1. Dubya is 1 step behind Biden when it comes to cognitive abilities and equal when it comes to wars on foreign soil.

    When I used to listen to Hannity many years ago he idolized that fool.

  2. In the same breath he’s pushing the next foreign policy disaster, our proxy war against Russia. I imagine that some neocon J-w at some stink tank wrote this speech for him.

    Some things never change and Dubya will always be their faithful mouthpiece.

  3. I always hated that cowardly, arrogant faggot G.W. Bush, even more than I hate the Clintons and Obama. Instead of going to Vietnam his asshole CIA/Skull and Bones dad got him sent to the Texas Air National Guard instead. That means some poor white kid from the Ozarks or a Negro boy from Detroit had to take his place in the rice paddies. Yet he had the god damn nerve to start an unprovoked, undeclared and unjustified war of his own against Iraq. After the 9/11 attacks Americans should have stormed the White House and hung his ass from Truman’s balcony. But ZOG knew the public would have the exact opposite reaction, if they could be properly manipulated.

    This country is friggin’ hopeless. When it collapses the Gods will not permit not one trace of it to remain, just like Carthage, Troy and Atlantis before it.

  4. Re:” Dubya”: His running mate Dick Cheney was the real, de facto POTUS who is equally responsible and also future subject of war crimes trial.

  5. The guy is a fuckstick. So was his old man. At least Trump ended the danger of another Bush in the White House, one of the few good things he did.

  6. Our Deep State rulers try to make Russia an international outcast for invading Ukraine. Yet these same people engineered a totally unprovoked war against Iraq. Somehow the U.S. didn’t face sanctions and international ostracism for that aggression.

  7. What a dumb as*.

    George Dubya Bush always stroke me as a twin of “Jethro” from the Beverely Hillbillies.

    Uncle Jed and George HW Bush were always trying to get their sons some job, any job. So the Bush family got dumb as* George Dubya Bush the Governor of Texas and 2 terms as USA President of the dis United States of America.

    Might as well have made Billy Carter governor of Georgia, President of the United States.

    Oh my God – we are so seriously fuc#*T&E


    Can some of our OD readers in Texas and Georgia please explain what’s going on here.


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