Women’s Health Protection Act Fails In Senate

The Republican Senate isn’t completely worthless.

Sure, we could easily stumble into a hot war with Russia from which we would never recover over the status of Donbas, but in other areas outside of foreign policy the GOP typically blocks the Democrat legislative agenda. That’s pretty much all they are capable of these days.

Rolling Stone:

“The Senate on Wednesday voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act, with 49 lawmakers voting to preserve abortion access across the nation, and 51 telling women they do not have the right to choose what to do with their bodies. The vote fell along party lines, with the exception of centrist Democrat Joe Manchin, who voted with Republicans.

The bill’s failure was expected, and even if Manchin had voted with Democrats it wouldn’t have exceeded the 60-vote threshold necessary to avoid the filibuster. Nevertheless, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer brought the Women’s Health Protection Act to the floor to put lawmakers on record as the Supreme Court appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“We are making sure that every senator will have to vote and every American will see how they voted,” Schumer said earlier on Wednesday. “I believe the Republican Party — the MAGA Republican Party — will suffer the consequences electorally when the American people see that.” …”

Among other things, this blocking instinct of the GOP stands in the way of a massive amnesty for illegal aliens and all sorts of other evils that have already passed the House. The Joe Biden presidency could have been a helluva lot worse with two or three more Democrat senators.

Note: The growing inability of Democrats to compete for Senate seats in rural, White working class states has doomed the progressive agenda.


  1. What about men’s health protection? Or is this a way to give more money to the foreigners coming here to dump their babies on US ground?

  2. I hate to sound like an alarmist, but I suspect the Democrats don’t want to run for another election. They want to create a national crisis to declare martial law and suspend the elections altogether indefinitely.

    They are bending over backwards to engage Americans to the point that those who are least like!y to vote for them will take up arms to force them out.

    This in-your-face with stripping the shelves bare of baby formula, confiscating any baby formula shipped in from Europe, only to make sure the American public finds out that there is plenty reserved for the babies of southern border invaders looks like TPTB are throwing down the gauntlet to me…

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