1. > “Trans” is the ultimate example of self absorbed modernist decadence.

    Cross-dressers have been around since the beginning of human civilization and have typically had a religious role.

    “Trans” in the modern sense is two things:

    a) a male cross-dressing sexual fetish.
    b) mentally ill people, especially young girls, being exploited as lab rats for medical experiments desired by Big Pharma and various other medical technology labs.

    Like mRNA – hormone therapy has the potential to lead to significant and historical medical breakthroughs.

    But there is no ethical way to do large scale human experimentation.

    So, problem solved: mandatory mRNA injections, and exploiting mentally ill young women into believing they are “male on the inside” then pump them full of hormones to study what happens.

    “self absorbed modernist decadence” really has next to nothing to do with it – ideology is the excuse people come up with, ideology basically never drives anything.

  2. Kudos to Bill Maher for being a voice of reason on this subject. It’s unusual for him to come to the defense of kids, since he does not like them. I wish he would have a better group of guests on his show instead of the usual Establishment shitlibs, though. HW, Dr. Hill, Jordan Peterson, Colonel Wang-Lin, Castizo Nick, Lord Spencer, Sir Jared….why the hell not?

  3. Maher and Tucker denouncing 9/11 “truthers” as crazies was a bridge too far for me. Opposite sides of the same coin.

    • They are crazies….The Muslims did 9/11…And it wasn’t all that difficult…The Muslims almost knocked down the TT back in Feb 1993 on a snowy day…..The Muslims took advantage of a Nation of stupid White Male jock sniffers who tolerated Muslims voting them into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America-and this is the far greater Muslim terrorist attack on US soil…..9/11 was small potato’s….

  4. The only reason gender queering and LGBTQ is a thing to be promoted, is a thing worth fighting for is so many Jews are mentally ill sex perverts. And the reason so many Jews are psycho sexually maladjusted is because of Jewish breeding practices. Jews have been producing children with their sisters and cousins for centuries in order to keep their blood Jewish. That is what has produced so much Jew mental illness and the current situation of Jew needing and desiring to change society for the benefit of strange abnormal and abhorrent Jews.. Tucker take the ball and run with it. Take it Tucker.

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