Joe Biden Condemns White Supremacy In Buffalo

The mass shooting in Buffalo was worse than what happened to George Floyd and was on par with Charleston, but it is not going to have the same impact and that is largely thanks to the Biden administration which sees tragic mass shootings through the lens of Wokeism.


“Back when another tragedy struck the community of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Biden did not travel to visit the site of the massacre. In November 2021, an SUV drove into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, killing six people and injuring another 61. Darrell E. Brooks, 39, was arrested and charged with six counts of first-degree murder, 61 counts of reckless endangerment, six counts of hit and run resulting in death, two counts of felony bail jumping, and two counts of misdemeanor battery. …

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at the time that there was no plan for Biden to visit Waukesha, explaining that “any president going to visit a community requires a lot of assets” and requires “taking their resources.” …”

Everyone knows that what matters is that Buffalo fits the narrative. It is useful and can be used to foment hatred against Whites. In fact, the shooter Payton Gendron anticipated how the media would react in his manifesto. Gendron was counting on the “journalists” to ratchet up racial tensions.

Daily Mail:

“President Joe Biden is facing criticism from Republicans for his upcoming visit to Buffalo, New York after the mass shooting there, but refusing to visit the scene of the deadly Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin in November.

‘Last year when Darrell Brooks murdered six innocent people and injured over 60 during the Waukesha Christmas parade, the White House claimed President Biden couldn’t go to Waukesha because it would require too many ‘assets’ and ‘resources,’ Republican Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin told in a statement.

‘But within hours of the most recent senseless tragedy, the White House apparently found the resources to plan a presidential trip to Buffalo,’ he added. ‘These horrors deserve equal attention from the President of the United States, and the media should be pointing out the disparity in his response.’ …”

Buffalo is “a story about race in America.”

Joe Biden didn’t want to draw attention to what happened in Waukesha. The media didn’t see any connection to the mainstreaming of systematic racism either.


  1. Its meaningful that U.S. Senators and Republican politicians are calling this out. Buffalo will disappear from the news cycle by the end of the month, and the ADL won’t get anything it wants.

    Praised Be!

  2. Whites are supreme and it is our moral consciousness and adherence to Christ and Christianity that makes us supreme. The Irish on the other hand, are not white, are not supreme and are not a moral people. I googled Biden and Uncle Ted, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and there no words of condemnation from Biden for the Irish pedophile priest, not one word. Where is the moral conscious of the Irish when it comes to condemning the sin of their very own? Shhhh, we gotta keep that on the DL, right Mick?

  3. >Joe Biden Condemns White Supremacy In Buffalo

    What a surprise.

    It’s all rather predictable (some would say scripted) — this is why I do not follow the sensationalized, tabloid-ish coverage of these incidents in real-time, nor the immediate aftermath.

    I’m much more interested in what happens later (for example) — today, while many will remember the phrase ‘War on Terror’, it’s not really a ‘thing’ anymore, yet we all have to deal with the increasing power of the DHS as part of the national security surveillance state.

  4. What a news!!! the fault is always of white people and especially of conservative, identitarian or right-wing people. Leftists killed Jay Danielson in Portland but no one has made the mess made in other situations. I’m sad of mass shooting and i condemn all mass shootings, but the Double standards are always used in judging these facts. This guy is a mad, he didn’t that because he’s white or right wing but because he is criminally insane.

    P.s. Hunter Wallace i found a video (of few seconds) on you tube in which you appear clearly in Shelbyville 2017, i don’t know you personally but i’m sure it was you.

  5. Anything white Europeans say that isn’t negative or hateful about our societies or peoples is considered “supremacism”, as we are basically forced to worship nigger ‘cultcha’ aka criminality by jewish demons who rape infants.
    checks out.

  6. The elite seem to regard ‘diversity’ and a minority white America as the modern equivalent of Manifest Destiny — since it would be rather difficult (if not impossible) to argue the benefits of this, they have settled on the strategy of demonizing any White who opposes it, and have invented the phony scare phrase ‘white supremacy’ as part of that strategy — of course there’s no reason Whites in the West should not remain ‘supreme’ where they always have been, namely in their own countries, just as there is no reason Japan should not remain Japanese, but you never hear anyone speak of ‘Japanese supremacy’.

    In this context I will note a comment I saw earlier elsewhere:


    Putin and Xi are perceiving the West as a declining power. Their view is that the West is weak, stupid, infantile, hopelessly decadent and thoroughly parasitized by a mercenary virtual elite class that seems more than happy to wage an internal war on their own physical assets.

    • linkPresident Biden says he “condemns those who spread the lie” about racial replacement theory, but not that long ago, this senile pant-shitter and figurehead leader of the American golem state applauded the concept that Whites were quickly becoming a minority in their own country. … Well, which is it Joe? Is racial replacement an evil Nazi lie, or is it real and something to cheer for?

      In this sort of context, ‘white replacement’ is never defined, rhetoric about it is only condemned — they can’t explicitly define it, because then everyone would see that it’s true: Whites are being replaced as the majority population in the US — then they would have to say why this is a good idea, and why opposing this radical demographic transformation, which is unprecedented in human history, is necessarily wrong, morally or otherwise — and they could never convincingly do that.

      The entire dialogue about this is intellectually dishonest, based on nothing more than moral intimidation, as well as, increasingly, the threat of real world consequences:

      NBA voice Grant Napear was unjustly fired over ‘All Lives Matter’ truth

      Burnley fan behind ‘White Lives Matter’ banner sacked from job

      • Anti-Whites are like criminals caught in the commission of a crime, condemning you for catching them. All they have are lies, threats and insults.

  7. What happened in Waukesha was an car “accident” according to the media. Biden wouldn’t dare go to Wisconsin and condemn the black supremacist for running over Whites. He would never want to upset the black voting base.

    • Biden will do whatever he’s told. From one hour to the next he hasn’t a clue about what’s going, which would be outright funny, if he didn’t hold such a powerful position.

      One day his bowels will really let go, and what little remains of his brains will be left in his diaper.

  8. The real danger to civilization is Cultural Marxists. A good name for them is Red Supremacists.

    • >The real danger to civilization is Cultural Marxists.

      I would say the ‘real danger to civilization’ is the population explosion in Africa, together with a Camp of the Saints scenario throughout the West:

      linkHalf of all children in the world will be African by 2100.

      If you want to see why Blacks are the ‘real danger to civilization’, visit inner city America.

      • It is horrifying. Really depressing you when you start to think about it too much.

  9. This was probably a fed-quarterbacked operation. Many of them are. If you think this is tin-foil at stuff, just look it up. Start with the attempted shooting at the Draw a Muhammad Cartoon contest.

    They keep people in a constant frazzled state of hatred and confusion, so it is easy for an agent to turn some loser into a wind-up toy. I also can’t help but notice that nearly all of these great white outrages come during even years. Also, why don’t any of these people go to the hood on Saturday night and target gangbangers? Why do they only pick sympathetic people to shoot up? All a cohencidence I’m sure.

  10. I’m sure from Day one this regime had a plan all folded up in their desk to put into place at the first instance of some racist mass shooting to further their agenda. They were probably upset they had to wait this long. I was hoping these things had gone away due to the leftist degeneracy of Generation Bastard, there just isn’t much of a pool of young miserable losers to draw from anymore. But it seems we still had one left who was just looking for some ideology tailor made to suit his desire to become another 15 minutes nutter. But don’t think for a minute that Biden’s speech wasn’t written for him years ago by powerful people ((())) before they stuffed the ballot boxes in 2020.

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