The Buffalo Mass Shooting

Is there anything new to say about the mass shooting in Buffalo? Is there any angle of violent accelerationism which hasn’t already been explored here? Not really.

Payton Gendron is the latest mass shooter in the tradition of Brenton Tarrant, Glenn Miller, Dylann Roof, Patrick Crusius, John Earnest, Robert Bowers, Anders Breivik and James von Brunn. We have seen their ilk lash out like this numerous times over the years. It usually happens once or twice a year and this is the first such mass shooting to happen in the Joe Biden era. The only thing that is really surprising about this particular mass shooting is that it took so long. It was bound to happen again.

As with the victims of all the other mass shooters who are typically soft targets (Breivik is the only exception that comes to mind), it doesn’t make a bit of difference. Murdering random people going about their business doesn’t save the White race. It doesn’t inspire group loyalty. It doesn’t reduce mass immigration. It doesn’t turn around White birthrates. It doesn’t end the Great Replacement. It DOES end the life of the shooter who ends up dead or in prison. It DOES inspire copycat shootings. At the end of day though, the sort of people who are so desensitized and attracted to this sort of violence are so few in number that you can count the number of these incidents per year on one hand. Ten blacks being shot dead by a Dylann Roof-style accelerationist is a major story about race in America. Ten blacks being shot dead by other gang bangers here in Montgomery doesn’t interest the national press.

The shooter identifies as a racist, white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, fascist and populist. Gendron’s goal was to kill as many blacks as possible who he sees as replacing White people in America. This shooting was reminiscent of Patrick Crusius’s attack on Hispanics in the Walmart in El Paso. Apparently, it was livestreamed on Twitch like the New Zealand mosque shooting to inspire other mass shooters. We’ve seen this morbid new twist in several mass shootings in Europe since Tarrant’s attack in New Zealand. This shooting illustrates how mass shooters like Brenton Tarrant or Elliot Rodger inspire other disgruntled mass shooters and how these attacks build off each other and their unique combinations of fantasist thinking and grievances. From what I am told, Gendron’s manifesto included a lot of copy and paste.

Unsurprisingly, Payton Gendron cited The Daily Stormer in his manifesto. He isn’t the first mass shooter who has been a fan of that website. I’ve written at length about how Weev has cultivated, encouraged and inspired a whole crop of mass shooters in the bowels of the internet. The Stormer has gone to great lengths to glorify mass shooters like Dylann Roof, Brenton Tarrant and Elliot Rodger over the years. Brenton Tarrant and Elliot Rodger have been glorified as saints over there while the synagogue shooter John Earnest was disavowed for his low score.

After ripping apart the Alt-Right over optics in 2017, the Daily Stormer later went so far as to distribute fliers of St. Tarrant in real life and even plastered them on churches.

I’m sure they will deny the connection. I’ve complained about that cesspool for years now.

Why do people do this to you?

Perhaps some of your fans want your approval?

There is no connection between celebrating mass shooters, sonnenrads, treating mass shootings like a video game, the Great Replacement, elevating mass shooters to secular saints and even details like etching racial slurs into guns. 18-year-olds on 8chan come up with all that on their own.

At least for me, the most interesting angle of the Buffalo mass shooting is the focus on the White birthrate and declining White fertility, which is a subject that we have discussed a lot in recent weeks. As I have repeatedly pointed out, the focus on the White birthrate obscures the more important difference between Whites in their attitudes toward life, sexuality, reproduction and religion which is driving the decline:

Clearly, the White birthrate is being dragged down by secularization and the rise of a more permissive culture and expressive values. Even the Mormon family isn’t what it used to be. Libtards have no racial loyalty and devalue future generations. Shooting a bunch of random black people in Buffalo isn’t going to persuade them to either have more children or to stop aborting their own children.

Declining fertility and depopulation isn’t even an issue that is peculiar to Whites. This is a problem that now affects all races. In fact, the largest decline in fertility over the past decade has been among blacks, Hispanics and American Indians. Living in a poisonous, degenerate culture in which modernist values are dominant and shape attitudes toward life, future generations, group identity and the Self takes its toll on all races. The decline in fertility is really happening across the board.

