Tucker Carlson: Our Leaders In Washington Don’t Care About Us


This is basically what I said this morning.

The demise of Roe v. Wade is good news. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter is also welcome news. There is a lot of bad news to digest – inflation, gas prices, illegal immigration, crime, suicides, drug overdoses, “trans,” censorship and so many other problems – but the war in Ukraine is the most worrisome. The leaders of both parties are blindly supporting it and getting more deeply involved by the day and this stupid proxy war with Russia has the most potential to spiral out of control.

Of all the problems that we have in this country (record suicides, record drug overdoses, record crime, record inflation, record gas prices, record levels of illegal immigration, record cultural degeneration, record low fertility, record levels of surveillance and censorship and violations of civil liberties), the fight for Donbas is what absorbs the full attention of the useless idiots in Washington.


  1. Why is OD ignoring 2000 mules? Con Inc has been effective in censoring and suppressing evidence of the 2020 rigged election. Emerald Robinson analyses Fox news, the supposedly conservative mouthpiece suppression of 2000 mules.

    • This is the first I have heard about it.

      To answer your question though, I am working more hours this month to save money for our road trip to the Southwest

    • The Election was rigged by the Nonwhite Racial Tsunami unleashed upon America by the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act………You are worried about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic………

      • Boomers think if they just get the right (moderate, centrist) Republican candidate to run, things will work out. They STILL think it’s about the Democrats versus the Republicans. What more do the Republicans have to do to prove they don’t care about whites?
        We have so many Republicans ranting and yelling about Biden appointees, politicians, etc. and it’s all talk, no action, just like that new SCOTUS diversity hire got in. No one stopped that.

        • The entire system, social, political, economic, educational, is Anti-White rigged. That’s what the Long March Thru the Institutions was all about.

          • Yes, and most Americans continually ignore this. These anti-white appointees are going to drive the nails in the coffin for us.
            I just can’t figure out why most Americans buy into the multicultural America thing.

    • “The Election was rigged”:

      Similarly, the “Trump of the South,” Jair Bolsonaro, says the upcoming Brazilian election is rigged, and he has the Brazilian military on his side, preparing to count his votes separately. So there will be two different outcomes and Bolsonaro’s special count will prevail. The U.S. intends to prevent Lula from being elected again. Last time, they locked Lula in prison on false charges to prevent him from campaigning.

  2. Ok, but so what?

    Nobody is willing or capable to do anything about it.

    I have been thinking about Evan McClaren and how he renounced everything he once believed in. Trying to understand what motivates someone to do that. I suspect guys like him survey the political landscape and see the utter hopelessness of the situation. They then decide to save their own necks instead of carrying water for a people who are seemingly losing on purpose.

    Apparently most on the right are content to just lap up Fox news outrage porn videos forever. Then they can re-elect the orange clown again and have a Q-Anon revival.

    • We’ve got millions of people on our side and some support on this issue in Washington. The fact that my opinion on this issue is indistinguishable from Tucker’s opinion is an advance. Instead of having a meltdown and becoming a liberal, we should just elect more people who share our POV and build up the strength of our faction

      • But they always pledge their allegiance to Israel. Always. Or they don’t get in. The control of our government needs to change. It was Trump that said they control our Congress, “and that’s a good thing!”.

  3. Yeah we can’t have the poor American taxpayers funding a southern wall………. they’d much rather give 40 billion to an overseas cause!
    And how much of that wall would 40 billion get completed? Quite a lot I’m guessing.
    More billions that you’ll never see again.
    I’ve long argued that if Vlad wants the invasion to be quick and successful, he should paint his soldiers brown and sent them unarmed. They then become peaceful, unarmed brown invaders……..a lot like Europe, North America and Australia get. Pelosi & co will soon lose interest in helping Ukraine.

    • They pay themselves off this way. We will never see a wall BTW. There’s so many of them coming in. They are bussing old ones in, so they can get on Medicare and Social Security. Old Central Americans who never paid a cent into our system. They get it free, so think about THAT the next time you pay your Medicare bill.

    • The problem is that those hapless taxpayers keep in falling for the same scam over and over again from the Repuke party, which needs to be burned to the ground and the earth beneath sewn with salt. That’s how we end up with not only Lady G and Mitt Wormney – who are the oligarchy’s way of rubbing our collective noses in it – but others who are ultimately worthless like Rand Paul, the football cuck from Alabama, etc. The sole reason 57 Repukes voted against Pelosi’s latest 40 billion handout to Jewkraine is because TPTB knew it would pass overwhelmingly so the controlled “opposition” was permitted to make a meaningless show for the idiots so they think the system works. The system has been unidirectional for a long time now, something Tucker isn’t going to mention or investigate.

      Elections are completely rigged so voting moar harder for fake-and-gay “opposition” is guaranteed defeat. Trump was merely an improved model of the standard Repuke grift: Sounds promising but only obeys orders from Schlomo. MAGA is merely Tea-Party version 2.0. As for the hapless idiots, to borrow from Bill Clinton (who many voted for): “I feehul yo’ pain”. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result with each try is literally insane. It would be far more effective is more on our side quit their shit jobs with Schlomo, Inc. or some Chamber of Commerce cuck and go on welfare. Other methods of wrecking the entire system should be encouraged and explored. With Cloward-Piven on steroids the whole rotten ediface collapses faster. Burn the bitch down.

      • Part of the problem is Christianity. It’s not popular to say it, but it is doing us in. As long as Christians worship every single one of them as their Jesus, and find NO fault with them, they do as they please to us.
        Christians will adopt a black baby or two, but no whites. That’s horrible.
        So many of the MAGA opinions come from their religion and how they view this life (it’s worthless and doesn’t matter, only heaven does).

        • There is a shortage of White babies who are eligible for adoption. That’s one reason why there are more international adoptions

          • I cannot imagine ever considering a nonwhite baby for adoption. Never. This is the problem with whites now. They have no hard boundaries.

  4. Of the legion of commentators in the obsolete media, only Tucker is rationally realistic.

    He is very right, the NYtimes sets the agenda for congress, they hold the reins, while congress is their mule and consequently, the American people.
    That’s a profound observation.

    • “only Tucker is rationally realistic”:

      Carlson is a dead end, leading you back to the same system. It is worse than a waste of time to give views to the hyped “number one” Fox News show. Don’t settle for anything less than the whole truth. Accept no mere populist reformism, nothing less than real revolution.

  5. Tucker, what led you to this epiphany at this point? This has only been the governments position for the last 70 years.

  6. This whore is moderating the message, it is not “our leaders do not care” it is our leaders hate us. And if I can see it, there are a whole lotta other people who can see it too.

    • I think it takes a while (longer for some than others) to come to the realization that they hate us. The first step to that realization is the understanding that they don’t care – which is one facet of the overall fact that they hate us and want us all enslaved or dead. Insofar as Carlson causes some who were still mired in normalcy bias to come to this first realization, he can serve a useful purpose. Our job is to bring them to the greater realization so they can leave Carlson behind. 15 years ago, I was unaware of the Talmud and of the toxic effect of Scofield’s heretical annotated bible.

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