Poll Watch: 26% of “Latinx” Voters Support Joe Biden

I will believe it when I see it.

The conventional wisdom among Democrats for the last 20 years has been that the Great Replacement was happening and that it was a good thing because the result of changing demographics would be a permanent progressive majority. They didn’t consider the possibility that racial polarization would start to diminish and that education would become the new big fault line in American politics.

New York Post:

“Three-fifths of US Hispanics dislike the job President Biden is doing, according to a new survey out this week — yet another sign of widespread discontent as Americans grapple with the ongoing border crisisbaby formula shortage and skyrocketing inflation.

The Quinnipiac University survey published Wednesday found that just 26% of Hispanics approve of Biden’s performance, while 60% disapprove and 13% said they did not know or had no opinion. …

According to Wednesday’s poll, 48% of Hispanic registered voters said they wanted Republicans to take control of the House of Representatives, while just 34% said they wanted Democrats in power. In addition, 49% of Hispanic voters said they wanted the GOP to win the Senate, while 36% said they wanted Democrats to remain in control of the chamber.

Biden’s highest disapproval ratings are among whites without four-year college degrees (70%) and white men (65%), followed by adults aged 35-49 (62%) and those aged 18-34 (61%). …”

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Latinx” voters weren’t supposed to defect from the BIPOC coalition.

If “Latinx” voters start voting 50/50 for Republicans or even worse tilting toward Republicans, then the political outcome of the Great Replacement will be more like The Emerging Democratic Minority.

Note: Every group including blacks has turned somewhat against Joe Biden over inflation and high gas prices. Identity only goes so far.

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  1. Hispanics are “natural conservatives”. I have been hearing that shit since that asshole Ronald Reagan was giving them amnesty back in the 1980’s. It wasn’t true then, it isn’t true now and it never will be.

    They may vote in a somewhat larger percentage for Republicans than usual because of the economic catastrophe heading at us at 1,000 MPH thanks to Dementia Joe and his crew of idiots and scumbags but they, like other minority groups are fundamentally anti-White. Between the Republicans chasing the mythical black vote and now the hispanic vote they are giving the finger to their natural constituency, White i.e. ‘Real’ Americans. The Republicans deserve to lose everything but the Democrats are sooooo bad this time around the Republicans will probably win the whole damn thing in spite of themselves.

    • Like that sheriff of Pima County in Arizona said long ago…the Mexican family is your enemy. They are stealing from your children’s future. Every day, they use up millions of dollars in free housing, food, and healthcare. They get on Medicare when they come here at eighty years old. Americans are so stupid, they deserve what they get, because most whites are like the people dancing on the upper deck of the Titanic.

  2. Democrats also didn’t consider that not not all latinos and blacks share policies on gays, gender, and cancel culture, in short, woke policies. A portion of Latinos and blacks in my opinion are grossed out by the Transgender, pro-drug, anti-religious and politically correct policies that the leftist agenda proposes. Basically you may support Negroes, but if you then say that their children can be men and women as they please, depending on how the wind is blowing and that you will not guarantee them stable employment but only a few monuments torn down and a few words on politically correct vocabulary, then you see that even Blacks and Latinos start to get tired of the woke culture.

  3. I’m of course against mass immigration, but it’s reality that after a couple of generations many Latinos are basically just whites and certainly want nothing to do with blacks. Austin, El Paso, and SD are the three safest large cities in the country and are at least 30% Latino, with El Paso being >80%. They are traditionally Dem voters, but leftist black-worship and gender radicalism is pushing them to vote Republican.

    It’s not all that different from southerners voting Democrat consistently until Johnson betrayed them in the 60s.

    • “…are just whites”. Hell no. They aren’t white. Stop glorifying them because they don’t like blacks. Just because they share that with you, doesn’t mean they are on your side, and they aren’t.

      • “ are just whites” This is some serious level Stockholm syndrome BS. Basically, it’s the “even if whites are genocided it’s OK because our culture will live on” nonsense. NO it won’t but that’s another narrative that the system is pushing to keep white resistance down. If Whites all magically disappeared tomorrow, America would turn into a third world slum within a year because these people can not maintain, let alone create First world countries on their own. This is literally why we can’t have nice things anymore.

        • These people can’t even see it now. Our paychecks are taxed to support nonwhites. How these whites can consider them to be “white” is beyond me. Only a true Spaniard or Portuguese would be white. Native americans are not white. They live off of us. I’m sure if they had defeated US, they wouldn’t be sending us a check every month, either.
          The sympathizers are probably people with a hispanic wife or girlfriend. They make kids with them. They think it’s “exotic”.

        • Isn’t all that baked into the cake though? Isn’t it inevitable? I concluded a few weeks ago that its useless for me to rant about the lack of White Resistance. It is what it is. I can’t change it, you can’t change it, Der Moobment cant change it, no one can change it.

          Then again, ranting is too much fun. Lets go.

          Yes, America and Europe would turn into third world slums within a year if the White population vanished. And we’d all be dead in that scenario, or more accurately, we wouldn’t exist. Which means, we don’t have to suffer the consequences. Jews get to rule over their mud population like their talmudic prophesy says. What difference, at that point, does it make?

          White Liberals aren’t your friends. PMCs aren’t your friends. Urban city dwellers aren’t your friends. SWPL’s aren’t your friends. Radical Feminists who happen to be racist aren’t your friends. Environmentalists arent your friends. Modernists arent your friends. Hipsters aren’t your friends.

