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As I have been saying, American culture became much more permissive in the mid-20th century. It was this Left Modernist culture shift that made Roe v. Wade possible. Specifically, it was progressive liberalism animated by a modernist aesthetic which elevated the Self and personal autonomy far above its previous status in our culture. This unleashed a culture of narcissism and self-absorption in which a woman who disposes of her own offspring for lifestyle reasons is celebrated for making a “choice.”

The Atlantic:

“How strange it is, the condition of having a body, of being a body. Consider the sponge of the marrow that makes your blood, the skeleton frame that holds in your organs, the tendons that attach your muscles to bone, the heart that pumps blood through your veins, the electrical signals that travel along the optic nerve from your retinas, the neural networks that light up the galaxies of your brain like constellations.

A person’s interiority—your sense of youness—is typically understood to be situated in the mind, yet the mind and the body are inextricable. What, then, must it mean to be in possession of a body in America? This is, we are told, a land of tremendous abundance, of self-reliance, of liberty, and of invention. The promise America makes to its people, the covenant that we Americans can feel in our bones and in our blood and in our beating hearts, is the guarantee that we are free.

Liberty is given to us by God, by nature, by our own humanity—not by government. I am American and so I am free to speak, free to publish, free to worship, free to assemble, free to keep and bear arms. It is to me self-evident that I am free to pursue the life I choose, without interference from the state. Freedom of mind does not come without freedom of body.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, as now appears likely, the very definition of what it means to be American will change for women and girls in the United States. If the state makes a claim to your body—a claim therefore to your self—you can no longer be American, not truly. To allow the state to control the body of a citizen is to deny her full personhood. To allow the state to control the body of a citizen is to undermine the very notion of what America is, the core promise it makes. …”

This is exactly what I mean by modernism.

Notice how the interior world of the Self is romanticized. It is the basis of identity, not natural relationships like the mother-child bond or your family. Self expression is also more important than your child’s life. The Founders would have found this to be a ludicrous argument (the natural rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), but it is conflated here with the very definition of America even though this mindset trickled in from Europe in the early 20th century.

“Alito, in his draft opinion, went looking for abortion in the Constitution, and used its absence as proof that abortion lacked constitutional protection. He went looking in a document from an era in which women could not hold public office, could not vote, and, as the writer Jill Lepore recently pointed out, legally “did not exist as persons.” The men who wrote the Constitution wholly and deliberately excluded women, and neglected to imagine them as part of their polity. No wonder Alito dismissed “attempts to justify abortion through appeals to a broader right to autonomy.” His refusal to consider autonomy as a constitutional principle spins us backwards in time, to an era in which the Constitution couldn’t perceive of women as equal citizens. …”

Alito is right.

It is not in the Constitution because it was a 20th century fad. Feminism itself was a late 19th century literary creation of modernism.

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  1. So predictable. The Jewish lie-machine (of which The Atlantic is merely one small component) is spewing lies about the meaning of Roe v. Wade in order to keep stupid women on their reservation. Even our own Jane Ryan is panicked. Overturning the absolutely lawless act of judicial fiat Roe will not prevent or outlaw a single abortion. Even the net effect on the Jews’ abortion-mills will be minimal and they might even see an uptick in their filthy business at least temporarily (it’s been getting fewer and fewer clients over the decades). Their typical “patient”, a black female with too low IQ and impulse control to use taxpayer-funded contraception will possibly have to drive out of state to eliminate Shitavious Jr. after he left her for some white slut (making her furious) following their mating.

    Grindr Greg fears more Shitaviouses in his beloved San Franshitsco, already a third-world dump compared to many cities elsewhere on the planet – despite the negro population there having declined. The utter morons who believe the words of the lie machine will of course go out and vote the way the owners of the Globopedo empire want them to (not that this really matters much since the elections are rigged anyway). The generated panic serves to keep them from paying attention to the rising inflation, rising crime, general chaos, a possible nuclear war, etc. – shoring up support for the same wicked bastards who created it all. Talk about useful idiots being led by the nose….

