Pro-Choice Mob Protests Alito’s Home

At some point, they will tire of this because nothing is really changing in their states. If anything happens, it will become easier to get an abortion in Blue States.

Note: The “choice” to dismember your unborn child and dispose of its mutilated body in a garbage bag ISN’T like choosing whether to dine out at a Thai or Chinese restaurant. Modernists see it that way though. It is not like their own blood means anything to them. The Self is what matters.


  1. Funny how the only “freedom” the Judeo-Liberal establishment encourages is the freedom for shiksas to decide if they want to terminate their unintended pregnancies.

  2. It gives me a little comfort that some of our elites are concerned about declining birth rates. At least there are still some adults in the room.

  3. I don’t see this topic being long lived despite the efforts of the media to keep it going.

    There are just too many other things going on that animate people.

    Its an issue that can and will be dealt with state by state.

  4. ‘Abort the Court’ – there’s some sense in that

    Most Americans don’t know the Supreme Court rejects – literally – 99% of all cases presented to it, without hearing

    The US Constitution of 1789 gave Congess absolutely unlimited powers to impeach any and every USA Federal or Supreme Court Judge / Justice, merely for ‘lack of good behaviour’ … such as fabricating law from the bench, violating State’s Rights, or any other abuse of power

    But that power is almost never used; instead, US judges created a cult around themselves, grown much worse after 1865

    It’s a crime that ‘judges’ decide political issues … this is raw oligarchism

    On Unz Review, Russian-Jewish Israel Shamir has denounced the ‘cult of judges’ as an extremely Jewish invention (see Bible ‘rule by judges’), which intrinsically covers brutal oligarchic power with an artificial veneer … this ‘cult of judges’ particularly afflicts Anglo countries and the USA

    Sabotaged US Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, wrote a book explicitly saying that USA judicial tyranny was modelled on modern Israel

    In the 2018 Dept of Justice file that exposed Robert Mueller’s involvement in a federal judge bribery scandal involving Clinton-Bush campaign donors, one of the donor quotes was, “There is no f-cking ‘Constitution’. The ‘Constitution’ belongs to people like me who own the f-cking judges.’

    • Excellent point. Just for the record, the last blackrobed federal philosphah-kang to be impeached was Alcee Hastings. He was impeached by a D-jersey congress in 1988 (Ho-House) and convicted in 1989 (Chamber of Incitatuses) for 8 of the 11 articles of impeachment for bribery and perjury. As we all know by now, Hastings was a perfect fit for congress and was voted in by machines for the retarded district from northern Miami from 1992 and every ‘election’ thereafter until he went to his eternal reward in the company of St. George the Breathless just over a month ago – nearly three solid decades toiling endlessly in the swamps of the District of Corruption.

      Mind you, this was a 1988 Democrat congress. Repukes, being literally worse than useless, have failed to impeach a single one of the many philosophah-kangz who legislate by phart-signals from the bench on an hourly basis.

    • Our so-called “elites” deserve the howling mob treatment; not because of this leaked opinion, but because they have tacitly and even open endorsed the same treatment of the founding White stock of this country who oppose the anti-White agenda. What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander!

  5. Probably most of them don’t see themselves in this light, but this how I see them. They are devil worshipers destroying human life in a stupid, irresponsible way. Life means nothing to them, just their own petty wants. Devil worshippers probably take human life more seriously than these assholes.

    Abortion is not birth control, and should not be used as such.

  6. No uterus, no opinion. Such shallow logic. What about women whove had hysterectomies? And its not that you want me to have no opinion, it is that you want me to have the right opinion, uterus or not. She wouldnt say my opinion is invalid by virtue of my cock if I brought myself to agree with her. That because she knows that my sex cannot really change the underlying realities out of which we attempt to make policy through the use of reason. The only tool in argument is reason, not a uterus. Those two things are not always the same.

  7. How many of these ever passionate leftist women protesting ever have abortions? They seem like the least likely types to get knocked up: lesbians and militant career bitches who are generally competent enough to use birth control when they aren’t downright frigid cat ladies with zero dates.

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