’s and slavic people, at all, I could have used a better term., Like Hispanic, I will from now on, I wouldn’t want my words and their meaning, misconstrued…………..

  11. Aren’t a lot of Xer’s the kids of the Silent Generation? I was born in 72 and my parents were both Silent Generation although my dad was close to 18 when the Atomic Bomb was dropped and served in Korea. A few of my classmates in grade school had older parents who were WW2 vets, but then there were the kids from broken homes, kids being raised by their grandparents whose hippie kids abandoned them. Boomers are really divided up into two sub generations, those born right after the war, and those born around the Kennedy years who were the late 70s party kids. Boomers were John Hughes movie 80s high school kids through the early 90s 90120 era high school kids. I know by the late 90s the X culture was gone when I went by my high school and saw no more jeans jackets and rock concert T shirt type kids and instead saw white boys emulating black fashion trends. It was over then. Singles from the very early 90s is a real look back to the last days of the pre internet, pre cellphone era at the first part of the Xers moving into the world. Sort of the last gasp of rock and roll in that movie pushing that 90s rock right before it became all hip hop in the media.

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