Buffalo Mass Shooting

In case you were wondering, the accelerationist mass shooting in Buffalo and this website being offline are completely unrelated issues. I forgot to pay the bill and was busy working all day trying to save up money for our summer road trip. I heard the news on the way home. I’m too gassed to comment on this right now, but I will have plenty to say about it tomorrow morning.

I’ve been writing in this space about this topic for 14 years now. There is little to add which I haven’t already said before. Incidents like this tend to happen once or twice a year and we were overdue.

“In other words, a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” is someone who is radically alienated from society and who has given up on persuasion, a fantasist who is inclined toward violent methods of bringing about eschatological political change, who usually acts alone or with an accomplice in the name of a movement without the support or assistance of any group, and who typically explodes, lashes out, or “self detonates” without warning in rampage shootings, murder-suicides, and bombing campaigns.”

I anticipated something like this might happen in my 2022 forecast:

8. Violent Accelerationists Return

Moderate Probability. Fortunately, there have been no accelerationist mass shootings over the past year and we have kept a low profile while gaining lots of political ground, but who knows how long our luck will last before the next idiot thinks he can unilaterally ignite the race war and lashes out? Perhaps a violent outburst in 2022 comes from some other quarter like the anti-vaxxers or the Patriot movement? While I don’t think it is likely to happen, it is a real possibility.


    • Remember when a RW group was caught plotting to kidnap a governor, and most of the plotters turned out to be FBI?

  1. Im familiar with the location. It’s across from Jewish dominated state u of buffalo. In 2000, they exclusively went foreign asian students for higher tuition charges and technical transfer to China.
    However, the area’s known as a hotspot to pickup asian students, the young white women instantly abandoning the area at 18 because they haven’t cared about family or nation since the 1950s.

    Buffalo is a former powerhouse destroyed by globalization to boost profit margins which were unsustainably low in the 1970s for capitalism to continue. High education level and broken dreams are not a good mixture.

    • “Buffalo is a former powerhouse destroyed by globalization”

      And integration/affirmative action.
      Both Kodak and Zerox were big on the affirmative action wagon.
      Zerox proclaimed its total commitment to affirmative action, then becoming a nameplate company, take a japanese photocopier and put on a zerox nameplate.
      Kodak went to hell, bad optics, missed digital photography, just a joke.
      IBM has turned into a hasbeen.

      Yep, affirmative action, to the moon.

    • >Buffalo is a former powerhouse destroyed by globalization …

      A few years ago I saw some of Buffalo when I visited Niagara Falls: economic wreckage is the best way to describe it (however Baltimore is still the most shocking urban landscape I’ve ever seen; just saying it looked third world-ish does not do it justice).

      Buffalo was also the site of the relatively (in-)famous video where a white guy says on camera that an arson attack on a home (apparently just bought by Blacks) would not have happened if ‘Blacks would just stay on their own side of town’ — link — he goes on to entirely correctly say that once Blacks move in both other Blacks and degradation follow, which is a disaster for property values, as well as for the homeowners whose net worth is almost entirely tied up in their home.

      The Jews and mainstream media will have a field day with this latest Buffalo incident (as so far alleged).

      Meanwhile, 29 have been shot and killed in Chicago alone so far in May — link

  2. 1) dude was “radicalized by the internet” two weeks after Biden names his DHS Minister of Truth

    2) dude assembles an AR out of parts right when they are banning “ghost guns”

    3) dude targets blacks right when they are claiming “white supremacy is our greatest threat” and supposedly claims inspiration by Roof and Tarrant but ignoring dozens of blacks shooting each other every day

    4) shooting happens in NY as the SCOTUS has a pending ruling on NY gun control laws…two weeks after the pending abortion decision was leaked for the purpose of intimidating the justices

    5) dude supposedly writes “n!99er” on his front sight but uses the term “blacks” in his manifesto

    6) dude used the term “assault-style weapons” in his manifesto… who talks like that other than the gun grabbers?

    7) perfect time to take the baby formula shortage, inflation and $5 gas out of the headlines in an election year

    8) 18-year old community college student writes 180-page manifesto and drives 300 miles by himself to kill rando blacks? Do you believe that?

