Breaking Points: How The Ukraine War, Demographic Decline Will End Globalization

As I said this morning, we don’t know how the progressive experiment in moral freedom is going to end. In the long run, I think it will prove to be a flash in the pan. We’re living through another period of decadence that has already sown the seeds of its own demise.


  1. “we don’t know how the progressive experiment in moral freedom is going to end.”

    It’s a foregone conclusion, disaster and misery.

    • Yes, this. /\/\/\/\

      We just don’t know how deep and broad the national failure will be and what all the implications are of ” . . . the progressive experiment in moral freedom . . . ” ending. Nothing good in the short term though.

      Get ye prepared now for failure i.e. food, transport, safety, medicine etc.

      • And vaccuum tubes. You seen the prices they’re getting for 12AX7’s on ebay these days?

        • There you go, you need them for EMP protection. SOVTEKs were good, don’t know if they’re still available.

    • “It’s a foregone conclusion, disaster and misery.”

      That’s how all failed experiments end.

  2. As of now, Friday afternoon, 2,000 have come out of Azovstal. Reports say Prokopenko, the very man, the Supreme Commander of Azov, has surrendered.

    As to Globalism, it died in February. The world is again split into two. Only this time, ZOG is in a much weaker position. The tribe has been planning to latch onto China and feed off of them after America is sucked dry. But Xi Jinpeng is not cooperating.

    The Russian Duma will soon vote on the proposal to withdraw from WHO. Everyone says the votes are there. I give the U.N. ten more years, at most. Israhell, five to seven years.

  3. The decline of globalization and American hegemony are certainly welcome developments. But then what happens? I thought Red China was going to dominate the post Anglo-Zionist world order, no?

    This H-1B fellow Saagar and the White girl are very good together. I just realized I can watch all of their shows in their entirety on Spotify.

  4. What a few upper class dilletantes can get away with in their lives is dramatically different than when society as a whole begins to try the same thing. This is a point that doesn’t seem to be made all that often.

    Take abortion for example, when it was illegal in every state and the abortions were basically a few Hollywood starlets and girls from good families who got pregnant it was tolerable, it least in my mind. When the femi nazis showed up and started screaming about their ‘rights’ as though killing a fetus is the same thing as having a tooth extracted, was when it really became objectionable. Watching these maniacs threatening judges, it doesn’t even seem to be about choice, it about killing babies, period. Its sick, there is no other way to describe it.

    • But they getting everything what they want. So screaming and intimidation really works.

      Eastern Europe works this way. Find a liberal and bully until degenerate moves out. Then next.

  5. Even (((Larry Fink))) CEO of BlackRock feels that globalism due to the Cold War II will shrink like a 100% cotton t-shirt in a dryer set to towels.

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