Black fertility has declined with White fertility, but this fact gets obscured by racializing the issue. Asian fertility hasn’t plunged as fast because it was already so much lower. Hispanic fertility is declining due to Americanization.

Focusing on racial differences in fertility is missing the forest for the trees: the historically significant change is the decoupling of sexuality, reproduction and religion. The deregulation of sexuality, changing attitudes toward God and the Self, the decline of patriarchy and the widespread availability of contraception since the 1960s is driving depopulation. That’s as true of Japan and Mexico as it is of the United States. Japan is the oldest country in the world with some of the saddest and most extreme perversions like men groping women and masturbating on trains or marrying cartoon dolls that are outcroppings of this issue. Japan shows that the problem would still exist even with an ethnostate and low immigration.

You are the product of the choices your ancestors made. Those choices were shaped by the values of their culture. When those values change, the whole culture changes. Ancestry is kind of a lagging indicator. The rise in deracination. miscegenation, open borders, cosmopolitanism, homosexuality, “trans,” atheism, feminism, suicide, drug overdoses, low birth rates, DINKs, dog moms, sluts and so on are the symptoms of a degenerate culture and specifically the values of our cultural elites. Getting rid of that cultural elite is the only way to halt and reverse these negative cultural trends.

Note: Fortunately, Margaret Atwood is saying The Handmaid’s Tale is coming true.

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  1. Why do they all have manifestos? Why are these killers such word nerds? You have got a young kid here who is obsessed with the written word, why? To convey a message? Then on whose behalf?

      • There is NO WAY an 18-year old community college student wrote that manifesto::

        “Rampant urbanization and
        industrialization, ever expanding cities and shrinking forests, a complete removal of man from
        nature, with the obvious results. Pedophile politicians, pedophile priests and pedophile pop stars,
        demonstrating to all the true depravity of our age. Art and beauty subverted beyond all
        recognition, bauhaus travesties replacing nouveau wonders, soulless metropolitan architecture of
        glass and steel reflecting no society, no culture, no people and therefore belonging everywhere,
        and nowhere. Suicidal, nihilistic and degenerate pop icons produced from a dead culture:
        Michael Jackson (pedophile, self hating, self mutilating, opiod addict), Madonna (degenerate,
        drug addict, childless, whore, anti-christian, pro miscegenation), Kurt Cobain (suicidal, drug
        addict, self hater, anti-social), Freddy Mercury (lifelong identity crisis, lifelong battle with
        hedonism and drug use, eventual death due to sexual hedonism) just to name a few. Empty
        nurseries, full casinos, empty churches and full mosques, entropy in blitz speed. Politicians write
        in the same ink as Eligabolus, worshiping all that is foreign, poisonous and subversive. So these
        young men and women see this suicidal nihilism and isolate themselves from this mainstream,
        “multicultural”, egalitarian, individualistic insanity and look for allies anywhere they can find
        them, in the flesh or online. They congregate, discuss, despair, strategize, debate and plan. They
        decry weakness, mock fecklessness and worship strength, and in this worship of strength they
        radicalize and find the solution…”

        NO WAY. It is so transparently fake it’s astonishing.

        It was probably written by his controllers deep in the bowels of the CIA or DHS.

        • I seriously doubt he even wrote the copypasta ‘manifesto’ himself – almost makes one long for Ted Kaczynski. It was probably written by some government hack and given to him (or simply uploaded remotely to his computer) along with the gun. I’m surprised the gun wasn’t numbered “1488” or lettered as “HH”. As I’ve mentioned before, the FBI is chiefly made up of murderous criminals who wear badges and operate under the color of law. The same is true of all large city police departments.

          Just for illustration: Remember the very rich white lawyer couple who waved guns on their own property as BLM passed by (threatening) in St. Louis during the Summer of St. George? As lawyers, they were put on probation by the MO Supreme Blackrobes – though the guns they waved were empty or non-functioning. (Yes they were admittedly absolutely poster children for the need of decent firearms training.)

