1. OK, good for Rand Paul. Please call his office to voice support for this position and also ask that he allocate the $40 billion for American border security.

  2. Ayn Rand Paul says he favors OTHER means of defeating Russia, China, Iran, etc. He is a “free” trade believer in the “magic of the marketplace.” He says “we can win by trade.” He DOES want war, against socialism, by “trade.” “Capitalism wins every time when peoples see what it produces,” says A. R. Paul. I answer: What it produces is the most masterful advertising, fake news narratives, propaganda-laden Hollywood entertainment and financial ponzi schemes that can deceive most of the world, but it also produces endless war (hot, covert, financial, psychological and hybrid) , poverty and disease, and its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction (including biological) threaten the existence of humanity.

  3. Big news of the day is President Erdogan of NATO member Turkey, saying he will block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO (new admissions must be unanimous), because they are ‘havens for terrorism’ HA

    Sweden and Finland give refuge to Kurdish rebels from Turkey … not to mention how these pozzed-up Nordics pontificate critiques of Turkey’s non-globohomo culture


    Erdogan and his ‘based Muslims’ merit some credit for impeding WW3

    There are noises that Slovenia and Croatia – ‘based Balkans’ – might veto Nato expansion too

    The West doesn’t ever get its moralistic narrative straight
    sometimes secessionist rebels good (Kosovo out of Serbia)
    sometimes secessionist rebels bad (Russians out of Ukraine)

      • I don’t know; I wouldn’t be so sure — Turkey (Erdogan) went ahead and purchased S-400 systems from Russia even though the US threatened to (and later did) cancel the sale of F-35 warplanes (link) — I think now that Turkey sees ascension to full EU membership is unlikely to ever happen, they are, at least with a strong Turkish nationalist like Erdogan as president, a lot more willing to confront, or even defy, the West.

        Germany has a large Turkish population and also a significant number of Kurds — their ethnic squabbles now happen on German soil.

        • >… their ethnic squabbles now happen on German soil.

          link#Berlin: Bei Kurdendemo attackieren Teilnehmer auf der Straße “Unter den Linden” die Polizei mit Schlägen und Tritten – 13 Festnahmen

          Kurds marching in Berlin (for whatever reason, who knows or can keep track anymore) attack the police — 13 arrests.

          • Kurdistan is another fake nation that the Anglo-Talmudic empire uses as a weapon to create chaos, divide and rule. Despite being Muslims, Kurds are generally allied with Israel. Some Kurds even claim to be the ten lost tribes of Israel. Interesting: https://www.jstor.org/stable/4030960

          • @Merthyr Rising, 1831

            >Kurdistan is another fake nation …

            Actually, that’s not really true — they are a distinct ethno-linguistic group (link), which using a set of specific markers can already be genetically distinguished from Arabs (link) — as normally happens, evidence of their genetic differentiation will no doubt increase over time.

            So everything considered, including their apparent unwillingness to integrate into wider Iraqi and Turkish society, overall it would be better if they had their own nation state — if you are someone who sympathizes with the Confederacy, perhaps you will agree.

    • May Allah’s blessings be upon Erdogan! Stop the Scandinavian morons!

    • @balticus

      Turkey is more or less bankrupt so Erdogan is seeking handouts from both the West, and Russia. Whoever promises the most gets their way.
      Given the deepening socioeconomic crisis engulfing Turkey, I would look to Erdogan engaging in military adventurism over the next 2 years, with the possibility of Turkey leaving NATO as a by product.

  4. Today, Russia managed to present new information about the U.S.’s biological weapons development in “research” labs in Khazarkraine, at the United Nations Security Council. Finland is joining NATO now, and so will Sweden, Bosnia, and the fake nations of Kosovo and North Macedonia, and perhaps, Switzerland. All the satellites of the Almighty Dollar Empire are marching in line.

  5. The way this evil and corrupt govt works, I’m sure they will find a way to send billions to Ukraine by going through “unofficial” channels AKA as the black budget which is a slush fund for military spending.

    NATO commander, James Stavridis said Paul should be taken into the cloakroom by his fellow republicans.

