The Atlantic: The Southernization of the Pro-Life Movement

Roe falls.

It falls because of White Southern Protestants and especially those “Assad-like margins” with populist rural voters. Catholic voters have gone in the opposite direction over time.

The Atlantic:

“When the Supreme Court issued its landmark abortion-rights decision, Roe v. Wade, in 1973, the most intransigent opponents of the decision were not the legislatures of southern Bible Belt states such as Mississippi and Oklahoma. Indeed, doctors in many southern states—including Arkansas, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia—had been performing legal hospital abortions for at least a few carefully defined “therapeutic” reasons for years before Roe. The state legislatures that presented the strongest defiance to legalizing abortion were those of the heavily Catholic states of the Northeast. Barely 10 percent of Massachusetts legislators supported legalizing abortion in 1973, according to an archival American Civil Liberties Union document. Instead of permitting the procedure up to the point of viability (about 28 weeks at the time), as the Supreme Court mandated, the Massachusetts state legislature responded to Roe by passing a bill prohibiting abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy. Rhode Island’s statehouse presented even stronger opposition: It kept abortion clinics out of the state until 1975, when its anti-abortion law was overturned by a federal court.

Today, of course, Massachusetts and the rest of New England are in the vanguard of states that will protect abortion access if—when, as it now appears—Roe v. Wade is rescinded. And many of the southern states that liberalized their abortion laws in the late 1960s and early 1970s are now at the forefront of the movement to restrict abortion. …

But in the United States, the anti-abortion movement did not remain predominantly Catholic. Southern evangelical Protestants, who had once hesitated to embrace the anti-abortion movement in the belief that it was a sectarian Catholic campaign, began enlisting in the cause in the late ’70s and ’80s. Motivated by a conviction that Roe v. Wade was a product of liberal social changes they opposed—including secularization, the sexual revolution, second-wave feminism, and a rights-conscious reading of the Constitution—they made opposition to the ruling a centerpiece of the new Christian right. When they captured control of the Republican Party in the late 20th century, they transformed the GOP from a northern-centered mainline Protestant party that was moderately friendly to abortion rights into a hotbed of southern populism that blended economic libertarianism with Bible Belt moral regulation. …”

For me, it comes down to a glance at these people.

I’m a “far right extremist” because I am not on the side of these degenerates. I don’t think society is improved by “progressing” any further in this direction. Quite the opposite.

It was a Catholic elite on the Supreme Court with a largely rural White Southern Protestant base that got the job done. The ‘New Right” types would be wise to remember that.

Note: The one on the left is the strongest argument for abortion rights. I would rather go the adoption route though. There is a shortage of babies for American parents who want to adopt them.


  1. And yet Roy Moore couldn’t win the Alabama Senate seat. (true it was stolen, but Roe vs Wade was basically a stolen decision, and this decision might yet be snatched from it) The reason that Catholics on the Supreme Court may yet overturn Roe vs Wade is that they were old enough to be raised among Catholics who had pre-Vatican II sensibilities and remember those Catholic attitudes about abortion, which were respected or at least tolerated enough that they could rise to the positions they are in. Sincere Evangelical Protestants like Roy Moore were not really tolerated or approve by the GOP for office, only mainline country club Protestants. It was Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin that gave us the Trump-nominated justices on the Supreme Court. I don’t downplay the role of Southern conservatives in helping us to overturn Roe vs Wade (although they helped nominate effectively pro-choice candidates such as McCain and helped the Bushes, helped Dole prevent Buchanan from being more influential in ’96), but they’re not the ones doing this. Sorry, they didn’t do it. And the truth be told, we’ll have to see how serious they really are about legislating against it. Maybe Louisiana will have strict laws. Robert Bork converted to the Catholic Faith, as did Horatio Storer. Clarence Thomas returned to the Catholic Faith. I’m surprised Gorsuch is actually committed to overturning this decision. The Planned Parenthood Bush family (thank you Texas and South Carolina for giving us those “Yale thing” Yankees!) almost gave us Harriet Miers, it was just too inept and and transparent a choice! Buchanan’s cultural war convention speech and his campaigns against Bush should also be remembered for helping to wake up the pro-life wing of the GOP. Buchanan campaign rhetoric was in many ways a precursor to Trump’s.

  2. I think Protestant Trump let it be known from the start that he was pro-life, and opposed to abortion! That swayed a lot of elite opinion, including his Supreme Court picks who would look terrible as Catholics for abortion.

    Sotomayor, the Roman Catholic Puerto Rican will look stupid if she votes for abortion.

    • You mean the thrice divorced guy who goes to Episcopalian Church with the children married to Jews? The fellow who didn’t have any grandparents who growing up speaking English as their first language? Trump announced he was pro-life and made the commitment to the “list” because it was the ONLY way he could win. He learned that when he lost the Reform Party nomination to Trump in 2000.

