Pro-Choice Violence Begins

Hey look, it is the domestic extremists that Joe Biden and DHS has spent so much time warning us about.

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  1. Get video tape from security cameras. Offer $ rewards for information leading to the arrest, prosecution and severe punishment of these anti Christ Antifa Communists.

    Start networking with the best writers, alternative activists like Andy Neo “Unmasked – Inside Antifa’s Radial Plan to Destroy Democracy”.

    Andy Neo and his followers have specific intelligence on exactly who, what where are the specific Antifa terrorists.

    Look for some tough White guys or more likely some tough off White guys like Italian Americans Sheriff Joe A, some Lebanese Christian, some Whiter hispanic who will actually prosecute, fight local Antifa.

    Don’t waste your/our time trying to appeal to Conservative Inc types like Mitt Romney, the Bush Family George Will or some C&W, classic rock ZOG prostitute like Hank Williams Jr, Tobey Keith Ted Nugent that get to go on Zio TV to promote endless Neo Conservative ZOG wars, bomb the Russians etc.

    There are some tough guys (White bikers) who aren’t afraid to physically fight the worst street Antifa punks – these tough guys ain’t gonna dress or act like Whites attending LDS Church of Latter Day Sissies and some might have smoked MJ, inhaled or had a beer before they were over the legal age of 21.

    This country this world ain’t made for cowardly Christians.

    • Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t “off white”. He is white.

      Everyone is waiting for someone else to do something.

  2. Looks to be the work of the FBI agents in training – aka Antifa. Over in Country 404 the badge-gang thugs are known as “Nazis” while here in Chiquitastan they’re called “Antifascists” (or BLM). Regardless of the label, they both serve the same masters and employ the same tactics. Coach Red-Pill has a point: The ones who are calling the shots both here in Murika and over in Country 404 are the same folks. They don’t much care about the particular ideologies, labels or symbols used by their goons as long as the muscle is applied when they order it to be applied.

  3. Well, it’s good for satanic papist rituals to be disrupted, even if it is by rampaging sluts.

  4. Where is the Jew Mayorkas and his DHS? Where is the Jew Garland and his DOJ? Where are the FBI and the ATF?

    Post a Pepe the Frog meme on Gab or have a shotgun a quarter inch too short and the bastards will send 30 goons in MRAPs to kick in your door, shoot your dog, and charge you with thirty years work of crimes. God forbid you go running through the Capitol in with buffalo horns and a Trump flag.

    But commit arson and vandalize churches in the name of baby-hacking?

    Nothing to see here kids… move along now.

  5. The Ushers did just an OK job of escorting the anti Christ pussy riot types out of their Catholic Church.

    As always my kinsmen the Russians do it better.

    Whenever I’m depressed I binge watch videos of modern day Cossacks breaking up Pussy Riot demos at the Russian Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

  6. Typical Anti-White screamer and thug behavior. The obvious question is WHY do TPTB let them get away with it?

  7. The shitlib scum must pay a physical price for their attacks aimed at political intimidation, not the slap-on-the-wrists they get from everyone in the kiked System, including the FBI vermin.

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