New York Times: How Ben Got His Penis

Ben has an inviolable sovereign right to his own body.

It was his choice to become a “trans” man and get a penis.

New York Times:

“Nothing about Benjamin Simpson’s transition was inevitable, certainly not his penis. Though he did, in the end, grow up to be a man, he freely admits that in another place or time he might have grown into an unhappy woman, or the local eccentric, or a person who died too young from suicide. Raised in a village outside the Finger Lakes — a place, to this day, where cell service is spotty — he did not know what “transgender” was. As a young girl, he assumed he would become a man when he grew up. When he realized he would not, he forgot the whole idea and started collecting other evidence to explain why something in his life always felt off.

First, there was the way he wore baggy clothes in the summer. (Then again, lots of teenage girls dislike their bodies.) Next came the lesbian rumors at school. (Though Ben did know that he liked girls, he did not feel like a lesbian at all.) To combat the gossip, he started dressing girlier and tried having sex with boys a few times. His interest in their bodies was more appraising than erotic. Browsing a Myspace group for lesbians, he found himself yearning for a clear identity. Where did he fit in the scheme of the world? Incomprehensible to himself, he tried a few times to end his own life. Soon after, he went looking for himself at New York University.

Ben arrived at college in 2009. There, he started calling himself a “queer lesbian,” a term he used in an attempt to reconcile his attraction to women with his interest in men’s bodies. He joined a campus L.G.B.T. group and met people who seemed to know who they were, who called themselves things like “gender-fluid” or used “ze”/“zir” pronouns. Ben did not feel that these words applied to him, but for the first time he had community and language to help him disentangle himself. This was a stressful and exciting interlude. He went out in outfits from across the gender spectrum, in clothes he wouldn’t dream of putting on today. He had long debates over terms: What was the difference between a butch lesbian and a transgender man? What was the reason to use these words at all?

In the spring of 2015, Ben got happy hour drinks with two friends at a Midtown barbecue spot. …”

I’m the “extremist” here.

Ben is on a quest to be his true self.

I cling to the old fashioned belief that sex is biological and unalterable. I haven’t changed. It is society that has changed and made progress. Actually, it turns out that changing one’s sex is a matter of will power and surgery. Self expression is also the highest of all goods.

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    • Only chromosomes determine one’s sex. They can do what they want to the outside, but it’s what’s under the hood that counts.

  1. If I didn’t know any better I would almost swear that the jewish people who run the New York Times were trying to confuse their gentile readers about their sexual identity as a way of undermining and ultimately destroying traditional society. But that would be too far-fetched.

    • “New York Times were trying to confuse their gentile readers about their sexual identity”

      “Throw into confusion every nation you encounter.”
      Torah exodus 23:27
      It’s mitzvah.

  2. The author counts as another ‘woman in the workforce’:

    >Jamie Lauren Keiles


    Jamie Lauren Keiles (born 1992) is an American writer and journalist. They are currently a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine and a lecturer at The New School. They first gained attention as a teenage blogger in 2010 for “Seventeen Magazine Project,” a blog chronicling their attempt to follow the advice of Seventeen Magazine for 30 days.

    And just coincidentally, ‘they’ is assigned to the category ‘Jewish feminists’, among others.

  3. So they’re gender fluid and have binary as well………or sumfink??
    Where’s the Taliban when you need them? They have logic. We have………well, human rights obligations.

  4. What is thy name? Legion, as we are many! They? As in Legion as we are many as the possessed man told Jesus?

  5. Perhaps you should have highlighted this part:

    The Supreme Court’s Bostock v. Clayton County decision, handed down in 2020, resolved this ambiguity, at least for the time being: Transgender status is now understood to fall under the umbrella of sex, which in turn makes it a protected civil right, which in turn mandates coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

    And if it’s not already there (?), you may need to add Bostock v. Clayton County to your list of Supreme Court decisions that ought to be overturned (Ginsburg is listed as one of the assenters in that case).

  6. “he freely admits that in another place or time he might have grown into an unhappy woman”

    These people don’t even try to make their belief system coherent.

  7. At a time not too long ago these people would be put in mental hospitals for mutilating their bodies and other serve mental issues. Today it’s the new fad and considered normal. The whole country is sick.

    • The people no longer have anything to respect or believe in. There is no longer any such thing as deviant, shameful or immoral behavior because it’s all relative, you dig?

    • @John
      And what exactly do you have against queer misgendered, binary, non birthing people? They have feelings too you know!! 😉

  8. I use news reports like these to plant a seed in the minds of normie friends. They will say that the trans stuff is sick. They are all pretty patriotic and see Washington DC (monuments, White House, Congress, etc.) as something we should be able to take pride in.

