The Political Cesspool: The Demise of Roe v. Wade

I had a great time on The Political Cesspool last night.

I was on in the second hour, but you should listen to the whole show dissecting the abortion issue and the potential demise of Roe v. Wade from a legal, moral and sexual standpoint.

Hour 1: Sam Dickson

Hour 2: Hunter Wallace

Hour 3: Roger Devlin

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  1. Needless to say I went straight to the HW interview first. And I plan to purchase a large outdoor Stars and Bars flag from

  2. What’s step 2 when you are confronted with the question of what to do with all these newly minted single mothers and their juvenile-delinquent children?

    I want to emphasize the following: the mainstream pro-life movement has no plan, no step 2. All it intends to do is lecture her about muh Jesus, muh family, blah blah blah. She did not listen to them before this supreme court case and will not listen to them after this supreme court case. There is no plan to force her to behave herself, no plan to re-establish the thot patrol. The NYT points out that this opens the floodgates to do X, Y, and Z, but there is no plan to do them. If you think they will happen regardless because a God will make them happen, you should make that logic explicit so rational people know what kind of reasoning they are dealing with.

    • @Anon—-They throw you in jail if you do not pay child support. And they have all these DNA tests to check with.

    • “”””…..but there is no plan to do them….”””

      Then you need to make a plan.

      Improvised action usually fails. They have checklists in airplanes and elsewhere for reason.

  3. I haven’t listened yet but I see two (((objectives))):

    1) rile up the low info psychotic base and get them out in the streets.

    2) legalize infanticide in blue states to ramp up organ and blood harvesting.

    Starting to think many fairy tales memes were based on observation and meant to be lessons for children to spot the evil. When these people start drinking blood their appearance changes.

  4. This is another distraction from the real problem. We are being invaded, and millions and millions are coming into this nation, and people are distracted by things like, “gay marriage”, etc. Meanwhile, our country is slipping through our fingers like grains of sand.
    I think a lot of people figure if they can fix all of the little problems, things will get better. There are only a few BIG ones that really are causing all of them.

    Who owns our country and controls its currency, banks, and legal system.
    Who is bringing in more and more nonwhites for us to support and give our nation up to.
    The anti-white mega-agenda.

    Our loss of rights, the moral decay, etc. etc. all fall under these. You can’t fix the abortion problem or anything else, until the power structure changes.

    I’m just tired of this stuff. The Right has too many experts and no one does a thing.

    • We are Rome, and those are Visigoths coming across our southern border. When Mayorkas deliberately LIES to congress about the invasion, how many of them recognize that there, sitting in front of them, is the man in charge of enforcing the policy that now poses the single biggest existential threat to the future well-being of this country?

      Forget Kim Jong Oon, Khameini and Putin. Biden, Harris, Mayorkas and the rest of the administration are the real enemies.

  5. It was a great broadcast. I spoke to James and Keith shortly after and gave a review. I liked the legal implications of it from Sam Dickson, the moral implications from you, and how it relates to the sexual marketplace from Roger Devlin. Great discussion and it was covered well from all different angles.

    For you Brad, I liked very much how you discussed the electoral side of things with the Democrats fully identifying and solely representing the PMCs. The party is even turning off those non-Whites that are socially conservative. I give the rating 10 Tomato Pies out of 10!

  6. It hasn’t been our country for some time now. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change it or take power. R v W would not be over-turned unless Shlomo willed it. This is not a victory for “conservatives” we are being played. Ditching the term “conservative” is over-due also. New worlders or something like that would be vastly preferable to “conservative”.

  7. We have a lot bigger problems to worry about than abortion. We have a tyrannical anti-White govt that is on the verge of pushing for a nuclear war with Russia. We are being invaded in our our country, censored for our political opinions, etc.etc.

    • Yes, I rarely write about abortion, but it is in the news and I have written dozens of articles about Ukraine. The threat posed by the war is the bigger story though

      • >The threat posed by the war is the bigger story though.

        Agree 100%.

        And regarding abortion, what you’ve written here on OD is better than what you (extemporaneously) said on the podcast.

      • How much did you get paid for shilling on baldy’s show?
        Let’s face it, Brad… you’re doing just what every other shill is doing… pontificating for bux.

        Learn to code.

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