Kevin Williamson: Even Our White Supremacists Aren’t Very Interested In White Supremacy

Very true.

If we had a magic wand, we would jump at the chance to wish these people away. They are not helping the pro-White cause.

National Review:

“There is a reason these killers almost always act alone. Other than the occasional Leopold-and-Loeb flavor of a crime such as the massacre at Columbine, mass shooters almost always are solo — because they have no other choice. They do not have a big group of committed comrades ready to join them. They generally do not have many friends, as in the case of the Buffalo shooter, by his own telling. …”

This is an important point.

“I tend to agree with Charles C. W. Cooke that what actually happens in most of these cases is that broken and depraved people hitch themselves to a marginal ideology or another kind of fanaticism before committing their enormities, rather than ordinary people becoming deranged by exposure to corrosive ideas. …”

The ultimate example of this is Devon Arthurs who was a member of Atomwaffen who killed his roommates who were part of his Neo-Nazi accelerationist cell for disrespecting his newfound Muslim faith.

New York Times:

“A man in Florida who shot two of his roommates dead gave an unusual defense, the authorities say: they were neo-Nazis who had disrespected his recent conversion to Islam.

The arrest of the gunman, who said he had also been a neo-Nazi before becoming Muslim, led to the discovery that a fourth roommate had been stockpiling materials that could be used to create a bomb, according to a federal criminal complaint. That roommate, a member of the Florida National Guard, kept a picture of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, on his dresser, the authorities said.

Both men are now in custody. The accused gunman, Devon Arthurs, 18, has been charged with two counts of murder, and his surviving roommate, Brandon Russell, 21, has been charged with two counts related to the explosive material and devices. …”

One day he woke up and the voices inside his head told him he was a jihadist. If memory serves, they were also in the Daily Stormer Discord and were known to Weev who was promoting Charles Manson at the time. Weev himself miraculously transformed from a mentally ill Jewish hacker who was a key figure in Occupy Wall Street into an Alt-Right Neo-Nazi.


  1. They’re only “White” supremacists if they kill any of the protected minorities races. If you’re black and kill Whites and other blacks the jew media will call it anything but what it really is.

  2. Jews lead most organisations, especially radical ones. During the early stages of the Global War On Terror, there was a radical muslim jihadist known as azzam the American. Would you believe his real name was Adam Pearlman and his granddaddy was a board member of the ADL.

    I would posit that weev is playing a similar role, encouraging terrorism, which then justifies the entire apparatus arrayed against the enemy, muslims then, Whitey now.

    Jews wont change and nothing is ever what it seems.

    • English Tom,

      Yes, and let’s not forget “Yousef Al-Qa’tab” aka “Joseph Cohen” who led the radical Islamic terrorist group “Revolution Muslim” who wandered around New York City giving interviews with the “mainstream media” claiming he loved Osama Bin Laden and wanted another 9/11.

      That guy was jewier than Woody Allen, but the entire mass media played along for years until the “internet conspiracy theories” made them admit it.

      Wasn’t this guy a known mental case who an FBI official told to “write a manifesto?” You can’t make this shit up.

      As for Weev – I mean, the only people who didn’t know Weev was a Jew was literally young boys – like, twelve year olds who like video games and saying “naughty” racist stuff online on 4chan.

      The Daily Stormer was always a big spam campaign – it is twelve or so people running a hundred online comment accounts calling themselves “The Troll Army.”

      Who the hell ever took this bullshit seriously? It’s a troll – sometimes it is funny. Who knows who pays Anglin, presumably the Russians now, before it was the Israeli Breitbarters.

      • “Who the hell ever took this bullshit seriously? ”

        The gullible and ppl who are desperate for answers.

      • I’ll defend Weev but not Anglin. Weev was a young, talented guy that thought we had a real country and real 1st Amendment. Regardless if he is Jewish or not he isn’t coming back here without being arrested. I would put him in the Julian Assange category of dissidents whose primary motives aren’t really known but are now enemies of the state. I honestly wish him a happy life with his new family.

      • @Banned Hipster

        I was going to mention Joey Cohen but I thought the Pearlman example was sufficient.


  3. The Pro-White “movement” is a lost cause not worth supporting and is incompatible with authentic Christianity. Why would any sane Christian White person wanna be apart of such a movement blows my mind.

    • If authentic Christianity means the White race has to go why would any sane White person want to be a Christian?

