1. Most of their employees exist to enforce the censorship, so it would make sense to fire them.

    • I normally do not celebrate when people lose their jobs but I’ll make an exception here. 1000 fat, neurotic, purple-haired cat ladies and swarthy, arrogant H1-B streetshitters tossed out on their asses, forced to find real jobs or starve. Please excuse me while I laff owt lowd.

    • Very good news lately, abortions banned and now the anti-oligarch Elon firing 1000 Twitter employees!! More freedom of speech on Twitter and more babies make Jesus, our Savior, happy!

      It’s wonderful to be stupid.

    • >Most of their employees exist to enforce the censorship, …

      The word most means a majority, i.e. > 50%, which is definitely not true in this case.

      Among the true believers are unquestionably those who develop the ToS/policies — the people who implement these policies are no doubt a mix: those who agree, disagree, and others just doing a job for the money — but they are together certainly only a relatively small fraction of employees (Twitter has about 7500 employees).

      Headcount at Twitter has risen substantially over the last few years (link) — it would be no surprise if Musk decided many of them are not really essential.

      • Well, they aren’t going to tell the truth and lose their jobs, so it’s hard to know below management just who is a problem, unless you get rid of them all. He has the right idea. Musk firing the majority sends a clear message. Leniency would make him look weak.

      • “The word most means a majority, i.e. > 50%, which is definitely not true in this case.”

        Nope, it’s true. Without having to enforce censorship, Twitter could get by with 10-25% of the workforce it currently has. And 99% of people who work at Twitter are completely worthless.

        • >Nope, it’s true.

          LOL — too often on the Right, you have the feeling you’re in clown world.

          No, it is not true — there is no way (in hell or anywhere else) that > 50% of Twitter employees are busy with content moderation — there are no doubt far more employees involved in core IT, including network architecture and operation (link).

          I have no idea (nor do you) what fraction of Twitter employees are actually essential, but it’s certainly more than ’10-25%’ — and ‘99%’ are not ‘completely worthless’.

    • What will be ‘in court for a decade’? — the vast majority of Twitter employees are no doubt salaried professionals, each with an individual contract — in the US, employment for such people is ‘at will’, meaning they can be let go at any time, and they can quit/leave the company whenever they wish — reducing headcount at American companies is routine.

      Assuming all goes as planned, Musk’s takeover of Twitter will be completed within about 6 months — there are very few serious legal hurdles imaginable.

  2. Muskrat will take over later, probably October. He will use twitter to protect and promote his businesses, promote the global warming hoax, and try to convince everyone they need to go into surgery and have a chip implanted in their brain, so skynet can control you directly at the cortex.

    And of course, his primary assignment, along with his Agency partner Peter Thiel (fag), is to take control of the Republican Party. Very likely, they will succeed. So, the CIA will continue to control both parties.

    • R.R., you are accurate. This leopard (Musk) does NOT change his spots, regardless of the “free speech” propaganda that some here would like to believe.

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