Parade led by “F@ck Biden” banner in Verona, Italy

Hundreds of people in Verona, the largest city in the Veneto Region, marched against the Biden administration’s foreign policy in Ukraine. The banner reads “NATO … born to provoke” and “F@ck Biden.”

Veneto has a strong secessionist movement, so people in this area may be particularly sympathetic to secessionists in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

See the report from National Conservative for more details.


  1. Almost no one in Italy wants faggotry, warmongering, and mass immigration, and yet that’s what they get. That’s democracy for you!

    • They stole they election from Salvini. I guess fraud is essential to maintaining control now.

    • Ray, almost no one anywhere wants faggotry, war mongering and mass immigration. That is why the TV and talking heads need to exist. To convince you that there is some ground swell of support for things that most people hate.

    • @Ray Caruso In Italy we’re hostages of this undemocratic system, as you pointed out we don’t want faggotry and mass immigration but italian leftists and european politics want us toward this direction.

  2. THANK YOU Hunter for posting something about my beautiful country, as you said in Veneto, but almost in all northern Italy there’s a secession movement (in particulary in the 90’s but als still today). Think that the Salvini’s party once time was called League of the North like your League of the South. In Italy we disagree with Biden and democrats.

  3. Remember football season last year? Wait until football season this year. Everyone is going to be chanting “Fuck Joe Biden!”

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