      • Unfortunately that which calls itself Christianity in the west is largely subverted and inverted. The real thing can hardly be found. It’s somewhat different in Europe from Murika. Subversion is most common in Murika, thanks in large part to Cyrus Scofield’s heretical bible – whose publication was funded by the (((usual suspects))). This is especially noticeable in the South and Midwest, where prayers are said for Israel, with some places even displaying the Israel flag with its Satanic “Star of David”. In the Northeast and urban centers one encounters inversion: Witches’ covens, Tranny hour, Gay marriages, BLM, Wokeism, negro-worship, etc. Catholicism is headed by an Anti-Pope who is a pedophile monster.

        The EUSSR is more like the Northeast US with the added factor of State-supported “churches” which are fully part of the Church of Woke like their US counterparts. Thus Christians are left with what amounts to a “no true Scotsman” defense. The problem with those who argue that the present mess is the inevitable outcome of Christianity – which they describe as a Jewish subversion – is their ignorance of 2000 years of history. While there have been heresies and the like since day one, only in the past 200 years have we seen the replacement of core teachings with lies. First came the abolitionists, railing against slavery – which is nowhere outlawed in the scripture (not that it is endorsed either) – or on the teachings of the early fathers. All branches of Christianity are infiltrated but the Orthodox (largest absent in the west) seem to be the least poisoned.

        • Booger: What’s unchristian about resisting the erasure of a race that has done more than any other, through the centuries, to advance the Christian faith?

    • “The Pro-White “movement” is a lost cause not worth supporting”

      There hasn’t been a significant Pro-White “movement” since the FBI, jwzish mobsters and jewish judges/politicians destroyed the German Bund in 1939/40.

    • Christianity was invented to destroy Rome, and it did. No miracles in thousands of years. Christianity worships Judaism, and they don’t have to accept Christ to get into heaven because of the chosen status.
      Why would you embrace THEIR god, when they consider you to be their enemy?
      Why do people think it’s okay to trick people with nontruths, as if it’s for their own good?
      Whites ARE superior, in almost every way. So WHAT about basketball? So what? Our race invented almost everything. Why should we care that we don’t throw a ball in a hoop, when we can compute the trajectory to get to the moon? They haven’t even invented one thing on an airliner.

  4. Manson will eventually be regarded as an American outlaw/folk hero, like Clyde Barrow, John Dillinger or Jesse James.

    Since ZOG won’t allow peaceful change through a lawful democratic process we can look forward to more young white men flipping out.

    • That’s obvious since they celebrate our demise and label us everything under the sun in order to silence us. I have said mass shootings didn’t happen 30 years ago, than again Whites weren’t public enemy number 1 at that time.

      When you shut down social discourse and censor anyone that has opposing opinions of the protected minorities you will have a reaction. I believe that saying is every action has a complete and opposite reaction.

      • Free speech is the alternative to violence. Those that shut down free speech are practically inviting violence.

  5. The Stormer has been very much against Atomwaffen for years now though, calling them out as satanists (along with Azog & Co.) The Buffalo killer wouldn’t have done what he did had he taken the Stormer’s message seriously.

    • The Stormer was pro-Atomwaffen before it was anti-Atomwaffen. Those retards were hanging out with Weev in the Discord server. He knew them. There was also the Bowl Patrol which came out of the Stormer and only turned against Anglin after Cville

    • The jew weev, who is Anglin’s boss, has openly praised the actions of the furry s**tstain who shot a bunch of blacks because he wanted to have sex with a weasel and the so-called ‘state’ of ‘israel’.

      He posted said support on They banned him, as one should ban all filth who support the right of zionists to exist. But you can still see this fed’s support for terrorism mirrored here:

  6. With misfits such as this, it’s never just one issue with them. They’re likely also a psychopath, a peado, an animal abuser or socially challenged.
    Now, nobody can help what nature dealt them, but they can help what they do and what harm they cause.
    Being an animal abuser who also harmed our cause, I hope this little shit is forced to take it up the arse every day he’s in the can.
    We’re meant to represent what’s normal and logical in society. This guy isn’t normal, and doesn’t reflect us in any way.

    • “I hope this little shit is forced to take it up the arse every day he’s in the can”

      That’s a really nice sentiment, for a young man that doesn’t have a loyal social structure to build on or any racial guidance.

  7. Yeah, well, low-hanging fruit and all.

    I’m sure the likes of Williamson would prefer Whites timidly submit to demographic subjugation rather than, you know, make a scene.


    Williamson is a longtime columnist at National Review.

    And that’s about all you need to know about Williamson: your views on race have to be pretty milquetoast to be a ‘longtime columnist at National Review’, the outfit that fired Derbyshire for pointing out that Blacks are a lot more dangerous for Whites than vice versa.

