1. A lot of this $40 billion would be funnelled to Islamic terrorists in central asia. Russia is already preparing for American glow ops in the stans. China will need to start preparing for this, too (most likely already are). Syria could even pop off again.

    Meanwhile, Chad Erdogan is trying to block Sweden and Finland from joining NATO, on the grounds that Sweden is a breeding ground for terrorism. Swedish terrorists have been attacking innocent Turks for years now, and it must stop!

    • Good comment re the stans. The U.S. has been sending arms to Tajikistan lately, which borders Russia and China.

  2. Dementia Joe just signed off on sending U.S. troops back into Somalia. Apparently Trump removed U.S. troops from that shithole, one of the few good things he did.

    Of course Dementia Joe just does what he is told but this shows the absolute recklessness, depravity and war mongering of the U.S. Government. The war in Ukraine apparently isn’t enough war for the Deep State.


  3. He lost me with the “whitey on the moon” bit. I like a lot of what Jimmy has to say but at heart he’s a disillusioned, Anti-White lefty.

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