Lindsey Graham Calls For Endless War With Russia

This is why I endorsed J.D. Vance and Mo Brooks.

I’m at the end of my rope with Lady G and his fellow neocons in the Senate. They hobbled the Trump presidency and kept us in Syria and Afghanistan for years. They’ve created their biggest disaster yet in Ukraine which could easily spiral out of control.

The only thing we can do is start thinning the ranks of these people and electing more senators who are at least willing to rhetorically balance the Lindsey Grahams of the Senate. It is really either that or continue whining about the situation as Lindsey and his ilk continue to start new wars. We’ve got to start somewhere in reducing their power over us.


  1. This guy is a retard. There is already a peace agreement in place, the Minsk accords. All that needs to be done is for Ukraine to comply with what they already agreed to.

    • “already a peace agreement in place, the Minsk accords”

      Peace agreements don’t pay kickbacks, weapons contractors do.

  2. Both parties are pushing for a endless war with Russia with very few exceptions. When it comes to wars and Israel ,both parties see eye to eye.

    • The Democrats are worse.

      Especially on Russia. At least Republicans are divided.

      • Yes you have a case if we only take the most recent absurd aid-packages into account. There were only ten representatives who voted against the latest bill – all R-jerseys: Dan Bishop (NC), Warren Davidson (OH), Matt Gaetz (FL), Paul Gosar (AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Thomas Massie (KY), Ralph Norman (SC), Scott Perry (PA), Tom Tiffany (WI). The votes against the massive 1.5 trillion MIC Welfare Bill (which included vast sums for the Zelensky’s Cash Laundry in March had only 69 against (54 R-jerseys, 15 D-jerseys).

        There are far too many unanimous votes or votes on other outrageous items were these so-called “opposition” votes are in complete lockstep with the commands of the (((actual rulers))). We’ve been burned way too many times to ever trust someone running as a Republican to do much of anything at all. Here it’s an election year and this is what the Republican Party, as fake and gay of an opposition party as it is possible to be, gives the zeks who cast meaningless votes for “red meat” – a statistically meaningless number of votes in opposition to the Schlomo agenda for endless war. An actual opposition party could have prevented the bill from passing at all. Lady G is merely Schlomo rubbing it in the face of the retarded Christian Zionists in places like SC who worship his rodentine face.

    • Just reading some of the replies to your fine article from nearly a decade ago was telling. Idiocracy was a documentary it would appear.

  3. This has been in the works for years. They were trying to wait out Putin but now they are desperate. The Satanic Empire is sinking.

    • For some reason Putin is an insurmountable obstacle to the NWO. This war isn’t about Ukraine. It’s about regime change in Russia, aka ousting Putin. That they are willing to risk nuclear war to do this is a measure of their desperation and psychopathic insanity.

  4. The FBI/CIA/NSA Deep State must have a 100 yard long file cabinet of blackmail on Miss Lindsey going back to before he was elected to office. No doubt that is the biggest single factor in Miss Lindsey’s “opinions” regarding his foreign policy preferences. If any of that blackmail were to “accidentally” leak to the MSM it might finally wake up the sleepy voters of “conservative” S. Carolina and cause them to vote his gay ass out of office especially if there were video included.

    The fact that the MSM has never had an ounce of curiosity about Miss Lindsey’s unusual predilections for nighttime company speaks volumes. Any other Republican who has the “wrong” positions has his life gone over with a fine tooth comb. If there is a grain of trouble sifted out there is an explosion of bad publicity and the guy is gone in short order. The Democrats, having the “correct” political ideas get all sorts of leniency for their criminal acts and other scandalous conduct.

    Insider trading by Congress is one example where both Republicans and Democrats commit crimes together with impunity because they’re all in it together and they can’t all go to jail. The MSM isn’t very curious about rampant insider trading amongst the scumbags in Congress either.

    • @12AX7


      Look closely at his eyes. He’s trying to project confidence but all I see is terror.

  5. Every time Lady G tries to butch it up, someone’s going to die. I am sick to death of her and her fellow chicken hawks who want to continue to spend money we don’t have and want to instigate the death of multitudes of innocents.

    If Lady G wants a war, she should head to Ukraine.

