Laguna Woods Church Shooting

Here we go again.

This doesn’t appear to be a hate crime.


  1. This must make the Biden regime and the rest of the democrats overjoyed, considering they are getting their asses kicked on the economy, inflation, and border security. How convenient for them. I’m sure they are hoping the suspect is another “white supremacist.”

    • Even though the shooter is Asian, the lie-machine will naturally spin it as yet another reason we need to keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding, leaving only criminals – whether they wear badges and uniforms or not – with firearms. There was a rash of church-shooting in the Trump era, a number where armed members of the congregation stopped them before mass death. California has already done much to outlaw firearms for the law-abiding. Expect more. The Asians all vote for folks like Newsome so it’s somewhat less likely to be a government-sponsored operation. The fact that the shooter is an Asian will not stop the lie-machine from labeling him as a “white-supremacist” as even Peruvian octaroons (George Zimmermann) are labeled as such.

  2. I’ll repost from the other shooting topic:

    “Nobody really cares about these shootings anymore. They’re just background noise at this point. Without a cohesive national consciousness and mass culture, people being shot in Buffalo isn’t perceived as being any different from people being shot in the Congo or El Salvador or any other random place. What connection does anyone else in the USA have to people in Buffalo aside from the fact that they happen to exist on the same continent? Unless they personally know someone involved, there is not much real connection.”

    What do middle American White people have to do with Taiwanese people in California? Nothing at all. The shooter is supposedly another old Asian guy, so some typical Asian on Asian crime. It might as well be a shooting in Bangladesh for how little it is connected to us.

    • You might have a point. Gaslight media might be getting to the “Boy who cried wolf” point with their endless pontifications. Even the retards who watch Talmudvision might be tiring of the sermons. They always double down so who knows – maybe the retards in the audience will stop paying attention to their braying. TV stations going out of business. That would be a very good thing. Gee, perhaps the “journalists” would have to “learn to code” or something…

    • Betcha they would have been perfectly safe if they had stayed in Taiwan.

  3. If the shooter is White it will be a hate crime and White supremacy but if the shooter is not White it will be memory holed and forgotten.

    • The gunman is an Asian man in his 60s according the jew media. Since he’s not White, story dropped and back to the buffalo shooter.

      • In UK media about violent crimes, ‘Asian’ is a typical term used to distract from the alleged perpetrator being a Muslim, with heritage from the Middle East or the South Asian Pakistan India Bangladesh etc region, both ‘Asian’

        USA has begun some of that same usage, so one sometimes needs to wait and see … there are Muslims attacking churches in places

        Tho this could be, e.g., an older East Asian guy who maybe got scammed out of his savings by the church

  4. It’s the people at the top who need to be taken out, not some chinks in a church or negroes in a supermarket.

    • But these people don’t care about ordinary American life, they are so out of touch. It’s either foreign meddling or impoverishing the American Public so they can purchase their “Green” Indulgences with this so called “climate change” nonsense that preoccupies these spoiled brats.

    • @Heartland Separatist – That is exactly how they’ll play it, too. Since the shooter is — inconveniently — not WHITE, they will just define is as “another” hate crime against Asians. Implying that it was a White person who did it, for those uninformed as to the race of the perp.

  5. “It’s the people at the top who need to be taken out, not some chinks in a church or negroes in a supermarket.”

    Bingo. These one-off big splash attacks against random nobodies accompanied by the “screed” manifestos that all say essentially the same thing are not the way to go; in fact the media kikes & the DC commies love them. I of course don’t care about dead niggers, since they are after all the generally hostile racial competition, but killing them just isn’t worth the life of likely prison rape the righteously enraged but overwrought White boy will now likely suffer.

    To be effective in this era when all avenues of peaceful change are totally blocked by the jews & their race traitor whores, violence must be pinpoint, and carried out by men who know their business; men who let the deed do all the talking – and who get away to strike repeatedly.

  6. When the italian guy Davide Giri was killed, in a robbery, in december 2021 by an afro-american in New York, wikipedia admins and rulers deleted the page of the Murder for hide the fact that he was a black man. And when some people, including myself, asked why the race of the murderer was hidden on the page and even why the entire page was later deleted, they (the wikipedia administrators) replied that the race of the murderer was not relevant and neither did the fact itself merit a wikipedia page. Floyd got too much attention while the others were forgotten.

  7. How come no one is talking about the Houston market shooting of 5, yesterday?
    It got completely ignored.

  8. I remember when in december of 2021 was killed in New York the italian guy Davide Giri, killed during a robbery by an african-american. The page on wikipedia (which was subsequently deleted) didn’t mention the race of the murderer. Me and other people tried edit the page but wiki admins said that the race of the killer was irrelevant and also the all affair was irrelevant. On the killing of George Floyd the have mounted unprecedented propaganda and debate. But when an italian boy was killed by a black man in a park in New York the fact was considered irrelevant.

    • @Marcel – The glaring example you point out is no double-standard, in the eyes of Officialdom.
      There is only one standard in the West — and it’s anti-White.

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