    There is NO WAY the feds were not balls deep into this somehow, NO WAY.

    • Whether it’s true that it’s a psyop or not, doesn’t really matter. The system is just as evil either way, even if it did not groom this shooter, it still caused the shooting by doing what it does. Pay no attention to lying Western “news” media. Pay no attention to what the system’s career politician puppets (so-called “our representatives”) say either. Only pay attention to what the system does, and what it is, and what must happen and is happening to it, that is historically inevitable: “Capitalism-imperialism will not last long, because it always does evil things. It persists in grooming and supporting reactionaries in all countries who are against the people, it has forcibly seized many colonies and semi-colonies and many military bases, and it threatens the peace with atomic war. Thus, forced by imperialism to do so, more than 90 per cent of the people of the world are rising or will rise in struggle against it. Yet, imperialism is still alive, still running amuck in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In the West, imperialism is still oppressing the people at home. This situation must change. It is the task of the people of the whole world to put an end to the aggression and oppression perpetrated by imperialism, and chiefly by U.S. imperialism” – Mao Tse-tung

      • “In the meantime, however, I will send our young to the imperialist countries to learn how to copy everything they do—and of course, never to express gratitude.”

      • @Meth or whatever –
        Quoting Mao. One of the most prolific mass-murderers of all time, who attempted to destroy all aspects of traditional Chinese culture and society.
        By the way, you can thank evil capitalism for this website and the computer from which you are typing your ridiculous drivel.

    • Perfect timing, no? Fed wind-up toy. Same as Dylan Roof. FBI probably handed him the weapon. The Empire of Lies has, after all, fully earned the title. When you’re in an intelligence no-fly zone, one should regard all “media” reports as reliable as those from the blue-chekas on Twatter.

  3. I won’t even bother to read about this very small, inconsequential, storm in a teacup. I pay attention to the REAL mass shootings that are being perpetrated by the U.S. in its many theaters of imperialist war, where dozens, hundreds and even thousands of innocent lives are being sacrificed to Moloch daily, to keep the planet safe for the elites’ unlimited usury. Corporate mainstream media ignores or covers up the real mass murders!

  4. A rare shooting in which the motive will be instantly known, as will be the race of the perp. The media and police will somehow know immediately why the shooting occurred……….just for once, and report it immediately to the public!

  5. For those who don’t know,
    Kodak, Zerox and IBM were the mega employers in Buffalo.
    It was once a very rich community, circa 1960’s.

  6. Nobody really cares about these shootings anymore. They’re just background noise at this point. Without a cohesive national consciousness and mass culture, people being shot in Buffalo isn’t perceived as being any different from people being shot in the Congo or El Salvador or any other random place. What connection does anyone else in the USA have to people in Buffalo aside from the fact that they happen to exist on the same continent? Unless they personally know someone involved, there is not much real connection.

    • If Azov started shooting coons maybe i myself would start to support them

  7. I am a Christian and it is our moral conscious and adherent to Christ and his teachings that make whites supreme. Now the Irish Mick Governor Hochul is going to wage war on innocent white Christians to appease her Jew masters. The Irish are the henchmen of the Jews. The Irish are going to wage war on whites. Instead of saying we are going to make sure the evil doer is punished in the name of the law the Irish Mick Governor is going to lead a crusade against whites and online video streaming. Why are the Irish such vile repugnant disgusting filth? Are they born that way?

    • If anyone, it’s Christians like yourself who are the true, historical henchmen of the Jews.

      Adherence to a Jew and his teachings, that sounds like good method to secure the position of White peoples.

      By the way, maybe you can tell us who the last great Christian, Anglo-Saxon Governor of NY was that actually took a stand for White people against the Jews? Maybe it was that great WASP Nelson Rockefeller? What a vile repugnant piece of disgusting filth he was; was he born that way?

      • @MPO—-How was Christ a Jew retodd? If what you claim is so, that Christ was a Jew then should he not have the personal characteristics of a Jew?