          I’m so done with this “My People, Drunk or Sober” attitude. I thought it was just a schtick and a ruse. I didnt think the movement would actually internalize it when its so obviously self-serving bullshit.

          “Its about our people, not our culture or values.”-You in a nutshell

          Really? No thanks. Whiteness is a means to an end, and you damn well know it. It really is about culture and values, and the major mistake conservatives made was assuming that those values were universally transmissible. Big deal. They’re slowly but surely coming around, and failed 1.0 and 2.0 types want to cling to the hipster identitarian nonsense because they are too cowardly to defend traditional White culture and traditional White values.

          I don’t know if Hispanics will force themselves to act White or not. But I’m not gonna signal against it either. I’ll be dead before this country turns into Brazil, so whether they can maintain a first world standard of living or not no longer makes a difference to me. Who knows, maybe the economic system will be on technological autopilot by then and it truly wont matter who is pushing the buttons.

          “But but, muh creativity and ingenuity!”

          Who gives a shit anymore. The goose that layed the golden egg decided to kill itself, and we sure as shit aren’t converting them to White Nationalism. Smart, creative, intelligent Whites that want to save the world…they all side with Progressivism and the Democrat Party. You’re better off joining them.

          • @DP84 You wrote, “America and Europe would turn into third world slums within a year if the White population vanished. ” Many areas of the US are already that bad. You need to get out more.

            You wrote, “I don’t know if Hispanics will force themselves to act White or not.”.
            I don’t know what planet you are on, but it’s not about “acting” anything. I guess you don’t see “Hispanics” (and I don’t mean real Hispanics from Iberian peninsula), as nonwhite. Which is a problem with a lot of the US. Again, you need to get out more.

            You wrote, “Smart, creative, intelligent Whites that want to save the world…they all side with Progressivism and the Democrat Party. You’re better off joining them.”
            Have to laugh, you think all of the smart people on the side of the Bell Curve are liberals? Really?

  4. Hispanics don’t like blacks…. just like every other normal person who hasn’t been brainwashed to think of blacks as innocent Lil babies. So, they vote for law and order.

  5. “Hispanics” are not a race. The word Hispanic is used to describe any Spanish speaking person.
    There are black, white, mestizo (white & Indian mix), and Indian Hispanics.
    In many South American countries, they had European immigration just like here in the US. Many people from South America , if they were born here would be considered white& in fact are white.
    Mexicans are very different than South Americans, & both are different than Caribbean peoples.
    Culturally the South Americans, & Cubans will align with whites.
    Mexicans will remain separate.
    Dominicans , Puerto Ricans will split between white & black over time.
    In my opinion Hispanics are a lot better than having Muslim groups , they come from Christian civilization & have those values as a part of their culture. There is a lot of hope with this group in my opinion.

    • “Hispanic” really means someone with origins from the Iberian Peninsula. It does NOT mean mixed race, etc. It does NOT mean Spanish speaking or someone with a Spanish surname. But the government corrupted the meaning.
      “Hispanic” nowadays means someone from Mexico, or Central or South America. No matter what racial mix they are. The only real Hispanic thing about them is they speak either Spanish or Portuguese.
      True Hispanics are white European, but the ones most people see are not white. They are of Amerind stock, and their ancestors were Asians who migrated across the Bering land bridge thousands of years ago. That’s why so many Mexicans look like Filipinos, etc.
      If you think they are on your side, you need to wake up.

      • @Pilot I agree 100% with you, the true hispanics are people from Spain, people who live in central and south America are a mix of Hispanics and indigenous who came from Asia long ago. At the same time i don’t think that these Hispanics are on our side, but i think that a part of them are tired about woke garbage like gender and censorship.

        • @Marcel It’s amazing how most people think Mexicans and Central Americans are “white”. They are mostly Native Americans or Amerinds…

        • The squatter types that pollute California and mow the lawns of upper class Whites are a lost cause. Best we can hope for is the Day of the Pillow. They’ll vote Democrat in perpetuity even after they kill off Richard Spencer’s mom first.

          The Hispanics that can become “Natural Conservatives” are the middle class strivers that aren’t too attached to their identity and, like the Irish and Italians before them, put pressure on themselves to “Act White.”

          The difference, of course, is that the Irish and Italians (most of them anyway) were racially compatible with America’s Northern European population of the early 1900s in a way that Hispanics of the 21st century might not be. I honestly think the more “White passing” they are, the more compatible they might be. I’m not counting on it, but I’d be satisfied if it happened.

          To me, the moral case for White Separation is that if other races refuse to act like us and become essentially like us but with a different shade, then we have the right to force them to go back. But if they act like us and are, in their character and behavior, indistinguishable from us – well then, the implications are obvious.

          We’re going to get answers to those questions as time goes on. So far, its looking grim. But, its also possible things will change.

        • @Marcel I agree, and this poster doesn’t seem to understand what a white is. Whites do come in a lot of skin tones, hair and eye colors, etc. But Mexicans and Central Americans are mostly Amerinds, which are Asiatics. They speak Spanish or Portuguese, and have Spanish or Portuguese surnames.
          I always get the feeling that some of these people married or had babies with a nonwhite, specifically a “Latino” or “Hispanic”. They really want whites to embrace those people as “white:.

  6. This means absolutely nothing for the White racialist cause.

    Republican Party interests =/= Our interests

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