          Under orders from a Soros-elected prosecutor Kimberly Gardner, thugs in the St. Louis police re-built the wife’s gun so it would function in order that she could be charged. The McCloskey’s were of course charged for modifying the handgun so it would not fire to cover this crime on the prosecution and police’s part. Falsifying evidence this way should have resulted in immediate dismissal and felony charges against the prosecutor and the police who obeyed her criminal order. No action was taken by the Repuke-controlled State of Missouri against the true criminals.

          Thus two points are made: 1) Many police are nothing more than criminals operating under the color of law; and 2) Republicans are a fake-and-gay opposition who never actually oppose criminals like Garder. Welcome to Clownworld. Honk-honk. Voat moar harder, zeks!

          • @Exalted Cyclops——What happened to all the Muslim terrorists? Where did they go? They became white nationalists? Is that it?

            I am telling you, we are the Muslims now and we are going to feel exactly as the innocent unjustly persecuted Muslims did. There has gotta be some faux white nationalist 911 in the making, it is on the horizon.

  2. White males are the most hated and most demonized people on the planet. When freedom of speech is forbidden or heavily censored violence is the only alternative.

  3. This Gendron character maybe a mentally delusional Ukrainian who thinks he attacked the Russians. Gendron was wearing the symbol of the Azov Battalion from numerous reports. These Nazi dress up types go back and forth between reality and insanity.

    • Plenty of people use the black sun symbol, which ultimately comes from the SS.

      Are you really this ignorant, or are you just trying to smear Azov to an audience you obviously hold in contempt?

      • “trying to smear Azov”:

        No need to try, because Azov (the military unit and the movement, and Tryzub, and Banderaism in general) has already smeared itself.

        Banderaism, the capitalist Empire’s anti-socialist fake-national proxy, has already been discredited, for all time, and will soon be destroyed, gone and forgotten.

  4. My question is why do sensible people have so many nice things to say about Anglin?

    Patrick Slattery and some other folks on Republic Broadcasting think Anglin is a sizable net plus. And why does Patrick Slattery not challenge the Chinese Kato more? Patrick talks about our COVID policy like it’s out of 1984, but doesn’t nearly criticize China with the same ferocity for having COVID policies which went way, way beyond our own home-grown whack-a-doodle COVID policies. He goes out of his way to be deferential to China for Kato’s sake, when if the same was a ZOG policy he would feel free to be harshly critical. If China is so great and does nothing wrong, why does Kato never talk about how he yearns to travel back there, but is just plumb stuck in this “american wasteland” as he calls it?

    On the other hand, a guy like Tom Metzger would say not to even criticize accelerationists who go out there and engage in the unstrategic use of kamikaze violence.

  5. “Clearly, the White birthrate is being dragged down by secularization”

    Perhaps, but a large portion is living standards,
    who can afford a decent home with ample yard space in a good neighborhood ? Kids need room, potential parents have a subconscious awareness of this. People of good character want to give their children a good environment to grow in. The current social structure makes that difficult.

    • The “hispanic” figures are lies. They are breeding at astronomical rates. They don’t have to pay for the childbirth or pregnancy care, they get free housing, free food, free utilities, and free healthcare.

      Just like with crime, they are including hispanics (Mexicans and Central Americans who “migrate here”) in the figures of WHITE Americans.

      Because Americans continually turn a blind eye to this, we’ve lost our country.

        • I agree. Lots of young Hispanic women also imitate (with slight Hispanicized variations) most of the rest of Gringa slut culture too– porn star tats, freaky hair color and nail salon jobs etc

          • All of that stuff was common in Latinx America long before it was in the USA. “Gringa slut culture” could just be called third worldization of beauty trends, that have been the norm for latinxs for decades (butt implants and so on).

        • @HW They have their own countries, but they come here to live off of us. Please don’t think we can survive this. Your health insurance and taxes go up to cover more and more of them. The US is turning into Brazil. That’s all fabricated to make you think they aren’t overcoming us in population.

  6. Payton Gendron , poor young man, trying to do singlehandedly what greater society should solve.

    WHITE society has shirked its responsibilities to provide a safe cohesive culture, instead pursuing self-indulgent idle entertainment.

