Counter-Currents: Fallen Castes

I can’t imagine looking up to people like Nick Fuentes, Beardson, MILO or Baked Alaska, but there are people who follow ecelebs. Far more people than who read this website.


“America First has many bewildering problems that make little sense to an outsider. When AF began its ascent during the original “Groyper Wars” of late 2019, it was composed not only of normal but above-average young men. It was understood that its policy objectives were generally pro-white and traditional, with good optics. Since then, and especially post-January 6, good optics were gradually abandoned with a descent into an obsession with being “incels” (involuntarily celibates) and lowbrow misogyny. Fuentes and other AF streamers will spend hours holding ad hoc ecumenical councils on the topic of inceldom. If the celebration of being a loser wasn’t sufficient to turn normal people away, the convoluted reasoning certainly would. These problems begin to make sense in light of the explanation that AF consists of a fallen priesthood and their misguided followers.

Fuentes, who is the root cause of AF’s dysfunction, has developed a Spencerian megalomania and narcissism that is evident in many of his grandiose statements, which have only been intensifying. It began with the occasional smug remark, such as proclaiming that he makes “many miracles” happen, and then escalated to obsessing over and comparing himself to Stalin. His recent ramblings while streaming have passed into complete delusion, however. Some highlights are “God created all of you guys to dig tunnels or something” and “I’m closer to the angels than I am to the people.”

The most sinister one, though, was “You’re a little piggy eating apples cores and banana peels in the trough and rolling around in the mud. Me, on the other hand, I’m sitting at the dinner table eating bacon.” This wasn’t even directed at his enemies, but at his followers. Why anyone would continue to follow someone who openly admits that he sees his followers as expendable pay pigs is beyond me.

Fuentes also has a holier-than-thou disdain for rural people and country living. Earlier this spring he disparaged them at length, calling them uncultured and even counter-signalled Cracker Barrell. Other traditionally Right-wing sectors he and other AF leaders have spoken ill of are “wagies,” as in white men who have to work because they were born into a decaying country without a trust fund, as well as veterans. I’m sure Fuentes, Beardson Beardley, and others shouting “f— the troops” is endearing to many Republicans who would otherwise be open to radicalization. These attitudes are what one would expect from a fallen priesthood that sees the other castes, and especially workers and warriors, as nothing other than a resource to be exploited, which is eerily similar to how many Jewish supremacists look at whites as “goyim” livestock. True priests cooperate with, care for, and guide the other castes.

Despite all of AFs virtue-signaling, there is still widespread degeneracy. Baked Alaska has a reputation for being degenerate and associating with various streamers of ill repute. He may have flip-flopped political allegiances several times, but his core personality hasn’t changed one bit. Take how he has successfully asked women to expose their breasts on camera while wearing a brown scapular, which is a religious symbol that is supposed to signify devotion to the Virgin Mary, amongst other conduct that reflects poorly on AF, such as harassing random people and pepper-spraying a bouncer. …”

I have to push back on this.

This has been obvious since the ascent of AF in late 2019 around the time that Fuentes was obsessed with the movie Joker. He deeply identified with the character. I even created a category here called Loser Nationalism to describe what I was observing. I recall being attacked as a “wignat” by these people for suggesting that it was possible to have a normal relationship with a White woman. There has been a strong incel vibe to that crowd going as far back as late 2017.

Note: If you have missed out on the latest AF drama, you can watch the broadcast below. I caught it last night on my way home from work.


  1. Shit I wrote about this three years ago when Lee Stranaham did his hilarious interview asking Richard Spencer why he was marching with State Department sponsored Azov flags and Spencer starts showing every while telling “I certainly didn’t get any State Department funding!”

    Of course – I believe Richard Spencer. I don’t think he got any State Department funding – the State Department was funding other people.

    So it is the Daily Hyphen, part of the TRS Nazi Crowd, the ones who got let off for the Charlottesville thing and so did their Jewish wives – against the MAGA people.

    > Vincent’s media outlet alleged some deep and shadowy connection between the Rise Above Movement (RAM) and Ukraine’s Azov Battalion (a legitimate part of Ukraine’s National Guard) that must have involved vague, but vast, sums of taxpayer money. But all RAM did was some mixed martial arts sparring and maybe drink tea with Azov’s political wing.

    RAM = Feds.

    Well, yes – that is how the FBI works. That is how the State Department works. That is how people who are unofficial – just friends who bring creative people together – control all of these fake “movements.”

    It is really truly fascinating, as an outsider, to observe this so-called “movement” and especially the ones who magically never get in trouble and the ones who scream “conspiracy theory” when people notice all the Feds and Jews in the “Nazi” movement.

    > This was not an innocent mistake. While RAM’s connections to Azov are laughably frivolous, Vincent’s connections to RAM are quite extensive, as documented by Hyphen Report,

    So both sides are pointing at each other saying “Feds” – well, yes. That is exactly how it works. Chances are “both sides” are Feds, obviously.

    Also – this guy Nick Fuentes gets a HALF MILLION DOLLARS in Bitcoin – the Feds seize it – then they give it back …

    … and for the Movement crowd, the big scandal is that he kept fundraising.

    Not the whole HALF MILLION DOLLARS in mysterious money and the involvement of … THE FEDS.

    No, it is that he’s a money grubber.

    You can’t make this shit up. The “Movement” is like a sitcom. It is a sitcom – it is made for TV. “Activism” is a form of theater. Sometimes the actors wind up in court – like the actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – but “Movement” actors might wind up in jail instead.

  2. This is so weird! It neither partakes of traditional RC theology, nor Vatican Two. It just sounds like they’re off on a tangent of their own making. As a cleric, and a former Roman Catholic, I do not understand it at all. FWIW.

  3. “You’re a little piggy eating apples cores and banana peels in the trough and rolling around in the mud. Me, on the other hand, I’m sitting at the dinner table eating bacon.”

    That’s a positively Talmudic remark coming from Fuentes, except the eating bacon part. Schlomo would be boasting about eating kosher beef to the cows. Grifters gonna grift of course….

  4. Only retards have anything to do with insufferably arrogant little faggot punks like Fuentes & the rest.

  5. All of this is why I’m all but tuned out of the whole deal anymore.

    What was the media part of the dissident right is mostly dysfunctional losers. Not unlike the Republican party and its conservative media its the weirdos that get attention in entertainment.

    Only fags and losers scream for attention, and thats all the media, podcasts and vlogs etc. are for the most part.

    Very few honest or good faith actors in this regard. HW being a unicorn in that I fear.

  6. Fuentes attacked obviously-nice-and-normal girl Sydney Watson on her own livestream with bizarrely misplaced, unironic make-me-a-sandwich-bitch rhetoric. He’s a fag who probably sucked Milo’s cock per the instructions he received in the confessional. The douchebag needs to have his teeth knocked out.

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