        Self sacrifice
        empathy and caring for the suffering of others
        a cheerful giver
        defender of the weak and innocent

        Name one Jew now or ever that has possessed these qualities. I dare you to kyke. I smell a Christ killer in our midst. A Jew can never answer with reason, show us what and who you are.

        • Well, how about we just take him and his scriptures at their word on that? (MAT 15:22, 21:9, MARK 10:47, JOHN 4:22 etc.)

          Those personal characteristics that you so proudly propound are exactly the one’s that have rendered Whites to their moral knees with respect to non-Whites. Jews of course also favor these characteristics, but only towards their fellow sheenies, White Christians had to be carefully taught to apply them to their sworn enemies.

          Go back to Saxony and take your egalitarian death cult with you.

          • @MPO—–There is no mention of Christ being a Jew in the bible, sorry kyke.

            Here is my brief take on religion. There are two ways to get people to do what you want. The first is by force the second is by convincing people they should do what you want. The Jews created the book, the bible, the old testament, to convince the world the Jews should leads and rule over human kind. But the Jews you see do not have the necessary God given qualities to lead and rule over human kind. There is a deficiency in Jew blood. But hGod did give them a way, a light to find their way through the darkness, his only son. And the Jews killed him.

            Whites do not have to do anything accept try and live their lives in peace according
            Gods laws. The Jews will destroy themselves as they have always done and always will. It is written in the stars. It is the fate of the Christ killers. Just have faith in God. Funny kyke?

          • @ Robert Browning (since there’s no direct reply option)

            There is only one way to get people to do what you want if they are psychologically uninfected, and that is by force or the threat there of.

            Whites did pretty well in that regard long before Yahweh and Jesus showed up to poison our minds and cultures.

            If you’re capable, try to think of Alexander the Great, the Greeks, Sparta, and early Rome.

            None had any “faith” in a Jew God or his feckless son.

  8. ” but I will have plenty to say about it tomorrow morning. ”

    Don’t bother. Andrew Anglin’s take is, rather surprisingly, better than anything I have seen so far.


    The last paragraph is also interesting.

    “Meanwhile, there is a black mass shooter on the loose in Texas who is targeting Asians by rushing their businesses and opening fire on random people with a semi-automatic rifle. This has barely been mentioned in the national media.”

    • The shooter mentions Daily Stormer in the manifesto. I recall seeing that yesterday evening

      • Yes, and coincidentally right on time the DS site was taken down. I feel that you might just have a perverse sense of satisfaction in that fact. That troubles me in regards to yourself and your site.

        If you don’t like or agree with the content on DS, then make your counter arguments. Banning White content from view or review is from the Jewish playbook.

        • I never said that Daily Stormer should be deplatformed. He could steer clear of glorifying mass shooters and violent content in the comments. That’s what we do here to avoid situations like this. It is annoying as hell to screen comments, but I would rather do that than tank the site.

  9. Key moment from the shooting video, a brief clip shown on Twitter by Tariq Nasheed, is when the shooter, after pointing the gun at a cowering white guy on the floor, says ‘Sorry’ and turns the gun away

    Tho the first person killed is a white or possibly Latina woman, outside the entrance to the store, after which a number of blacks are shot

    For those who feel a need to look at the video, there is a significant 6min52 video version with mostly driving in the car and then a minute or so of the horrific shooting, it can be found on kiwifarms net which tends to host these sorts of things … Also on catbox moe, links on 4chan /pol/ threads, catbox having both the 6min52 version or the 1 minute violent end of that

    Online plagiarism-checker programmes seem to show the 180 page ‘manifesto’ on the web, is a big copypasta borrowing from the ‘Tarrant’ document etc, its laboured phrases sounding very much like some older person being fake and not a zoomer kid, however intensely troubled

  10. >acceleration

    You have a different understanding of ‘acceleration’ than I do — to me it means some event or circumstance that will serve to increase a feeling of racial identity/solidarity among Whites.

    The regime (rather obviously) doesn’t need anything to ‘accelerate’ the demonization and dispossession of Whites; that is proceeding apace — as I believe I mentioned before: it has already reached the physical elimination phase (statues etc), and next is the asset confiscation phase (as ill-gotten gains due to ‘systemic racism’ and unearned ‘white privilege’) — for anyone who doubts this, look at the way they are stealing, without compunction and with only a paper thin, contrived facade of due process, the property of Russians, dishonestly justifying it by calling them ‘oligarchs’ and claiming they are supporters of Putin.