    • There are no individual solutions to collective, civilization-wide problems. And yes, that is deeply frustrating

      • “There are no individual solutions to collective, civilization-wide problems. ”


        ((They)) have intentionally destroyed all avenues of WHITE cooperative effort, knowing full well that instances like this would result.

        • The anti-discrimination laws need to be overturned. Why aren’t there any cases since the Bakke case, or is anything new being thrown out of courts? I’m curious to know.

      • >There are no individual solutions …

        At this stage, no, there aren’t.

        And it’s debatable, but worth wondering about, whether if in the past a political strongman with the eloquence and foresight of someone like Enoch Powell (link) had achieved power, would he have been able to do something to prevent the worst of what is happening now?

        The question today is whether there is a political solution at all within the ‘one man, one vote’ framework — I’m sure each has his own opinion about that.

  7. Hunter Wallace ” Japan shows that the problem would still exist even with an ethnostate and low immigration”, this is the point: we often focus on such things as mass immigration which is surely an element of chaos in a society, but the problems of western civilization are the fault of leftists and left not only as political parties but also and especially as culture. The leftist or Marxist culture, which has emerged strongly since the 1960s, has led to the degeneration of Western society. Abortion, drugs, gay and transgender, young people rebelling against parental authority and not listening to grandparents and parents who have always been an important part of raising young people and figures respected for their wisdom in society before the 1960s. The true problem of the west is the leftism and today the woke ideology which Represent the legacy of the 1960s left, a much worse and more depraved legacy.

    • Japan is a conquered and defeated nation. They are an “ethnostate” in population numbers, but not in actual government policies. In government policy, they are an anti-national American puppet government. It’s like saying Maine is an ethnostate because it’s so White. Sure its population is relatively White, but it’s run by Washington DC, an anti-national imperial power. Same is true for Japan.

      An actual ethnostate would have government policies that benefit the ethnos, but Japan does not. A better example would be Israel. Israel is not as Jewish as Japan is Japanese, but its government is run for the benefit of the Jewish population. Consequently, it’s one of the only nations that has avoided the fertility problem in modernity and maintains above replacement reproduction.

      • That’s a valid point. Japan is indeed a conquered nation – not only hosting military bases of the conqueror, but ruled by what Saker very aptly describes as a “comprador elite”. I visited Japan not too long ago. It’s definitely infected with the rot, just not as advanced. I’d put it at about ca.1990 outside Tokyo. I spent some time in Kyoto (the old capital under the Shogunate). The only negroes I saw in that city were in the company of white women from the US, UK and Western Europe. Only in Tokyo did I notice Japanese women in the company of dindus (nowhere near as many even in small-town US though). I saw no blacks in advertising – in fact I saw more white models in ads in both Japan and China than one can see anywhere in Murika, where one would think the population is 65% negroid.

        • “I saw no blacks in advertising – in fact I saw more white models in ads in both Japan and China”

          They have better judgement, realistic. They haven’t been poisoned by coordinated kosher deceit.

      • Japan is a conquered and defeated nation. They are an “ethnostate” in population numbers, but not in actual government policies.

        People here say the dumbest shit, citing zero evidence, and then get a lot of head nods in reply.

        Japan is a de-militarized nation, not a ‘conquered nation’ — yes, they are aligned with the West, but considering recent history, that is to be expected.

        While they have fallen victim to some aspects of ‘globohomo’ monoculture, they still have as close to a homogeneous population as you will find in any first world country, and given that they are very near literally billions of Asians who have a significantly lower standard of living, that is no accident.

        After working closely with Japanese professionals, I can tell you they are hard-nosed, no nonsense people — they largely speak plainly about important matters (like race, immigration, etc), without fear of repercussions for being politically incorrect — and they will continue to do what is best for Japan, including making sure Japan remains Japanese.

        • Japan is a 100% conquered nation. Their people are disgusting, pathetic bootlicking lapdogs of America. Just because their government hasn’t accepted mass immigration (yet) doesn’t mean their policies are made with the well-being of the Japanese people in mind. Immigration is not the only issue.

  8. The contraceptive pill is probably the most subversive invention in human history.

    Coupled with the last 60 years of (fake) wealth creation, and especially the insidious programming by the jew media, women have never had it so good, but are more miserable than ever.