    Why do you pay attention to these faggots? — asking for a friend.

  8. Most “white supremacists” want separation, aka our own exclusive countries. How can you be a “supremacist” when you want nothing to do with non-Whites?

    • @more of,
      I can only speak for myself:- I’m not a white supremacist. I’m a white separatist. I don’t want Asians taking my country any more than I want Africans doing it, despite them being more intelligent. I don’t care what they can offer my society……….I want my race, culture and way of life to survive.

      • Goose,

        Whites are smarter than Asians for the most part and still would be if the jew run education system wasn’t watered down in the west. Whites also think better on their feet and during crisis. Asians are copiers, not inventors. The Chinese are perfect examples. They don’t invent, they steal and copy our technology.

        • @John,
          Yes that’s my view precisely. Before the West industrialized China at great expense to ourselves, it was a nation of rural peasants. And then there’s the intellectual property theft issues, yes. They’d be nothing if not for what they’ve stolen, and continue to steal now.
          They also lack a common sense of decency with the way they ravage the marine stocks of poorer nations, steal manufacturing, treat animals and treat the environment.
          They don’t fool me with their fakery of giggles and inoccuous charm. They are destroying everything around them.
          I believe Asians are more intelligent than Africans, not whites. But they have an equal lack of a sense of right and wrong……..and that makes them more of a threat.
          I hold the view that whites and………ahem……….Jews, are the most intelligent races, going by the patterns of world history.

    • “How can you be a “supremacist” when you want nothing to do with non-Whites?”

      Because jwz write the narrative.

    • Supremacist is Jewish projection. The tell themselves they have “supreme right” to rule over the rest of us.

      • But we are supreme to them, even if we don’t want to talk about it. Just google “Scottish inventors” and see what comes up. You can tell it’s genetic.:)

  9. I’ve never known anybody that was at all honest and racially aware who was not a chauvinist of their own kind.

    In that, White men who prefer and appreciate best other White people, would seek their interests even at the expense of other peoples interests (without seeing any misguided conflict in that, ie Christianity as its become, which castrates the defenses of racial groups) are all supremacists in truth.

    This isn’t a problem. Those who say it is are either of other races seeking to exploit our current weakness, or morally encumbered by lofty convoluted unnatural “christian” values that they think require them to die and let their families be fed to lions, or their modern iteration of woke racial masochist liberals who see themselves as the source of all the worlds ills. Differentiating between which ones are which isn’t important in my view, as they are all our enemies. This is why the JQ is irrelevant, because it is in fact now redundant.

    In general I’ve no problem with Christian values. But I’ve never and can never accept willingly letting my family be sacrificed as an example to other people. My family will go to the lion’s only after I’ve died to prevent it.

    Christianity as it has been presented in my lifetime is a losers worldview. Fatalistic, and thus wholly unnatural. I reject this religion as hopelessly unsuited to explain what I see in the world.

    There was a time it suited our needs. It has been perverted too far for any utility beyond still being a source of community for some, which is good in and of itself, and could as easily be accomplished with a BBQ.

    Pagans are still annoying AF and I find no redeeming value in spilling beer or sacrificing small animals, wearing thors hammer necklaces unironically. Atheists are just anti Christians, and largely just anti White. Atheism will go away when Christianity does.

    We are stuck in a spiritual vacuum.

    • I don’t think Christianity requires you to sacrifice your family as an example to other people. I think it would be morally wrong not to defend your family with your life. It’s written in the scriptures that a man is to love his wife as Christ loves us, and Christ laid down his life to save us. Therefore, you have a Christian duty to lay down your life for your family and to not do so would be a sin. If you didn’t have a family then the morally right thing to do would be to accept martyrdom but that again depends on the situation.

      I also don’t agree that Christianity is at all fatalistic. If anything it’s the opposite. It teaches that God has a plan for your life and that God even has a plan for this world, and that is to bring about a greater good. The pagan worldview is that life is chaos or an endless cycle that we can never be free from, and the materialist view is that we are just a bunch of atoms bouncing around in the void. Those views are more fatalistic.

    • @Ironic,
      Christianity is yet another institution that’s seemingly been infested with political correctness. Most churches are stacked with libtard do gooders who extend compassion to those who hate Christianity and want to replace it. They’re a useless hindrance who undermine our cause now.

      • Christians adopting nonwhites. Mitt Romney’s family is one. Christians helping to bring people over the border, to come sit on our welfare system here.

