America First Movement Cracks Up


I’m really getting old.

I remember when these kids were green enough to believe that the America First movement was SO DIFFERENT from the Alt-Right. Yeah, like, a movement based on a cult of personality, narcissism, grifting and social media celebrity is something no one had ever seen before.

Yep, it is flaming it out like we all knew it would with everyone involved publicly turning on each other. Never seen that before either. The only real twist and which makes the demise of the America First movement a particularly hilarious episode in the history of American far right politics is that accusations are flying that some of the key figures involved were caught kissing or hanging out with girls.

I suppose that some betrayals are unforgiveable.


  1. Being a celebrity is is just too exciting. Getting real work done to move a movement foreword, takes work, and it’s often no fun. Few of these kind of movements succeed, because the founder can’t get out of his own way. And his obsessed followers, can’t or won’t let him. Poor Nick, he’ll never know what he could have been, had he been a bit more mature and thoughtful.

    • The sad part is that he was having some success. He got Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene to appear at his events. He is such a fuck up though that he cares more about catering to the incel loser subculture.

      • And that don’t make you skeptic that glowjoggers is taking out the pro-Russian Nick?
        Circular firing squads is anyway something any serious opposition will need to learn to live with, as it’s the standard Western glowjogger method to destroy their domestic enemies.

        • Not really.

          Not after seeing countless groups implode like this in disputes over money and personal drama. It is really one of the least surprising things that has happened this year.

          • Nick has risked a lot. I don’t see how any of you can’t agree with what he says. He makes perfect sense to me, and I’ve followed him for a LONG time.
            Instead, you boomers glorify the talkers, the ones with radio shows, books, etc. who haven’t stuck their necks out.
            Please tell me what the League of the South (which I once had a membership with), Sam Dickson, the Political Cesspool, and others have done. Nick’s gone out there and actually risked himself. Even Richard Spencer, who changes with the wind, went to Charlottesville.
            Everyone knows the boomers will sit by and do the “I will be dead then” thing, and leave this all up to the younger people to solve, because the younger people are the ones being stuck with all of the problems.

          • I do agree with a lot of what he says, but I recognize many of the same personal flaws and group dynamics that have led to the implosion of countless other groups over the years. This falling out is between Nick and his closest associates. I don’t have much to say about it other than I am not surprised. It was really bound to happen.

          • I see far less problems that with the radio show–book–big shot conference speaking boomers. These guys are not leaders at all. The only one I take exception with is David Duke, who actually got elected to the House, and has stuck his neck out.

          • Pilate…welcome to maturity. Worldly figures pale, in the face of the one man that never changes or varies at all.

            Why, I once even thought Matt Heimbach was an Orthodox Christian. Especially when he said things like this: ““Tradition is the antidote to the poison of Modernity.” – Matt Heimbach

            Then, the trailer trash stuff started. Same with Fuentes. What of the catboy cuddles?

            Nuff said.

    • “had he been a bit more mature and thoughtful.”

      That’s expecting too much from a person that young.

      I’m always deeply suspicious of someone who doesn’t have a few decades of hard proven experience. It takes years of experience and adversity to hard temper the character necessary for our cause.

      • For his age, he is way ahead of most, and even surpasses most boomers in his awareness and opinions.

  2. Nick is the type of guy that goes with whats popular at the time. He doesn’t really have a set ideology. Whatever can bring in the most money. It looks like he had some type of meltdown over at GAB. He has me blocked so I don’t know what it is nor do I really care.

  3. I just hope these people stay in the identity political right and don’t have to see the former bipolar syndrome.

  4. Where’s Spencer? I need muh entertainment. Amazing to think he actually sounded credible once. Surprised he is not working for CNN now.

  5. Holy shit, what a freak show — and the video is more than five and a half hours long — who is the audience for this?

    >… some of the key figures involved were caught kissing or hanging out with girls.


    • Zoomers are really into watching 10 hour long videos of random nobodies talking about nothing. Sometimes the people in the videos play video games while they talk about nothing. I never understood the appeal.

      • @Dart i didnt get too far either. These pudgy high pitched cackling voices ripping another feminine little man knocked me out after five minutes

  6. A movement that was founded on worshipping Trump would have a hard time surviving post-Trump.

    Ironically, Nick has improved, despite his movement sort of falling apart. Since he no longer has to shill for Trump and feed his audience GOP copium, he has been able to take the gloves off and go full-on “death to America” mode. Many in the audience really do just want a GOP booster club with some infotainment, though.

    His cozy streaming site seems to be doing well. It doesn’t look like it fell into the trap that gab did by becoming a big echo chamber. Lots of normie looking channels there when I take a look, which is good for the health of a site like that.

      • I can’t really get into streaming, so I only recently took a look to see how the site is doing.

        • Nick never worshipped Trump. He had a lot of criticisms of him. He was trying to move the disenfranchised MAGA folk over to the real Right.

          • BS. He spent years rationalizing everything Trump did. He endorsed voting for him in 2020 and then cried about phony fraud when he lost.

    • >Ironically, Nick has improved, despite his movement sort of falling apart.

      I never followed Fuentes or the ‘Groyper’ movement — but I saw a few clips of him, and he always seemed reasonably intelligent and articulate, generally leaning in the correct direction politically — but I found his personal lack of gravitas, as well as that of his movement (‘Groypers’), off-putting.

  7. Is there a TL;DR version of what happened, and what is likely to occur going forward, with that America First/Groyper group?

    It seems that every iteration of a post-paleocon dissident Right (be it the Matts, TRS, Spencer’s Alternative Right, various MAGA types, and now the Groypers) stumble primarily due to some sort of interpersonal squabbles among the leading figures, rather than for other reasons.

