Counter-Currents: What Christian Nationalism Looks Like In Current Year America

This is the funniest thing you will read today.


“Christian nationalism” effectively replaced “Alt Right” as the scary label for the Right. It is funny how that came to be, since many of these same people bemoaned the “post-Christian” Right brought forth by Donald Trump. That menace went down the memory hole, and now Christian nationalism threatens our country. …

I’ve argued many times that it’s unwise for identitarians to become explicitly religious. Yes, we all know that the majority of our guys are always going to claim Christianity as their religion. Christianity is still the faith of the vast majority of white people, and it would be stupid to wage war against it. At the same time, it does not mean we need to declare ourselves “Christian” nationalists. Ours is a primarily secular struggle to preserve our people …

We’re not yet in the business of creating a mass movement, so there’s no need to pretend we’re clowns to win over evangelical boomers. It’s much better to try to win over smart, disaffected young people — and they’re not going to be won over by an Old Testament LARP in a strip mall.”

The realization seems to be dawning on the Counter-Currents crowd that they have finally gotten what they always wanted. After years of telling us that we need to change the culture through metapolitics and red pill the normies in order to make politics possible, the normies have finally begun to wake up to some degree since the George Floyd riots and Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, the normies who are waking up and getting worried about the Great Replacement are not the sort of people who read Counter-Currents or who live in San Francisco.

New York Times:

“Racial and ethnic resentment has grown far beyond the political fringes, Jones argued, citing levels of agreement in P.R.R.I. polling with the statement “Immigrants are invading our country and replacing our cultural and ethnic background.” Among all voters, according to Jones, 29 percent believe that immigrants are invading our county; among Republicans, it’s 60 percent; among Democrats, 11 percent; among QAnon believers, 65 percent; among white evangelicals, 50 percent; and among white non-college voters, as pollsters put it, 43 percent. …”

Half of White evangelical Christians believe in the Great Replacement now.

The Atlantic:

In each of those coalitions, attitudes about abortion are highly correlated with views about the other fundamental changes remaking 21st-century American life. “We think that abortion views are about life and when life begins and about the treatment of the unborn and all of that,” Undem told me. “What is less talked about is that beliefs about abortion are very linked to your beliefs about women and gender and power.”

In Undem’s polling, Americans who want to make abortion illegal in all or most cases consistently express much more skepticism than abortion-rights supporters about changing gender roles. She has found, for instance, that more than three-fourths of abortion-rights opponents say most women interpret “innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.” (Only about two-fifths of abortion-rights supporters agree.) Those who want to ban abortion are far less likely than those who support its legal status to believe that the United States would be “better off” if more women held political office; to express positive views toward the #MeToo movement; or to agree that “systems in society were set up to give men more opportunities than women.” Most anti-abortion women agree with those propositions as well.

This abortion-linked divide extends through other dimensions. In Undem’s polling, more than four-fifths of abortion-rights opponents believe discrimination against white Americans is now as big a problem as bias against minorities. Likewise, 2021 PRRI polling found that abortion-rights opponents are far more likely than supporters to say that the growing number of immigrants in this country threatens American society. And though nearly three-fifths of abortion-rights opponents agreed that “things have changed so much that I often feel like a stranger in my own country,” more than two-thirds of abortion-rights supporters disagreed. …”

4 out of 5 pro-lifers are concerned about anti-White discrimination. 3 out of 4 pro-lifers feel like strangers in their own country. In contrast, the pro-choice crowd are progressives who support immigration.

I’ve been watching the trend for about two or three years now.

In the real world, Christian nationalism and support for White Nationalism overlap in the populist wing of the Trump base. The people who are the most concerned about the decline of Christianity are alarmed by the decline of White America.

The truth is that only a minority of White Americans think their race is important to their sense of identity.

If you dig into these numbers, you won’t be surprised to learn that the Whites who still value their racial identity tend to be more religious and much more conservative in their values. White evangelicals are already the most conservative group in the country. Thus, it is hardly surprising that is where most of the growth of nationalism and populism has been in the Republican base.

Nothing has changed here. The majority of White people who care about their race HAVE ALWAYS been Christian conservatives even when White identity was at a much lower ebb. Secularism is strongly correlated with leftwing, expressive values and antiracism.

