Breaking Points: Did Law Enforcement Drop The Ball In Buffalo?

Will giving the government more power stop these mass shootings?

New York Times:

“Last spring, as the end of the academic year approached at Susquehanna Valley High School outside Binghamton, N.Y., students were asked for a school project about their plans after graduation.

Payton Gendron, a senior, said he wanted to commit a murder-suicide, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the matter.

He claimed to be joking, the official said. But the state police were summoned to investigate and took Mr. Gendron, then 17, into custody on June 8 under a state mental health law, police officials said Sunday.

He had a psychiatric evaluation in a hospital but was released within a couple of days, the officials said. Two weeks later, Mr. Gendron graduated and fell off investigators’ radar. …”

This guy lived in New York.

He wasn’t stopped by New York’s gun laws.

He wasn’t stopped after being given a mental health evaluation and openly declaring his intention to commit a murder-suicide. He was also posting all kinds of shit on the internet.


  1. Lol, I can’t believe it looks like an actual MKUltra.
    I still remain officially dubious.
    The manifesto looked fake AF, I stopped reading after I saw the Sam Hyde photo.
    But again, could still be real, does it even matter? Have the feds claimed it’s real yet?
    The kid could just be a psycho and latched on to our thing as an after-the-fact justification.
    That could just be a cope.

    I remain sceptical that dems are going to go to hard on this, I don’t see it as a good political play.
    Attacking Whites and/or guns is not what they want to be doing right now.
    That just appeals to their base, a rapidly diminishing base.
    If they were smart they would be talking mental health, an issue with broad support.

    • Same here. It’s always the design scripted white male, young, pro-white, etc. The only thing different is that it’s not a school or a church.
      This will get MORE news media attention than the black guy who ran over the people in the Wisconsin parade.

      • @Pilot – Yes, it already has. Those who watch toiletvision tell me it is going wall-to-wall, with the most cringe aspect being all of Officialdom lining up to wring their hands and denounce White people. .

  2. Guns laws don;t work if they did Chicago wouldn’t lead the nation with gun homicides. If you’re a criminal you don’t care about “gun” laws.

    • It ought to be apparent by now that “gun” laws have nothing to do with stopping violent crime.

  3. New York’s gun laws are ultra-drastic. The red flag law allows just about anybody, including relatives, teachers and cops, to accuse you of being “scary” and get your guns seized.

    The hideous “SAFE Act” requires that any doctor, nurse, counselor, or psychiatrist MUST report you if he thinks you are a “danger” and your guns get summarily seized. You cannot appeal the diagnosis and you cannot get your guns back, period. Over thirty thousand people are on the “no guns” list on the say-so of a “mental health professional.” In some instances hospitals have adopted a policy of reporting everyone who gets a psych screening whether or not the person is diagnosed as “dangerous.” There have been cases of white people, including a retired cop, who have gone to the hospital for routine care who ended up getting permanently banned from having guns.

    Of course the “solution” to gun laws that do not work is always MORE gun laws. The New York State Legislature is planning on introducing more gun legislation tomorrow.

    Naturally, of course, gun laws have absolutely no effect whatsoever on Negroes shooting each other. You WILL get seven years in prison for carrying an unregistered handgun without a government permit and Negroes simply DGAF and completely ignore the laws.

  4. You know something, I just don’t care. How many times have blacks gunned down whites and nothing is said? here, it means nothing to me. Our society seems to have chose this kind of murderous ‘individualism’, and I just don’t care.
    All these pages and pages of manifestos…just write two pages and sum it up.

    • @dsrgason — “You know something, I just don’t care. How many times have blacks gunned down whites and nothing is said? here, it means nothing to me. Our society seems to have chose this kind of murderous ‘individualism’, and I just don’t care.”

      Spot-ON !!!

    • Agreed

      And trust me! Absolutely positively nothing of value was lost here

      They already see everyone from Rudolf Hess to Paul Craig Roberts as Nazis and Hwhite supremetists n shiiiet so nothing changes, this shit is all coming down and there will be hard times ahead as the empire begin to crumble

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