Jonathan Greenblatt Demands “Anti-Hate Strategy” From Joe Biden

Nosferatu calling for more censorship after Buffalo is the least surprising of all takes. Richard Spencer and Alt-MSNBC calling for 4chan to be banned was a close second.

Note: This guy openly said that he aspired to be a mass shooter and wrote at length about his plans for the attack and uploaded it to the internet. He was also from New York which has all kinds of gun control laws. He said himself in the manifesto that New York’s gun laws were a joke.


  1. Pope Nosferatu speaks. Someone should mention that Mr. Gendron was one of the Judeo-Nazis upon whom this self-appointed Pope of Woke gave his blessing.

    • The only sign that Mr. Gendron was out his mind is that he ruined his life for the spineless fat useless cringe stupid amerilard.
      Experts only in perpetual whining and in
      fast food

  2. >Jonathan Greenblatt Demands “Anti-Hate Strategy” From Joe Biden

    Translated, this means organized Jewry wants yet more tyranny to counter the anarchy resulting from an increasingly racially mongrelized America, an unprecedented demographic transformation they have aggressively pushed for decades.

    Greenblatt’s Twitter timeline filtered for the word ‘white’ makes interesting reading (link) — basically, it’s one lengthy Hetzkampagne against Whites — when he’s not inveighing against Whites and all the ‘hate’ they express and the ‘supremacism’ they espouse, he’s lobbying for more surveillance and censorship:

    link@ADL’s new survey results show that white supremacists harass and recruit on online gaming platforms. Companies that don’t moderate content are complicit in the spread of hate, harassment, and #extremism.

    Recently I posted a link to a video where Dick Cavett interviews Enoch Powell (link) — Cavett asks him about being called a ‘racist’, and Powell replies ‘it’s a modern term of abuse, and terms of abuse are most effective the less defined they are’ — so what is ‘hate’? — it’s anything the ADL and its allies say it is — this is the reason saying ‘white lives matter’ can be labeled ‘hate’.

    The goal is the complete subjugation of Whites — self-respecting Whites must reject all of this pauschal.

  3. the irony of course is – this is exactly what the shooter wanted.

    He claimed he wanted the crack down on guns to motivate Whites to action.

    Dems want to make it happen.

    It won’t happen.

    All this anti-White, anti-gun shit is fucking toxic for democrats.

    Normal people hate that shit, and they hate the blood guilt.

    “I didn’t murder no one! Why you blaming me? Why you wanna take my gun away?!? What the fuck gas and baby formula!!!!”

    Republicans will dominate in November unless the Jews play the covid/fraud/mail card again.

  4. These jews like to deflect their supremacy on to Whites. No other group has more protections than these demons in human form. Tommy Sotomayor even has them pegged. I guess he looked into it after he had David Duke on last year.

  5. well the biden crime sindicate, basically signing over american sovereignty to the WHO, no baby formula, gas and groceries skyrocketing, no diesel, world war 3 up in our face, imminent monetary collapse, for anyone with a working brain, this is hogshit, irrelevant, unless somebody is talking about these second rate fake americans they can’t handle it……..they are soooooo boring………..

  6. Can you imagine heeding the words of that hideous creature for any reason?

  7. Blacks do not like that genderqueer stuff being taught to their grade-school kids.

    And all Sharpton is down with the queering of the black community.

    The Jews are trying to sell this genderqueer stuff to the blacks using their black henchmen (Sharpton, Mystal,Reid) but blacks are not buying it. The Irish/Jew power block in Washington defends on the black voter.

    • There’s an ex mafia “self promoter” guy on youtube trying to get rich from notoriety who claims back in the day there was an undercover fed trying to penetrate the mob control of boxing. He interacted with the guy but said he sensed something wasn’t right and walked but claims rumor was that Sharpton took the bait. So they may have something on Sharpton and can manipulate him so he may be forced to swallow his pride and push the genderqueer crap they insist he serve or go to jail and risk getting his own ass “queered.”

  8. Nope. I’m not going back. I woke up this morning in California feeling a sense of relief over “replacement theory” becoming hate thought. I’m not scared. I know what I’m going to say. You are the non white nazis and you’ve inspired a whitelash, as Van Jones said after Trump’s election. I personally feel that the blame lies on the political establishment and current anti white climate in this country. I’d rather fight back, really.

    I’ve been flirting with losing my anonymity, folks. It hurts more staying silent than fearing the consequences of having the “wrong” views. We will see.

  9. Ever since they made Sacha Baron Cohen – the Jewish comedian who plays “Borat” – the head of the ADL, every time I see a clip or read an article from one of these people the theme from Curb Your Enthusiasm plays in my head.

    Someone should take these ADL clips and add the soundtrack from CYE – it would be hilarious.

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