Atheists are more liberal across the board on pretty much all social issues. The typical atheist is to the Left of the average Jew in this country.

Yes, it is true that there are woke evangelicals like Russell Moore and David French. It is also true that White evangelicals like Moore and French are at odds with the overwhelming majority of their own community. David French is the Richard Spencer of evangelicals. The enormous popularity of QAnon and Trumpism among White evangelicals illustrates how malleable their beliefs are.

Anyway, this shift among White evangelicals who are the Republican base is going to have an enormous political impact. That’s also the present and the future, not a secular White ethnostate

Note: It has been a running joke here for the last few weeks that “the White Ethnostate” in North America that White Nationalists like Greg Johnson dream about is more likely to end up resembling Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale.

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  1. Good post.

    Johnson seems to be calling for a strategic delay of the White nationalist war against Christianity, when he says: “Christianity is still the faith of the vast majority of white people, and it would be stupid to wage war against it.” He appears to mean that open, all-out attack on Christianity is stupid because it is premature, because there are still too many Christians.

    • Greg is an extreme outlier.

      The overwhelming majority of atheists are leftwing progressives. If there was ever a rise in White Nationalism, it would also play out like it is happening now where the most conservative Whites are “red pilled” and become more explicitly pro-White. The rise of Christian Nationalism is part of the same trend.

      • Some of us whites are pagans, and proud of it. It’s our heritage, not some desert religion invented to enslave us.

        • That’s fine.

          I’m just noting that the big change of the last two or three years is that millions of Baptists have suddenly gotten red pilled. At least that is what the polls suggest

          • Well, anyone can design script a poll. I don’t trust them.
            If anything, I think more Christians now, more than ever, are in bed with the tribe. It’s “Judeo Christianity” now. Jesus doesn’t even matter. They can reject Christ, and they are STILL the Christians’ favorites.

          • The trend has been showing up in lots of polls for two years now. It explains a lot of the difference between the response to El Paso and Buffalo.

          • Too little too late. They let you know who take over and everything is closed and locked up, so it can’t be changed.

          • My Christian, blue-collar guys at work acknowledged the great replacement 25 years ago. What has been done about it? Nothing but acceleration and a White Christian population that has seemingly accepted its Earthly subjugation.

        • Unfortunately, paganism will not bring on the Ethnostate, but it might be reignited in the hearts of Europeans due to the birth of an Ethnostate.

          • Paganism of any sort will not have a serious revival in White places until real shaman begin to emerge again.

            People are far too cerebral these days to intuit spiritual currents, and certainly won’t be doing so on a mass scale required for real revival.

            Shaman (the true adept) are needed to seek the bridge across the divide of lost time, as the voices of the old gods after so long forgotten must be pretty faint.

            My studied suspicion on the matter leads me to the conclusion that only ritual blood sacrifice of a scale modern folks can’t imagine or countenance would suffice after so long to revivify their interest in us. The consecration of an entire war to Woden perhaps.

            My criticism of paganism is not in its efficacy, but in the Larpy half measured way in which it’s practiced by modern heathens. Trying to be mainstream and progressive while pretending to be a modern iteration of what was always a more savage belief system isn’t anything I will take seriously.

          • @IronicSockAccount You’re wrong. The whole desert god religion is not our history or for us. When you embrace your history and your lineage, you can’t have your other foot in another camp, worshipping something else.
            People are “far too cerebral these days” than to stay slaves forever.

  2. “””…The truth is that only a minority of White Americans….”””

    War is not elementary school math but situation where determined group of strong intelligent fanatics forces sheeple into submission. Not a single war haven’t won by explaining something to triple vaxxed double masked TV programmed NPC horde.

  3. Most White American Christians do not sit around all day thinking of the finer points of theology and ideology.

    The anti-Christians on “Movement” blogs, like this one, spend far more time discussing Christian theology than any Christians outside of some seminary.

    The “normies” did NOT wake up because of the BLM riots, any more than the “normies” woke up in 1992 during the LA Riots.

    The “normies” have always been awake. Everyone was intimidated to say the obvious in public because the Mass Electronic Media controlled public discourse – what was acceptable and not acceptable to say.

    Now there is the Internet, hence, the hysteria over people telling jokes on Twitter.

