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  1. “Ukrainian forces are pulling out of Azovstal” is a gaslight-media lie. They are not “pulling-out” or “withdrawing” to Country 404 or a Chiquitastani ship waiting in the harbor. The Judeo-Nazis and NATO forces holed-up and surrounded in Azovstahl (one small part of Mariupol) have surrendered to Russia and the DPR forces, starting Saturday. They have been (and continue to be) escorted out at gunpoint. The only promise offered is that they would not be executed on the spot (as many no-doubt deserve).

    The wounded have been bused to hospitals under guard and the remainder to POW camps – in DPR and Russian-controlled areas – for processing after laying down their weapons and gear. The only “evacuation” that took place is of the Judeo-Nazis’ bowels when the real shelling started a couple of days ago. All sorts of NATO folks are in there too (north of 100, including officers).

    The Buffalo shooter, a supporter of the Judeo-Nazis, just happened to go off as this surrender was taking place. They started coming out in small groups waving white flags over the weekend. A very well-timed shooting indeed. Gaslight media has been having a hate-YT bacchanalia ever since.

    • “pulling out of Azovstal” is a gaslight-media lie.”

      ‘a gaslight-media lie.’ That describes 95% of the kosher medias reporting.

  2. Exactly Cyclops. The FBI times their false flags carefully. The tv watchers fall for it. Hundreds of mass shootings every year, and what is the one the tv watchers post about incessantly? Well, that would be the one they see on tv.

    The Russians continue to attack the rats in the tunnels at the steelworks. Some still down there. None of the Israelis came out yet. They will come out soon or die down there. There are no more civilians to eat.

    • Patrick Lancaster has a new video on Khazarkrainian attacks on Russian Orthodox churches.

      Western corporate “news” media will soon be ignoring Khazarkraine, because it is pivoting toward preparing you for war against China, Gonzalo Lira says in his latest video, “Russia no, China yes”:

  3. By the way, Patrick Lancaster today blasts the gaslight media and the Kiev puppet-regime for lying and disinformation about the surrender of the Ukrainian military and Judeo-Nazis at Azovstahl.


    The manner in which the Empire of Lies and its gaslight media propaganda ministry twist and spin needs to be pointed out repeatedly. “Evacuation” or “pulling out” implies the forces in Azovstahl are boarding a Disney cruise liner for Odessa. Likewise “invasion” or Russia “starting a war” ignores the fact that it has been a hot war since 2014. It also conveniently ignores the Kiev regime forces murder of some 10,000 civilians since the outbreak.

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