  10. I think E. Michael Jones has the best take on so-called white identity. It’s not a real identity like being Catholic or Jewish or Irish or Norwegian. It’s a category of the mind that gets manipulated by the oligarchs in order to demonize a portion of the population and pit one group against another. Divide and conquer. Same goes for black, Latino, Asian, gay, etc.

    I suspect that either Jews or feds are heavily involved in any white nationalist movement or group and I would be weary of any of these groups or self styled leaders such as Richard Spencer.

    Obviously, disguising the real power dynamic behind the race narrative benefits Jews, who are by far the most powerful and privileged group in society, because they can be white or nonwhite whenever it suits them. How different would things be if people started talking about Jewish supremacy or Jewish privilege instead?

    • This again raises the question of PMCs. HW has done a series of articles about this group, who are largely white with a smattering of aspiring elite Jews, Blacks etc. They need more serious examination as they are arguably the single most destructive single group in all western societies. They also call into question the whole notion of ‘white nationalism’. As mentioned, most of these assholes are white. The label of WN (or more often White Supremacist) is applied by them to any White who dares to question the Imperial narrative or programs of replacement and extermination. There are very few actual White supremacists, the vast majority WNs are those who simply want freedom of association for themselves or their white communities. What then to do with the white PMCs? How do we filter them out?

      As I mentioned in a previous rant, I’m starting to believe that White PMCs are the weak link in the oligarchial chain of command. Unlike oligarchs or jews, all but the upper-level ones are soft targets. Unlike negroes and other minorities, denouncing them and attacking them will not engender so much believable outrage from gaslight media.

    • @John I agree 100% sir. Terms “White”, “White identity”, “Whiteness” don’t exist at all, and are social constructs. E Michael Jones and Alexander Dugin both say this. I also agree that the “White” movement of all stripes are completely infiltrated and useless tools of the globalists oligarchs.

    • >It’s not a real identity

      Yeah, OK, whatever.

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the dominant ‘race narrative’ in America is that ‘whiteness’ is bad — somehow I don’t think the best response to that is to deny Whites an identity by delegitimizing white identity — the other side doesn’t seem to have a problem assigning both a collective identity and collective responsibility to Whites.

      Believe it or not, I think we can point out the fraud of ‘diversity’, promote white identity as something real and useful, and talk about the role of Jews, all at the same time.

      Like I said before: Tucker Carlson plays a civic nationalist on TV, but when it comes to choosing a place to live, he becomes a White Nationalist — and comments like yours exemplify the need for a new -ism: useful idiot-ism.

      • The expert is here telling everyone they are wrong because he/she/it knows better. I’m willing to bet this faggot if it’s a man was bullied by weaker men and girls growing up and I can see why. His opinions matter while everyone else’s is wrong. That’s a sign of a very insecure,weak man.

        • “Apolitical” was a twitter troll until like 2020, when he became a pro-lockdown shill. I don’t trust his takes, even the ones I agree with on a surface level.

          In Ukraine, the “Pro-White” Azov Battallion was weaponized – literally and figuratively – in defense of Jewish interests. Its a plain fact that White Identity is manipulated to advance the agenda of those who hate Whites and wish to destroy us. Alt-MSNBC (Richard Spencer’s clique) is a prime example of that. I saw a twitter account that goes by “VladMutt” try to advocate for an ideological fusion of White Nationalism, Feminism, Imperialism, and Colonialism. Unironically.

          Its all so tiresome.

          Your critique of White Identity has merit, even though I disagree with you that White identity isn’t real. (I would argue it is *potentially* real without yet being *actually* real, which is a separate debate I wish not to get into). As Exalted Cyclops said, we ignore the PMC question at our own peril. To save the White Race, a significant part of it must be cast to the wolves and allowed to die.

  11. Steve Sailer described Kevin Williamson as “looking like Anton Lavey after a month at Golden Corral.”

    I will love it, forever.

    • >Steve Sailer

      Biggest intellectual fraud on the internet (link, link, link, etc, I could go on, but you get the idea).

      Sailer calls himself an ‘anti-racist citizenist’ — do you know what that is? — I’m not sure I do either; I’ve asked him to define it several times, but he never replies — but I think it’s what a civic nationalist calls himself when he’s spent most of his life writing about the irremediable problems of ‘diversity’, but doesn’t have the guts to draw the appropriate conclusions — he’ll be fundraising again soon; you can contribute so he can continue his boomer posting.

      • Sounds like amren. Just more going in circles over and over. Some of these people are not very smart, and that’s why they’ll never be leaders.
        They just can’t wrap their heads around what the real problem is.

        • “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

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