A Baptist America Is Inevitable

I’m not a Baptist.

I’m certainly an ally though against the cultural termites who are gnawing away at the foundation of our civilization. Southern identity, the Baptist faith, social conservatism and especially populism are deeply linked. “Fascism” is not part of our cultural DNA. It is funny that liberals worry so much about it though. If there is one thread that runs through our history, it is a dislike of being told what to do.

Note: No one will ever convince me that Southern Baptists are better off when they fall away from their faith or fail to practice their values. The mainstream secular culture is far and away more subversive. The world would be a better place with fewer drunks, fewer sluts, fewer drug addicts and less vulgarity.


    • The split is inevitable in all Christianity. You have the majority of people who loathe the gay flags on the altar and queer bisexual ministers and the small percentage that are perverted

    • https://faithandheritage.com/2018/07/its-time-for-southern-baptist-convention-leaders-to-repent-or-step-down/

      It’s all been said already. But Cambria can always be counted on to illuminate further….

      “That which must be said is not said by any political party nor is it permitted to be said in any public venue: Negro worship, which is the state religion of the United States is the worship of Satan.”

      “How can Christian men consent to be ruled by Satan’s minions? Doesn’t that charity of honor demand that we rise and ride in defense of our people and our God? The ‘pro-lifers’ failed to procure protection for the innocents in the womb because they did not love enough to kill the baby killers. In fact, they denounced Paul Hill when he did what had to be done. So it is now with the white grazers. If we don’t love enough to kill the murderers of our people, we will perish as a people, and Satan will reign unchallenged. The Antifaers and the BLMers have made it abundantly clear that we cannot serve two masters. We can serve Satan or we can serve Christ, there is no in between despite what the purveyors of star-spangled Americanism tell us.”


  1. The only inevitability for baptists is that their religion will become a mestizo-mulato race mixing religion and their children/grandchildren will most likely not be White.

    • Baptists don’t have the wits to preserve our race.
      They are too simple-minded to see the great value in race.
      They are in love with opinionated dogma that appeals to the gullible.

      • Christianity rejects all books outside their jewish texts as heresy, fantasy, and sin. Ignorance is requisite of being a Christian.

        The Vikings, Germanic tribes, Mongols ,Romans, Greeks, etc., had one thing in common, in their brains the jews were not chosen people, there was no hell/heaven, whatever stood on their way was crushed.
        Meanwhile, in the jews heads they are chosen, and everyone else needs to be crushed. Don’t see any difference with the “goy” tribes.
        Except Romans/Greeks/ Persians/Egyptians gave us math, science, architecture etc., meanwhile the latter brought the dark ages.

        • Oh, PILATE, stop the Christophobic bashing. You know that those who are real Christians, are just as racially aware as you, and that it is only the cults and sects (including babtists) who worship the Christ killers. You paint with too broad a brush, and I have to come on here, and correct you time and time again. Learn, for goodness sake. LOL.

  2. Hunter, do aborted black fetuses go to Heaven in your view? I know I’m putting you on the spot. And I’m sure the SBC approves of miscegenation and views racism as a sin. Shucks, I remember when they said drinking and dancing were sins. But they changed with the times, right?

    • The SBC was the last mainstream institution in the country to fall to that shit. They only discovered that “racism” was a sin in the 1990s. I always like reminding the Southern Baptists of that. Not to mention their origins in the debate over slavery.

      • “The SBC was the last mainstream institution in the country to fall to that shit. ”

        Not because they are resolute, just that they are slow.

    • The SBC went full-retard into wokeism over the last 25 years with the urging of Russell Moore and his wife. It started with their apology for slavery, which is fully legal in the bible they claim to follow – even in the New Testament (where owners are admonished to treat their slaves well and slaves are admonished to obey their masters unless they’re ordering them to sin). Slavery was the norm in the Roman world – though slaves could certainly buy their freedom and owners often freed slaves in their wills.

      Don’t know how many of them embrace the Scofield heresy but it’s pretty much a church on its way down the same toilet all the “mainstream” Prot denominations have gone. Unless there is a major turning away from wokeism, they are toast. As it is written, once salt loses its saltiness it is worthless – suitable only to toss onto the fire.