    If your goal is to stop anti-white politics and promote pro-white politics, you would a) be political (or “meta-political”) and b) be pro-white.

    Anything else you bring in is just your own hobby horse.

    My hobby horse is 9/11 truth, but it really has nothing to do with pro-white politics per se.

    If you are interested in promoting some Nazi bullshit or some Pagan LARP, well, the Anime guys are more popular. It has f**k-all with being pro-white.

    • Christians don’t discuss theology much because in fact they really don’t quite truly believe in it, tho they are ‘attached’ to it

      It’s more a meme

      There is a feeling that something spiritual is true … and there is by default a tendency to go along with whatever ‘religion’ was inherited from the family or childhood-youth environment … the church buildings look ‘solid’ and linked to the past, the ceremonies / music are ok, nice people from your community go there … that’s enough

      And one wants to be distinguished from the self-indulging modernists etc, as well as from people larping with some other experiment

      But that’s it … no one presses too closely about ‘Christianity’ because so much of its doctrine is not very enticing upon closer look

      It takes time for it to fade and die, and on this the USA is a couple generations behind Europe

      After WW2 a majority of Europe basically walked away from Christianity … the slaughter of the war created a feeling that all ideology is dangerous, and the stench of fanaticism in Jewish-based ‘book’ religions just seemed too unpleasant

      Jews long have barely ‘believed’ but make a meme of the ceremonies / practices … Jews ask if one ‘observes’ (the ceremonies), almost never whether another Jew ‘believes’

      Islam is a little further behind, but Muslims will exit as well … you see that in the private statements one can read of people like Turkey’s national founder Kemal Atatürk who fenced off the mosque’s influence, and today’s ‘hijab ho’s’ of TikTok

      • Excellent comment. I agree on all points. (Although I think the number of Christians who are concerned about doctrinal issues and the like is not altogether insignificant.)

        Personally, I think the best way to wean Christians away from the nuttier aspects of the dogmas is to market Christianity as a “European/western spiritual tradition.” That way people can still stay attached to it, still get their spiritual medicine, without having to be concerned about believing exactly the right beliefs or getting conned by “Shofar Army” buffoons who think God speaks to them.

      • @balticus

        > It takes time for it to fade and die

        It’s never going to fade and die.

        “White Nationalist” anti-Christians are literally, not figuratively, the autistic guy at the Christmas party who wants to discuss the historicity of Santa Claus and likes accusing people of not celebrating the “true spirit of Christmas” because of whatever weirdo autistic bullshit he just thought up.

        Which is why he isn’t invited to the Christmas party next year.

        The “true spirit of Christmas” is getting together with family and friends and making the children happy. Which is the “true spirit of American Protestantish Evangelical Christianity.”

        The autistic idiots want to discuss how Christmas teaches slave morality to the kids because they get the presents for free or some bullshit.

        Christianity isn’t about “doctrine” – it is about art and music and white middle class sexual ethics.

        > a majority of Europe basically walked away from Christianity

        America has freedom of religion, our Church has never been a government institution like in Europe. One reason we have an infinite variety of denominational flavors. In fact, Southern Evangelicalism is the ultimate example of really quite creative Christianity making.

        Whatever political ideology you hold will die long before Christianity – and Christmas – fade away.

    • Ironic Sock Account stinks of gefilte fish. This “Appalachian” has the same mindset of a Hasbara troll. “He” really likes it when US drones murder enemies of Israel.

  4. Gilead Society sounds pretty good to me. I’m not a Believer but I wouldn’t mind living in a strict Christian theocracy if that form of government knew how to deal with the jews, coloreds, communists and queers.

  5. Nope, Greg is correct and you Hunter are dead wrong … good luck in your commie miscegenation oligarchical collectivist zion… Dixie has been replaced by foreign alien zionism and is now dead and gone with the wind

    • Feel free to show me the data where White identity is correlated with secularism or paganism. If there is a sizeable audience for this, I have never seen any evidence of it. There is no such thing as a White pagan ethnostate or a White secular ethnostate because there is no support for it.

      BTW, White identity has always been associated with Protestantism here. There was never a point when that was not the case. The very idea of racial purity comes from Protestant settlers who didn’t want to mix with the natives.