  11. “Perhaps a violent outburst in 2022 comes from some other quarter like the anti-vaxxers or the Patriot movement? While I don’t think it is likely to happen, it is a real possibility.”

    Or perhaps someone with some beef about Roe Vs. Wade (either side) lashes out?

  12. Could not care less!! if this speed up polarization between the Races and lowers trust in the government it is a good thing, otherwise it´s just a crime one among Thousands every week in the US

    You can not make a omelete without breaking a few eggs and in the future there is sure to be egg breaking

  13. I have no doubt some group of Jews are grooming these 4chan losers into becoming racial terrorists. And it doesn’t even have to be directly. They can simply give other mass shooters enough adulation and eventually some moron will try to copy them.

  14. Not interested in the CIA MK Ultra type killing in Buffalo. Not interested in these operations. TV watchers will believe it all, however.

    Brenton Tarrant’s movie was much more interesting. Had a great soundtrack and all. Obviously, that one was a hoax, put on by Horse Face, prepping for the imminent gun confiscation. No one was shot there. The weapons were putting out puffs of air, which is what blanks do. But Agent Tarrant made a fine movie. Of course, do not do that IRL.

    Distraction in play, and of course, the gun confiscation agenda being advanced. The Daily Stormer is to blame. Just because I say it makes it true. Right?

    Well, actually no.

    • Talmudvision watchers believe whatever they are shown by their masters. Throwing away your TV and getting your family off of Jew-run “social-media” and yanking your kids out of Schlomo’s public edumacation machine are a much more revolutionary acts in the long-term than acting out some retarded rambo-fantasy. The rambo-fantasies are even more worthless and counter-productive than voting for the fake-and-gay Repukes offered up as “opposition party”.

    • “Good job moron, you fulfilled the establishment’s narrative”

      HE’S YOUNG !

      What sort of maturity do you expect ?
      He’s desperate for a solution.
      Where are there any PRO-WHITE groups he can turn to, they’ve all been destroyed by zoglings.

      If we had nationwide PRO-WHITE organizations he could have found mature guidance to direct his angst, into some productive actions.

  15. Something is very fishy about this so called shooting. He is pro White but the 1st person he shoots is White and a few other Whites. The media couldn’t wait for another White man to go off so they could push the typical anti-White narrative again. Of course they ignored the 17 shot at a basketball game the same day and totally ignored the Waukesha shooting when a black supremacist shot up a parade of Whites. When it comes to mass shootings only Whites will be vilified.

      • It appears the guy who wrote the manifesto is not the same guy being portrayed by the media as a White supremacist. He was vaccinated twice, he posted eco warrior bullshit, said climate change and population control were big problems we face. He also supported “Native” American rights and said their land was stolen from them. That doesn’t sound like a White supremacist to me.

        He was reported to NY State Police for discussing his desire to carry out a school shooting. He was sent to a psychiatrist for a mental evaluation and placed on SSRI’s. He refers to Russia as a “main enemy,” in his alleged manifesto. His father works for NY govt. Something doesn’t add up. I think as time goes on and people not associated with the MSM will pick up bits and pieces about this so called “White” supremacist.

        • Sounds typical

          I’ve been conscious of these types for years which is why I am so careful in what I say and moderating comments

    • >… ignored the Waukesha shooting when a black supremacist shot up a parade of Whites.

      He ‘shot them up’ with his vehicle — but the media’s coverage of that incident was rather matter-of-fact, and they did downplay any likely racial angle — here’s the description in Wikipedia (Recent history):

      On November 21, 2021, the driver of a red SUV drove through the Waukesha Christmas Parade during its procession through downtown Waukesha late that afternoon, killing six people and injuring 62 others.

      Clearly a case of ‘nothing to see here’.

  16. He said “My Fellow Whites” unironically at one point in the manfiesto. I read that on Yahoo News. That line alone is fishy.

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