    • @TW Someone has to prove there’s a God first. Everything else is just conjecture and speculation. If you look at the world, we are part of the animal kingdom, and it makes sense there are variations out there. There are other species of humans, according to science, so why couldn’t there be any right now?

      • Get back to me, after you die, on that one. LOL
        “Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…” Heb. 9:27

        Prov. 26:5

  3. ” A baptist america is inevitable” Agreed, our Southern Republic, will definitely have a strong baptist flavor too it…….

    • Terry- not when more and more of your ‘evan-jelly-goos’ are converting to Trad Anglicanism or Eastern Orthodoxy.

      And I’d fight like hell to make it a catholic/orthodox secessionist state, as Monarchy and true Priesthood are the ONLY (sola?) biblical norms we have EVER been given, rather than see these heretical babtists take ownership of something they screwed up, royally once/twice before.. you couldn’t even keep the darkies off the plantation, for crying out loud!

      • Ft.John, I admire the olde planter class, that’s basically the extent of my interaction, with the plantations of yester year, I can’t help , what anyone else says or does, if you want too insult my baptist faith, that’s you, that’s your choice, I choose not too insult you or your denomination, or any other denomination, I will not be provoked into that kind of ugliness period……….
        Wail away on the southern baptist too your heart’s content, I am certain, they will endure. I’ve only been too little country churches back in the hills, or the baptist church in my old neighborhood, in detroit’s finest appalachian ghetto, the best people I ever met in my life, I met in those churches, always nice too hear from you ft.John, thank you for your reply……..

  4. Wow I live in an under 1% zone. I have never had a good impression of Baptists, preferring beer to church on Sunday. We need to import some Flemish monks when Europe collapses. Baptist vs. Lutheran could be a major fault line. Our advantage is no nogs, at least for now. I think discussions of how things will break up is very, very relevant now.

    • I’m a Lutheran.

      I’ve known too many drug addicts and alcoholics though. Not to mention sluts. So I tend to look on the Baptists, but not their elites, as a positive influence on our culture.

      • I guess Alabama isn’t as different as the major cities in that regard. Especially up North they are degenerate Cesspools. Speaking of which I’m watching you on James Edwards!

      • Funny thing…..I don’t drink, use drugs, sleep around or have a potty mouth yet I prefer the company of people who do engage in that kind of behavior over the “respectable” ones who don’t. It seems that the kind of Christianity one practices has more to do with the cultural milieu one lives in than any sincerely held religious beliefs. Catholics, LDS, Baptists, Lutherans, etc all claim to be Christians but would appear to have little in common with each other.

        • Christianity is the problem. Jews who when questioned, resort to the bible, enunciating: “God gave us this land. We are the Chosen people. Our “Bible” tells us so. Gentiles are to be our slaves.” How anyone can worship that god or those people is beyond me, because their families did? They didn’t know better, they didn’t have information that we have.

          Whites were always better as pagans. They didn’t worry about bringing millions of people into their countries and letting them live and breed off of them. They didn’t let other people run their show.

          • ” Whites were always better as pagan'” yep we sure we’re, weren’t we!!!! Hellbound pagans, living in darkness, dancing around our fires all night, worshipping the sun, moon and stars, happy as shit, in our primitive ignorance, leading our children too the pit………….

          • ….and Christians killed millions of their own people for interpreting the verses of foreign scribblings the “wrong way”, or for failing to accept those foreign scribblings as pure truth.

        • “would appear too have little in common” they have jesus in common, he is all the commonality , we need…….

  5. The Methodist Church was the largest Church in the South prior to the Civil War with two major Southern denominations, the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church.

    The status quo remained until 1940 when the two Southern Churches merged with the Methodist Episcopal Church (the Northern Church), it has been all downhill since then for the Methodists!

  6. The Southern Baptist Churches have been corrupted large in part by racial egalitarians like Russel Moore and J.D. Greer. Thank God that Moore has vanished but the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have been replaced with the Gospels of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

    The Churches today are following the government line on many issues and one of the things as Southern Nationalists that we must do is clean up all of our cultural institutions from Churches to schools to work places all the way to our government.

    Independence and then reform politically, economically, culturally, and spiritually!

  7. Pentecostals (Holy Rollers) tend to have a white trash membership. And are very race-mixing friendly.

    • “Pentecostals (Holy Rollers) tend to have a white trash membership”

      ‘white trash’, i really despise that term.