    The only possible thing to happen from an overturn (not by any means guaranteed) would be a return to greater state control of things which were designated as belonging there under the actual constitution – as opposed to the imaginary document made up of “penumbras and emanations” from the toxic waste dumps which the blackrobed philoshopah-kangz use for a ‘brain’.

    • Hey Greg, San Fran has huge negro plantations spread out to disperse the victims already. Such a happy place. Easy enough to add more. You have an unlimited reservoir in Oakland,

      • The negroes have to jump the turnstile then ride BART or hijack a car to get to SF. Most of the negroes in SF have been displaced by Mexicans, Asians or other Third World trash. There are some visible on the sidewalks and in the parks all strung out along with the rest of the junkies. It’s the younger negroes who live in Oakland who are energetic enough to make the trip over to SF then loot the place who are the biggest danger.

  2. We’ve tried feminism for about 50 years, and the numbers have shown it just hasn’t worked, for men or women. Our population, even with mass immigration, only grew 0.1% last year. We can’t exist as a dominant power and prop up our current standard of living without increasing the population significantly. That will mean not only stricter regulations on abortion, but also birth control. The time for sexual libertinism is over, we need to grow up and fix this problem while we still can.

    • Why would you want the USA to exist as a dominant power? Why would you want it to exist at all?

  3. A reason we couldn’t have a better society and have gone down this degenerate path.


    When the (((mob))) and (((judges))) work together to destroy any WHITE unity and perphaps prevent WW2 they are defeated by tribal (((conspiracies))).

    (((LaGuardia))) assigned (((special))) police units to make sure the (((mob))) had free reign and the WHITES couldn’t defend themselves.

    Remind you of Charlottesville ?

  4. 78 years after the horrific genocide/destruction of Germany for refusing to pay usury on their own currency the Satanic Empire is sinking like the Titanic. All you can really do is watch and prepare as best you can.

  5. It is all being done out of a hatred of Christ. It is all being done out of a hatred of God. Everything the Jew touches it perverts, makes strange and ungodly, everything.

    The woman and child are in need of protection from these haters of God, haters of all that is good and decent. The Muslims know it, the Taliban know it, that is why they have the woman covered from head to toe to protect her from what the Jews are doing to Americas women and children. The predator needs prey and the predator preys on the weak and the innocent and the weak and the innocent are the woman and the children.

    We are talking about the nature of the beast here.

  6. Have you heard of the Nirvana fallacy? It goes like:

    1. In nirvana, we would not have X.
    2. We are getting rid of X.
    3. Therefore, we are moving closer to nirvana.

    You don’t intervene when your enemy is in the process of committing suicide. It really is that simple.

  7. “How strange it is, the condition of having a body, of being a body. Consider the sponge of the marrow that makes your blood, the skeleton frame that holds in your organs, the tendons that attach your muscles to bone, the heart that pumps blood through your veins, the electrical signals that travel along the optic nerve from your retinas, the neural networks that light up the galaxies of your brain like constellations.”

    Yeah, and imagine what it is like to be in utero and to have your marrow, your veins, your tendons, your heart, and the optic nerves from your retinas shredded to bits by a Jewish abortionist hired by your whore mother. That’ll light up the neural constellations of your brain for sure with excruciating pain as you are dismembered.

    The Atlantic piece is a classic example of why women do not deserve “autonomy” or “freedom” or anything else they are wailing about. Women are second-class intellects, capable only of sophistry that rationalizes their childish emotions.

    Aristotle was not wrong when he wrote “The male is by nature superior, the female inferior” and that nature enabled them to rule over children, slaves and animals, but not over free men because they were incapable of fully being governed by reason.

    A society ruled by women is a degenerate society. No empire in history has ever been created by women, there have never been conquering armies comprised of women, no major scientific advancements have ever been made by women, no influential philosophy has ever been written by a woman, no skyscraper has ever been erected by women, no canal or railroad or superhighway or bridge has ever been constructed by gangs of women.