    Fortunately an intense socioeconomic collapse is upon us. When this becomes glaringly apparent to normies, the culture will shift and there will be a realignment of gender roles, based on long term historical patterns.

    • “programming by the jew media”

      There’s 98% of the problem.
      The rest could be managed, in a responsible society.

      Just as (((rap culture))) is responsible for most black gang violence.

    • Fortunately an intense socioeconomic collapse is upon us. When this becomes glaringly apparent to normies, the culture will shift and there will be a realignment of gender roles, based on long term historical patterns.

      I do believe you’re correct about this. Of course there have been many who’ve pointed out that the empire’s creation of fake-money is not sustainable, but all of them have vastly underestimated both the regime’s ability to mask the results and the gullibility of the booboisie. A collapse will result in a number of good things in the long run. The short term will be pretty ugly, but that’s the way of usury-racketeering systems cross-dressing as the “free market”. At the end of the day, there is nothing free about a rigged market, which is what all usury-based fake-money systems are.

  9. How would the system handle accelerationist shootings that explicitly claim Azov as an inspiration?

  10. The U.S. Government and their stenographers, the Lügenpresse are feasting off this mass shooting, they love it. The guy is White, he used an AR type weapon, the victims are random colored people, the shooter laid out his thoughts in a manifesto etc. It’s a great if temporary distraction from numerous U.S. Government failures.

    The Usual Suspects will milk this story for as long as they can, it’s all so predictable. The catastrophic failures of the U.S. Government and its allies will quickly overwhelm the Lügenpresse’s
    attempts to continue the story indefinitely however. There is simply too much other bad stuff going on in the world now.

    The ever increasing price of gasoline, almost $4.00/U.S. Gallon wholesale (NYC barge price) translates into $5.00/U.S. Gallon – $6.00/U.S. Gallon retail (higher in California). General inflation is The story the public is focused on. Add to this fiasco shortages of various things like infant formula and the public’s rage will properly be directed towards the scumbag politicians in charge of the GloboHomo Shopping Mall known as the U.S.A.

    This wretched story will fade away quickly despite the best attempts of the Lügenpresse to keep it alive and blame every White person in the U.S. for the crime. The same grossly corrupt, self-dealing, incompetent Government and its Lügenpresse will be overwhelmed by new catastrophes as the Dementia Joe administration races downhill toward its inevitable crack up. Perhaps we will enjoy the wit and wisdom of Cackling Kamala as Mr. President before the end of summer?

    Cackling Kamala as Mr. President will make Dementia Joe look like Prince Metternich at the Congress of Vienna by comparison.

  11. When it comes to mass shooting it’s always vilify and put it under the microscope when it’s Whites. When the mass shootings are done by minorities, it;s ignore and bury as soon as possible especially if they’re White victims like Waukesha, Wisconsin. Also ignore everyday shootings in Chicago, Detroit, and other black neighborhoods.

    • “When the mass shootings are done by minorities, it;s ignore and bury”

      It’s the jwzish narrative.


    • Agree and agree. No one knows what happened to the Waukesha driver who drove over those people in that parade. He’s probably out. The MSM said he drove like that because he was scared. (sic)

  12. Violence is not allowed and fully condemned. The only time firearms should used is in self defense from invaders. Going and harming innocent people is NOT acceptable because it plays into the Jewish Media’s narrative about White Nationalists being terrorists. This troubled suspect is clearly not well and should have been seeking professional help instead of taking matters into his own hands like a lone wolf.

    We will never advocate violence or illegal activity because that is exactly what the Jewish Controlled media and Zionist Occupied Government want us to do. (((They))) are probably cheering and jumping for joy at the sight of what happened.

    From what we know right know, the suspect believed White’s were being replaced because he watched Tucker Carlson.

    HOW COULD TUCKER CARLSON TURN A KID INTO A “NEO-NAZI?” Tucker is a Civnat or Paleo-Con at best. It is very likely this perpetrator was someone paid off by the feds or likely is a fed himself who did this attack. White Nationalists didn’t kill anyone in Buffalo, this is likely a set up exactly in the same vein as “White Supremacists kidnapping Gretchen Whitmer.”