  6. As I said before, regarding its security concerns I’m sympathetic to Russia, but agnostic about the need for a war to address them — the reality of the war, seeing Russians and Ukrainians killing each other, saddens me — also, the war is lasting longer than I thought it would, and the amount of destruction you see in Ukraine is also greater than I expected — here is one reason why:

    Telegram/ASB Military NewsCanadian sniper Wali’s partner describes how him and Wali were instructed to assume positions at an apartment building and take out Russian soldiers. In less than 10 mins, the building was hit by a Russian shell which “missed us by 3 meters” — then their crew got hit by Russian snipers. Wali’s Partner in Ukraine says that western elite units missions basically consist of dragging dead bodies of their friends out of the battlefields. He calls the war a total hell and carnage.

    So the Ukrainians and their mercenary sympathizers hide out in apartment buildings and snipe at Russian troops — so what are the Russians supposed to do? — they have to target civilian infrastructure whenever it is necessary to protect themselves.

    • Wali’s gone home to Canuckistan, and his face is plastered over the internet. Now he’ll spend the remainder of his days looking over his shoulder, until he has his ticket punched. It serves the cocksucker right. War is not a game.

      • Hopefully Vlad has an umbrella man or two in Quebec to punch his ticket at an opportune moment. He certainly has it coming. Perhaps he can get a nice Pfizer shot … one of the special batches.

  7. The real question is just what sort of compromising video do they have of Lady G to make him such a loyal attack poodle? Homosexuality is so mainstream now It must be something to do with kids.

    • Betcha the video is held by Mossad. Ghislaine probably knows what’s on the tape featuring Lady G. Her associate J. Epstein the math wiz probably knew or continues to know as well.

  8. “There is no off ramp in the proxy war with Russia”

    No off ramps? Where has this ever been the case in past?

    Why of course it was those same ol’ “lovable” Yankee Empire tactics with the South.

    True to our traditions of peace and our love of justice, we sent commissioners to the United States to propose a fair and amicable settlement of all questions of public debt or property which might be in dispute. But the Government at Washington, denying our right to self-government, refused even to listen to any proposals for a peaceful separation. Nothing was then left to do but to prepare for war.
    — President Jefferson Davis, Second Inaugural Address, Virginia Capitol, Richmond, 02/22/1862.

    Putin had better throw everything he’s got at the Yankee Empire while he still has a chance. These are demonic dogs running the Yankee Empire who have dropped nukes on civilian cities and destroyed the lives and economy of half their own nation to get their way in the past. There is no off ramp with the USA. You either nuke this godless Yankee Empire into oblivion or starve to death and be overthrown from within with the Yankee Empire led West throwing up sanctions, embargoes, terrorism at you with increasing intensity. There is no “off ramp” down the road with the Yankee Empire unless you destroy it and dump it off the ramp you create yourself via nukes. There is no peace with these people who promote homosexuality, transgenderism, human sacrifice (abortion), and other satanic behaviors, etc.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  9. Lady G should not be surprised that he/she/it finds a Spetsnaz ‘wet work ‘ team waiting for him outside of his twink trick’s room. Between calling for the assassination of Putin, and shilling for the war in Khazarkraine, Lady G has made himself a HVT for the GRU.

    • That would be a cause for celebration. Imagine if Lady G’s house-negro Mr. Tim were in her boudoir at the same time. A real two-fer! Sadly I think Vlad has more important things on his plate. But we can always hope.

  10. The South needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask how in the hell they keep electing this fraud over and over again.

    The South is being played like a bunch a fools by this complete fraud.

    There is nothing tough, patriotic, Christian, traditional, manly, masculine, rebellious, or confederate in supporting CIAMIC-ZOG wars.

    How many White Christian Southerners have actually died overseas fighting in CIAMIC-ZOG wars?

    How many White Christian Southerners still support Israel?

    The entire Jewish establishment that loves to spill White Christian Southern blood overseas also hates you.

    They have mocked you relentlessly for decades in their movies, music, books, media, etc. and sought to completely destroy your heritage and culture.

    They hate you, seek to erase you, and you will still go die for them in their imperial wars.


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