    The most significant achievement women of women once they are “emancipated” from the “shackles” of the “patriarchy” is to shrilly demand that they have a “constitutional right” to fuck anyone at random and then hack the baby to bits. That, and binge-eating themselves into morbid obesity. Real accomplishments, for sure.

    “You’ve come a long way, baby” indeed.

    • Come on Anglin, just because you have mommy issues doesn’t mean all women are bad.

    • Madame Curie is an example of a woman who made astonishing contributions to chemistry and physics. She discovered two elements, Polonium and Radium, developed the theory of radioactivity, devised methods of isolating radioactive isotopes and developed portable X-Ray machines for use in French Army field hospitals in WWI. Madame Curie was also married (once) and had two children who also had successful lives.

      Another famous “woman” is Admiral Rachel Levine. Born a man (sort of) he became an MD, molested children, decided to cut his dick off, prance around in women’s clothes, use his position in the PA state govt. to transfer his elderly mother to safe care during the Covid thing while everyone else was SOL. He/she/it then got promoted to Admiral by the senile, grossly incompetent and corrupt Dementia Joe. What a life, a tale of inspiration.

      Madame Curie has nothing on “Admiral” Levine.

      • Yeah, yeah. Madam Curie. Next you are probably going to tell me that a Negro invented peanut butter, so obviously the entire black race is equal to the white race.

        Yes, Madam Curie was intelligent. A few women are. But the exception does not disprove the rule. The regression to the mean is what we are concerned about (particularly in a democracy) not anomalous outliers.

  8. I didn’t know that The Atlantic makes movies now-

    “The Atlantic’s first feature documentary is the definitive inside story of the movement that has come to be known as the alt-right.” (IMDb rating 5.6/10)

    “A short documentary that follows director Charlie Tyrell as he tries to uncover a better understanding of his deceased father through the random objects he inherited, including a pile of VHS dirty movies.”

    coming up:

    “Investigate conspiracy theories and explore the life-changing impact they’re having on supporters and those caught in the crosshairs, to discover whether truth as we’ve known it can survive in the 21st century.”

    tl;dr Steve Jobs’ widow spending money on bs

  9. That excerpt from The Atlantic was obviously written by a jew. It’s positively dripping with Talmudic /Satanic venom against the gentiles. “Your cherished institutions are old-fashioned and outdated, goyim. Your white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant ancestors were sexist, racist and transphobic. You should be grateful we are here to enlighten you with our radical notions and rootless cosmopolitanism.”

    The sly, cunning jew argues that wymmin (shiksas) do have a “constitutional right” to abort their gentile fetuses. You just have to interpret the Constitution like a Talmudic scholar in order to discover that “right”. But then they will condemn that same Constitution for allowing free speech, freedom of association and gun ownership. Have we had enough of those fork-tongued serpents yet?

    • I have. We need a homeland. It makes sense that this would be inside the current US as we are mixed europeans and any nominally christian whites could come here and feel welcome.

  10. Are we sure that lefty side is progressive or represents progressism? I find nothing good, positive or progressive in the ideas of the political left worldwide. They present themselves as progressives but they bring humanity towards the abyss.

    • In the literal sense of the term, no, absolutely not. They co-opt the English language as window dressing, as a way of putting lipstick on a pig. Its all a show. Its not literal. And its only meaningful as a way of understanding them and dissecting them.

  11. From a Virginian, in the 1980s, and maybe not entirely off topic …

    “You’ve never been through anything like this. I don’t doubt you’ve seen a lot of it, but you’ve never been through it. I can’t explain the feeling. All I can tell you is that I’m already dead, or the Sherman McCoy of the McCoy family and Yale and Park Avenue and Wall Street is dead. Your self—I don’t know how to explain it, but if, God forbid, anything like this ever happens to you, you’ll know what I mean. Your self … is other people, all the people you’re tied to, and it’s only a thread.”

    (The Bonfire of the Vanities. Tom Wolfe)

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