  6. Rand Paul will get a tap on the shoulder, something whispered in his ear, maybe shown a picture of JFK in the open car in Dallas (if necessary). The Deep State will throw him a bone and that will be that.

    As a test of his political courage and honesty one must ask: “Rand, will you also vote to cut off money to Our Greatest Ally and use that money to build a concertina wire fence, 20 feet tall, 50 yards deep across 2,500 miles of our southern border with one of the world’s worst countries?” To ask is to answer.

    This Ukraine War is the most lucrative operation the Deep State/MIC has ever conducted. How much of the $40 billion gets recycled through the money laundering “economy” of Ukraine back into the pockets of the Washington crowd and their friends?

    They are willing to risk nuclear war for their grift, no exaggeration either. They will not let a guy named after a low-rent writer of ridiculous wooden novels named after a typewriter interfere with their mafia operations.

    • Yes I expect the “friendly neighbor” who beat him a few years ago was a ‘gentle reminder’ from his bosses about who was really in charge of how he should vote (not him). Controlled opposition needs such reminders now and again.

  7. The New Appalachian Realist School.

    (btw the hardly matters who officially joins NATO or not – Russia f-ed themselves. Which is why Paul can get away with this (I assume it will pass anyway.)

    • Blocking aid to the Ukraine is almost like blocking money to Israel since most of that money is going to laundered to Jewish billionaires, and the weapons are going to be used by Christian Slavs to massacre other Christian Slavs to make living space for a new Israel in the future. But he doesn’t want to block the aid, he only wants an auditor to make sure it doesn’t get wasted.

  8. Good for Rand Paul; his ploy will give other Senators time to reconsider, but I doubt it will change any minds — suggested exercise: compare $40b to the best guess of the dollar adjusted size of the total Russian defense budget.


    Jason Stanley is a Jewish professor of philosophy (link) — here he is on Twitter:

    linkFrom my limited anecdotal perspective, DEI workshops take white men who have unconscious anti-Black racial prejudice and turn them into full blown explicit racists. I hope that’s not happening at scale.

    (DEI = diversity, equity, inclusion)

    He continues:

    linkI believe in the goals of these workshops and I agree with many of their presuppositions about reality. But I am seriously worried about their effectiveness.

    Keep in mind this man is considered to be among the intellectual elite.

    I encourage everyone, especially white men, to scroll down thru the replies, and remember these people are ascendant and will soon have full control of American society — contemplate the meaning and potential consequences of that — obviously, it means your complete subjugation — these people are secular moral absolutists.


    I Criticized BLM. Then I Was Fired.

  9. That bug-eyed pickled punk of an ex (((NATO))) commander suggesting that Lady G take Paul “into the cloakroom:…lol.

  10. That “aid” will be used by the jew gangster regime in Kiev to purchase more bombs and ammo to kill the maximum number of white Slavs possible. It’s admirable that Sen. Paul voted against it but it’s mostly a symbolic gesture, because that “aid” will still be sent via some off the books trickery.

    What is our jew Secretary of State doing to bring peace to the Ukraine, I wonder?

  11. Ayn Rand Paul doesn’t really love freedom for the people, only freedom for business, and he is not really anti-war either. Although he says he thinks the U.S. can win against Russia and China by using only “soft” measures, he ultimately will vote for hot war to try to conserve/preserve the system from the historically inevitable advance of ethno-national socialism.

    Also note that your new “freedom of speech hero” Elon Musk is fully involved in the war on the Empire’s side, and he is developing “cutting edge” new weapons to win its war against Russia, China, Syria, Iran, Korea, etc. This unspeakably evil militarism more than balances any good that he is said to have done with Twitter:

    • The Russian Duma should therefore issue letters of marque and reprisal against Elon Musk personally, and all upper-level management of his various enterprises. This is basically a “contract” for military action against all named the letters. There are plenty of folks in various places around the world (e.g. Afghanistan, Syria, etc.) who have been victimized by the Globopedo empire which Musk obviously serves. It would not be impossible to neutralize the target.

  12. This is only temporary. I suspect they’ll add a rider for a piddly amount to finance a border fence. Then it will pass. The Trumpsters will declare a great victory for America.

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