Poll Watch: “These Vital Signs Are Very, Very Bad”

According to the Alt-MSNBC movement, nationalism and populism are dead and we have “returned to the Cold War” and center-right and center-left politics are the future. Evangelical Christians who live in rural areas and small towns are also the biggest problem facing the White race.


  1. The economy is always the most important issue for most people. Duh?

    I’ll be honest with you, the most important for me is the jews and coloreds.

    • “I’ll be honest with you, the most important for me is the jews and coloreds.”

      Our economic development will be based in the degree of WHITENESS America maintains.

      The vast majority are too stupid to see this fact.

  2. From CPAC 2022 Budapest, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán:

    12 ‘Rules for Conservatives’ to win back victory in the west

    1 – Refuse solutions and paths offered by the left – anyone who plays by the rules of opponents will certainly lose.

    2 – Conservatism must be responsive to domestic politics, and stay on the side of the electorate. The secret is not to overthink it. People really don’t like leftist fever dreams. Find issues on which the left is completely out of touch with reality and present them.

    3 – Maintain national interest in foreign policy, not ideology.

    4 – Conservatives need to come to grips with the power the media holds, and how the left is using that power. The old ethos that politics and the press should be separate, has been destroyed by the left. Conservatives must also play this game.

    5 – Expose your opponents’ intentions. Be a taboo-breaker. reveal what the left is up to before they do it.

    6 – Only make economic policies that benefit the majority of the electorate.

    7 – Conservatives must not become marginalised. Don’t alienate the electorate with extremist conspiracy ideas, even if they have some truth.

    8 – Conservatives should take the time to read and understand the world.

    9 – Have religious faith, a lack of faith is dangerous.

    10 – Make friends, avoid divisions. Conservatives squabble with each other over the smallest issue, leftists have each other’s backs. Look for where we have common ground.

    11 – Political success is not possible without strong communities.

    12 – Build successful institutions, a variety of educational, media, religious and youth organisations.


  3. The nigra in PA lost badly in the primary. The GAB people including Torba went insane supporting her. Torba is not compromised, but I have lost confidence in him.

    Hopefully a third party or an independent will rise up in the Senate race, to give Georgian whites a candidate to vote for this November. This Walker is just one more Trump shitstain.

    The chaos in the PA vote counting has one and only one explanation. The vote is tainted with fraud. But we already knew that.

    • Torbo should never be taken seriously. The only colored politician I ever liked was Cynthia McKinney, who was forced out of Congress by the sheenies because she was openly critical of their precious Zionist state in Palestine.

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