      • LOL. I didn’t know that Scotland isn’t English speaking. Trump has not been divorced 3 times, he’s been married 3 times, divorced twice. How many times has Trump said he would like to have had Tom Brady as a son-in-law.

        Most Presidents have attended Episcopal services, that doesn’t mean anything to a Protestant.

        His grandad Trump ran a hotel-casino in Alaska, if he didn’t have a pretty good command of English, he would have been dead.

        • Trump´s mother grew up on a remote island of the Outer Hebrides where everyone spoke Gaelic.
          English was her second language. Interesting, but not a matter of much importance.

  3. Oh dear. Vdare and apparently one Fox News report is showing mobs of COVID, TB, AIDS, Ebola infected Black Haitians massing on the other side of the Tex Mex border – it will be a Jean Respail Camp of the Saints type invasion, destruction of our civilization and Religious Right, Evangelical Christian Conservatives in the Bible Belt are deaf done and blind to the Haitian invasion preferring to obsess about birth control and rival Christian church denomination divisions like John F Kennedy and Chicago Mayor Richard J Daley and Pat Buchanan’s father taking direct orders from the Conservative Irish and Catholic priests in the Vatican or Latter Day Saints, Mormons not being really true Christians and something about men’s underwear.

    Oh dear.

    My history sources indicate remaining White Greek Orthodox Christians in Constantinople had similar foolish obsessions about Christian denomination theology doctrines as the Islamic hordes from Islamic hell led by White blue eyed Janissary warrior slaves were getting ready to breach the once impregnable walls of Constantinople and slaughter, rape, enslave all the White European Christians inside which was the model for JRR Tolkien’s Minis Tirith in Lord of the Rings.

    Meanwhile the Liberty University Pat Robertson Protestant Religious Right including former GOP VP Mike Pence want to focus on fighting the Russian Army in Ukraine and Crimea – the last group that tried that was the Waffen SS.

    Here’s Vdare including the Fox story of the (projected in 2 weeks) Black Haitian, COVID, AIDS, Ebola migrant invasion. Yep Camp of the Saints, Orc sack of Minas Tirith.

  4. JPS writes:

    “And yet Roy Moore couldn’t win the Alabama Senate seat.”

    I respond.

    The reason Roy Moore couldn’t win the Alabama Senate seat is that educated White folks in Alabama and elsewhere don’t want to be represented by lower class, uncultured Bible Fundi types trying to turn back the clock and push stop like “Creationism” in public schools, show supporters that are fat, look and act stupid by doing things like snake handling, speaking in tongues, running around trying to scare everyone that the world is ending this year, Jesus is about to come back and all the good people will soon get “RAPTURED” and the only thing that should be done is to:

    Support Israel and all things Jewish, give your money to 4 money grubbing televangelists, hate all things Liberal including anybody like me that has a good knowledge of geography, renaissance art or Shakespeare.

    The anti White Lib Jews media knows this and have made the smart move to switch the national political narrative away from “It’s the Economy Stupid”, “It’s border anarchy stupid” , “It’s Black criminal anarchy BLM and Antifa riots, organized mass looking in our cities stupid” to:

    “Look that backward, stupid Religious Right Fundi Evangelicals are trying to take full power in the USA and take away all the rights of:

    Responsible Gays, LGBT
    Catholics yes Catholic!
    LDS Mormons
    Any one who isn’t White Religious Right Protestant Christian.

    That’s what’s going on here.

    The Roy Moores, Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberson’s, Anti Abortion obsessed White folks turn most everyone else off – they don’t even have immigration or Black crime, CRT on their radar, everything is about abortion, returning out National to their narrow interpretation of the Bible.

    Yep, that’s what’s going on here.

    Right Wing Religious Right Conservatives in the South, Midwest will never miss and opportunity to….

    Miss and opportunity.

    This November Congressional election should be a landslide victory for populist, immigration patriots, race realists, American first resist ZOG, Neo Conservative wars, adventures etc.

    This November Congressional election should be a slam dunk, massive landslide even greater than Nixon’s 1972 landslide victory over George McGovern, or Reagan’s 1980s, 84 landslide victories over Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale.

    We now have Jimmy Carter style 1970s mass inflation – “It’s the economy stupid”.

    But — it’s not called “The Stupid Party for nothing”.

    A clear majority of Bible Thumping Religious Right Pro Life extremists in the South, Midwest barely know how to read, they hate all liberals and most intelligent people that do know how to read, that know basic geography that know WWF wrestling isn’t real.


    If the dumb as* fat, assed “It’s the End Times”, “We’re all about to get RAPTURED and Jesus Christ is about to come back and WE MOST SUPPORT ISRAEL” Religious Right idiots didn’t exist ZOG would have to invent them and maybe they did.

