Poll Watch: Joe Biden’s Slump Gets Worse

Is there anything which can reverse Joe Biden’s slide in the polls?

Not a war in Ukraine.

Not the demise of Roe v. Wade.

Those were two of the top five things which we thought could happen that could shake up the midterms.


  1. To be “fair”, a poll that asks the question, “is the country on the wrong track”? Could also include concerns from far-leftists and PMCs in regards to overturning Roe V Wade. In fact, I think it is notable that our government (by and large) tends to “rule from the center”… i.e. the most electable Democrats appeal to the center-left and the GOP has nightmares about the “far right” overtaking the party. So a poll that asks “is the country heading in the right or wrong direction” with negative results can reflect perceptions ALL ALONG the political spectrum as everyone becomes more polarized. Even normie-centrists have a perception that the climate is too extreme on both ends while the more extreme ends have the perception that the other end is more powerful or that the centrists keep everything in a stale-mate.

    • If WHITES would coordinate their actions , in voting blocks and political action groups they would exercise real power.

      Here again, the fatal WHITE flaw, lack of unity.

  2. Joe Biden is disposable.
    He is no.more than a desk clerk, a token goy, to be used and tossed aside, as the jwz crew works its malevolent agenda.

  3. Hunter, you asked the question: ” . . . Is there anything which can reverse Joe Biden’s slide in the polls?”

    Yes there is. After he resigns because of “ill health” and Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President things will become so bad that Dementia Joe will be able to point to Cackling Kamala and say truthfully: “She is worse!”

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