      They are just very simple folk, therefore gullible to any perceived trend that appeals to the simple.
      I think they are culturally starved by our corrupted society.

      • I see your point. We should not overgeneralize about poor whites. But we should not romanticize them either. I remember reading that before the Revolution, some Russian intellectual types believed that the pure, uncorrupted soul of Mother Russia could be found in the peasantry. Some decided to take a look for themselves. They were horrified by the poverty, filth, drunkeness, and violence they found.

    • They look like clowns.

      I wish they would look at themselves in the mirror and stop. They’re not any good at “fascism.” It will remain what it has been forever though. A small scene

    • Sunwheels and swastikas are our cultural heritage. Both are sky charts representing the seasons and the path of Ursa Major in the sky. They are only regarded as silly because we are controlled by sadistic, satanic pedophiles.

  8. I believe Amish and Mennonites are producing far more of themselves than Baptists are.

    • There are almost one million plain Anabaptists with an almost 3% annual growth rate by births (Amish are over 3% in some areas) so you can see they surpass all foreign immigrant groups.

      In Russia, the Old Believers (the “Russian Amish”) also have a high growth rate.

  9. Hunter is a big brasher of the Boomer generation as the cause of the plight of White Gentiles in America presently.. I think that distinction clearly belongs to the Christian Fundamentalists generally and the Southern Baptist denomination in particular. I once thought of them as “the Faithful Remnant”– especially when Adrian Rodgers was the Southern Baptist “Pope” back in the 80’s and drove the liberals and moderates out of Southern Baptist seminaries. After Rodgers’ tenure the Southern Baptist hierarchy has folded like a cardboard outhouse in a hailstorm, and now embraces the leftist Cultural Marxist dogma with sickening sycophancy. The preachers today are typified by overweight sissies that look like they have spent a solid month in a tanning bed, wearing a pastel sports coat , open at the neck , and using a floppy oversized Bible held in one hand like a prop as they preach the gospels of Peter, Paul and Marry to their dimwitted flock of gritters trying to get rich quick by listening to Joel Osteen inspired sermonizing.. They have embraced the “Social Gospel” with even more zeal than their mainline protestant counterparts and have compounded the felony by embracing the ludicrous heresy of Jewish Dispensationalism- i.e. he who blesses israel is blessed, he who curses Israel is cursed. How could they embrace such an idolatry?- probably because they are a bunch of dummies-to begin with as their detractors have regarded them for time in memoriam.. The people who should be our leaders are a fifth column that will follow their Judas goat leaders to the slaughter house..

  10. The leaders of the SBC are mostly freemasons. No future there. But there are plenty of other Baptist structures. The purist Baptists are the Mennonites and the Amish and the Nazarene Churches. If you are Baptist definitely look outside yhe SBC.

  11. I’ve been in the 2 serious realms of protestantism (independent Baptist and reformed Presbyterian) most of my life. The problem is with protestantism itself. It’s another failed result of The Enlightenment. The Reformation was liberal philosophy applied to religion. No Protestant can authoritatively claim that another Church is wrong because there is no authority. The Skittles Church has their own interpretation of Scripture. Protestants have no way of keeping bad doctrine out.

    • ” No Protestant can authoritatively claim that another Church is wrong because there is no authority. .”

      “Appeal not to authority, but to reason”

  12. Christians are the vehicle for the Zionists, and if you contribute money, you’re helping pay for your own demise.

  13. The ignorance shown here vis a vis actual Christianity is appalling. Clowns like ‘pilot’ and ‘tikkun olan’ are the reason we cannot get ahead. Laugh all you want, but II Chronicles 7:14 is true; until we, as a people, return to OUR God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – TRUE Israel [ nobody said a word about antiChrist jews ] – we are just sucking wind.
    And yes, a ‘Baptist America’ will not solve anything as baptists, in general, miss the point and mislead the masses.
    We, as White Christians, have plenty of authority – we do not need the ‘traditions of men’ or organisations of same – all we need is Gods Word. The Bible is the final arbiter of authority and is wholly reasonable and provable for those who actually wish to know.

  14. Maybe the baptists of the William Jefferson Clinton variety. The other ones will bring on another Dark Age.

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