    So embarrassing.

    • This November Congressional election should be a landslide victory for populist, immigration patriots, race realists, American first resist ZOG, Neo Conservative wars, adventures etc.

      Oh we’ve had two such landslides in the past 30 years:

      1) The Repuke “Contract with Murika” wave of 1994, led by History Professor Newt Gingrich (no Roy Moore there). They held the house for the next 12 years and the Senate for 10 of the next 12 years. What do we have to show for it now? Zero. No out-of-control Kritarchs impeached and removed, no imperial bureaucracies abolished, no odious legislation repealed. Worse than useless.

      2) The “Tea-Party” wave of 2010. This was Repuke grifting at a new level. They were seated and promptly caved on issue after issue for a likely foreigner serving as teleprompter-reader (who nevertheless could read better than Joey Shitpants). Again, zero to show for it. Again, worse than useless.

      That’s not even beginning to address the ultimate con-job by Kang Cyrus (Cheetohead the Clown) who ran as the type of populist who might do something in 2016. Even more than most Repukes, the ‘God-Emperor’ of Grift talked a great spiel in 2016 and promptly turned around and fellated Schlomo & Co. at every single opportunity. His appointments to “drain the swamp” consisted solely of longtime swamp-dwellers. The pardons (of every Jew swindler and violent negro Jared could think of – Cyrus being unemcumbered by any sort of thought process except grifting) and tossing his supporters under Biden & Garfinkel’s bus of woke on 1/6/21 was the ultimate FU from Zion Don.

      So you think participation is an electoral system basically now proved to be rigged beyond any reasonable doubt is somehow going to make a difference this time and you’re sooo afraid that a potential overturning a lawless ruling will alienate a group of morons into voting for the D-jerseys. We’ve just seen all but ten Repukes in the house vote for to get involved in an utterly illegitimate war thousands of miles away because the Kagans and the other powers that be say so. So what was your answer to the question you posed so aptly nearly a decade ago about Lady G – an abomination if ever there was one? Vote moar harder?

      Genuine immigration patriots, race realists, American first ZOG-resisters, foes of Neo Conservative wars, adventures etc, do not even get onto the candidate list under the present rigged system. Vote moar harder does not work. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a literal definition of insanity. Time to start thinking outside the nice little box they have set up for us.

  5. Ten years ago TOO wrote about the “Tea Partyization of Wisconsin Politics” – how (supposedly) Tea Party style “racial politics” (mean, whites and blacks) had come to Egalitarian Quasi-Socialist German Lutheran Wisconsin. The old communitarian ideals were become less popular because of growing black dysfunction in Wisconsin’s cities.

    Five years ago some Democrat blog – possibly The Atlantic – said that that all of non-urban America was becoming “Dixified” and “Confederated” because of Trump’s new “Populism” and the Democrat’s swerve to “far-left” issues like cross-dressing.

    I’ve said it plenty of times before: this so-called “NatSoc” movement is nothing but Jews and Feds and a couple of post-Protestant crank cultists. Why are they dragging all this World War II shit into 2022, just like the Jews they are married to?

    We already have a Rebel Flag and we even have the Gadsden Flag and the Susan B. Anthony flag. These are the natural Schelling point symbols for American/European man on the North American continent.

    You have to meet someone at Grand Central Terminal in New York City at high noon. But Grand Central Terminal is huge – where do you meet?

    Obviously, under the clock – the most famous central landmark in Grand Central Terminal. Without coordination, you can both meet there because it is the natural Schelling point.

    Americans want to rebel against the federal occupation government. What sort of symbolism will they use? Our ancient symbolism, and the symbols of the last time the American people stood up to the federal government?

    No – of course not! We need to dress up like a Hogan’s Heroes extra, talk about “Our Uncle Adolph Hitler” (WTF? talk about a cult, why not L. Ron Hubbard?) give “Nazi salutes” for the Jewish media, and blather on about why Christians suck.

    Clearly – the winning strategy!

    Now once you ignore the Fed/Jew/Nazi (redundant) “Movement” – it is all fake and gay – we can start flying those Rebel flags and it’s game on.

  6. > It was a Catholic elite on the Supreme Court with a largely rural White Southern Protestant base that got the job done.

    As a dyed in the wool anti-papist, I nevertheless have to admit – and admire – the fact that Catholics have a much more sophisticated institution, which is why Catholics – not Protestants – have dominated Elite Law.

    Partially, though, it is because the Jew and Catholic Northern Democrats made a deal to block any Protestants on the Supreme Court since Robert Bork.

    But let’s not LARP here – 99% of “Catholic” Democrats are about as “Catholic” as Lindsey Graham is whatever he pretends to be. It has a little bit to do with religion – not much – but it has far more to do with the elite ethnic networks of the Bosh-Wash corridor and the North Eastern Democratic urban political machines.