    I run with it something like this. “Imagine if Washington DC was the international go-to city for sex change operations. Imagine if DC were the gay capital of the world. Imagine the economy was significantly worse than it is now. As a result, humans sell themselves for sex to prevent starvation. I say ‘humans’ because that includes women, men, and parents selling their children and babies. Imagine, then, that DC becomes the sex capital of the world. Tourists traveling there because they can find and buy whatever perverted sexual fantasies they might have – men with men, women with women, with children, with babies, with animals, with corpses – and many other ‘combinations’ you can’t even imagine. No need to imagine – it all did happen – not in DC or the USA, but in Berlin, Germany in the 1920’s. It’s one of the things that Hitler and the Nazis cleaned up.”

    I’ll leave it at that and have never gotten any immediate comeback. It’s more like shock. Depending on the person, I’ll also throw in the JQ.

  9. If, in the year I was born, 1960, you had suggested this would one day come to pass, would have considered clinically insane.

    • The problem with having strong, charismatic Leaders like Uncle Addy is that once they’re gone it’s pretty difficult to replace them with another strong, charismatic Leader. In fact the first strong, charismatic Leader might have all other such types shot to prevent any rivalry. Then what happens to the country?

      • Good point. That’s an essential weakness of the cult of personality. Franco in Spain was a better example. He defeated a Bolshevik Jew-run “republic” and ruled as ‘Caudillo’ but he failed to build and organization which had depth to keep the Banksteins out. Now Spain is one of the worst EUSSR toadies.

    • Because whites are now weak, emotional-thinking idiots, not logical and future based beings. Probably 95% of whites hate Hitler, as he was voted the worst human being in all of history.

      • ” hate Hitler, as he was voted the worst human being in all of history.”

        Of course he was, TV tells me so.
        Everyone agrees with TV.

      • @,Pilot,

        Go back to bitching about the Covid vaccine mandate, and how everyone that comments on OD is unemployed but you.

        • You can disagree with me, all you want, but this country is falling apart due to the apathy of whites. And the Covid Mandate was unconstitutional. Don’t be a sheep and just go in circles.

  10. “Though he did, in the end, grow up to be a man, he freely admits that in another place or time he might have grown into an unhappy woman, or the local eccentric, or a person who died too young from suicide.”

    Now “he” will live happily ever after. Or perhaps not. As many as half of all “transgender” individuals commit suicide after undergoing their process of surgical and hormonal grotesquerie. No one really knows because the powers-that-be deliberately fail to keep count. Only in a society dominated by Judeo-Satanic values could such a practice take root.

    • Not only do all those sex changing drugs, therapies and surgeries fail to make “trans” people any happier they might actually worsen the psychological damage being done.

  11. These are the top “men” in the Yankee Empire. The Miss Lindsey Grahams fear and serve them and wants to spread this type of “democracy” all over the world so their special “men” will rule the world.

    The South was right and time has proved the South was right with the sexual depravity that the Yankee Empire is engaged in and now promoting and trying to spread to every country in the world. Yankee, go home!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  12. The Yankee Empire relies heavily on White Southern boys and Southern military bases to maintain its power.

  13. Absolutely stomach turning. Visceral disgust and social rejection of these freaks is the only healthy reaction to this.

    • Old enough,
      When I was a young fella, I did the gym 4 x weekly. I never drank or did drugs. I learned to fix cars and trucks, though admittedly, can’t go near the modern machinery, and can perform basic repairs around the home, and maintain the garden. All I ask of my wife is she can do the cleaning if I’m at work.
      When I was looking for a wife back then, I wanted her to be voluptuous, feminine and just to look like a woman.
      I can’t stand the sight of butch, tattooed lesbos, so I didn’t expect women to find me attractive if I resembled Boy George from Culture Club.
      Real men and real women are naturally attracted to each other.

    • “social rejection of these freaks is the only healthy reaction”

      You can do your part, but the media is too powerful, they will shout you down.

  14. Overtaken by events: When I was younger, I called particularly disgusting people “dildos,” a dildo being a prick that is both phony and hollow. Now this ??? acquires a phony prick. Question: Can ir obtain orgasm?

  15. One question I have about the vaunted “birthing persons” or “pregnant men” the liberals are so obsessed with is how can some girl taking massive amounts of male hormones become pregnant in the first place? Wouldn’t a girl going “trans” with the hormones become sterile? And wouldn’t they be chasing after women if they wanted to be a man? Who knocks them up? If by a sperm bank then it would seem they have powerful maternal instincts to go do something like that which impeaches the argument that they have a “male” soul inside?

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