        • orthodox, we protestant’s, will continue to waste our time, the SOUTHERN REPUBLIC, doesn’t need a monarchy or a national church, the very concept is alien too us, just like you are, the BAPTIST faith, teaches us how too live in this world and prepared us too meet our lord in the next world….
          ….STAY IN YOUR LANE, would be your best bet

        • Ancient Celtic orthodoxy was never fully extinguished in Romanized Britain, and it resurfaced in various Nonconformist churches and movements.

          Monarchy is one of the worst forms of government, one of the most un-Christian, violent and classist. .

      • @Hunter I recommend you watch Jay Dyer and Alexander Dugin. Protestantism is what lead to the secularization of the West. The Protestant reformation is to blame for the Enlightenment which in turn is the blame for the downfall of Western Civilization. There is only 1 church that was authorized by God through the apostles and has been maintained through Holy Orthodoxy. All other forms of “Christianity” are heterodox, heretical man made, and abominations. There is only 1 form of government ordained by God, and that is a Christian Monarchy. All other forms of government are manmade rebellions against God, and against the divine right of Kings. Unless we establish an Orthodox Christian Monarchy then we are wasting our time.

          • LOL you are clearly an idiot, and low IQ. Watch those videos if you care anything about educating yourself on the subjects. American Evangelical Protestantism that you promote isn’t real Orthodox Christianity.

          • How many people in Russia still believe in and practice Orthodoxy? How is a culture that is far more secular than my own the solution to secularization?

        • “the divine right of Kings”:

          If you trace them back to their beginnings, every royal or noble line began as a gang of thieves or thugs who were unusually successful or lucky. They have no Divine right, they only face Divine judgment.

      • the fraudster usury loving nazbol judeo-christian commies become clearer everyday! You don’t give a shit about Dixie, just your bullshit global communist monarchy… bolshevik’s to my left and globalist trans-national troskyte commie corporate fascist to my right… PS support aid and comfort for that foreign London-Jerusalem-Vatican global monarchy is TREASON HERE IN ANY OF THESE SEVERAL SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC”S OF DIXIE AND YANKEEDOM

        • OK.

          I will humor you.

          Obviously, you are insane as the South has always been Christian and still is today. Evangelical Protestantism is also more or less synonymous with Dixie and Southern culture. I’m not pretending that the South is Lutheran.


          • BTW, one of the many benefits of 60% of White evangelicals getting quasi red pilled is that people like this becoming so much more marginal. It also means our politics is rapidly going mainstream in the South

          • >Obviously, you are insane as the South has always been Christian and still is today.

            Anecdotally, I can say that there is a lot of what I will call ostentatious Christianity in the South (because of the people, it’s an area of the country I like; I’ve always found them friendly) — the one thing you notice immediately is the sheer number of churches, some of them quite large — I do not live there, nor have I ever spent much time there, so I cannot say how much of a role the Christian faith plays in the day-to-day lives of southerners — but I will take your word for it.

            I would accept a secular, pagan, or some form of a Christian white ethnostate — any of these alternatives would be an improvement over what we have now.

  6. This is like surveying the average of Romney and Obama voters, finding that Romney voters are more “based” and then saying it means Romney is “based” too. Call me back when evangelical Christian leaders ditch the “Christian Zionist” idiocy. The best you can say about these people is that they have a vague sense that something is wrong, which is not the same thing as knowing how to fix it.

    You and Greg are really in the same boat as regards to the evangelical Christian movement. You, Greg, and the evangelicals are all forced into the same “basket of deplorables.” And if either of you were retweeted by an evangelical Christian leader, he’d apologize and condemn you in the harshest of terms. The differences is that Greg wants to keep them at arm’s length and you delude yourself that you’re with them in some “anti-modernist” movement.

    >Note: It has been a running joke here for the last few weeks that “the Ethnostate” that White Nationalists like Greg Johnson dream about is more likely to end up resembling Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale.

    Or will it look like the Palin daughter thinking she’s so moral because she didn’t abort the pregnancy she conceived out of wedlock? Evangelical Christians aren’t even willing to enforce their own religious laws against those who voluntarily go to church, they certainly won’t be enforcing them on the rest of society.