    Don’t trust the Lying Press and remember violence of any kind is not acceptable! We must win by acting civilized and practical!

  13. Yeah this idiot is no good to us now. He’ll be in the clink until 2085……….so any talent he may have had that would benefit us, can’t be utilised.
    There’s about three billion non whites on the planet. Reducing that population by ten people doesn’t help us, and could set the cause back by years.

    • “Yeah this idiot is no good to us now. He’ll be in the clink until 2085”

      That’s the reason young people need guidance.
      If dr. Duke or Pierce could have talked to him, he could have received better direction and serious goals. This is why jwz always destroy any pro-WHITE associations, to keep young ppl from getting good advice.

      I wish he’d followed someone like Golden One.

      • @Arrian,
        Agreed. There’s plenty of good role models out there for them. They just need to find them. Destroying their own lives in our name is EXACTLY what they shouldn’t be doing. It shouldn’t be encouraged.

        • “plenty of good role models out there for them. They just need to find them.”

          Young ppl need DIRECTION, they can’t find their own way in this society, a maelstrom of freaks and confusion. They don’t have the mature judgement to find their own way, that takes decades of living.

  14. When you commit an atrocity ostensibly in the name of the White race you become an enemy of the White race. This fucking idiot hurt our cause, emboldened our enemies, and validated their narratives. Benton fucking Tarrant is STILL hurting the pro-White cause from behind bars thanks to the kikes on 4chan and the Daily Stormer pushing for copycats day after day, year after year.

    We need everyone to understand that 4chan is anti-White, Daily Stormer is anti-White. These sites celebrate mass murderers precisely BECAUSE it hurts the pro-white cause. Meme-culture is stupid, infantile, and brainwashes people into doing stupid infantile things. These people do not have a pro-White bone in their body. They are simply contrarians going against the current fashion – which of course is anti-White.

    The one silver lining is if this results in 4chan going down. That would be a positive outcome for our people.

  15. Another mentally challenged (severe autism) young a person whom federal glowies exercised a controlling or mesmeric influence on 4chan for yet another sinister outcome to further the G.A.Z.E. Big Lie of White National terrorism. This accelerationist shooting has all the hallmarks of FBI grooming. this event should be listed among recent FBI gayops such as the Gretchen Witmer kidnapping plot and !/6.

    While accelerationists acts bear no fruit due to the negative reactions from John and Jane Q. Public, not to mention giving US-ZOG a “I told you so” victory lap.

    While we are the subject of boneheaded accelerationists, John Wilkes Booth, should rank right at the top of the list of American accelerationists. Booth’s assassination of Lincoln only caused the postwar Reconstruction period to be more brutal by the victorious Union Yankees.

    • John Wilkes Booth also killed any chance at repatriating freed slaves back to Africa when he killed Lincoln. Lincoln and others had gone back and forth on the question but debate ended on the day of Pres. Lincoln’s assassination.

  16. These mass shootings are very suspicious. I’m not saying that this was staged with crisis actors but more likely this was a vulnerable kid with mental problems (probably from a broken family) that was radicalized online, and targeted and groomed by feds who coaxed him into this so that it would fit with the “domestic terrorist” narrative. I bet that it will come out he was known to the feds. His so-called manifesto reads like it was written by feds. It contains so many inconsistencies but hits all of the right hot buttons.

    I will also say that the whole racial narrative is a distraction. It’s only used to divide the people and hide the fact that language and religion are the basis of ethnic identity, not the color of your skin or the shape of your nose. “White” is not a real identity like being German or Polish, or Mormon, Catholic, or Jewish. People can’t even agree on who is white. The terms white and black are political terms that are used for political reasons only.

    I agree that the breakdown in morality is more to blame for declining fertility.

  17. When the African ran over white people at the Christmas parade in Wisconsin, did the main stream media lecture the country about hate? Or when the African open fired on people riding the sub way in New York City a month or so ago, were the public given lectures about divisiveness? Gosh I don’t recall that.. I don’t remember either of those individuals being immediately called a domestic terrorist either.

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