    Each of these individuals and their groups have some good aspects and momentum at first. I genuinely cannot understand why personality problems always seem to take precedence over a sense of purpose and mission (even an imperfect purpose/mission).

    The hard Left seems comparably free of this level of catastrophic interpersonal bickering. I don’t understand why dissidents on our side always end up clashing this way.

    • From what I remember, Nick wasn’t paying Jaden and Simon even though he had become a millionaire. He lied about a bunch of stuff like the feds still having control of the Bitcoin money. He is a fuck up who alienated Paul Gosar. Jaden also moved to Chicago and was his roommate and Nick turned on him for kissing a girl. I only watched about 30 minutes of it.

    • TL:DR ish:

      The Important Stuff:

      1. Nick got his assets back and spent some of it on a new car
      2. Nick threatens to report people to the feds if they don’t do what they want
      3. Nick runs a Discord Gay Ops server with people dedicated to ruin the lives of Ex-Groypers and enemies, consistently such as hounding employers for years from individuals and physically following them around.
      4. It’s admitted that they stalk people who they feel are trying to “take over” Nick’s thing by Simon to get a read on them.
      5. Nick threatens people with financial ruin through methods mentioned above and lawfare as he gets people to sign NDA’s that work for him.
      6. He refuses to pay more than minimum wage for anyone he actually employs.
      7. Nick was bad before, (and a bit of a pussy) but it got worse when Milo and him started getting close post-Jan6th.
      8. Has a view multiplier added to his Channel on Cozy.TV to increase his numbers by x2. That’s not including bots.

      The memey stuff:

      1. Nick likes to watch Euphoria, a show about trannys, drugs and sexual degeneracy. It’s his favourite supposedly.
      2. He wears a mask to anti-mask rallies he hosts.
      3. He’s afraid of getting into a fight or even an argument, at his New York rally he promised great videos of owning the libs but instead yelled at his own guys for debating liberals who were holding their own rally afraid they were going to get stabbed in Times Square in the middle of the day.
      4. Is very conscious of his “hairy stomach”.
      5. Got mad that his right hand man was kissing a woman and the guy is so brainwashed that he apologized to Kino Casino for kissing women multiple times (at least 4) that it’s really bizarre.
      6. Nick let said guy move into a separate place Nick owned with Nick for a bit and when the guy was going to move out, Nick suggested he get a blacklight to check the couch and bed for “cum stains”
      7. Nick likes to play people off in his inner circle against one another, saying guy A said bad thing about you but I don’t believe him and then go to Guy A and say Guy B said bad thing about him but that he doesn’t believe Guy B. Just to make them distrust one another and trust only Nick.
      8. There was at least one party where guys were topless and dogpiling each other tickling one another and it was called a “tickle party” at Baked Alaska’s house.
      9. Nick Funetes apparently rolls his eyes at all Christian ritual, such as prayers or Bible meetings, refuses to participate in them and goes to Mass probably once a month roughly. Not as religious as he seems.
      10. Most politicians he had before have disavowed him and even MTG was sort of tricked to appear at AFPAC.

      Unverified stuff that I wasn’t around for that came out after:

      1. He’s gay. There was a huge “No comment” sound of silence and response when the question was asked directly. Supposedly there is something hidden from what I read, but as of right now it’s being used as a bargaining chip in hopes Nick will not harass those who left. I don’t know if there is copromote on him.

      2. A girl got sexually assaulted at an America First event and the “higher ups” were told but settled it internally with no punishment occurring for either party.

      There I saved you like 3 hours.

  8. I wouldn’t dismiss Castizo Nick just yet. He is now supposedly a self-made millionaire; he has hosted several successful AF events, the most recent of which featured Rep. Marjorie Greene as a speaker; he has been blacklisted and deplatformed on orders from the highest levels; he has been introduced to a worldwide audience thanks to several appearances on RT; and he’s got all of us talking about him! But he is very cocky and has a strong tendency to burn a lot of bridges. Those flaws may ultimately prove to be his undoing, but he seems to have some kind of plan all mapped out in his mind.

    Exactly what does AF stand for, though? Is it a neo-Fascist political movement? A woman-haters’ club? An elaborate grift? Far be it from me to offer him any advice but I think he’ll eventually need to explain what AF is about, its goals and how he intends to achieve them. He seems determined not to become just another failed political upstart who gets consigned to obscurity. Who knows, this “groyper” stuff might actually become a “thing”.

  9. Well Dart, Gab has millions while Cozy Tv has maybe a couple thousand. Just for context.

  10. I got called “DURR OPTICS CUCK” years ago for saying that any dissident movement can’t indulge in weirdos and losers. That was in 2018.

  11. I don’t care about this infighting or whatever. The only thing that matters is the total sum. The total sum says the Overton window keeps shifting which is what matters most.

    Think of these groups and the development of resistance to globo-homo as when the first microchip or combustible engines were being developed. There were different models that were created and went to the wayside before final design was settled upon. However, each design was used as a template for the next better iteration. That’s what’s currently happening now. The movement keeps molting until eventually the final design will appear and take off.

  12. I was going to make a joke about Richard Spencer going on to start a chain of gift shops called Spencer’s Gifts. I wondered if the chain I remember from the 1970s and known for tacky and sexually explicit products was still around. When I checked Wikipedia, I found that the chain was founded by (((Max Spencer Adler))). That explains alot.

  13. Sorry, but the current crop of “leaders” are nothing more than talkers. You guys can have your “Amren” conferences which are full of “philosemites” and drunken boomers. None of them are funny or serious.

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