    If some kind of thot patrol is reestablished, it will be because men realize that the current sexual climate does not benefit anyone except Chad, who act in their collective interests rather than acting because some 3,000 year old book of fiction told them to.

    • The best you can say about these people is that they have a vague sense that something is wrong, which is not the same thing as knowing how to fix it.

      Nobody else knows how to fix it either. There are about as many versions of “how to fix it” as there are WNs, none of which have ever struck me as particularly realistic. So I wouldn’t hold this against the Christ Nat brigades (who face the added complication of genuine comradeship, or so they think, with non-whites). The more they keep groping forward, the more that feelings will change, and the more likely that some sort of solution will suggest itself (albeit one almost certainly massively disappointing to traditional WNs).

      • But Christians are actively protecting, and even worshipping those who are “the what is wrong”.
        Just electing more people is a joke, because they control the system, and anyone who gets in will kiss the wall and pledge themselves to our democratic ally.
        They have us beat and it’s really not about religion. At the end of the day, it’s ALWAYS about race. Christianity is not going to save us, it will keep us enslaved.

  7. Sodomy used to be a crime in this country. And it was not that long ago. Sodomy is defined as any sex that does not have a chance of producing a baby. Marital reproductive sex was the only kind of sex allowed under the law.

  8. I always like the comment sections of these kind of articles. Anything about Counter Currents or the intersection between Christianity and Whiteness brings out the cranks and nutjobs.

    The dream of secular, atheist White Nationalists is to have a political movement full of PMCs that promote racism and keep everything else about the post 1960s leftist +Democrat Party agenda. That’s…not even possible. Or desirable. I don’t want Chris Hayes or Jared Holt in the movement. I want them to die.

    BTW, I read that entire Gilead link when you posted it a few days ago. Someone needs to make one of those fake Ben Garrison cartoons of Fred Waterford and Serena Joy on a ship pushing a button and dumping cargo boxes of la happy merchants into the sea.

  9. @Hunter if you believe Evangelical Protestantism is the best representation of true Christianity then you are a delusional moron. From your posts at best you are only a nominal Christian because you clearly focus way more on Race and politics than faith. So why am I not surprised, IMO.

    • I don’t understand the argument.

      Protestantism is the cause of secularism, but I live in a far more Christian culture than Russia, Ukraine or Greece. I think it is great that Dugin promotes Orthodoxy, but Russians don’t strike me as being all that religious. They’re not nearly as religious as your average small town evangelical here

      • YES Protestantism is the direct cause for the secularization of the West, and the rise of Atheism. This is the problem with your worldview. Protestantism produced Atheism, it is why it’s a vicious cycle with the two. Also just because the majority identify with Evangelical Protestantism doesn’t mean the majority are true my devout Christians either. Most Protestants are nominal, secularized, and watered down. Educate yourself, here are don’t videos.

        Historian Carole Cusack says “Protestantism gave rise to secularism, modernity, and liberal democracy. In the Middle Ages and early modern period, religious institutions and the state were often intimate bedfellows. That all changed with the rise of secularism and democracy. We shouldn’t be thanking Rationalism or the Enlightenment for this societal shift, but rather Martin Luther and The Protestant reformation.”

        “The Reformation de-emphasized the power of institutions and strengthened the bonds between the individual and scripture.”
        “As religion became a private phenomenon, the bonds between church and state deteriorated, making way for secularism.”

          • Just answer my question.

            Is Protestantism why Russia is one of the most secular countries in the world? How about Greece, Belarus, Ukraine, etc?

  10. I don’t know about your jokes about San Francisco, Hunter. It truly is the capital of the heartland of the American Empire.

  11. Maps of alphabets and religions are incredibly stable, even as other things ebb and flow like technology and national borders

    The change of a religion is truly epochal.

    The whole mess we are in is because of the rise of a New Religion. All peoples must join to fight the New Religion or succumb to it.

  12. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for Israel.”
    Christian Conservatism

    • “We can have feminism, abortion, homos, and trannies, just as long as we kick all the muds out”-Liberal White Nationalism. AKA, Alt MSNBC

  13. Interesting discussion. I’ll throw out a question here for the Evangelicals first, since HW has already tossed a hard one to the Orthodox here. I’ll assume HW’s comparison against Russia, et al would be Murika.