    If you look closely you can see that the California Democratic party – and by extension Oregon and Washington – are actually not quite the same as their East Coast Democratic party counterparts. Ron Unz has done some really interesting writing about post-war California politics.

  7. As someone from a half catholic and half protestant background, the most ardent atheists I know now were Catholic growing up, take that for what you will. The only devout Catholics I know are either Hispanics or converts to Trad Catholicism. The Protestant kids may not be as devout as their parents, but they are still believers. I personally think it has to with always being afraid you’re in mortal sin and having to go to Confession, so they have an extreme reaction the other way. Catholics really have a different view of God and forgiveness of sins than Protestants do.

  8. I was at Walgreens earlier today and I noticed that their OTC morning after pill called Plan-B was sold out.

  9. Right,no one is saying you have to raise the baby, or feed and care for the baby, or love the baby in the slightest. All you have to do is bring that baby into this world than turn your back and walk away from your own flesh and blood.

  10. There used to be a popular expression: Banned in Boston. Krafty’s Irish and Italian Catholic friends ruled Massachusetts and Rhode Island almost like a theocracy. And the Irish/Italian mob kept the moulinyans out of White Catholic neighborhoods, capish?

    • … and it was a better place when they did. Even rule by the Italo-Irish mob is preferable than rule by Jews and their Yankee step-n-fetchits. As you noted, at least they kept the moulinians out. Jews will buy up a bunch a places in a white neighborhood and start using the Section Ape urban renewal plan. As those whites with IQs above room temperature flee, Schlomo picks up the de-valued real estate for pennies on the dollar. You’ll note that this northeastern urban type of Jim Crow system rapidly collapsed in the wake of Jews taking over the Catholic church via Vatican II. Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia was about the last of the old Italian guard in Philadelphia, which has turning into yet another negroid hole since.

  11. The irony of it all, that restless element of the.north, crusading for the abolition of slavery, claiming they answered, to a higher power, higher than the law of the land, claiming the moral high ground for themselves, giving themselves the right, too take direct action, superseding, the lawful rights of the citizenry of the south, well, we claim the moral high ground this time, we crusade for the abolition, of the coldblooded murder of the innocent unborn, we answer too a higher power, than the law of the land, therefore ,we have the right too take direct action, too defend the lives of the innocent unborn, if our actions supersede the lawful rights and sovereignty of women over their own bodies, well so be it, we answer too a higher power, than the law of the land, our crusade too abolish abortion is just, the right of the unborn too live, is greater than the right of women too end the life of the innocent unborn……..the life is in the blood, if it has blood, it has a soul, this crusade to abolish abortion, is righteous and just……

    • Decades ago, Terry, a friend of mine and I co-wrote a science-fiction TV script that was set in the future and in which one of the characters said—oh, I can’t remember our exact wording, but the character basically listed “the abolitionist movement that culminated in the American Civil War” and “the abortion-clinic bombings of the late Twentieth Century” among violent struggles for “the dignity of the individual.” The script, I must tell you, achieved its purpose, of getting us an invitation to pitch story ideas to the staff of a science-fiction show that was in production at that time and of which I’m sure you’ve heard. By the time we received the invitation, I myself was no longer in Los Angeles, and I decided I did not want to pursue that kind of work (in which, with my very-limited talent, I would never have attained a livelihood, anyway). I wished my friend good luck in accepting the invitation on his own.

      PS I certainly wasn’t in favor of abortion-clinic-bombings or any other unannounced use of explosives in public places, but I’d figured we should just throw that into the script and see what happens.

      • mr.Bonaccorsi, very interesting story, thank you for sharing that with me, the irony of the role reversal, with these abolishment movements struck me, you have a sharp mind sir, you saw it too, quite a while back and like you sir, I in no way endorse or condone any kind of violent actions toward abortion clinic’s, two wrong’s don’t make a right, as always sir, nice too hear from you and thank you for your reply…..

        • You’re welcome, Terry, and thanks, in return, for your remarks. Always good to hear from you, too.

  12. “The Atlantic: The Southernization of the Pro-Life Movement”

    “, America’s” Test Kitchen; Where cooks from Boston, Massachusetts, prepare “classic American” dishes that nobody outside of New England ever heard of, much less ate.

    Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern; Where BBQ and fired chicken are considered foreign and strange (to Yankees).

    “The Southernization of the Pro-Life Movement”

    They mean the Americanisation
    of the Pro-Life Movement.

    It should be apparent, from everything from food, to politics and culture, that the North is a different country from the rest of America. That’s especially true of the Northeast. It’s painfully apparent that they don’t belong in the same government and polity as us. George Washington suspected that making a political union with Yankees might be bad for republican government, and for the general welfare of the country. His suspicions were correct. Obviously, to us in 2022.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

    Z. For Dixie, too.

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