    1. Are the “Mainline” Prots even Christian at all (except in name)? From what I can see all of them have gone fully over into the Church of Woke (Negro Worship, Witchcraft, full-bore Rainbow sodomy, etc.) Episcopalians, United Church of Christ, Presbyterians, Methodists, Lutherans, etc. – all fully woke. Their “Christ” is a lisping negroid tranny who wouldn’t pass Mr. Johnson’s catamite exam.

    2. On to the majority of what’s left – concentrated in the South and to a lesser degree in the midwest – the “conservative” ones who cling to their Scofield Bibles – an utter, abominable heresy. The gang referred to as “the Synagogue of Satan” by Christ himself in the scripture is considered to have a special secret back-door to Divine Salvation despite the crime of deicide by many. Others say those who don’t repent will be rejected but we must fellate them at every opportunity all the same because Jeeezus was a Jew first and foremost – despite the minor detail that Talmudic Judaism was only beginning to form when Christ was on earth and wasn’t codified for another 500 years or so.

    Yes there are a few outliers like Chuck Baldwin who’ve repented of this monstrous heresy/apostasy – not many though. So are the folks who bow the knew to the Judeo-Christ – essentially a skinsuit for Satan – Christians as well? Being willing to put on the Empire of Lie’s uniform and go blow up Orthodox Christians in the name of “freedumb” for a perverted Jewish clown is not exactly Christian behavior but it’s definitely something of which the Judeo-Christ and his numerous grifters approve.

    As for Western Europe there is no Christianity remaining to speak of. Just a ghost haunting whitewashed tombs being torched or converted to mosques. Russia builds new Cathedrals while Europe burns those that are remaining and cheers along with their Jewish owners and Muslim colonists. Ukraine and Greece are both colonies of the Globopedo empire so Orthodoxy is being suppressed in both, with faux-Orthodox loyal to Globopedo set up as ‘alternatives’ to those who might gag at full-bore Globopedo (for now).

    Catholicism has its own set of issues in the west, especially as it’s now run by an Anti-Pope with a Catamite Curia (aka the Lavender Mafia). Beat up as she may be, Orthodoxy increasingly appears to be the last Christianity standing. The rest has something of the feel of a slow waltz on the Titanic or perhaps Ravel’s apocalyptic orchestral work La valse. “Christ’s bride” in the west worships her rapist and murderer rather than Christ.

  14. As always, it’s best to follow the successful propaganda of “Dad” – AH.

    Unlike other National Socialists at the time – most notably Martin Boreman, Himmler, AH – Dad never publicly went against German Christianity, or Catholic Christianity, or Lutheran Christianity – that would have been a public relations disaster.

    Instead AH – originally the NSDAP minister of propaganda attached the atheist marxist Communists and the international J bankers who abused Christian workers.

    These propaganda polices have worked, do work and can work in the USA only with distinctly American references:

    Run against anti Christian Hollywood, hard core porn.
    Oppose the war against Christmas – Donald Trump did this
    Run against international Koch brothers George Soros

    Now we will have to finesse anti semitism, open anti semitism which has been a deal killer in the USA since the propaganda of our great win in “The Good War” World War II. American Conservatives just won’t let that go.

    Yeah, it sucks to keep having to say “It’s the Liberal Media”. When we all know that John Liebowitz Stewart, Harvey Weinstein Hollywood, Rob Reiner Hollywood, Jeff Zucker CNN media “ain’t Liberal” unless you think carpet bombing Iraq, Syria, Serbia the Max Boot way is really Liberal.

    No it’s the Jews stupid.

    Still we have to find propaganda that works and yeah, bombarding rural American, small town Southern America that the Liberal Democrats want to take away their guns, ban Christmas indoctrinate their children, grandchildren with Critical Race Theory, sexual everything – why because Liberals are anti Christian, anti American, promote the worst forms of degeneracy all things homo, trans shit, porn – because they hate Christians, hate Jesus Christ.

    We’ll always have to finesse the JQ except with maybe a 3% high IQ that is open to this subject.

    Here’s a Farstar Cartoon I we did on this subject – Bombing Syria the Max Boot way.

    /Volumes/Seagate Exp/NeoLiberals.JPG

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